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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Bulls Media Bitten by the Cubs Bug


I awoke from my 2nd consecutive night of nightmarish Bulls dreams to a Sam Smith article entitled, “The State of the Bulls is sound."  It’s quite interesting the word “sound” is not in proper title case, and I thought perhaps Smith was at his peak playoff prose performance in defining it is “errant noise” rather than than that of being “sturdy and strong.”

Unfortunately, I think instead he is as deluded as our current President who – with record poverty, record REAL underemployment/unemployment and record debt, deficits and fear of America’s financial future also characterized the state of the nation the same way.

Granted, I think the Bulls are better off than the nation as a whole.  But c’mon.  The Bulls are “sound”?  If you believe that you may be the same guy who thought signing Carlos Zambrano or Soriano would singularly set up a World Series run.  Like the delusion we Cub fans have had for years, I’m not so sure we are a player away from our playoff fantasies.  In fact, I think Thibodeau may need to go to the Theo school of rebuilding a number of things about our Bulls.

Let’s start with everyone’s #1 Bulls issue.  Derek “the thorny” Rose.  Clearly Bulls aren’t playoff competitive without him.  So the two salient questions are:

1. Will he ever be healthy and have sustainable basketball brilliance?; and,

2. Is his surrounding cast truly sufficient for championship contention?

Derek Rose’s Unreal Body Dynamics
Of course no one knows the answer to the first.  Everyone assumes he can return given his age and drive.  Smith references Bernard King and Zydrunas Ilgauskas as examples of why this is likely.   However, it is more likely that Rose is probably more similar to Tiger Woods in the enormous torque and stress he places his body under to accomplish his acrobatic feats.  He’s never been a pure shooter or (yet) developed the Jordan/Kobe (and even Ray Allen) dynamics that rely more on basketball IQ than physicality, so CAN he be an All Star premier player without his unreal speed and creative contortions?  Doubtful.  The 2 games just prior to his latest injury showed signs that he could be the original Rose.  But I think we are deluding ourselves to think that the long term proposition for Rose being “Rose” beyond even a year or two is 50/50.  Athleticism will fade and he won’t get any taller.  Truth be told he looked old against the young guns like Wall in the beginning of the year.

And what of that supporting cast?  We know OKC can survive without Westbrook (and Hardin) and suspect that Pacers might not be any better with all of their talent at full speed.  Are we REALLY just a Rose away from greatness?  Noah’s standout year was wonderful, but at the end of the day – he couldn’t do squat against the Wizard’s big men.  Butler still hasn’t come of age offensively (and may never do so) but clearly Taj showed sustainable greatness even in the playoffs.  Dunleavy, Boozer and Snell are all expendable.  Do YOU think a Noah/Gibson/Butler/(Hinrick or Augstin) platoon equals the offensive firepower that Miami, Washington, OKC, Houston or the Clippers have?  The “bench mob” was profound because it showed just how important a second unit was to long term winning.  Like my beloved Cubbies, you can have an MBL leading starting rotation but without a stellar bullpen you will continue to be…well.. the Cubs.  I’m not sure the Bulls can sustain any prolonged San Antonio caliber offensive or defensive threat at a championship level with our mix of players.

And the addition of a star like Carmelo Anthony seems to bring the Bulls to (perhaps) a 2nd round contender but not a Championship team if you add up all the numbers.  The brilliant article by Kelly Scaletta shows, a ‘Melo addition is a diminishing one in more ways than one.  (Kevin Love on the other hand isn’t.)

I actually believe the Bulls position is much better than the Bears and slightly better than the Cubs.  The addition of the “Real Madrid MJ” AND someone like Kevin Love would make the Bulls uber-competitive with or without the re-blooming of Rose and the current cast.  But Rose’s unknowns and an aging selfish shooter like Carmelo doesn’t give me much confidence.

thibodeau_tomPerhaps the major concern of the Bulls is one that no one dares entertain.  One Coach Tom Thibodeau.

On one hand it is remarkable that any coach could motivate professional prima donnas to the playoffs after the triple sucker punch of loosing your MVP twice and your only other All Star leader.  I truly can’t understand how Thibs only came in 4th in Coach of the Year voting after what he accomplished this year.

On the other hand you have to ask, “how is it that you couldn’t make significant enough STRATEGIC adjustments (not just tactical ones) to the Wizards after barely eeking out 1 win in 4 tries?”  The whole “we just have to play harder” mantra is great time-out tutelage but doesn’t address the key fact that your “defense wins all” strategy …doesn’t.  Or at least it didn’t last year or this year.

All the Wizards had to do was swarm Dunleavy to dampen his deviate scoring display and use an Ariza antidote on Augustin and waala – no O.  Thibs seems to think that scoring is merely a nuisance for the NBA pansies who won’t work at defense.  It might shock him to know that James Naismith create a game that focused on giving points for putting a ball in a basket and didn’t reward any points to the opposing team for deny them.

Don’t get me wrong.  I still love Thibs, but it turns out he is perhaps the best REGULAR season coach in the NBA and the worst playoff coach.  The whisper that he overworks players during the regular season to overperform (and that the Bulls have no 2nd gear come the playoffs) is now louder and more persistent than Boozer’s mouth.   They have yet to show they DO have a different  - more competitive gear – to match the intensity of their playoff opponents.  All that “practicing top effort” for an entire season hasn’t paid off TWO YEARS IN A ROW.  (Yes, the Heat were beatable last year.)

Clearly, Tom T overvalues defense and despises offense.  His first year success came more from merely delegating offense to Rose than any ingenuity in embracing and creating it in his other players.  Didn’t Phil focus his players on defensive excellence despite his offensive calling card?

One of the greatest things Phil Jackson and Pat Riley did was to create entirely different “looks” both offensively AND defensively against their opponents to keep them off guard in the playoffs.  (Tex Winter was a big part of that).  Outside of tweaking spacing or  - as in Dunleavy’s 35 point extravaganza – merely running plays for one guy, Thibodeau seems out matched when it comes to creating scoring.  Mentioning the best pure shooter the team was worse than saying “Tea Party” in the oval office.  “Jimmer” who proved he was the most productive scorer in his limited minutes wasn’t even allowed to take his sweats off even in second platoon relief.  Imagine where the Rockets would be if they were afraid to put Troy Daniels in?

Someone needs to spend his summer learning how to be just as ingenious at offense as he does D.  And with his knowledge of the game, who knows he doesn’t come up with something rivaling Phil’s “triangle” offense to match his defensive brilliance?

My guess is not only is the current coaching approach not “sound” for the future of the Bulls, it will never create a dynasty we all long for.

Friday, October 18, 2013

UPDATED: How Christians Are Killing America


I continued to be shocked (I shouldn’t be) at the intentional ignorance of well meaning conservatives – even Christians – can’t be bothered to do their homework on the Washington subterfuge killing this country.

It’s an old joke, and you’ve heard it before, but exactly WHY DIDN’T the Fortune Teller who went out of business see it coming?  The Body of Christ supposedly has wisdom from God, just for asking, but huge numbers never bother to learn what is really going on in our government and economy and over half don’t even vote.  It only takes about 5 Million votes to swing an election and yet over half of the professing Christians in the United States (30 Million) don’t bother to vote.  But no, this isn’t a “get out of the vote” article.  It’s how blind genuinely well meaning and intelligent people are about why America keeps getting worse.

