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Monday, April 30, 2012

Romney Better Not Flip Flop on China as Obama Allows Evil for Economics


Those of us in the pro-life movement were (cautiously) thrilled this week at the escape of Chen Guangcheng from house prison in China.  I say “cautiously” because now his family is in danger of being taken into WORSE captivity once he escaped.  Even Obama hasn’t reached this level of thuggery although there are signs he has been on the fringes of it

Let’s not forget Obama/Hillary’s statement in 2009 when she publicly declared that the Obama administration would not let U.S. concerns about China’s human rights record interfere with cooperation ‘on the global economic crisis [and] the global climate change crisis.’ ”  Broken WaPo clock Rubin accidently points out truth that Romney has been incoherent since an original white paper challenge the administrations communist corruption for cash stance.

Not only does it seem that the administration has gotten worse by denying a Chinese defector safety, the demonic practices of the Chinese communists hasn’t stopped.

Gugangcheng is the blind activist who has embarrassed the Chinese government by bringing light to the abuse of women, families and forced abortions.  Women’s Rights Without Frontiers reminds us:

SAN JOSE, Calif., April 29, 2012 /Christian Newswire/ -- In the astonishment surrounding Chen Guangcheng's extraordinary escape from house arrest, let us not forget why he was arrested: in 2006 Chen exposed the Chinese government's systematic, massive use of forced abortion and involuntary sterilization to enforce its "One Child Policy." WRWF obtained a copy of Chen's field notes and we released the first English translation of these notes at a Congressional Hearing on December 6, 2011. You can read The Chen Guangcheng Report here.

A member of Chen's team, human rights attorney Teng Biao, drafted this 2005 investigative report into coercive family planning in Linyi City, Shandong Province. The report contains extensive witness statements from cases Chen and his team were investigating before Chen was jailed. In the report are detailed accounts regarding:

  • a woman forcibly aborted and sterilized at seven months;
  • villagers sleeping in fields to evade Family Planning Officials;
  • Family Planning Officials who broke three brooms over the head of an elderly man;
  • Family Planning Officials who forced a grandmother and her brother to beat each other; and
  • The use of quota systems and the practice of "implication" – the detention, fining and torture of the extended family of One Child Policy "violators."

The Chen Guangcheng report makes clear: the spirit of the Red Guards lives on in China's Family Planning death machine. WRWF released the names of the perpetrators of these crimes against humanity, so that they can be held accountable before the world.

Apparently, things have not improved in Linyi since 2005. Just last month, a woman in Linyi was forcibly aborted at nine months.  A photo of her full term baby floating in the bucket in which it was drowned circulated widely on Weibo, the Chinese equivalent of Twitter, eliciting widespread outrage. In April 2011, Family Planning Officials stabbed a man to death when attempting to seize his sister for a forced sterilization.  In October 2011, a woman, six months pregnant, died during a forced abortion in Lijing County, also in Shandong Province.

Chen may be safe for the moment, but the women for whom he risked everything are not. Forced abortion is not a choice. It is official government rape. Until women in China are free to exercise perhaps their most fundamental right -- the right to bear children -- the nation of China will not be free.

If A Blind Chinese Hero Can Fight Communists So Effectively as Obama Allows Economics Over Evil - We Can Too.  And More.

This is what unfettered corruption in power brings.  And don’t laugh that there are forces bringing this to the United States.  PRAY for this saint and against tyranny everywhere.

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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Breitbart Will Not Have an Obama Bombshell


I have just spent two days at the True the Vote National Summit featuring James O’Keefe, Anita MonCrief, Christian Abrams, Pat Caddell, John Fund and many others.  I wanted to rush two newsworthy items out before a much more thoughtful and comprehensive post tomorrow on the conference.

The final speaker was the Executive Chairman of Breitbart.com and Sarah Palin THE UNDEFEATED Producer Steve Bannon who broke a bombshell by saying:

Breitbart will not have a magic video that will change the election.  It is going to be done at the grassroots level by ground troops (like True the Vote.)

Many have noted that Andrew Breitbart seemed to indicate at CPAC 2012 something much more profound and injurious to the Obama campaign when he said:

I’ve got videos by the way.  This election we are going to vet him from his college days to show you (wild applause) why racial division and class warfare are central to what Hope and Change were sold in 2008.   The videos are going to come out, the narrative is going to come out, that Barack Obama met a bunch of silver ponytails back in the 1980’s like Bill and Bernandine Dorn - equally radical  - who said (emphasis mine) someday we are going to have the Presidency while the rest of us slept and they plotted, and they plotted and they oversaw hundreds of millions of dollars with the Annenberg Challenge.  They had real money. 

Many have noted that the video of Obama hugging “Critical Race Theory” evangelist Derrick Bell fell far short of what most of us assumed was a video of radicals saying that they would own the Presidency.  Is it possible that the master of conservative bombshell media including Pigford, O’Keefe ACORN videos, and Anthony Weiner truly overestimated the impact of Obama hugging a radical even more obscure than his own Chicago pastor which occurred WHILE he was actually a Senator?  I suppose anything is possible.  It is a sobering thought to realize neither legislators or conservative media are going to touch the TRULY damaging evidence of Obama’s eligibility and rest their arguments on obscure relationships that go back double the length of time since Romney was an gay marriage by executive order, extreme socialized medicine and Cap and Trade imposing Governor.

As has been pointed out many times on this blog, Ben Shapiro not only said Breitbart wasn’t going to touch Sheriff Joe Arapaio’s six month investigative findings, he further said that he didn’t believe Obama did anything so radical as forging documents.   He claimed his own staff told him there was “nothing to it.”

To me it isn’t only Andrew Breitbart, the founder of Breitbart.com, that is dead.

But Bannon did nail many other narratives including the declaration that September 18, 2008 – the day that George Bush decided to give the Federal Reserve the power to severely indebt the country and dilute our currency without consent of “we the people” – will go down in history as one of the darkest turning points of our country.  Since it was that event that singularly reversed the lead and double digit momentum McCain/Palin and sealed Obama’s victory and the associated tyranny.

As a former Goldman Sachs VP and investment banker he gets it.  You don’t have to severely weaken America by passing laws if you make one US dollar worth fifty cents.  Your income stays the same but your food, gas and expenses soar.  Your house value plummets and many are forced to depend on the government MORE.  If it was a tax, it would be the equivalent of tripling taxes on nearly every American overnight.

Bannon emphasized the abdication of patriotic Americans who participated in creating a culture where a war hero like John McCain would rather cower from the fear of race riots rather than uphold the rule of law and challenge the rampant Obama voter fraud uncovered by his campaign.  Can I most respected war heroes really go from the selfless acts of Audie Murphy to the cowardice of the Eddie Murphy character Bowfinger?

True the Vote has been saying this for sometime, but Bannon reiterated that “WISCONSIN IS EVERYTHING.”  He made an astute comparison of the Scott Walker battle to the November elections as Bleeding Kansas was to the civil war.

If you don’t think Obama, the liberal and Marxist forces, George Soros and every union in America doesn’t know this – you had better slap yourself and a neighbor and wake the hell up.  To paraphrase the old New York, New York song, “if they can steal it there, they’ll steal it anywhere.”

