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Friday, October 18, 2013

UPDATED: How Christians Are Killing America


I continued to be shocked (I shouldn’t be) at the intentional ignorance of well meaning conservatives – even Christians – can’t be bothered to do their homework on the Washington subterfuge killing this country.

It’s an old joke, and you’ve heard it before, but exactly WHY DIDN’T the Fortune Teller who went out of business see it coming?  The Body of Christ supposedly has wisdom from God, just for asking, but huge numbers never bother to learn what is really going on in our government and economy and over half don’t even vote.  It only takes about 5 Million votes to swing an election and yet over half of the professing Christians in the United States (30 Million) don’t bother to vote.  But no, this isn’t a “get out of the vote” article.  It’s how blind genuinely well meaning and intelligent people are about why America keeps getting worse.

So, a very cherished religious leader is a Facebook friend.  I don’t know him well personally but his ministry has touched me significantly and I know him to be a good, godly man.  I know people privy to his “inner circle” and they speak highly of him.  He also has a prophetic gift.  He hears from God.  However, my recent correspondence with him is an indication he either isn’t asking God for revelation of really is going on in Washington or he isn’t listening.  It’s a prime example of how Christians are killing America.  They are doing it with a super-nuclear warhead of ignorance and leading others off of the Christian cliff of indifference.

IT ALL STARTED when he posted a fear-tinged call for everyone to pray for a “debt deal to get done now” before the world collapses.  Like most of America who fell for the Y2K fiasco or who don’t take 10 seconds to think through the mechanics of how a default really works, they regurgitated the blathering propaganda of the two major parties as if it came from Moses himself.  (The Jewish one not the NBA star.)

My appeal to him – and our private correspondence is below.  Since I’m not revealing his identity, I feel I am not violating any ethical boundary and hope it helps some of you to do the same to the blinded bible thumpers you know.  Or – perhaps you is one. 


· Wednesday 10/16, 11:45am (PolitiJim)

I would like you to consider an alternate view on the necessity to raise the debt ceiling. I'm a little surprised you are buying into the mass hysteria or insist that the government "must" incur more debt but perhaps you are hearing prophetically instead and I'm way off. Yes, there would be pain, but no more than a family experiences when they start defaulting on their credit cards/loans because they haven’t been good stewards of their money. As long as Washington feels there is never a consequence to their actions - (and you have a Chief Executive who is blatantly trying to kill the US economy and dollar as they are on record admitting) - they will keep pressing to sink America deeper and deeper into debt just as Argentina, Cuba, and 1935 Germany did. Anyway, this article describes the mechanics of what would happen. Ii personally believe it's a spiritual battle. If the Congress cedes to Mr. Obama's wishes - they essentially are worshiping Mammon (and worse) and NOT seriously discharging their Constitutional authority to properly manage the funding of government. Just a thought. Feel free to share publicly if you like.


· 10/16, 1:14pm (Christian Leader Facebook Friend)

Jim could you show me the documentation of our Chief Executive blatantly expressing his desire to kill the US Economy and the dollar?

· Wednesday 10/16, 4:33pm

Tell how much you want.

- Not passing a budget for 3 years (and breaking the law in doing so.)
Overtly soliciting unqualified disability and food stamp participates soaring 50% or more since elected.
- Promising to cut the debt in half and instead spending more than all US presidents combined through Clinton?

I'm a little shocked you don't know this. After being educated by Marxist professors (he admits in his own biography he intentionally set out to affiliate with these) and studying with Cloward and Piven (a Marxist approach to intentionally overload the government services to crash the economy and use "emergency measures" to take totalitarian control over government), it is clear to any intellectual honest person that he INTENTIONALLY is killing the culture/economy of US even more than set forth in Dinesh D'Souza's 2016 OBAMA'S AMERICA film. (Francis Piven discussing this plan on video here.)

But here is one of his officials OVERTLY saying their design is to kill the dollar. It's not hard to find economist white papers on this (like Dan Mitchell of CATO) but let me know how much documentation you want.