So, a very cherished religious leader is a Facebook friend.  I don’t know him well personally but his ministry has touched me significantly and I know him to be a good, godly man.  I know people privy to his “inner circle” and they speak highly of him.  He also has a prophetic gift.  He hears from God.  However, my recent correspondence with him is an indication he either isn’t asking God for revelation of really is going on in Washington or he isn’t listening.  It’s a prime example of how Christians are killing America.  They are doing it with a super-nuclear warhead of ignorance and leading others off of the Christian cliff of indifference.

IT ALL STARTED when he posted a fear-tinged call for everyone to pray for a “debt deal to get done now” before the world collapses.  Like most of America who fell for the Y2K fiasco or who don’t take 10 seconds to think through the mechanics of how a default really works, they regurgitated the blathering propaganda of the two major parties as if it came from Moses himself.  (The Jewish one not the NBA star.)

My appeal to him – and our private correspondence is below.  Since I’m not revealing his identity, I feel I am not violating any ethical boundary and hope it helps some of you to do the same to the blinded bible thumpers you know.  Or – perhaps you is one. 


· Wednesday 10/16, 11:45am (PolitiJim)

I would like you to consider an alternate view on the necessity to raise the debt ceiling. I'm a little surprised you are buying into the mass hysteria or insist that the government "must" incur more debt but perhaps you are hearing prophetically instead and I'm way off. Yes, there would be pain, but no more than a family experiences when they start defaulting on their credit cards/loans because they haven’t been good stewards of their money. As long as Washington feels there is never a consequence to their actions - (and you have a Chief Executive who is blatantly trying to kill the US economy and dollar as they are on record admitting) - they will keep pressing to sink America deeper and deeper into debt just as Argentina, Cuba, and 1935 Germany did. Anyway, this article describes the mechanics of what would happen. Ii personally believe it's a spiritual battle. If the Congress cedes to Mr. Obama's wishes - they essentially are worshiping Mammon (and worse) and NOT seriously discharging their Constitutional authority to properly manage the funding of government. Just a thought. Feel free to share publicly if you like.


· 10/16, 1:14pm (Christian Leader Facebook Friend)

Jim could you show me the documentation of our Chief Executive blatantly expressing his desire to kill the US Economy and the dollar?

· Wednesday 10/16, 4:33pm

Tell how much you want.

- Not passing a budget for 3 years (and breaking the law in doing so.)
Overtly soliciting unqualified disability and food stamp participates soaring 50% or more since elected.
- Promising to cut the debt in half and instead spending more than all US presidents combined through Clinton?

I'm a little shocked you don't know this. After being educated by Marxist professors (he admits in his own biography he intentionally set out to affiliate with these) and studying with Cloward and Piven (a Marxist approach to intentionally overload the government services to crash the economy and use "emergency measures" to take totalitarian control over government), it is clear to any intellectual honest person that he INTENTIONALLY is killing the culture/economy of US even more than set forth in Dinesh D'Souza's 2016 OBAMA'S AMERICA film. (Francis Piven discussing this plan on video here.)

But here is one of his officials OVERTLY saying their design is to kill the dollar. It's not hard to find economist white papers on this (like Dan Mitchell of CATO) but let me know how much documentation you want.

Obama Administration Tells Analyst of Plan to Kill the US Dollar


· 10/16, 4:36pm (PolitiJim)

Here is a 25 year private investigator who has a source inside DHS which has been unfailing accurate for the past 2 years.. (this is more analysis than sourced documentation) 
Intelligence insider: Obama administration agenda to “kill U.S Dollar”

· 10/16, 4:54pm (PolitiJim)

Last unsolicited link: (I promise). This group is the ONLY investment advisor who correctly called the 2008 crash. Just as their are physical laws (like gravity) their are also economic laws. One being that if you print 2X the money representing a fixed value - the value of all money drops by 50%. (Obama has allowed the FED to "print" 600% more money in the economy than when he first took office. It is impossible for - eventually - the current value of the dollar not to sink to 1/6th of it's value from 2008 eventually.)

I HIGHLY recommend this book to understand why it was so easy for them to predict the Housing bubble and why they are predicting Obama's current policies will destroy our currency. CHINA this week demanded that ANOTHER CURRENCY replace the US Currency as a world standard (in part because it's value has fallen so far and with O in the White House they feel it is no longer reliable - link

Here is the 1st chapter of the book. Send me your address and I'll buy you a copy if you like.


  • Today 2:08pm  (Christian Leader Facebook Friend)

    Jim, I don't have time to look at all you sent. I looked at the article on the "killing of the dollar" and found it quite intellectually weak and non credible. There is one out of context quote taken and turned into something it is not. Non-conspiratorial economists have voiced the idea that they believe the best way to move forward and eliminate debt is through a new American currency. There is a logical theory other than just a conspiratorial one- but I am not going there right. Pres. Obama has basically continued the economic strategies that Pres. Bush also thought they had to follow. The reason for all the printing of cash and other economic policies is to try to solve the extremely serious liquidity problem brought on by the mortgage crisis that neither Bush nor Obama had anything to do and was basically because of greed and stupidity brought on by greedy euphoria....Beyond all of this Jim, you are going to have to realize that you will never convince me that conspirators and the like are greater than God. It wouldn't matter if you were right about the conspiracies (Psalms 2:1) because He who sits in the heavens laughs at them in derision (later in Psalms 2). I am always going to be on that side of things.

    3:09pm  (PolitiJim)

    Wow. I'm a little shocked at your response from a couple of fronts. (from your tone you seem to be quite dismissive of my experience and knowledge so if you are one of those who can't stand to patiently value others responses that don't meet your own, at least read the last paragraph of Washington's prophetic vision.)

    First, you asked me for evidence that anyone from the administration had admitted publicly they wanted to kill the dollar. I gave it to you. Extremely interesting that you totally ignored that.

    Second, I prefaced the linked to that argument by saying it was anecdotal and much more detailed analysis is available on Heritage (headed by former Senator Jim DeMint) as well as numerous articles by CATO's Dan Mitchell. Perhaps you didn't read that. Unlike you - the world economy is my business. We have major executives from Goldman, JPM and others who have told us for over a year that they know the printing of money is unsustainable and that there will be worse consequences than in 2008.

    Third, I never made any mention that Bush was NOT culpable but somehow you seem that is salient to our discussion. Not sure where you are picking that up but I have been a severe critique of not only Bush but the GOP in general on my political blog and FB page. But if you think Obama's embrace of Marxism from college through his running under the Communist Party banner in Chicago (called the New Party - in 1996 isn’t relevant, then perhaps you have an explanation why - as bad as GWB was how between 2008 and 2012, U.S. government debt grew by 60.7 percent, but U.S. GDP only grew by a total of about 8.5 percent during that entire time period.

    You want "intellectually critical" statistics? Historically, the interest rate on 10 year U.S. Treasuries has averaged 6.68 percent. If the average interest rate on U.S. government debt rose to that level today, the U.S. government would find itself spending more than a trillion dollars per year just on interest on the national debt. In September, the average rate of interest on the government’s marketable debt was 1.981 percent. In January 2000, the average rate of interest on the government’s marketable debt was 6.620 percent. If we got back to that level today, it would collapse our entire financial system.