I can’t imagine Andrew Breitbart ever conceding that they weren’t gong to attempt to impact the elections through investigative media.  But in a strange way, that is EXACTLY what is needed for our American Idol/Dancing With the Stars culture of ennui to be shaken.  Someone else isn’t going to save you or your children’s future.  If you want to stop this election, YOU will have to get involved personally.  Bannon and Breitbart aren’t going to bail us out.

Bannon said that David Axelrod and the Obama axis of evil know precisely what election professionals like Fund and Adams do.

The election will come down to just
one hundred counties in eight states

If you thought what Romney did to Gingrich was overwhelming by inundating Iowa and Florida voters with lying ads 22 to 1, just wait until you see the NEXT wave of liberal fury.

A combination of untold media resources (paid and MSM free) WITH an ACORN orchestrated deluge of last minute fake ballots where the Soros paid Secretary of State in those states controls the outcome of election even more than Kathleen Harris did in Florida in 2000.  How else do you think Al Franken went from being an obvious loser the day before to being the vote ensuring ObamaCare?  As we’ve noted, Hillary Clinton may have actually WON the Democratic primary although it was never covered by the media.

Former Department of Justice whistleblower Christian Adams covered just how dire the American electoral system is and just what we are up against prior to Bannon’s speech.  He said conservatives and patriots needed to wake up to the fact that we are up against LIARS and DESTROYERS who will not be overcome with a good argument or even money.  It has to be won with prosecutorial EVIDENCE of their fraud machines, local accountability and volunteers.

That bad news is that we are outnumbered and out gunned and severely underfunded compared to America’s enemies that have a 20 year head start on us.

The good news is that groups like True the Vote are actually WINNING against great odds.  We’ve gotten Voter ID laws passed or proposed in many states.  in 2010 we turned out MORE poll watchers in Harris County (Houston) Texas than the Department of Justice had for the entire nation with millions of dollars.  And we’ve actually stopped tens of thousands of opportunities for fraud in Texas and Wisconsin even with the first few brave souls that has stepped up to help in any way they could.  It is truly the beginning of a REAL democratic force in the spirit of Solidarity.

It’s not just that the loss of this election means an enormous rise in taxes for all Americans.  It’s not just that the loss of this election means a near certain double recession.  It's not just that the loss of this election means a socialist tyrant will have even MORE power to give away the defense secrets and wealth of this country to foreign governments while taking MORE freedoms us.

It’s that the loss of this election means a near impossible task to use the legitimate powers of not only the Federal Department of Justice, but a host of state and local governments that will simply refuse to prosecute their own their evil fraudsters and further strengthen the control to do whatever they want.  That results not just in the loss of your favorite party or representative, but the loss of control of your schools, property taxes and possibly even justice by your local sheriff.  Certainly it is the loss of free and fair elections for many years to come.

ttv-catherineTrue the Vote founder Catherine Engelbrecht closed the conference with her PERSONAL story of her first encounter when she volunteered to observe the voting at her local precinct.  PolitiJim could hardly see the “stop” switch on his recorder as she spoke.  This anecdote so well exemplified why America is so important not only to us, but to people around the world.  These four minutes should be heard by EVERY American.

Catherine Englebrect from the closing remarks
at the True the Vote National Summit.

(right click  to download)

Now sign up IMMEDIATELY in your state to volunteer to do SOMETHING to no longer let the left STEAL your wealth or your children’s future.  You can start here or start a grassroots voter integrity project in your state or community.


Friday, April 27, 2012

Historic Season for the Chicago Bulls Now Doomed by Obama


SAD UPDATE: Many already know that in the final moments of their win over the Philadelphia 76ers on Saturday, the Bulls lost Derrick Rose not only for the rest of the playoffs, but likely well into the season for NEXT year.  Sam Smith has a GREAT account of what this means for the BULLS and the history of ACL injury comebacks here.  Please pray for Derrick’s healing (even if you aren’t a Bulls fan).

Forgive me if I’ve told this one before.

I sold more Christmas wreaths than any other Cub Scout growing up in my suburban Chicago troop.  My reward was tickets for my dad and I to see the Artis Gilmore, Tom Borwinkle and the rest of the Chicago Bulls on a wintery evening at the old Madhouse on Madison Chicago Stadium.  As I remember it, the Bulls were down by 8 with only 10 seconds to go.  And they came back an won, making me a lifetime Bulls believer and in overcoming impossible challenges.

Many felt it was an overachievement for MVP Derrick Rose  to lead the Bulls to the NBA’s best record to play in the Eastern Conference finals since they wilted in the presence of the Heat.  Sure Tom Thibodeau won Coach of the Year and with such a young team the ghost of Michael Jordan and Phil Jackson’s multiple back to back championships seemed slightly less daunting.  But I don’t think anyone expected this.  Especially after getting a sense that the NBA would simply move Bulls press conferences directly to Chicago Memorial Hospital.

Instead while many of the teams brought out crying towels for the wear and tear the shortened 66 game season wrought on their star players, the Bulls and Thibs:

  • Won a HIGHER percentage of games than last year
  • Had an Eastern Conference best 50-16 record.
  • Tied for the best record with San Antonio but secured home court advantage for their entire playoff duration by virtue of holding the head to head regular season tie-breaker.

The verbose but amazing Sam Smith recapped it this way:

…in the six championship seasons combined, Jordan missed a total of six games. Scottie Pippen missed just one game in the first three championship seasons combined and then five combined in 1996 and 1997 before missing the first part of the final championship season after surgery.

So the Bulls lose the league MVP for almost half the season. The second best player and only other All Star, Deng, misses a dozen games, which was more than Jordan and Pippen combined in the first three championship seasons together. The Bulls let go their starting shooting guard who played all 82 games last season, Keith Bogans, for Hamilton. But with groin and shoulder injuries, Hamilton missed 58 percent of the games. Rose’s backup Watson missed 18 games with a variety of ankle problems.

Yet, even deep reserves guys like Lucas, whom many didn’t believe should be in the NBA and played just 10 minutes all of last season, step in and have big roles in even big games like against the Heat. Watson and Brewer started 68 games combined. The Bulls had 10 different players start games. The regular starting lineup played just 15 games together.

Yet, the Bulls led the league in fewest points allowed, biggest winning margin, rebounding and second chance points. They set a franchise record for opponent scoring. The Bulls also were in the top five in opponent field goal percentage, blocks, opponents’ three point shooting and assists.

How can Thibs not be the first Chicago coach (yes even over Phil Jackson) to not win back to back COY honors? 

And let’s hope he does because except the possibility of winning the Eastern Conference championship or a sudden willingness of the Supreme Court to look at that birth certificate, it’s all the Bulls will do this season.

Why?  The Obama’s Sports curse.  Among the many picks he has made since being office declared to be slam dunks, are these losers:

  • 2016 Olympic bid
  • LeBron to Chicago
  • Bears/Green Bay 2011 NFC title game
  • Bulls 2011 Eastern Conference Championship
  • Blackhawks 2011 playoffs
  • Every single Final Four pick since he’s been in office.

And don’t forget Obama’s “guarantee” that USA’s women soccer team would win.  Seems a pretty safe bet since USA was ranked #1 in the world and the final game was against a team that had not beat the USA in 25 tries, right?  Wrong.  Lowly Japan won causing some to say USA choked.  Believe me.  It was beyond their control since the Obama Jinx was set in motion.

I can’t find Vegas odds but I bet we could retire the national debt by betting against any team the former Chicago Senator predicts to win.  So the Bulls are doomed.  He has ALREADY declared the Bulls to be National Champions.