Obama Administration Tells Analyst of Plan to Kill the US Dollar


· 10/16, 4:36pm (PolitiJim)

Here is a 25 year private investigator who has a source inside DHS which has been unfailing accurate for the past 2 years.. (this is more analysis than sourced documentation) 
Intelligence insider: Obama administration agenda to “kill U.S Dollar”

· 10/16, 4:54pm (PolitiJim)

Last unsolicited link: (I promise). This group is the ONLY investment advisor who correctly called the 2008 crash. Just as their are physical laws (like gravity) their are also economic laws. One being that if you print 2X the money representing a fixed value - the value of all money drops by 50%. (Obama has allowed the FED to "print" 600% more money in the economy than when he first took office. It is impossible for - eventually - the current value of the dollar not to sink to 1/6th of it's value from 2008 eventually.)

I HIGHLY recommend this book to understand why it was so easy for them to predict the Housing bubble and why they are predicting Obama's current policies will destroy our currency. CHINA this week demanded that ANOTHER CURRENCY replace the US Currency as a world standard (in part because it's value has fallen so far and with O in the White House they feel it is no longer reliable - link http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2013-10-13/chinas-official-press-agency-calls-new-reserve-currency)

Here is the 1st chapter of the book. Send me your address and I'll buy you a copy if you like. https://www.aftershockpublishing.com/BookPreview/Chapter-1.htm


  • Today 2:08pm  (Christian Leader Facebook Friend)

    Jim, I don't have time to look at all you sent. I looked at the article on the "killing of the dollar" and found it quite intellectually weak and non credible. There is one out of context quote taken and turned into something it is not. Non-conspiratorial economists have voiced the idea that they believe the best way to move forward and eliminate debt is through a new American currency. There is a logical theory other than just a conspiratorial one- but I am not going there right. Pres. Obama has basically continued the economic strategies that Pres. Bush also thought they had to follow. The reason for all the printing of cash and other economic policies is to try to solve the extremely serious liquidity problem brought on by the mortgage crisis that neither Bush nor Obama had anything to do and was basically because of greed and stupidity brought on by greedy euphoria....Beyond all of this Jim, you are going to have to realize that you will never convince me that conspirators and the like are greater than God. It wouldn't matter if you were right about the conspiracies (Psalms 2:1) because He who sits in the heavens laughs at them in derision (later in Psalms 2). I am always going to be on that side of things.

    3:09pm  (PolitiJim)

    Wow. I'm a little shocked at your response from a couple of fronts. (from your tone you seem to be quite dismissive of my experience and knowledge so if you are one of those who can't stand to patiently value others responses that don't meet your own, at least read the last paragraph of Washington's prophetic vision.)

    First, you asked me for evidence that anyone from the administration had admitted publicly they wanted to kill the dollar. I gave it to you. Extremely interesting that you totally ignored that.

    Second, I prefaced the linked to that argument by saying it was anecdotal and much more detailed analysis is available on Heritage (headed by former Senator Jim DeMint) as well as numerous articles by CATO's Dan Mitchell. Perhaps you didn't read that. Unlike you - the world economy is my business. We have major executives from Goldman, JPM and others who have told us for over a year that they know the printing of money is unsustainable and that there will be worse consequences than in 2008.

    Third, I never made any mention that Bush was NOT culpable but somehow you seem that is salient to our discussion. Not sure where you are picking that up but I have been a severe critique of not only Bush but the GOP in general on my political blog and FB page. But if you think Obama's embrace of Marxism from college through his running under the Communist Party banner in Chicago (called the New Party - http://bit.ly/1gS6JEC) in 1996 isn’t relevant, then perhaps you have an explanation why - as bad as GWB was how between 2008 and 2012, U.S. government debt grew by 60.7 percent, but U.S. GDP only grew by a total of about 8.5 percent during that entire time period.

    You want "intellectually critical" statistics? Historically, the interest rate on 10 year U.S. Treasuries has averaged 6.68 percent. If the average interest rate on U.S. government debt rose to that level today, the U.S. government would find itself spending more than a trillion dollars per year just on interest on the national debt. In September, the average rate of interest on the government’s marketable debt was 1.981 percent. In January 2000, the average rate of interest on the government’s marketable debt was 6.620 percent. If we got back to that level today, it would collapse our entire financial system.