    Forth (and next to last) - you miss the entire point of my original private message to you where you were bowing to the fear of false propaganda for a "deal" to be struck. And now, what has your advocacy wrought? THERE CURRENTLY IS NO RESTRAINT ON DEBT since the "deal" you were so anxious to get passed doesn't raise the debt ceiling IT SUSPENDS IT. It is possible for $7 TRILLION of new debt to be incurred between now and January. And frankly Prophet, with all due respect (and I do mean that - I give your book out to nearly every major believing Christian businessperson I know), you clearly do not have a grasp on basic money supply theory or economics. In fact, I find it a bit silly for you to say "non-conspiracy economists" don't hold this view when Boston University economist Laurence Kotlikoff is warning that the U.S. government is facing a gigantic tsunami of unfunded liabilities in the coming years that we are counting on our children and our grandchildren to pay. Kotlikoff speaks of a “fiscal gap” which he defines as “the present value difference between projected future spending and revenue”. His calculations have led him to the conclusion that the federal government is facing a fiscal gap of 222 trillion dollars in the years ahead.

    Do you even understand what happens technically when the world follows China's example and suddenly drops the US currency as a trading standard or investment (they did this immediately following the "deal" and have been working to create a new gold back monetary standard for over 2 years)??? Suddenly we can't keep selling treasury's to the market without raising rates to attract that capital. As I mentioned earlier we literally don't have enough money to pay for the INTEREST on the existing debt - let alone 128 Million Americans who are taking handouts from the government.

    So please spare your condescension for someone who hasn't been living in this political and economic research for the past 4 years. Once again I offer to buy you a copy of Aftershock to understand the technicalities of economic law that are at work here.

    Washington-PrayingFinally (yes, thank God), where am I trying to tell you that God isn't in control? He is no less in control than when the Israelites were sent to Egypt (for a government handout) and ended up becoming slaves. Trusting that God is "in control" does not mean that we do not reap what we've sown. In fact, I think the very reason God had me start my company was to create a mechanism to supersede the Babylonian debt system to prosper in this very environment when all debt based businesses will be devastated. I have great hope in America for short period of time (maybe 20 years) ahead. Partly because of the prophetic vision George Washington had. If you are unaware of this you can read it here - .

    Again - I'm only trying to help you. If you don't want it, fine. No skin off my rather large German nose. But I sense quite a bit of arrogance in your position - at least from the factual or intellectual argument you've tried to make.

    Bless you.

  • So there was one more interaction where this gentleman apologized for “me taking offense.”  He went on to cite how many bigwig financial people he knew including a big player in the derivatives market.  He further explained that HE KNEW the real US debt was in the hundreds of trillions – not 17 Trillion as portrayed by the press. 

    Now if he KNOWS that the economic system is broken and unsustainable – and has all this input – WHY IN HEAVEN’S NAME IS HE ADVOCATING FOR PEOPLE TO JUST KEEP RAISING THE CEILING!???

    It’s even more mindboggling that I imagined.

    My reply to him tried (gently) to point this out and to drop a few positions of our advisors (which includes a former head of Citibank’s private bank.)  I went on to explain that titles and resumes mean NOTHING after Bernie Madoff and Jon Corzine.  And that as I was writing this response following the debt ceiling SUSPENSION that would allow unlimited spending between now and February 1st, this was the DrudgeReport headlines:

    Screenshot 2013-10-18 18.41.12

    Remember how the Treasury Department said our debt was at $16.999 Trillion for over 5 months?  Just as I thought – they kept spending stealing like a gang member at Rodney King riot all during the government shutdown.

    Anyone who is so stupid (I have no other “nice” word for it) as to think that this will all just magically “work out” as this man of God keeps suggesting ought to be seeking God’s grace not only on his own finances, but for mercy for leading so many followers directly into the pit of economic disaster that is now inevitable.

    I do NOT think this is the end of civilization in America – or of America itself.  But as you sow, so shall you reap.  The piper not only has to be paid, he’s just gone out and hired some Chicago mafia to collect.

    Tuesday, August 20, 2013

    Ted Cruz Could Be the Next Washington

    Yes I’m a Cruz fan.  I campaigned endlessly for him (and blogged extensively) on why he was the “real deal.” He has turned out to be better than what I imagined.  And that's saying something.  After Jim DeMint’s exit I considered Cruz to be – perhaps – the only man of integrity in Washington.  Like the city’s name sake I was convinced that he could not tell a lie.  (Isn’t it strange that “Washington” has evolved to be the image of lying, deceit and greed?…sigh.)

    And indeed Cruz has the chance to be the “next” Washington.  And I mean EITHER one.  He can become the best of the ideals of our Founding Fathers, or the epitome of the man who will compromise even his best character to achieve power.  For the past 2 months he seems to me to be tilting toward that of a hypocrite and selfishly ambitious politician.  Despite being an intellectual (and conservative) giant and self-proclaimed "Constitutionalist," he suddenly "won't get into the legal arguments."  WTF?  (What the founding Father of course is what that stands for.)

    How Clintonian/Obamamanian can you get?  Cruz was supposed to be the unflinching conscientiousness of common sense conservatism.  Since when do we not have an opinion on ANY aspect of the Constitution and not FIERCELY defend it?

    He’s in good company at least.  The normally reliable patriot Mark Levin has decided that although he admittedly has not studied the Natural Born Citizen clause in our constitution – anyone who doesn’t just get on the Cruz bandwagon is an imbecile.  Talk about intellectually dishonesty.

    A “B” student in 5th grade should be able to figure out that the use of “Natural Born Citizen” must be different from a mere “Citizen of the United States at the time of the Constitution’s Adoption” simply by reading Article 2:

    No person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President;

    It ain’t that hard.  Clearly if the Founders meant anyone who was a citizen was eligible - they wouldn't have bothered to make an exception for "Citizens at the time of the adoption of this Constitution."  Remember, they didn't have public schools to dumb them down.  They actually were some of the most educated intellects IN THE WORLD in their own time.  Especially John Jay, Thomas Jefferson, and Benji Franklin - all who mention their embrace of the philosophy nationalistic loyalty through generational citizenship. 

    Although some of you may need the “Natural Born Citizen for Dummies” video below.

    And the one man who seemed undeterred by threats from both left and right, who even seemed to exemplify the original values of “truth, justice and the American way,” now is contorting himself to be considered as a candidate for Presidency.  It’s a bad senatorial remake of Spiderman 3.  The fact that Cruz has been a dual citizen with Canada doesn’t even give him pause for the implications of his full speed ahead  - the law be damned – attitude.  The “pro” argument is the same relativistic BS we’ve heard from Democrats for 40 years. 

    “Are we afraid that Cruz will secretly implement Canadian law?” one mocking pundit asked on the Sunday shows.

    How far the mighty of fallen.  No – not Cruz per se – but us.  Or more specifically U.S.

    The amazing notion of our grand experiment (the United States), was elegant and brilliant.  Laws – not mobs, not PMS episodes from a vengeful monarch – would rule the land.  And if the people who lived under those laws didn’t like them – they could change them through a very deliberate process that would ensure it wasn’t being done out of haste or as a fad to be regretted later.  And – for the most part – it has operated wonderfully.  Prohibition being a case in point.   We thought we could sober up (and man up) the adults of our nation who had become a drain on our civilization and learned something that the Bible has been teaching for 200 years – people don’t become moral because laws are passed.