But unlike the Nobel Peace Prize, this honor actually has to be EARNED.

So, perhaps if any team COULD break the curse it would be this heroic team of youngsters that exemplify almost everything Barack Obama does not.  Hard work (no vacations), team unity (not dividing by party, classes or race) and meritocracy instead of Marxism.

The Bulls start their futility at noon Saturday against the Philadelphia 76ers.

What the hell.  As a CUB fan I’m used to rooting for hopeless causes.

Maybe Sports Illustrated will put Obama on it’s cover prior to the election.  And he’ll stay a Chicago White Sox fan.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

It’s Just the Way Things Are Now

 07 brooklyn bridge currier and ives 1890

It wasn’t perfect, but there was a time when we actually punished children for lying.  Now they see absolutely no consequences when celebrities, or even elected officials do it.   Even when the chief law enforcer of the nation has clearly lied, even Republicans sit quiet after calls for his resignation grow old.    It’s just the way things are now.

It wasn’t perfect, but there was a time when that punishment would be painful, if not a good ass whipping for kid or a meaningless rebuke from your peers.  But a Governor of Massachusetts can overtly lie about the MOST consequential aspects of his governance, and personal beliefs and the party that is SUPPOSED to stand for traditional values lets him continue to represent their party without opposition.  It’s just the way things are now.

It wasn’t perfect, but there was a time when we didn’t just exalt those who took righteous stands that were unpopular, but we expected everyone to similarly risk their own comfort to do what was right.  Traditional values people still turn into Bill O’Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin although all of them have given up on fighting the most insidious corruption within the political party they claim to belong to.  Because it’s “too late” or because no one else will take a stand.  It’s just the way things are now.

It wasn’t perfect, but there was a time when there was some sense of shame in living off your parents, society or violating the least of these character values.  In fact, when Moral Majority/Heritage Founder discovered that Mitt Romney used a tyrannical executive order to implement gay marriage and then lied about it blaming his Supreme Court, he didn’t care if a Democrat got elected and promised to lead a revolt of conservatives against the GOP if McCain chose him for VP.  Now “conservatives” eagerly solicit a clearly unconstitutionally qualified Florida Senator to run with him.  It’s just the way things are now.

It wasn’t perfect, but there was a time when those who cherished these character values outnumbered those who didn’t, or who didn’t care.  But that was before MTV.  That was before Friends making premarital sex the norm instead of the exception.  That was before the unions took over MOST of the curriculum and the schools with a philosophy based upon “feelings,” or “fairness.”  And certainly before values of loyalty were more important than integrity and cooperation was more important than individual responsibility.

Don’t think the corruption of our culture or educational values have effected you?

One of the best written TV shows right now is the Good Wife.  Believe it or not, they fairly portray conservatives but the characters  - by and large – are certainly based in a liberal mindset.  This last episode featured a 15 second lesbian kiss.  Not a word by anyone.  Including me.  It’s just the way things are now.

ABC News had a one hour special on voter fraud where they manipulated history to make the Father of our Country appear as a common politician without morals so that they could dilute the issue to make it seem commonplace.  Except PolitiJim, I don’t know of another media outlet that even raised an eyebrow.  It’s just the way things are now.

But did you bother to ask yourself whatever happened to those Alaskan islands Obama gave away to Russians?  Why Fast and Furious is no longer a pressing concern?  Why we no longer talk about the clear subversion of Obama voter fraud against Hillary Clinton, let alone the still wonder why no one is asking for Obama’s past school – or Illinois Senate – records?  Or why we’ve let slide from the news the fact that Obama extorted money from a private company for an oil spill they might not have been responsible for and then crashed an entire economy in the Gulf based on lies the White House perpetrated to hide the media outrage?

It wasn’t perfect, but there was a time when children would be taught about character values by their parents, clergy, school teachers and even their local barber.  Now when you point out to conservative media, the people who are suppose to care about values, that A former FBI agent and current chief law enforcement elected by the residents of Maricopa County conducted a six month investigation and concluded probable cause that the President of the United States not only may be involved in multiple felonies, but indeed MAY NOT EVEN BE IN OFFICE LEGITMATELY, you are laughed at or disregarded as not “politically astute.”  It’s just the way things are now.

We’ve become a nation of gawkers.  TV and entertainment has rotted our skulls.

Some of us have even evolved into the cameraman that records the family burning in the car in Serbia, but doesn’t feel it is “journalistically ethical” to try and save them. A smaller number that are actually outraged feel a duty to pass along information of how awful things are.

I remember when I first noticed this when I was VERY new to both Twitter and blogging and Empower Texans was pulled off of Twitter.  The reaction by MAJOR conservative bloggers, Tweeters and others was basically, “I’m sure they are on top of it.”  It was heartbreaking and eye opening.

It wasn’t perfect, but there was a time when we could count on a few key “true conservatives” to act consistently with what they espoused.  My second hint was during the Budget Debate Battle.  I was aghast when those who called themselves “conservatives” essentially attacked Jim DeMint and Michelle Bachmann for wanting to “hold the line.”  Many of us seeing the back peddling from “Pledge to America” by Boehner and company knew these guys were no Newt Gingrich.  But except for the Tea Party 22 and select media outlets, the supposed conservative Republicans entrusted Harry Reid to avoid destroying our military and national defense to the tune of $1 Trillion.  Meanwhile, many of the people that would NOT hold the line like Paul Ryan and Allen West, are being cheered as VP prospects as “true” conservatives.  It’s just the way it is now, I suppose.

This primary has done a lot to sober me to not only the REAL shape of our country, and not only the REAL shape of the GOP, but also the REAL shape of the “conservative” media and the “conservative” movement.

It’s all about marketing and critical media mass.  “Our side” not only will buy snake oil if the conservative media malpracticers sell it, they will become network marketing distributors.

No, I’m not all “woe is me” as this sounds.

I’m day 2 of being conservative media clean and sober.  When this primary started I read Ann Coulter every Wednesday night, watched or listened to Rush Limbaugh every day and thought the Reagan army was poised to not just bring prosperity back to America for our children, but common sense values of integrity, honesty and that whole “adult” thing that seemed lost in Comedy Central video clip domination of conservative newsfeeds.

What I realize is that when the most liberal governor of modern times has successfully bought the GOP and conservative media to rebrand only his words – not his deeds – as conservative, we can’t even think about battling the mass media influences of independents and liberals.  When Breitbart.com refuses to vet Obama on forging government documents (and worse) to falsely usurp the highest office in the land in lieu of obscure letters from Marxist professors that even make conservatives yawn, we know we have lost the conservative movement, much less the conservative media.

It’s probably similar to thinking the girl you are dating will say “yes” to a proposal of marriage, only to find out she’s thinking of breaking up with you.  (If not worse.).

Instead of buying a ring, you realize you may have to decide if you even want to BE in this relationship.  This is where my co-blogger @LibNeocon is at with his “Screw the GOP” frustration to embrace Gary Johnson.  (I’m not ready to run off with another girl for reasons I’ll explain in another post.)

But certainly the plan is to stop the tyrannical Muslim-Marxist-Soros shill and deal with the twofaced Mormon-Madeover-Socialist corporatist later.  After we figure out what we are dealing with after the outcome of that battle, we need to set up a standard of constitutional conservatives of conviction who will start networking, educating and planning the take over of key infrastructures from a intelligent viewpoint of design.