    Forth (and next to last) - you miss the entire point of my original private message to you where you were bowing to the fear of false propaganda for a "deal" to be struck. And now, what has your advocacy wrought? THERE CURRENTLY IS NO RESTRAINT ON DEBT since the "deal" you were so anxious to get passed doesn't raise the debt ceiling IT SUSPENDS IT. It is possible for $7 TRILLION of new debt to be incurred between now and January. And frankly Prophet, with all due respect (and I do mean that - I give your book out to nearly every major believing Christian businessperson I know), you clearly do not have a grasp on basic money supply theory or economics. In fact, I find it a bit silly for you to say "non-conspiracy economists" don't hold this view when Boston University economist Laurence Kotlikoff is warning that the U.S. government is facing a gigantic tsunami of unfunded liabilities in the coming years that we are counting on our children and our grandchildren to pay. Kotlikoff speaks of a “fiscal gap” which he defines as “the present value difference between projected future spending and revenue”. His calculations have led him to the conclusion that the federal government is facing a fiscal gap of 222 trillion dollars in the years ahead.

    Do you even understand what happens technically when the world follows China's example and suddenly drops the US currency as a trading standard or investment (they did this immediately following the "deal" and have been working to create a new gold back monetary standard for over 2 years)??? Suddenly we can't keep selling treasury's to the market without raising rates to attract that capital. As I mentioned earlier we literally don't have enough money to pay for the INTEREST on the existing debt - let alone 128 Million Americans who are taking handouts from the government.

    So please spare your condescension for someone who hasn't been living in this political and economic research for the past 4 years. Once again I offer to buy you a copy of Aftershock to understand the technicalities of economic law that are at work here.

    Washington-PrayingFinally (yes, thank God), where am I trying to tell you that God isn't in control? He is no less in control than when the Israelites were sent to Egypt (for a government handout) and ended up becoming slaves. Trusting that God is "in control" does not mean that we do not reap what we've sown. In fact, I think the very reason God had me start my company was to create a mechanism to supersede the Babylonian debt system to prosper in this very environment when all debt based businesses will be devastated. I have great hope in America for short period of time (maybe 20 years) ahead. Partly because of the prophetic vision George Washington had. If you are unaware of this you can read it here - http://www.commonsenseevaluation.com/2013/10/10/george-washingtons-vision/ .

    Again - I'm only trying to help you. If you don't want it, fine. No skin off my rather large German nose. But I sense quite a bit of arrogance in your position - at least from the factual or intellectual argument you've tried to make.

    Bless you.

  • So there was one more interaction where this gentleman apologized for “me taking offense.”  He went on to cite how many bigwig financial people he knew including a big player in the derivatives market.  He further explained that HE KNEW the real US debt was in the hundreds of trillions – not 17 Trillion as portrayed by the press. 

    Now if he KNOWS that the economic system is broken and unsustainable – and has all this input – WHY IN HEAVEN’S NAME IS HE ADVOCATING FOR PEOPLE TO JUST KEEP RAISING THE CEILING!???

    It’s even more mindboggling that I imagined.

    My reply to him tried (gently) to point this out and to drop a few positions of our advisors (which includes a former head of Citibank’s private bank.)  I went on to explain that titles and resumes mean NOTHING after Bernie Madoff and Jon Corzine.  And that as I was writing this response following the debt ceiling SUSPENSION that would allow unlimited spending between now and February 1st, this was the DrudgeReport headlines:

    Screenshot 2013-10-18 18.41.12

    Remember how the Treasury Department said our debt was at $16.999 Trillion for over 5 months?  Just as I thought – they kept spending stealing like a gang member at Rodney King riot all during the government shutdown.

    Anyone who is so stupid (I have no other “nice” word for it) as to think that this will all just magically “work out” as this man of God keeps suggesting ought to be seeking God’s grace not only on his own finances, but for mercy for leading so many followers directly into the pit of economic disaster that is now inevitable.

    I do NOT think this is the end of civilization in America – or of America itself.  But as you sow, so shall you reap.  The piper not only has to be paid, he’s just gone out and hired some Chicago mafia to collect.


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