    And as we actually tried to put in place these ideals – it became clear that even with all the thought, prayer and academic scholarship that went in to our new philosophy of how to live as a free people, it could be easily destroyed with the political capital of a popular President.  It is widely agreed by historians that the single greatest act George Washington ever performed for his country….was to step down.  His popularity was so intense that Americans would have easily anointed him “king” and replaced 2 more centuries of guaranteed personal protection with a warm fuzzy feeling.

    How ironic that the supposed “law and order” guys who castigate Obama endlessly for simply ignoring the Constitution (or even basic Federal laws) so easily want to trample upon a tenant so important to the Founders that it was singled out in the Federalist papers and by personal correspondence between John Jay and George Washington.  Even Republicans have bought into simply bowing to the decisions of the Supreme Court when Jefferson CLEARLY said it should be the WEAKEST of the 3 branches.  If there was an opinion it was up to Congress to reflect the legislation by passing a law – not adjudicating it.

    In fact our entire culture has fallen by a refusal to fiercely abide by the “system” put in place 224 years ago.  Politicians and people in power of the banking systems have continued to assault the system to get what they want.  The militant homosexual community has almost entirely achieved it’s goal by overriding the will of the people through courts and public emotion. 

    And Ted Cruz has an enormous chance to teach the children of the nation – all of us in fact – that principle is more important that political power.  Were he to sacrifice his selfish ambition to act faithful to uphold the Constitution and forgo a chance at President – he would be likened to George Washington.  His new political clout would be immense.  Here is a man who stepped away from power for the good of his country.  And yes, it would immediately refocus the questions on the legitimacy of BHO.  And certainly there would be screams warning of impending doom by the GOP establishment who are petrified of us learning how complicit they have been in getting him elected.  But finally – we would have an educated electorate and a political hero to look up to.

    On the other hand, it is clear that if Ted Cruz pushes for his “right” to be President he will experience some minimal loss of affection (and support) from people like me who still believe in the principles of our Constitution.  The real damage however, will be that an illegitimate pretender from (pick any country including Kenya) will forever have the “cover” to usurp the goals and intents of our Founders.  School children will learn that if you are popular enough, you can get away with anything.  And the complete destruction of the 1st and 2nd Amendments will crumble even more quickly.

    Don’t believe me?  Do you think you could have gotten a MSM outlet to even mention the phrase, “Natural Born Citizen” when their maniacal messiah was up for election?  But look how quickly they use it against a REAL threat in the person of Senator Cruz.  Name ANY compromise of basic moral principle that hasn't been stretched or broken in later generations.  No sane person would believe that the Democrats wouldn't argue for anyone that would prop up their power to suddenly become a citizen of the US later to take it over.  Look what they did to accommodate a Marxist raised Kenyan with Islamic ties. 

    This is why we have laws.  This is why if we don’t like them – we have to stop this insane compromise and capitulation to judicial or popular opinion and USE THE FRIGGIN’ SYSTEM!  We should be attacking anyone from the ACLU to the Heritage Foundation who might desire to accomplish the “end goals” however they can – rather than reinforcing the integrity of our Constitutional system.

    Would Ted Cruz make a good president?  No, I think he’d make a GREAT President.  Of the new nation of Texas.  Or after we -  as a nation - have decided to amend Article 2.

    But be very, very careful.  Obama reached office by massive deception (and possibly worse) to overcome these restraints.  The mainstream GOP still hasn’t “bought a vowel” on who he really is.  He wears a ring of Islam, he is educated in an Islamic country during his formative years, he cancels Christian days of prayer but initiates a day of prayer for Muslims in the Capitol and has fought anyone who attempted to hold back the Muslim Brotherhood all while arming and equipping them with the military force of the United States.  Yeah – no way someone who has no legacy or appreciation for America could ever get into that powerful of an office right?

    Even after the testimony of ex-Soviet agents describing how American values have been undermined since the ‘50’s , you think it’s impossible that a foreign power could penetrate the government of the United States?

    No, I’m not worried about Ted Cruz undermining America.  I’m worried about Ted Cruz not worrying about undermining the Constitution and the NEXT Barack Hussein Obama.

    Tuesday, March 12, 2013

    Ted Cruz Recites the VICTORY OR DEATH Speech

    During the Rand Paul filibuster of John Brennan's appointment as CIA chief, US Senator Ted Cruz of Texas read the stirring letter of William Barret Travis as he was under siege at the Alamo.  (Full text follows video).

    Full Text from Texas Heritage Society:
    Commandancy of the The Alamo
    Bejar, Feby. 24th. 1836
    To the People of Texas & All Americans in the World—
    Fellow Citizens & compatriots—
         I am besieged, by a thousand or more of the Mexicans under Santa Anna — I have sustained a continual Bombardment & cannonade for 24 hours & have not lost a man — The enemy has demanded a surrender at discretion, otherwise, the garrison are to be put to the sword, if the fort is taken — I have answered the demand with a cannon shot, & our flag still waves proudly from the walls — I shall never surrender or retreat.  Then, I call on you in the name of Liberty, of patriotism & everything dear to the American character, to come to our aid, with all dispatch — The enemy is receiving reinforcements daily & will no doubt increase to three or four thousand in four or five days.  If this call is neglected, I am determined to sustain myself as long as possible & die like a soldier who never forgets what is due to his own honor & that of his country — Victory or Death.
    William Barrett Travis.
    Lt.  Col. comdt.
    P. S.  The Lord is on our side — When the enemy appeared in sight we had not three bushels of corn — We have since found in deserted houses 80 or 90 bushels and got into the walls 20 or 30 head of Beeves.
    Again, from Texas Heritage Society:
    The Travis letter is dated February 24, 1836.  Some have mistakenly referred to this as Travis' last letter from the Alamo. He wrote at least four more letters. Travis wrote a letter to General Sam Houston dated February 25, 1836 and three letters dated March 3, 1836.  One of Travis' letters dated March 3, 1836 which urgently requested aid for the Alamo was received by the Convention at Washington, Texas on March 6, 1836.  The delegates to the Convention at Washington had declared the independence of Texas four days before on March 2, 1836.
       Travis never did surrender or retreat.  After a thirteen day siege by thousands of Mexican soldiers under the command of Mexican President Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna, the Alamo fell on March 6, 1836.  All of the Alamo's 189 defenders, including William Barrett Travis, were killed.  The country he and the others died for, the Republic of Texas, was only four days old.
       The original "Victory or Death" letter written by William Barrett Travis on February 24, 1836 is located in the Texas State Library and Archives in Austin, Texas.
    The original letters are below:

    Sunday, December 16, 2012

    If today were 1775

    A friend found this posted on Facebook.  I have sensed that we are nearing a time when a majority of patriotic, liberty-loving, God-fearing Americans say, "Enough is enough."  Certainly this person is already there.  Let me know your thoughts:

    Historical Parallels
    What the Founding Fathers Did
    What we should start doing--NOW