It wasn’t perfect, but there was a time when we thought conservatism was possible as a prevailing political ideology.  Now we have “conservatives” defending statists, rationalizing socialized medicine and planting magical beans in their fantasy forest expecting independents and the media to suddenly love them. 

We need to find ways to counter even Rush Limbaugh’s of the conservative from distorting, deleting and diluting messages that would educate, motivate and equip forces that could make a difference.

It wasn’t perfect, but there was a time when I truly believed this country was – and could be great.  And I’m going to do everything I can to make sure that’s the way it will be from now on.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Conservatives – Take Out Your GSA Frustration on Some Liberals HERE


UPDATE dinner cancelled per an HCDE board member:


Wish you could have stopped the GSA boondoggle before it happened?  Here’s your chance to be PROACTIVE!

Texas Trash Talk is attempting to shut down the pilfering of Harris County Texas taxpayers who have been paying for a “fake” school district  for nearly 50 years.  These bureaucrats had the audacity to ask for MORE tax money after paying the former Superintendent (now Mayor of nearby KATY) $100K and trips to Four Seasons in Washington DC among other things.

(At the meeting PolitiJim attended, the board had a catered lunch and jazz music if you can believe it.)

Now they are attempting to spend hundreds of dollars on a dinner at one of the most expensive restaurants in Houston on the Houston tax payer.

Sick of RINO’s and liberals stealing your tax money?  Here’s a chance to have a quick and immediate impact.

Visit Texas Trash Talk and email these board members your displeasure at the wanton waste of taxpayer money.

Remember: Little liberals grow up to be GSA bureaucrats.

RIP Tea Party –Long Live William Wallace Podcast


We awoke today with news that Mitt Romney’s nomination has now risen to nearly 57% of the GOP nationally, and that in the most fervent conservative state in the country, South Carolina, Tea Party “membership” has dropped from 28% to 11%.

For weeks the supposed conservative media pushed either a disingenuous, social conservative statist hypocrite, or a liberal socialist in conservative clothing ignoring the only man that expanded conservatism nationally and balanced the budget 4 consecutive years with a liberal Democrat President and an overwhelming RINO Republican majority.

I have something to say about that.  Am I damn sure ain’t gonna let Longshanks or the Scottish RINO Nobles take my country. 

Or my freedom.

PolitiJim 4-29-2012 Podcast Audio

(right click  to download)


Screw the GOP, They Don't Seem to Want My Vote Anyway

I'm done. I'm a lifelong Republican and I'm done. I've been a Republican since I was 6 and I saw Reagan speak on our old 13" black and white television set about freedom and about the evils of the Soviet Union, where I was born. I grew up listening to Reagan and I kind of always thought that he was what the Republican Party stood for. For individual liberty at home & abroad. "Moderates" like George H. W. Bush seemed like some sort of aberration to me, an exception to the conservative Republican rule. Looking back though, it's pretty clear that Ronald Reagan was the aberration. In 1988, instead of nominating the father of the Reagan tax cuts, Jack Kemp, the GOP nominated the anti-Israel squishy moderate George H. W. Bush. In 1996, instead of nominating the stalwart conservative Phil Gramm (lifetime ACU rating of 95) or the flat tax visionary Steve Forbes, the GOP nominated another squishy moderate, Bob Dole (lifetime ACU rating of only 82). 2000 was a joke as the establishment had pre-decided that W was going to be the nominee and he really didn't have any real opposition. W, the "compassionate conservative". We all know how that ended. Ballooning federal spending and even a new entitlement! It was so bad that even in his home state of Texas I heard of people say that he destroyed the Republican Party by governing the way he did.

Looking back before Reagan, I think the last Republican President I actually would have liked was Calvin Coolidge, who was elected in 1924, a whopping 88 years ago (even Reagan's 1980 election was a hell of along time ago, a whopping 32 years). So in 88 years, there have been a total of 2 Republican Presidents and only 3 nominees (add Barry Goldwater in 1964 to the mix) who believed in small government, free markets and individual liberty. Being a Republican who believes in those things seems to be a great way to torture yourself. You are constantly tempted into thinking "maybe this time" but more often than not they end up giving you someone you despise but feel you have to support as they are the lesser of two evils. Well, I am done supporting any sort of evil, lesser or otherwise. Alternating the Presidency between lesser evils and full-on evils are how we got into the mess we are in. When the Democrats are in charge, the size and scope of government is increased dramatically (except under Clinton, where he tried to nationalize healthcare but was stopped and then a Gingrich-led Republican Congress kept him in check) and when the Republicans are in charge, government also increases, albeit at a slower rate. We're now to the point where even if we cut all discretionary spending to zero, we will just be balancing the budget, thanks to all the promises of entitlements made in prior administrations (Mary Meeker has a great presentation on how screwed we really are).

Romney is just the last straw for me. I can't really say for certain what I agree with him on or exactly how he differs from how Obama has been governing (as George Soros said, "If it's between Obama and Romney, there isn't all that much difference except for the crowd that they bring with them"). He believes in the individual mandate as a way to reform healthcare despite it being an abrogation of individual liberty. He is going to raise taxes if elected President, he has said as much. I'm not even sure how his foreign policy would be different. So far, all I understand is that he would leave Afghanistan 3 months later than Obama and would only criticize Israel in private. Sure, I'm sure his decisions would be less bad than Obama, his regulations less over-reaching, but that is simply not enough for me. And the worst part of this whole process was that so many conservatives stood on the sidelines, not doing all that they could to keep a progressive from becoming the GOP nominee. Where was Sarah Palin's endorsement? Where was Jim DeMint's? Why weren't they out there campaigning, highlighting Romney's terrible record as Governor? The establishment had clearly decided on a candidate and these so-called iconoclasts didn't want to hurt their own careers. They just wanted to go along to get along. The conservative press was no better. They didn't want to hurt their future access to politicians and/or the White House.

So what now? Ideally, I'd like the Tea Party to get together and form a proper political party and then act somewhat like the Conservative Party of New York. Sometimes they would endorse the Republican, but if they don't agree with the choice, they would field their own candidate. That would act as an incentive for the Republicans to nominate a candidate that is acceptable to conservatives. Having a convention before the Republican primaries even start would probably maximize the Tea Party's impact. Imagine if a conservative nominating convention had come together and endorsed just 1 of the conservatives running for the nomination before Iowa. Instead of the vote being horribly split, allowing the only moderate in the race to win race after race with under 50% of the vote, the story might have been vastly different.

For 2012, I seem to have only two choices. Vote for the Constitution Party candidate or the Libertarian Party candidate. There is clearly a lot of overlap between the two groups (Ron Paul actually endorsed the Constitution Party candidate in 2008) but the Constitution Party is just a bit too anti-immigrant (even legal immigrants) and socially conservative for my taste. Heck, their last nominee, Chuck Baldwin, even said that people "misunderstand Southern slavery". What exactly is there to misunderstand about chattel slavery? Now, it's okay to sympathize with Confederate arguments over states rights, but slavery? That just goes way too far for me. I would find the Confederacy a lot more sympathetic if they had freed the slaves and then fired on Fort Sumter.

