Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Why I’m Happy To (Now) Be Texan


I’ve been sitting on this post for a week now.  (I’ve been too busy fighting to get out what even the conservative media won’t cover.)

But today I was accused libeled by Santorum supporting Texas Tea Partiers of being a Progressive and falsely attacking their candidate.  As I showed in a point by point rebuttal how ignorant they are both in their libelous accusations against me, but in their moronic defense of their candidate.

I guess they missed the THIRD POST OF THIS BLOG where I attended the first King Street Patriots (Houston Tea Party) Seder.  Or my FIFTH POST and live Twitter feed (inspired by King Street Patriots and The Jersey-Texan) where we had a rally against the Obama Administration’s appointee who banned the word “Jesus” or “God” at the Houston VA Cemetery.

pmbasse twitter followAnd with the honor of being followed by a descendant of one of the ORIGINAL 300 Texas settlers, it seemed appropriate to post today.  My apology to @pmbasse for having a post I originally was going to dedicate to her, ruined by more of those supporters.

My wonderful blogger friend Michelle calls herself The Jersey-Texan.  I guess I’m the Chicago-Texan.  One of us is more of an oxyMORON than the other. (Hint: Watch the Little Birdy!)

I’m told that one of the most popular bumper stickers in Texas is this:

born-in-texas-h And I’m getting one of those very soon.

Some wonder if I’m ashamed of my hometown Chicago because of it’s legacy of corruption and recent identity with our obfuscating President.  I’m not.  It is also where Milton Friedman did his best work and last year’s NBA MVP reigns while exhibiting wonderful humility, hard work and other virtues.  But I’m now a Texan.

I’ll admit.  The scenery is not as compelling as cinematographic California or as awe inspiring as Alaska.  But while not a desert, most of Northern Illinois, especially Kane and Cook County don’t offer more than corn fields in place of cattle ranges.  

There is another feature here though that is the most lavish landmark of any land.  It is Liberty.  In law and in it’s leaseholders.  Here are just some of the things I love about Texas freedom: (Footnotes 1, 2, 3, 4)

  • Texas' State and Local Tax Burden Among Nation's Lowest.
  • Texas' 2012 Business Tax Climate Ranks 9th.
  • Texas has the 3rd highest GDP of any state.
  • Texas has the 2nd largest population with 3 cities over 1 million (and 25 Metropolitan Statistical Areas.)
  • Texas Levies No Personal Income Taxes.
  • Texas is a Donor State in Federal Money.
  • Texas won it’s OWN independence and was once a sovereign nation (California declared independence but never had the nerve to follow through.)
  • Texas is the only state to join the Union by TREATY instead of Annexation.
  • Texas has the right to divide into 5 states if it chooses to.
  • It’s one of the only self-sufficient states in agriculture, energy, research, etc.able to function without others.
  •  You can legally shoot pigs from a helicopter.

texasbeerfreedom It’s not perfect.  Aside from having to stomach the Astros and Rockets (let alone all the college football bigotry), freedoms here are not quite complete either.  The GOP isn’t as aggressive against growth and liberal trickery as they gave up on fighting the TSA, sanctuary cities and played into Holder’s hands on Voter ID.  Don’t forget.  Texas gave the country LBJ and George W. Bush.  (Although Bush 41 lived in Texas since 1948, he still grew up as a Northeaster.) Believe it or not you aren’t free to package AND serve beer from your brewery.  (See the Texas Beer Freedom movement.)

Yes, the women are are quite fetching and the men – for the most part – are straight shooters.  There is a lack of pretense with most native Texans you meet.   But more than anything there is an underlying fierceness about freedom.  The motto here should, “Don’t even THINK about treading on me.”

And in a worse case scenario of what could happen should Barack Obama decide to ignore the voters in 2012 or steal them, there is no other place from which I’d rather wage the war for freedom.  Because of this final Texas advantage:

  • If you KNOW (and can prove) that you are innocent, you can defend yourself with firearms, even against law enforcement.


I've just been to Texas once, Woodlands Texas to be precise. It's quite beautiful down there!

Congratulations on becoming a Texan.

Hope you get to vote for Newt in the Texas primary.

Native Texan here. Spent my teen years in The Woodlands and agree with LN that it is beautiful.

One thing Politijim forgets to mention is that the cost of living is significantly less in texas than other parts of the country, while wages are good and jobs are more easy to find. A 300k house in California would be lucky to have more than 2000 sqft, you can find mansions around houston for that price.

Politijim, we're glad to have you around these parts. Maybe we can meet up at the downtown saucer one of these days and you can have a texas beer on me.

Politijim - new reader here. Very impressed with your writing. Plan to follow this site. And welcome to Texas from someone who has lived here more than 5 decades! Agree with your list above (I have actually seen pigs being shot from a helicopter - my son was one of the shooters!) There is a reason one of the best "selling" lines for our state is "Texas is a whole other country". We have deserts in West Texas, mountains (albeit kind of small ones...) in the north, wonderful lakes and pine trees in East Texas (happen to be a little partial to this area) and great coastlines in the south. We absolutely COULD be self-supporting here because we have water, oil, timber, shipping ports, farmland, vineyards, Universities and yes, football. If Obama messes with us too much, we WILL be another country. No way he could find all of the guns hidden around here!

(I'm going to tell you what I told Glenn Beck at a book signing in December - It's OK that you are here but please be careful about telling everyone else to come here - it's getting a little crowded.)

WELCOME! (Where in Texas are you settled?)

(is that a Lithuian name?),

Those are great points. Would love the beer and the company.


Thank you for your kind words and the practice to restrain my jealousy over your son's swine-flying adventures. (where do i sign up for that?!!)

Agree on the Texas advertising. At least until we can kick some of the liberals and malcontents to make more room. :)

In Houston! My first assignment, unseat Sheila Jackson Lee and prohibit her daughter from getting a seat on the Harris County Department of Education.

PolitiJim says:
My first assignment, unseat Sheila Jackson Lee and prohibit her daughter from getting a seat on the Harris County Department of Education.

Those are some big dreams Jim. Thankfully I live in the district of the fantastic and Honorable Ted Poe.

Welcome to Texas, Jim. I'm also an immigrant, though I've been here more than two decades. What I learned was that while I could never become a native Texan, I could assimilate. The key is to avoid trying to change Texas, but instead letting it change you. Kick up your boots and stay awhile. You may find the change is all for the best.

Welcome to Texas! Yeehaw! A big hi ho and a hearty handshake fellow Texan. ;-)
I was born in Texas, grew up in California but ,thank God my parents had the good sense to move back to Texas in my High School years. I've been here ever since.

Thank you Paula!! I have a feeling being a Texan will take on increasing importance in the years to come on our national stage. (Please follow me @PolitiJim ?) Blessings.

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