    Totally corrupt monarchy, parliament and courts
    Stamp Act to suppress communication between the colonies
    Oppressive taxes to drive colonies to their knees
    Mandatory quartering of British soldiers in private homes
    Attempts to seize guns and ammo from the colonial militias (Lexington & Concord)
    Attempt to divide rebels from the loyalists

    Totally corrupt White House, congress and federal court system (will get worse after Obummer appoints
    Holder, Clinton and Moochelle to the Supreme Court)
    Efforts to control communications—internet kill switch, bankrupt USPS
    Oppressive taxes (ObummerCare and other coming taxes)
    FEMA camps and NDAA
    Gun control drive
    Racially divisive policies and legisltation

    Exhausted all appeals through “channels”
    Found ways NOT to pay any of the oppressive taxes—flat out refused (Boston Tea Party)
    Organized town and colony militias and began preparing for war (multiple skirmishes and firefights long
    BEFORE the signing of the Declaration of Independence)
    Hid weapons and ammo to avoid seizure by British troops
    Fought to protect weapons and ammo whenever British tried to seize them (Lexington & Concord)
    Resisted colony by colony before finally organizing as a unified United States

    We’ve already exhausted appeals through “channels”
    Organize ways to NOT pay the oppressive taxes (don’t comment asking me “how” in a public forum—
    you know how, just do it and get others to do the same)
    State and regional militias already organizing/training. Get involved NOW. Find and reach out to
    displaced military veterans returning to no jobs.
    Stores of ammo and weapons being cached in preparation
    Resistance being organized at the State level (no individual citizen can stand up to DHS, FBI, etc.
    Resistance can only succeed through organized State efforts)
    When the balloon goes up, identify the loyalist traitors inside each state and deal with them. (Use the
    FEMA camps, if needed)

    That is all for now.

    Sunday, December 9, 2012

    Libertarians Mindlessly Slam DeMint and Conservatism

    You would think the single most conservative Senator (possibly in modern history) would deserve a little room and encouragement not only for his past service, but for his new gig at the Heritage Foundation. Instead, Libertarians (whom I'm heavily now embracing in many ways) decide to not only smear DeMint's new organization with the old "healthcare mandate" misinformation - but decide to write like a bad rightwing version of MediaMatters pretending that they were somehow pushing Universal healthcare.

    I speak of Economic Policy Journal (to which I've become daily addicted by the way) who again, seem to use zero perspective or strategy in their analysis. So they get mine:

    I love Economic Policy Journal. I really do. But your reporting and accuracy is pathetic. Perhaps you were too busy smoking weed you try so hard to get legalized - I don't know.

    In the early 90's, thanks to Gingrich and many policy papers, advocacy and lobbying by Heritage - we not only had zero tax increases, we balanced the budget for the first time in 50 years. All with a DEMOCRAT President. There was no easy argument saying we were "too much" in debt such the majority of Americans were fine with their current (Reagan/Gingrich) taxes and a soaring economy. In fact, they were so happy - they were willing to allow a rapist/serial woman abusing President who sells our military secrets to the Chinese to do so.

    Prior to the advance of the mandate for healthcare - the Democrats had a NEARLY 70% APPROVAL FOR UNIVERSAL HEALTHCARE. If you think RINO's are bad today - just imagine how it was in the middle of a soaring economy with a conservative Speaker who wouldn't bring a SINGLE TAX TO THE HOUSE FLOOR that would appease the marauding MSM.

    There wasn't ANY political room to argue AGAINST socialized healthcare AT ALL. The Democrats kept playing the "heartless corporate Republican" tune, and with the country clearly already behind some form of "help" - the question then became HOW DO WE STOP HILLARY?

    In fact Heritage's individual mandate was brilliant arguing "if we're going to have govt healthcare then EVERYONE SHOULD PAY". It wasn't so much that they wanted Government healthcare. It was more of a question of how do we look just like naysayers, and give the simplistic American MTV mesmerized masses something that looks like we are "for."

    Hence the (unconstitutional) mandate.

    And furthermore, many of the conservative arguments (like opening up insurance beyond state borders to allow free markets) WAS in the Heritage plan. It wasn't ANYTHING like ObamaCare.

    And guess what? It frickin' worked. Although Americans have a big heart (and no foundational constitutional education), they even more believe that there is "no free lunch" and hence the Welfare reform measures.

    Libertarian purists keep believing that there is some magic pixie dust somewhere that just makes all the elected Democrats and Republicans wiling to suddenly learn, embrace and courageously stand for constitutional freedoms if only there embraced their views. The reality is that even Reagan with his communication skills STILL had to raise taxes and barter with Democrat (and RINO) forces compromising to get even the most meager conservative reforms done. Gingrich brilliantly understood this and packaged 10 of 'em that ALREADY HAD popular support together and had a mandate to use their '94 win to get them through before the steady trickle of MSM naysayers could start eating away at the American resolve.

    You people had better grow up and start reporting accurately if you want to be taken seriously. Heritage DID abandon the individual mandate too late of course - but I suspect it was due to a leadership that was out of touch with the current mindset of the nation. DeMint is a good guy and I suspect (pray) he'll do a fine job.

    But the reality is you aren't going to EVER get an American sentiment to throw out every unconstitutional law and operation in government. You have to take what you can get, and try to keep educating while overriding the massive MSM doublespeak/socialist propaganda.

    While EPJ has nominated a lifelong Congressman (almost) who never passed a single significant piece of legislation, Gingrich (who they constantly disdain) did and he left with a 60% approval rating of Congress. And the Republican forces STILL couldn't stand him trying to inch us closer to a true Constitutional Republic.  Imagine what they would have done with a racist Texas congressman who looked and acted like Dr. Kevorkian.

    But all you guys want to do is argue Monday morning quarterbacking like some fat Titan hillbilly slob fan with your case of Budweiser who never played a down of pee wee football much less anything else.

    Good luck with that.

    Monday, November 26, 2012

    Texans: It's Time to Send Straus on a Cruz

    Facing overwhelming enemy numbers and with no hope for help Colonel William Barret Travis took out his sword and drew a line in the sand before his battle-weary men. In a voice trembling with emotion he described the hopelessness of their plight and said, “those prepared to give their lives in freedom’s cause, come over to me.”

    Without hesitation, all but one man crossed the line. Even Colonel James Bowie, stricken with pneumonia, asked that his cot be carried over.

    It is time that we do the same to our Texas Representatives. We must demand that they quit kowtowing to a man who has used Obama-like tactics to keep conservatives under his thumb and who has continuously thwarted true conservative legislation and initiatives.

    ATTENTION: Texas Conservative Activists

    We elected Ted Cruz despite heavy opposition from the Texas GOP Establishment. We block walked. We worked the polls. We put up the yard signs. We chose principle and performance over party rhetoric. We got the job done.

    It’s again time for us to take on the party establishment and draw a line in the sand at the feet of each of our Texas State Reps. “Those prepared to stand on conservative and constitutional principles, cross the line and vote against Joe Straus for House Speaker. We will honor your courage and support you in the weeks and years ahead.”

    “Those of you who do not cross the line know this: We will call you out for the moral cowards you are. We will find and support more ‘Ted Cruzes’ in each of our state districts. We will find honorable men like the heroes of the Alamo. We will block walk for THEM. We will work the polls for THEM. We will put up the yard signs for THEM. We will make sure this is YOUR last term in office. So help us God.”