That leaves the Libertarian Party. I don't agree with parts of the platform, that's for sure. After watching the towers go down from my midtown office on 9/11, I can't agree with their dovish foreign policy. But on just about everything else, they are right on. Small government and individual liberty permeate every fiber of their being. As long as you aren't directly harming someone else or violation there own rights, you can run your business the way you want. And if you want to smoke or eat a plant in the privacy of your own home, what right does anybody have to say you can't? They even are likely to nominate a pretty good candidate this time around in the former two term Governor of New Mexico, Gary Johnson. Check out what the Club for Growth wrote about him:


Overall, Governor Johnson has an excellent record on taxes and consistently pushed for tax cuts despite having to deal with the liberal New Mexico Legislature. Late in his second term, the Cato Institute found that Johnson was one of "four governors proposing or enacting the largest income tax rate cuts during their tenures."

In his first term, Governor Johnson proposed reducing the top rate of the state personal income tax from 8.5% to 8%, along with other tax cuts, but was rebuffed by the Legislature. He signed a repeal of a 1993 6-cent-a-gallon tax hike. In 1997, Governor Johnson again proposed to cut the top rate, this time to 8.3%. The legislature proposed to cut it to 8.2%, but offset some of the revenue losses from this and other tax cuts with a cigarette tax increase. According to Cato, Johnson signed the income tax cut, and "vetoed the cigarette tax hike."

Unlike some of the other Republican candidates for President this year and in past election cycles, Gary Johnson never raised the cigarette tax. While the tax on cigarettes has little relevance to economic growth, the fact that he held the line on such taxes demonstrates how strongly he opposes tax hikes. In 1999, he vetoed a 12-cent-a-pack cigarette tax hike —"not because he liked smoking, he says, but because he opposes all tax hikes." New Mexico's cigarette tax rate stayed the same from 1995 to 2003.

In 2001, Governor Johnson vetoed a bill to cut the top income tax rate from 8.2% to 7.7% because it also lowered the dollar amount that the top rate kicked in. His proposal would have cut the income tax by $72 million while the legislature wanted just a $32 million cut and a $30.5 million one-time rebate. Johnson later said he regretted vetoing the legislature's version. Over the course of his two terms, Governor Johnson "cut the state income tax, the gasoline tax, the state capital gains tax, and the unemployment tax."

As a candidate for President, Governor Johnson has indicated his support for a flat tax. He also supports eliminating the corporate income tax. He called the 2010 deal to temporarily extend the Bush tax cuts for two years "not a good one" because it didn't make them permanent.



Governor Johnson was one of the most anti-spending governors in New Mexico history.

Governor Johnson set a state record for vetoes as Governor, earning the title "Governor No" after 742 total vetoes of bills over two terms. In an interview with John Stossel on Fox News, Governor Johnson bragged that one of his veto messages was "I'm vetoing this piece of legislation because it's just way too long and we don't understand what it says."

Governor Johnson looked for private alternatives to the infrastructure spending that too often busts state budgets. For example, Highway 44 between Albuquerque and Farmington was "designed, financed, built, and guaranteed by a private company."

In 2000, he refused to sign a budget and forced a special session with the legislature over funding priorities, a battle which ended with Johnson signing a $3.5 billion dollar budget but vetoing several small spending priorities such as $5 million on expanded Medicaid. He threatened to shut down state government when the legislature fought him and even threatened to let prisoners out of jail if the state couldn't afford to house them.

On federal issues, Governor Johnson says he would have opposed TARP. "Government should not have been involved in this…Why should Goldman and AIG be saved but not Lehman?" He also wants to eliminate government subsidies for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. He says he would have voted against the stimulus.

He has said that he would cut the federal budget by 43%, "Start out with the big four - Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security and defense," Johnson said in New Hampshire in early 2011.



In 1999, Johnson vetoed a bill which would have raised the minimum wage from $4.25 per hour to $5.65. He also signed a law deregulating New Mexico's electricity market that allowed residential, small-business customers and schools to start shopping for their electricity supplier. He's argued that when a Democrat negotiates with labor unions through collective bargaining it's a "giveaway" instead of a negotiation. He says he doesn't believe in cap-and-trade legislation, saying that "I do not believe that taxing carbon emissions is the way to go forward." Governor Johnson also opposes so-called "Net Neutrality" regulations that would lead to a larger government role in the use of Internet bandwidth.

Pretty good stuff. Gary Johnson will govern this country, the way it should be governed. I know some people will say that I am throwing away my vote or voting for Obama. I am voting FOR small government and individual liberty, how can that be a waste? If the Republicans had really been interested in my vote (as well as the votes of other Republicans like me) they would not have nominated someone who believes that government knows best.

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Wheels Are Already Coming Off: Social Security Disability Insurance Fund to Go Bankrupt by 2016

For those of you who still think there is time to dilly dally before we fix our entitlements (essentially arguing as Homer Simpson did when running for garbage collector "can't someone else do it!"), well that time is up.  Check out this paragraph from the Social Security Trustees Report released yesterday:

The projected assets of the DI Trust Fund decline steadily, fall below 100 percent of annual cost by the beginning of 2013, and continue to decline until the trust fund is exhausted in 2016. The DI Trust Fund does not satisfy the short-range test of financial adequacy because the test requires that the trust fund remain above 100 percent of annual cost throughout the short-range period.

Just as a reminder that Social Security consists of two parts. Retired workers, their families, and survivors of deceased workers receive monthly benefits under the Old-Age and Survivors Insurance (OASI) program. Disabled workers and their families receive monthly benefits under the Disability Insurance (DI) program.  So it is this second fund that is going bankrupt in just 4 years, the OASI fund is supposed to be good until 2035.  Though that has some rosy assumptions built in like no recessions.  Ever. Which is pretty amazing considering the 3.4% of GDP worth of tax increases coming next year.  The real date of bankruptcy could easily occur before 2030.  By their own admission, the Social Security Trustees are constantly over-estimating income:

Anyway, back to the DI program.  While smaller than the OASI program, it is still a behemoth compared to just about everything else.  In 2011, it paid out a total of $132 billion and they estimate that payments will balloon to $201 billion in 2021.  That is one hell of a big program to have to bail out and that is probably what the next President will have to do, in one form or another.  Could he borrow from the OASI program?  Sure.  But that will only accelerate the date of its bankruptcy, probably to some point in the middle of the next decade.

The promises the government made to people are bankrupting this country and we can't wait anymore before tackling them.  The more we wait the worse it will be.  Doesn't it make more sense to reform a retirement program when the beneficiaries affected are 45-55 years old rather than when they are 65 and have no time to alter their finances?

The worst part is that I have no faith in either Obama or Romney to do what is needed.  If you want to manage the decline, they are your men.  If you want to actually change something for the better, they clearly aren't.  Time to pray for a miracle.

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Monday, April 23, 2012

FOX News: Fraud and Unbalanced on Voting


Fox had a TV special today on Voter Fraud. In fact, it’s still going on for another 1/2 hour but I’m so damn angry I’m not going to finish watching in order to rant.

Fox News is dead as an honest conservative voice.

I know, I know.  “Water is wet”  and “ “Clay Aiken is gay.”  But I watched three overt misrepresentations in the first 1/2 hour that continues to equivocate and dilute the REAL story.  Remember, FOX still hasn’t reported on Sheriff Joe’s investigation and intentionally shielded Romney numerous times in this primary already.  So much fair and balanced.