    Joe Straus—a Tyrant RINO Embarrassment

    After signing a pledge to support former Speaker Tom Craddick, Joe Straus betrayed his ally in 2005, leveraging a coalition of House Democrats and 11 RINOs to steal the Speaker’s position. He appointed Democrats as chairs of 16 of the 34 House committees. Since that time he has single handedly thwarted conservative legislation including the 2009 tabling of the photo voter ID bill (passed in 2011) and the 2011 death of the anti-sanctuary-cities bill (to pay back his debt to the Butt family).

    Joe Straus is the embodiment of the worst of politics. At the 2012 GOP State Convention the meeting organizers were too embarrassed to even introduce him by name when he took the podium for a short speech. Hundreds of elected delegates poured out of the Fort Worth arena in protest as soon as they recognized Straus’ evil face.

    Straus “buys” the support of GOP state reps by funneling money to their campaigns through a network of PACs designed to hide the source of funding. Further, he forces them so sign pledges of support (like the one he signed for Tom Craddick and later broke) under threat that they will NOT receive valuable committee appointments and won’t see their bills leave committee, if they dare to oppose him.

    The men of Alamo would know how to deal with the tyrant of the Texas House. Sadly, it appears that the moral courage of Texas GOP State Reps does not approach that of the men of Alamo.

    GOP State Platform

    Page 6 of Texas GOP Platform reads:

    Texas House Leadership Town Hall – We call for the Republican  members of the Texas House of Representatives after the November election, leading up to the Legislative session, to hold public town hall meetings in which the voters can express their wishes and thoughts about the leadership for the 83rd Session.

    Texas House Leadership Caucus – We call for the Republican members of the Texas House of Representatives to convene in caucus after each November general election to determine by secret ballot their candidate for Speaker of the House, and that rules be instituted to ensure the integrity and security of the secret ballot so that members may vote without risk of retribution by the prevailing party.  We also call for the Republican members of the Texas House to vote as a unified body for their selected speaker candidate when the Legislature convenes in regular session and a vote for speaker is called on the House Floor.

    Enforcing the Platform - Every Republican is responsible for implementing this platform.  Party candidates should indicate their positions on platform planks before their acceptance on the ticket and such information should be available on the Party website.

    Not surprisingly, most GOP State Reps have chosen to ignore this plank in the platform. When contacted about supporting Bryan Hughes in his challenge to Straus, most of the Reps parade out the long standing list of excuses for why they “must” support Joe Straus. “If I don’t support Joe I won’t get the committee assignments I want.”

    FOOLS! Joe Straus will give the chairs of half the House committees to Democrats anyway. He always does.

    Time to Call Out the Cowards

    It appears that GOP State Reps are afraid. They’re afraid of Joe Straus, and they’re afraid to face their constituents on this critical issue. Unfortunately, they’re currently MORE afraid of Joe Straus than they are of their constituents. IT’S TIME TO CHANGE THAT.

    It’s time to emphatically remind the GOP State Reps that they work for us, not for Joe Straus.

    Please take the following steps ASAP.

    1. Call or fax the office of your GOP State Rep.

    2. Demand to know WHEN he/she will hold town hall meetings to discuss the House Speaker issue as called for by the GOP state platform.

    3. Inform the office staffer that if he/she does not contact you within 5 days with the schedule of town hall meetings to discuss the House Speaker issue there will be consequences.

    4. Inform them that working with new Tea Party groups you will help identify and support a conservative candidate to replace the incumbent in the next primary.

    5. If he/she actually schedules a town hall meeting, get the word out. Attend the meeting and INSIST that your Rep vote for Bryan Hughes for Speaker of the Texas House.

    6. After the meeting start sending a stream of postcards to your Rep reminding him/her that you EXPECT him/her to vote for Bryan Hughes.

    7. If you have time make frequent phone calls to reinforce your intent.

    It’s again time for us to take on the weak party establishment and draw a line in the sand at the feet of each of our Texas State Reps. “Those prepared to stand on conservative and constitutional principles, cross the line and vote against Joe Straus for House Speaker. We will honor your courage and support you in the weeks and years ahead.”

    “Those of you who do not cross the line know this: We will call you out for the moral cowards you are. We will find and support more ‘Ted Cruzes’ at the state level. We will make sure this is your last term in office. So help us God.”

    - Alan Vera

    2012 Conservative Legislation Killed by Straus’ Committee Chairs:
    By Natalie Genco posted on Voices Empower
    • Exempting school districts from certain state unfunded mandates, HB 458 by James White & Wayne Christian
    • Requiring school districts to post their check registers online, HB1236 by Bill Zedler
    • Requiring public universities to post their check registers online, HB 1237 by Bill Zedler
    • Uncapping total number of charters given to schools by the SBOE, HB 1603 by Bill Zedler,
    Cutting Spending
    • Replacing longevity pay with merit pay for state employees, HB2954 by Erwin Cain
    • 10% reduction on paperwork for state unfunded mandates on public schools, HB 3463 by Erwin Cain
    • Spending limits, HB 756 by Ken Paxton
    • Ending In-state tuition for illegal immigrants, HB 1387 by Erwin Cain
    • Ending State Unfunded Mandates, HJR 46 by James White
    • Prohibiting state or other political subdivisions from forcing you to buy health insurance, HJR 51 by Wayne Christian
    • Prohibiting the state from punishing direct payment for healthcare or non-participation, HB 203 by Bryan Hughes
    • Prohibiting hospitals from using tax dollars on abortions, HB 561 by Wayne Christian
    Small Business Tax Relief
    • Allowing businesses to subtract payments to contractors in addition to employee salary from their taxable margin of the franchise tax, HB 817 by Bryan Hughes and Dwayne Bohac
    • Businesses posting a loss wouldn’t pay the franchise tax, HB 932 by Ken Paxton
    • Requiring franchise tax increases to pass by 2/3 majority, HJR 25 by Ken Paxton
    Relieving the tax burden
    • Constitutional amendment requiring 2/3 majority to raise taxes, HJR 37 by Bryan Hughes et. al.
    • Requiring a 4/5 vote by House of Representatives to raise taxes, HJR 124 by Jim Landtroop and Jodie Laubenberg
    • Phases out property taxes for senior citizens by 2021, HB 1104 by Ken Paxton
    • Requires all other taxing units to ratify a tax increase instead of relying petitions to rollback tax rates, HB 3186 by Ken Paxton
    • Requiring a 2/3 vote to create an entity with taxing power, HJR 105 by Zedler
    • TSA Groping bill, HB 1937 by David Simpson
    • TSA Body Scanner bill, HB 1938 by David Simpson
    Other important facts
    • Joe Straus refuses to sign the Texas Budget Compact (Press Release, 4/16/2012, Statement on Texas Budget Compact)
    •  Refuses to sign the Taxpayer Pledge (
    •  Despite a supermajority of Republicans, the House failed to pass spending limits.
    •  Straus told the El Paso Times “We have no choice… you can’t cut your way to prosperity,” This was also said by President Obama in a radio address in 2011
    Redistricting facts
    • Joe Straus’ Redistricting plan punished conservatives (, 4/22/2011, Texas Redistricting Plan Punishes Texas Conservatives)
    • Hispanic conservatives were drawn out of GOP-friendly House districts, including Raul Torres of Corpus Christi, Aaron Pena of Edinburg and Jose Aliseda.
    • The first House redistricting map had 7 GOP vs. GOP incumbent pairings. This would ensure that we lose 7 GOP house members. It forces a Republican to run against another Republican instead of a Democrat.
    If you are ready to take a stand call your State Representative today  Here is a list of them. Tell them to vote for the most Conservative Candidate in the Race for Speaker; Bryan Hughes and then join us in Austin Jan. 7th and 8th.

    Thursday, November 22, 2012

    How Not to Be A Turkey (Like PolitiJim was) On Thanksgiving Day

    There are some practical reasons to be thankful.  According to coverage by Breaking Christian News, being “thankful” can give you:

    • Stronger immune systems and lower blood pressure

    • Higher levels of positive emotions

    • More joy, optimism and happiness

    • Acting with more generosity and compassion

    • Feeling less lonely and isolated

    But when you are faced with very real problems of health, family problems, money problems, or just a general discouragement from a loss of Hope (or “change”), it takes an act of faith to be thankful when you don’t feel like it.

    Thankfulness is not just a "glass half full" mental trick. It is a POWER that God promises will bring us into the very gates of God.  It also releases self-proclaimed curses on our lives. But you have to BELEIVE it works, for it to do so.

    I used to hate the idea of looking at the poverty stricken paralytic in a third world country just to be grateful for something.  I even remember when I was an adventuresome young rebel wondering what was so special about “peace of mind” all the old people kept crowing about.  I WANTED ADVENUTRE NOT PEACE!  After years of trials (both self-inflicted and otherwise) I BEGGED for a few months of no drama and no turmoil, not realizing what a gift it really was.  And what’s funny is that I could have had it ALL ALONG, had i learned simply not only be thankful for little things but also to speak them as words of gratitude.

    How are you doing, Jim?”  (And then I’d list the 300 things that weren’t quite up to my idea of the perfect life.)  Guess what – I ALWAYS was slightly miserable because I ALWAYS wanted “just a little bit more.”

    15 All the days of the desponding and afflicted are made evil [by anxious thoughts and forebodings], but he who has a glad heart has a continual feast [regardless of circumstances].

    Medical science proved long ago that FEELINGS follow both WORDS and ACTIONS.  Depressed people became “un-depressed” when they exercised.  Plants REALLY do respond to words of love and caring versus hatred …or simple indifference.  Your words to yourself – and to God – are no different.

    But what most of us do is let our WORDS and ACTIONS follow our feelings (or our pessimistic observations of our circumstances) rather than having a “glad heart” and finding the best we can in the situation.

    The parable of the talents that Jesus gave provided a KEY.  You remember a Master gave ten servants a “talent,”  One person made a 1000% percent return (10 talents) and God gave them 10 CITIES over which to be in charge.  Another traded 1 talent into 5 and also made the Master very happy.  However, a “worthless servant” gave God back his original talent and then complained to God how worried he was that God would require more of him than he could provide.  He was fearful and thought it would be safer just to return the original “talent” back.   

    The PolitiJim version of the bible explains God’s answer:

    God:  Because you SAID I was a “hard and cruel Master,” therefore I AM that to you.  And the talent you gave back to me I’m going to give to the guy made 10 talents from 1.

    Although the bible records the astonishment of the other servants that the “rich were getting richer” and God didn’t give it to one of the other less productive servants (Liberals would say “less fortunate”), we have no record of how the other seven servants did.  We certainly have no record of them SPEAKING their (bad) attitudes to God like the worthless servant did.  The REAL version of the bible continues with this (famous quote):

    For whoever has will be given more, and they will have an abundance. Whoever does not have, even what they have will be taken from them.

    On the other hand the One Talent Wonder’s attitude even robbed him of fractional interest being too discouraged to even put it in the bank.  And he SPOKE words that cursed himself.  While this is a strong argument that God is indeed not only a capitalist, but a Venture Capitalist and a “personal responsibility” guy, the bigger lessons prove true in real life.  That is that:

    • Complaining about how bad you got it will only rob you of what you already have.  (Words have POWER.)
    • Having a belief that God will help you to prosper if you put to work WHATEVER He has given you is the ONLY option on how to face the unknown.
    • Being grateful for the OPPORTUNITY not only will keep from what you have being taken away, it gives you a chance for 500% to 1000% returns in all areas of your life.

    I am thankful for God's device of "thankfulness," His Goodness, His unmerited favor in doing things for me that I'm not even aware of - and the promise that He wants to (and will) give me EXCEEDINGLY ABUNDANTLY EVERYTHING BEYOND ANYTHING that I can ask or think. In fact, He ALREADY has given it. In the gift of His Son.

    So, not only am I saying “don’t worry, be happy,” I’m urging you to “don’t blame God or anyone else, but be thankful and get to work.”

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

    Tuesday, November 20, 2012

    Why Conservatives May Never Win Another Election

    We have the right ideas.  Even our worst guy (aka Mittens the Friendly GOP Ghost) should have walked away with the election given record unemployment, a crappy economy and an Executive who is, verifiably, a forger and Marxist.  It’s true Romney didn’t MAKE an issue of the things that would have made this a clear cut choice for the people.  As I’ve pointed out a zillion times, UCLA Professor Lynn Vavrick says that BIG IDEAS statistically trounce opponents in close elections.  (Aren’t you sorry you dumped on Newty now?)

    Anywho, we have 2 fundamental problems BEYOND the candidate we choose to run or in allowing ourselves to be pitted against one another.  I’m not talking TACTICS here about how to reverse the election immediately.  Some have suggested the idea of utilizing Article 2 and the 12th Amendment where 1/3 of the Electoral College states simply withhold their participation throwing the election to the House of Representatives.  The other popular idea is to utilize the tools in our Declaration and Bill of Rights to simply secede from the Federal Government, in order to reform THE SAME GOVERNMENT according to these founding documents. Both are fine ideas but run up against the SAME fundamental problems of which I speak.  They simply CAN’T work because of these two superseding issues in my opinion:

    They are the mechanics of media (which in turn shapes opinion and drives motivation for people to get to the polls), and, the voting process itself.

    How did Nixon resign?  It wasn’t the crime or even cover-up, contrary to collective commentary.  It was the PRESSURE that came from his own party and financial supporters that appealed to him.  And that PRESSURE only came after REPTITION of the “cover up” story by EVERY major news outlet for weeks.  And that REPTITION, followed a (presumed) CREDIBLE SOURCE {aka The New York Times), writing a series of easy to understand contradictions and hypocritical actions (or statements) from someone that claimed to be for honesty and moral values even if just political.

    Here’s the thing.  The break in, and it’s ensuing coverage did nothing to move Nixon from office.  Bill Clinton learned from this – lied as long as he could, played upon the American’s people sense of forgiveness (and gullibility) and survived.  Had 2 or 3 other credible news organizations carried the Juanita Broderick story, Clinton would not only have been unable to be reelected (and likely convicted of his impeachment), he would have been so disgraced even the Bushes wouldn’t have returned his fund raising call about Haiti.

    in other words – it is about PERCEPTION (read this excellent article by Political Outcast by the way).  But not JUST perception, but perception brought about by a momentum of media brainwashing.