The show started out quite well showing numerous incidents where absentee ballots had been cast in elections without the knowledge of the person with that identity.  It also covered the former Alabama Democrat Rep. Artur Davis who shockingly admitted that voter fraud was a way of life for the Democratic party.  This was the guy who seconded Obama’s nomination for President and the only Congressional Black Caucus member who voted against ObamaCare.

However in three of the main segments in the first half hour, FOX News lied,omitted and manipulated facts to blur the real culpability of the Democrats in this cowardly practice.

The first was discussing the Scott Walker recall at length.  FOX did cite the guy who signed the recall petition 80 times and noted that the Wisconsin officials said they would not remove duplicates or obvious signatures like Mickey Mouse or Adolph Hitler.  But in actually discussing the facts of what happened they stopped at reporting only that the Wisconsin Republican Party began to manually check duplicates where they had 30 days to file objections and could not finish in time to log an objection.  They completely ignored the effort by True The Vote’s “Verify the Recall”  that mobilized over 13,000 volunteers in 49 states to identify over 400,000 fraudulent signatures including that of Donald Duck.  FOX left it sounding like “no one really knows if there was fraud or not.”

The second item was a discussion of the 2000 Florida Presidential count for Bush versus Gore.  I didn’t expect them to reveal the whole truth behind how Gore and the Democrats had systematically attempted to subvert our 200 year voting traditions and laws but was dumbfounded by their spin suggesting that it is possible Bush stole the election.  No mention that the USA Today, Miami Herald and the Washington Post showed Bush’s margin would have nearly TRIPLED.  This doesn’t even account for all the other slimy Democrat tactics like trying to smear Katherine Harris, or trying to steal the recount.  (Don’t forget, Gore illogically received three times as many “recount” improvements as Bush did – a statistical improbability.  But FOX made it sound like it is still “up in the air,” when facts are conclusive to independent observers.

The last issue was what set me off to ignore my Sunday Cubs game to get this done.  FOX besmirched the integrity of the Father of our country to make it sound like the man who “couldn’t tell a lie” was just an an average politician. 

Fox’s fake George Washington take: George Washington bought votes to buy his election!

Maybe the truth doesn’t make for quite such a good “voter fraud special.”  I mean, who cares if you besmirch the reputation of perhaps the most important founder of our country if it will help your TV show, right?

In fact, liquor was a simple part of the election process for ALL candidates in Virginia.  Voters would go to “tipping houses” where votes were cast and the smart politician would buy the drinks for those voting.  It was Washington who wrote the Governor asking that the practice be halted.  In a 1757 election for burgess, Washington refused to participate in the practice and was defeated by 40 votes.  In 1758, Washington didn’t fight it and won by a sizeable margin over his opponent.

No where did FOX explain Washington resisted it and that ALL politicians did this.  Nor did they mention this was for a minor state office and had nothing to do with his Presidency.

Is it any wonder that with this kind of communication by the only “conservative” mainstream media that we are in such a battle?  This is the kind of thing that Malkin, Levin and Limbaugh pulled on conservatives by their incomplete (or worse) commentary during the GOP primary.

I didn’t watch it but asked the National Training Director for the True the Vote how the second half hour went.  Again – it was incomplete and more of the same.  Missing the REAL stories of clear fraudulent voting in favor of trying to not attack the Democratic machine too hard.  No mention of the Soros Secretary of State program to put corrupt Democrats in power to steal elections.  No talk of the studies on that prove Voter ID actually HELPS the disadvantaged in elections (as well as Democrats). 

In fact, in Al Franken case were over 1000 felons illegally voted, FOX interviewed only 10 (9 of who voted for Franken) and concluded they couldn’t truly ascertain if this was a planned Democrat initiative or not.  Of course, all they had to do was interview just a fraction more and they would have had a statistically significant sample to ABSOUTELY make that claim.

It seems it will be up to a small remnant of us to hold fast to the ideals upon which this country was founded and fight for truth.

God knows FOX has given up that fight.

We can’t let the mainstream media keep obscuring fact. 

We can’t let the CONSERVATIVE media (i.e., George Will, Ann Coulter, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh) continue to omit, distort or misreport FACT based on their personal bias.

We can’t allow the GOP establishment to erase ALL of the progress made in the 2010 elections by diluting the message and leadership by a guy who was the most anti-conservative governor in Massachusetts history ONLY 7 years ago.

The fight starts now, and the GOP establishment domination stops here.

It’s clear that Santorum stole the election in Alabama from Gingrich and likely did in Tennessee as well.  Romney forces seemed to have done this in Maine, Puerto Rico and other places and I will eventually do a full post.  Meanwhile, here are two examples of Romney chicanery.



As always – please join with True The Vote to become fight fraud at the polls.

We're 8 Months Away from Being Massively Screwed by Tax Increases

Taxmaggedon is coming. Remember the Bush tax cuts? Well they are expiring on January 1, 2013. The payroll tax cut? It's expiring on January 1, 2013. The AMT patch? You guessed it, it expires January 1, 2013. In all, taxes are set to go up by a whopping $494 billion in just 8 months time (that what happens when you keep kicking the can down the road). And I am not talking about them going up that amount over a 10 year span, but all in one year. If you looked at it on a 10 year budgetary perspective, we are talking about a $5 TRILLION tax increase. Heritage has a nice handy dandy chart summary of the taxes that are increasing and the amounts:

Just to give you a sense of how big this is, $494 billion is equal to 3.4% of GDP, that is 3.4% of GDP that is going to be taken out of people's pockets and given to the government. Can you say recession? If Obama's old Chair of Economic Advisers is correct and the multiplier on taxes is 3 (a dollar of tax increases lowers GDP by $3) we could see GDP fall by 10.2%!

Now I know that there is a good chance that as we are looking at the fiscal cliff, that Obama and Congress will kick the can down the road again with some sort of temporary fix, letting the next President and Congress deal with it. But, I also think there is a chance that they aren't able to. How do you kick so many cans down the road at the same time, especially at the height of campaign season with so many people out of their offices and with every move under the microscope. Republicans will be under pressure not to help Obama (especially after being screwed in previous dealings with the President e.g. the Supercommittee) and Democrats will be under pressure to not "cut" taxes again on the "rich". There are also just too many programs to extend with too many moving parts. Think about it even if they decide to keep the Bush tax cuts, that only eliminates about one third of the fiscal cliff, they need to agree on a plethora of other issues to meaningfully minimize the cliff.

I also think that it is only a matter of time before the uncertainty of what is going to happen in 2013 bleeds into this year. Right now, very few people are talking about this and people seem to be spending like normal, but what happens when September rolls around and people see this looming iceberg right in front of them? They will very easily be able to calculate that they will be making thousands less next year than this year. It's just insane.

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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Newt Not Taking ‘No’ in North Texas


This is only 5 days late but necessary to get out.  Newt Gingrich invaded the Dallas area last Monday to meet with grassroots leaders and media.  Want to know what he said BEHIND closed doors?  It ain’t over - is what happened.

First, I owe an apology to Santorum supporter and long time Twitter friend @Malvenue for being particularly harsh in the face of his defeatist attitude that “it’s all over” and Romney is the nominee.

That is both FACTUALLY wrong and wrong as an attitude for any true patriotic conservative.  It is FAR from over.  No one has reached 1,144 delegates.  Despite factually wrong delegate counts (like those that still show Romney getting ALL Florida votes despite a clear legal and actionable position that it is not) is:

Romney – 571
Santorum – 342
Newt – 158
Paul – 91

That’s only HALF the delegates needed with severe testing ahead.