    Reagan cracked through it by virtue of debates where the American people didn’t have to fight the liberal filter to come to their own conclusions.  (THIS is why, by the way, Carter led in the election for most of the campaign.  Not because of totally inaccurate polls.)

    Gingrich did the same thing in the South Carolina primary. Not only did he score a knock out in the debate, his performance fortuitously was delivered on the eve of the debate – not allowing any time for the paid or unpaid media to counter his message to voters.  Romney buried him in Florida under $22 Million in negative ads and a little help from the liberal media who only detested Romney less than Gingrich.

    THIS MEDIA MECHANIATION is almost an insurmountable problem unless we find a way to buy enough major media sources that will reach the non-politically interested American who is mostly interested in stupid (or sleazy) entertainment that appeals to their baser instincts.  MTV has won the morals of America, and appeal to integrity, freedom, liberty and responsibility simply don’t play very well even if you COULD package a message to them through some distribution channel.  Andrew Klavan expresses this in glorious articulation in a recent essay.

    The only OTHER answer I have for this problem is Psalms 20.  If God was willing to save Sodom and Gomorrah if he found 10 righteous men, perhaps He’d be willing to save America with 10% crying out

    2 Chronicles 7:14 in unity and faith in the Almighty.

    Of the two ideas, only the latter has a certainty of succeeding in my opinion.

    The Voting Process

    However, the OTHER fundamental problem is the voting process itself.  Even our (only?) Patriot warrior Allen West, could not fight the systemic voting corruption in the system.

    I won’t rehash all the reasons why so many of us are statistically convinced that Romney won the election, but what happened in Palm Beach and St. Lucie counties is a peak at how impossible it is to ever win a close election where Democrats control even a minority of counties or precincts.

    The REAL story of what happened in St. Lucie reads like a political intrigue novel.  (This play by play recount of the recount is ALSO jaw dropping.) But we can summarize:

    • The state does not have serious Voter ID.  A student ID (not guaranteeing citizenship) or pubic assistance ID is sufficient.
    • If you don’t have a photo you can still vote with a provisional ballot which will be judged by the Canvassing Board.
    • The Canvassing Board was complicit with the Supervisor of Elections in stopping the election prior to counting ALL the ballots.  Also an unelected proxy was brought in to replace a member who was mysteriously vacationing in Haiti although it was the most important election for Florida since 2000.
    • The Democrat Supervisor of Elections became mysteriously (and conveniently) ill, after double counting votes, misplacing others and refusing to recount ALL the ballots as she originally had pledged.  (We also found out she wouldn’t allow a referendum on the ballot that would negatively impact her brother in law.)
    • St. Lucie county somehow counted 247,713 votes for Obama although there were only 175,574 registered eligible voters a 140% turnout.
    • Precinct 93 had only 7 (SEVEN) registered voters but cast 900 votes.
    • The Supervisor and Canvassing Board made an excuse that the security system was going and halted the recount, thus guaranteeing that Allen West’s opponent who was currently in the lead would be certified by the certification deadline the next day.
    This isn’t terribly different from what we’ve seen in the Al Franken election where 1,000 felons were solicited to vote giving Franken a 318 margin of victory.  Franken was originally behind, but the Democratic precincts and counties kept miraculously discovering uncounted ballots during that recount.  The moment he had the lead – the GOP called it quits.



    (Watch former Obama Co-Chairman Artur Davis describe how Dems do massive fraud.)

    THIS is the M.O. of the Democrat machine.  And because of certification deadlines THERE IS NO ANSWER to illegally cast ballots certified by corrupt precincts or counties in time to meet certification laws.  They overwhelm with the system with fake registrations (A newspaper claims 1/5th of all Ohio registrations were phony), absentee ballots and allow illegitimate voters to vote in jurisdictions they control – KNOWING that there simply isn’t enough time to sort it all out by the time the person is actually in office.  How does Al Franken remain in office when it’s been proven that 1,000 felons voted for him and his margin of victory was 318 votes?

    This of course is why Eric Holder’s Department of inJustice fought Voter ID laws.  Every state that had Voter ID went for Romney.  They literally CAN NOT WIN if it is a legitimate contest.

    Therefore, BEFORE we can attempt to even trust our election outcomes (and waste all the time and energy of attempting to run a fixed race), we have GOT to get control of the voting process.

    My submission for PRIORITIES in visiting, emailing and generally, harassing your STATE representatives include:

    Voter ID – As mentioned, it is much tougher to stop pimple faced 18 year olds passing as a 42 year old Asian man as this poll watcher observed in Ohio.  Two added benefits for your Congressman, even Democrats support Voter ID and Voter Id INCREASES minority turnout.

    Criminal Charges for Election Supervisors – As you can see from St. Lucie, 59 districts in Philly and numerous precincts in Ohio, a Democrat can make up serious ground by stuffing the ballot box in a single area REGARDLESS of the voter registrations.  When the GOP poll watchers were kicked out, the Democrats in charged flooded the machines and ballot boxes with false votes.  St. Lucie had a 13,000% turnout in one precinct.  IT IS TIME TO HOLD THE ELECTION SUPERVISORS CRIMINALLY RESPONSIBLE if they will not ensure that only registered voters vote, and that those registered voters are eligible to vote.  Sure, you can always run fraud charges later, but long after ObamaCare has been passed with the assistance of two Senators who also get lifelong pensions at the expense of the taxpayers they defrauded.

    Ban Foreign Voting Machine/Voting Service Participation in US Elections.  This is one area of “free trade” I’m totally against.  Much has been made of the Soros owned SCTYL involvement in military and voting tabulations for individual counties.  NEVER should an American election be subject to a foreign power whether there is proof or not.  It’s just too easy to rig these things as testimony has shown.

    Voting Machine Program Code Transparency – A favorite gimmick of the voting machine vendors is to claim their programs are “trade secrets” that give them an competitive edge.  Tough noogies Nestor.  I propose a law that requires physical access to the inside of the voting machine locked, except when opened by the presence of representatives of both parties.  And rig it so we know if it was opened.  Transportation to and from state inventory should secured by Brinks.  And when they arrive back in inventory the compiled and uncompilied programming code should be open to all political parties to inspect and verify PRIOR to certification of the votes where they were used.  YES, I know damn well how expensive it is.  But so is a $10 trillion Trotsky-like Presidential term.

    Allowance for the Public to Demand a Recount – I understand their are “automatic” recounts in various states but I’m proposing that if the public suspect fowl play as we do in St. Lucie, this isn’t left up to a few partisan judges in a backroom who can decide whatever they want.  YES. This too is expensive and allows the “other” side to contest and draw out races.  I don’t care.  I want the RIGHT call.  And often drawing these efforts out will give enough time for the grassroots (or God forbid the media would do their job) to bring cockroach hidden activities they thought they could squeak through to be brought to light hopefully resulting BOTH in a correct (and complete) vote count as well as gaining evidence to throw complicit crooks who compromise the vote from a place of public trust behind bars.

    Get on it.  And while you’re at it – scream “bloody murder” to every Representative you have that you will NOT stand for another election with obvious vote fraud as this one.

    Also – volunteer for the True the Vote ASAP so we have a watchers in EVERY location.


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