Romney ALREADY has problems with his OWN delegates refusing to sign a pledge to stay committed to him and multiple instances of voter fraud allegations including those in Puerto Rico.  He’s actually become LESS popular as he has campaigned and the mainstream media is just now starting to hit him with other corruption stories including one where the Romney’s were involved in Bernie Madoff-like ponzi scheme and where Tagg Romney seems to have outright lied about a number of key points.

In Dallas last Monday night, Newt admitted it was a long shot. 
And he’s right.  It is. 

He’s also right that it is NOT over.

He was asked by this Dallas TV reporter all the standard GOP Establishment arguments:

  • Aren’t you out of money?
  • Aren’t you hurting Romney?
  • Why would you stay in if you can’t win?
  • Why don’t you go on a diet?

Ok, not that last one.   But Newt has FACTUAL answers to each.

Remember how vocal all of us “Tea Partiers” were when said we won’t let the GOP Establishment choose our candidate?  I MEANT IT.  As did quite a few of my fellow conservatives.  If you said it and now are giving up (or worse supporting Romney), you’re the enemy.  Plain and simple.

Mitt Romney is the most liberal Republican Governor in history and they historically don’t do well in general elections.  Remember, this is the guy who forced gay marriage on his state through an executive order, recruited and implemented the largest socialized medicine program that gave birth (and the advisory “team”) to Obamacare, and implemented the broadest and most severe Cap and Trade regulations on global warming of ANY Governor – Democrat or Republican.  Do you really think the general public will buy that a Republican that LOST payroll jobs in his his four years as Governor while the country added over 4% will think Romney is any better than Obama? 

But a lot of you just want to throw in the towel and say “it’s over,”  the establishment won again.  If you do, you are yellow’er than a new dandelion in a Starbucks flower planter in Soho.

And @Malvenue isn’t alone.  Gingrich supporter Steve Deace (or his publishers) decided to cash in on defeatism by pushing his book We Won’t Get Fooled Again and tell us to work on 2016.

Well, Mr. Deace in the spirit of Declaration signer Francis Lewis and Abraham Clark, forgive me if I’m a little underwhelmed at your abandonment of the fight in lieu of cash.  Stopping Romney and the GOP Establishment is a little bit more important that selling some books in my opinion.

The Dallas man on the video said it well:

“I have to take a stance for what is right no matter what everyone else thinks is right.” – Dallas Attendee

You go ahead and give up.  Show your kids how to act like John Boehner and the rest of the RINO’s if you want.  I’m fighting not just on principle but on a clear fact that if Romney is nominated EVEN if beats Obama – we will end up at the same place we did at the end of the George W. Bush era.  Establishing the fact Republicans can’t do any better than Democrats.

Don’t forget.  Your favorite “conservatives” Paul Ryan and Allen West voted WITH John Boehner to cave to Harry Reid and cut $1 Trillion out of Defense.  Do you think Romney will sweep other serious conservatives with backbones into office?  He actually LOST GOP members in Massachusetts and brought the number of elected GOP congressman to an all time low.  But yeah, Romney’s a great answer to revive the Tea Party momentum that worked in 2010 I’m sure.

Has Romney EVER shown he can stay consistent for more than a news cycle on ANY issue much less something like repealing ObamaCare?  His own advisor is telling us he won’t repeal all of it.  Another key advisor tells us he’s an “Etch A Sketch” that will wipe all of us promises clean.  He already began doing it last week on the Dream Act.

In Dallas, Gingrich reminded supporters that in the Colorado primary last week that almost twice of the delegates WERE NOT for Romney than for him.  (23 to 13).  AND THIS WAS COLORADO not a deep conservative state like South Carolina or Missouri!  Funny, I thought conservatives honored the will of the people not the will of the blowhards who have sold out our movement for 30 pieces of silver.

It’s not over FACTUALLY or in the hearts of REAL conservatives.

Six thousand donors rushed to Newt.org to give immediately following Santorum’s exit.  Six thousand patriots who aren’t willing to let a man named a Top 10 RINO only 7 years ago continue to bury the future of America for our children.

I still run across terribly uninformed people who still call Gingrich a “big government” progressive (who got it from Glenn Beck who now supports a guy who actually implemented gay marriage, socialized medicine and cap and trade).  And I’m aghast at the complicit conservative media like Limbaugh, Levin and the like who think somehow there will be a better chance to take Mitt on after he’s elected or in 4 years when he has an even STRONGER network.  (Don’t forget. Republicans are rewarding the guy who couldn’t win AGAINST the McCAIN!)

Meanwhile Gingrich not just presents conservative ideas, he goes on the attack with them.  He bans any Muslim who hasn’t renounced Sharia Law from his campaign.  He goes to the NRA and tells them THEY aren’t aggressive enough. Not only are we going fight for Hillary’s attempt to sign away our gun rights to the UN, Gingrich starts a campaign to make the right to bear arm a fundamental HUMAN RIGHT!

And I thought my conservative blood couldn’t pump any redder than seeing Obama torn apart in a debate.  Imagine Gingrich sending Bolton to the UN to author a bill giving EVERY PERSON ON THE PLANET the right to defend themselves like Ted Nugent!

The highlight of March was the third place polling candidate making Obama’s White House spend weeks first trying to pretend that $2.50 gas isn’t possible, then to attack Gingrich for wanting to make oil companies rich, then saying the White House was making MORE oil companies rich already, denying Keystone would make jobs, denying Keystone was ready, then faking a Keystone approval.

But don’t sell Romney short.  The leading GOP candidate successfully got the Obama campaign to make Republicans look like they didn’t want women to work and wanted to make Lassie into a luggage rack.  I’m sure he’ll do just fine in the debates with Obama and the MSM media, don’t you?

Katrina Pierson who helped organize the Gingrich Dallas event said with less than 24 hours notice they had a great – and very diverse  - turnout including African American and young people asking “how can I help him.”

Pierson tells me that he stayed until he had talked and shook hands with every one of the 75 people who attended.  it raised the spirits for those in Texas who felt he would drop out. 

I’ll admit it.  Even I – the steel spined squab of steadfastness was wondering if the meeting with Romney and the softening of Newt’s tone meant he was aiming for a cabinet job.  After hearing the private discussions of those that attended, I’m fully persuaded the Georgia General is being absolutely as crafty as George in the 1776 Delaware jungle was.  It’s a guerilla war by conservatives against RINO’s.  Real conservatives who actually BELIEVE we shouldn’t give up on our principles (again) and despite the odds aren’t quitting.

Real conservatives who don’t just pay lip service to the idea of pledging our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor to ensure a BETTER hope than the change the RINO congress presented, then caved on.  (Remember the $100 Billion in Boehner budget cuts after the 2010 Tea Party election?).

Sorry.  Two years after the height of the Tea Party influence, the RINO’s and complicit (and lazy) conservative media have come close to locking it up to compromise captivity if not outright killing it.

If we don’t coalesce around Newt Gingrich and stop Romney, Karl Rove will become the head of the GOP.  Mitch McConnell will be the new Harry Reid.  And the minute the media and libs scream about any conservative legislation, Mitt and his RINO mutts will compromise just like Bob Dole tried to do to Reagan.

Only this time there won’t be any Newt Gingrichs to stop them.

And RomneyCare will not be totally repealed after screams of insensitivity by centrists.

DOMA will be too “divisive” to address.

And no one will do anything but keep trying to patch short term solutions to entitlements while the number of Americans receiving Federal handouts slips over the 50% mark.

With Obama you get that scenario in 3 months.  With Romney you’ll be lucky if you get it sooner than 3 years.

Give up if you want to you “fake” conservatives and compromise your real beliefs.  But at least be honest that you don’t deserve the freedoms promised by our founders with blood shed for you.  And get the hell out of our way.

Rick Santorum K-Street King


I know, I know.  He’s out and we need to be “nice” to Santorum supporters to get them to join Gingrich.  I’m trying.  I really am.

I’m not worried about those who claim they are going to keep writing Rick in on primary ballots or that he will “unsuspend” his campaign once the Pennsylvania primary is over.  If didn’t work for Palin it certainly won’t help Santorum.

But I am worried about the Tea Party and the conservative movement.  And I’m not going to let lies keep eating away at both.  This post is brought to you by an unnamed “Tea Party” blogger here in Texas who was not only pushing Santorum from dawn til dusk, but refused to retract ANY false lies they sent out even after corrections were sent.  I received the following headline in their daily email this morning: 


It’s bad enough that so many social (and other) conservatives were too lazy to do their homework on Rick Santorum’s weighty record of lies and hypocrisies, but even this week this blogger continued to try and justify Santorum even though he has already dropped out of the race.  This particular Texas conservative sent out a false narrative to try and defend Santorum’s Specter endorsement which had been debunked 3 ways from Saturday.   Who knows if she even read my carefully documented rebuttal.  I have so little faith in my fellow conservatives these days.

The fight for the conservative movement is now a civil war.  If we don’t hold each other to a standard of OBJECTIVE TRUTH we will forever be relegated to the sidelines of not just national influence, but those within our own party.

So below is my email rebuttal to this person who was pushing Santorum to the clueless even through this week:

It is more than a little ironic that you would run an article lamenting the K-Street and Tea Party battle after you refused to print the truth about Rick Santorum who was the co-FOUNDER of the K-Street project and worked with Jack Abramoff.  If this was an Austin RINO you would (heroically) be unrelenting in getting the truth out.  And I'd be applauding, promoting and doing the same with you.

Somehow, you've been usurped, or blinded.  And it is killing the conservative movement.

I don't say this to "beat you up" or demean you.  As you know I even ENCOURAGED people to subscribe to (your blog) on an earlier post where I called you to task.  But I hate to see you and other conservatives played for fools or worse, lose your good reputation as these facts come out.  You are needed for the battle ahead if you will finally make a declaration of devotion to truth.

I’m not speaking as a partisan supporter of Gingrich (although I’ve endorsed Newt) but from PERSONAL knowledge and fact.  In fact, I have a friend who is a Christian movie producer that procured Rick Santorum for their advisory board prior to his run for President.  Santorum refused to do ANY ACTUAL help unless he was paid.  This for a group trying to make a groundbreaking film about Jesus' life. 

Here are FACTS about Santorum's K-Street lobbying.  How you could not know this as a citizen journalist is beyond me.  If you DO know this and continue to promote (and defend) Santorum you are worse than the GOP establishment who tries to hide the truth of the people they want to push.   If you do NOT know this, (which I pray is the case), a retraction should be forthcoming immediately and a call to support either Gingrich or Paul in Texas.

The documented FACTS:

BusinessWeek: Santorum was the Senate "go to" man for Washington Lobbyists and FOUNDED K-Street with Grover Norquist (who has now brought the Muslim Brotherhood into the Republican Party).

This is why Santorum was rated the most corrupt Senator in 2005/2006 since his committees received more lobbyist donations than ANY OTHER

In 2003, Washington Monthly ran an article where lobbyists and former Congressmen called the coercion for money by Washington "Rick's meetings."

Rick Santorum ADMITTED it in Roll Call in 2004

His PAC collected $11 million to help "conservative" law makers but he only gave away $1 million.  He then formed a 527 called Softer Voices that kept ALL of the donations.  As he showed with his own charity, he’s got a problem with money issues.

A professor at Kansas State studied the the project and found that Santorum was the key in the Senate.  Instead of trying to create future Pat Toomey's - 23 of Santorum staffers ended up becoming lobbyists instead of future conservative politicians.  Even the head of his South Carolina campaign was a convicted lobbyist who bought hookers and worse for congressmen.  Rather than be proud of the Chuck Colson like change he made in prison, Santorum HID it from public disclosure documents.

In 2005, he told the Pittsburgh Post Gazette that his K-Street operation was a "good thing".

Santorum had at least two instances which should disqualify ANY conservative some ever supporting him, or allowing him to be a voice of the Tea Party.

SantorumSmileSmirk The first is when Gingrich set up a bipartisan commission in the new GOP Congress to fight the terrible rapes, abuse and child labor of Saipan sweatshops.  Here are ACTUAL billings by Jack Abramoff's firm proving Santorum got money DIRECTLY before a fund raiser, and DIRECTLY AFTER he got the bill killed.  What makes it worse as these Saipan operations were known to also FORCE ABORTIONS on their laborers.  Despicable.

The second was when he attempted to take away the the right to collect data from the National Weather Service so that his campaign contributor, Accuweather could become more profitable.  Not only is this "buying votes" that no other conservative would touch (or vote for), it would have literally cost lives.

Then, in 2006 people discovered what Delay and Santorum were doing:

Indeed, by 2006, the K Street Project was a national scandal. Two of its best-known participants, lobbyist Jack Abramoff and DeLay, had been indicted for other crimes -- Abramoff for corruption and DeLay for money laundering. Santorum distanced himself from the project, stating in February 2006, "We don't have a K Street Project. ... I have never called anybody or talked to anyone to try to get anybody a position on K Street with one exception, and that is if someone from my office is applying for a job and an employer calls me."

But one month later, after the temporary, scandal-induced hiatus, Santorum restarted his lobbyist gatherings. He lost his reelection bid later that year by a whopping 18 percentage points, partially due to his role leading the K Street Project.

Santorum received $496,683 from Washington lobbyists in his 2006 campaign, the most of any candidate during that election cycle.  Over the course of Santorum’s congressional career, lobbyists ranked 10th among his groups of donors, contributing $731,937 to his campaigns.

Perhaps this explains why Rick was NO WHERE to be found during the Tea Party genesis even though Newt Gingrich was using his own money to cut ads to get people to join.  (or TARP or ObamaCare.) And if you thought undercutting wonderful Tea Party Pennsylvanian Pat Toomey by siding on the Specter side wasn't enough, supporting the Mitch McConnell GOP establishment pick over Rand Paul in Kentucky and Carli Fiorina over Tea Party Californian Chuck Devore was clear evidence that Rick was no early Tea Party supporter.

It is absolutely crazy how so called self-identified Tea Partiers now want to lament the destruction of the movement THAT THEY HELPED CREATE BY SUPPORTING SELLOUT CANDIDATES like Santorum.  Or now lament the influence by GOP insiders in the Tea Party when Santorum was part of the problem as Pennsylvania Tea Partiers and leaders have been telling us since 2005.

You maybe can't change your past infractions on truth - but it would sure do a lot for the movement if you would at least admit that you didn't fully vet your candidate before supporting.

Or, if you did know this and still send out complaints about K-Street influencers - quit calling yourself a Tea Party conservative.


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