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Friday, December 30, 2011

A PolitiJim New Year Prayer for You


I don’t know about you, but 2011 deserves a kick in the butt on it’s way out.  It can’t leave soon enough for me.  And despite the prospects for many trials already on the horizon for 2012 (especially in our election cycle and economy,) I have great optimism in the power of prayer and in the grace of God.  Jesus Himself encouraged us to ASK God the Father for ANYTHING in His Name:

…but now ask and keep on asking and you will receive, so that your joy (gladness, delight) may be full and complete.
(John 16:24)

So this is what I ask Him for you in 2012:

Heavenly Father:

I thank you for those who love You and love this country.

I ask that You give them peace this upcoming year.  Not just calmness but COMPLETENESS, in their families, their finances and their physical health.

I ask that You give them Discernment to see what is REALLY going on in situations and storms they face, and Wisdom to know what to do about it.

I ask for the ability for them to Hear You clearly, and the grace to boldly and unhesitantly obey Your directives.

The Lord bless you and watch, guard, and keep you;

The Lord make His face to shine upon and enlighten you and be gracious (kind, merciful, and giving favor) to you;

The Lord lift up His countenance upon you and give you tranquility of heart and life continually.

And may the Lord Himself put His Name upon you and bless you.

Together this year with God’s grace, we will see the results of prayer for our kids and this country.  Bless you all.

Enjoy this quick slideshow video of blessings for ANYTHING that happens this upcoming year.

Wishes For Your 2012 Travels 

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

How to Hire a President. Or a Head Coach.


We are about to pick someone to run the world’s largest economy, the most powerful military force and perhaps the most complex organizational entity on the planet.  Is it just me or are the a lot of people putting more logic into picking their cell phone provider?   Godfather’s Pizza didn’t just hire a CEO off of the street who seemed to be diligent, honest and had a love for pizza just because Herman Cain wanted the job.  They chose someone who had been successful in turning around unsuccessful franchises which was the CHIEF GOAL of the company.  I would bet a million dollars they didn’t remotely consider Wolfgang Puck because being a great pizza chef didn’t prove Puck could make a profit.  Why aren’t we evaluating these candidates skill, experience or job competency instead of just their words, promises or policy positions? 

I used to be in the commercial construction industry.  As a Christian I was thrilled when a subcontractor shared my beliefs.  I assumed that meant they were honest, thrifty and diligent.  It only took two disasters until I learned that self-proclaimed Christians might indeed be headed to heaven, but there construction skills were from hell.  Instead of “hoping” they would work out, I began calculating how long they had been in their current practice; I grilled them on similar problems they solved on previous jobs; and I analyzed their experience in jobs similar to one we were bidding.  Actual past performance turned out to be a much better indicator of how they would perform rather than what they “said” or thought they could do.  In fact, we would often take the HIGHEST bidder when a job was so important we had no room for error.  In this election we can’t afford to “hope” a candidate can do the job of President.

Panel of co-workers about to conduct a job interview“We the People” should be employing the vaunted private sector principles of hiring in choosing who we will select to head up the “CEO” of the USA.  Our discussions have centered almost totally on POLICY when we have neglected whether they can engineer, sell and inspire the REST of the country to implement these conservative policies. I’d submit that the FUNCTION of President includes these abilities:

  • How to oversee and optimize, large functioning organizations
  • Hiring and managing other competent executives
  • Crisis management
  • Creating, inspiring and implement broad political visions
  • How to get large government reform legislation passed
  • Balancing a budget
  • Overseeing and commanding military forces
  • Creating and executing critical foreign policy

So how do the GOP candidates stack up?  Shockingly different from the arguments we hearing about who to evaluate these candidates on their policy positions.

Hiring and managing other competent executives – The core of any investment management company like Bain Capital is hiring other executives since you never run these companies yourself.  Romney would certainly be highest rated in this category, followed by Perry because of his long successful position as Governor.  Not coincidently these are the two most professional campaigns that show competency, Virginia balloting not withstanding.  Huntsman would get some credit as well as Gingrich managing Congressional Budget Office, etc., with a clear edge to the Governor.  Santorum, Bachmann and Paul have no real experience in managing large entities of any kind.

Help Button Crisis management – None of the Governors had a crisis that they did not successfully withstand.  (Crisis not being personal crisis, but leading an organization of people through one.)  Perry has had multiple issues in Texas including the recent wildfires and drought, while Romney has walked through both gubernatorial and business crisis's. Gingrich faced a long continued crisis as a minority punching bag and vicious attacks during his Speakership, but suffers some for resigning rather than fighting and admitting it overcame him.  Certainly an unstable home life contributed to it and the fact he survived so many prior to it puts him above Bachmann, Santorum and Paul.  Frankly, the testimony of his spokesman who attests that Newt never lost faith and persevered in his campaign is notable, but we would be taking a rider on the “reformed” Newt to withstand the even greater pressures of President.

Creating, inspiring and implement broad political visions – Clearly the ranking of candidates on conservative policies is: Santorum, Bachmann, (tied) Gingrich and Perry; Romney, Huntsman and Paul.  There IS quite a bit of difference however in conceiving of something like a “flat tax” or a specific foreign policy doctrine than knowing HOW to sell and execute it.  Here RomneyCare, Newt’s Contract With America, and Huntsman’s flat tax give them a canyon sized difference between the first and second tier in implementing the vision regardless of it’s conservative pedigree.  Since I’ve moved back to Texas I’ve been asking for a single “big idea” Perry conceived and implemented and have yet to hear one.  However, he might warrant a slight edge from the many smaller initiatives implemented over the past few years.

Large Government Reform – Clearly there is only one person who has actually shrunk government, and he did it enlisting buy-ins with with a Democrat President and congressional support.  No one is a close second to Newt.  Perry, Romney and Huntsman – for all of their crowing about job creation - ALL grew government and government programs.  Paul and Santorum have long track records of voting for these reductions and even co-sponsoring bills, but it is quite another thing to mobilize a majority vote to implement it.  Even Paul Ryan hasn’t done that.  My heart aches for a Palin presidency in this regard as she reformed her own party while accomplishing amazing restructuring of government in her short time of Governor.  Gingrich DID support the Medicare Senior Drug program (but not in office) and even then it was for the purpose of beginning “choice” in entitlements as a first step toward bigger reform.  Even the liberals are worried about his statement that he was using it to rip it apart eventually.

unbalanced_budget Balancing a Budget – Again, at a Federal level, no one comes close to the former Speaker.  Gingrich also was key in stopping HillaryCare despite not having direct executive responsibility.  Huntsman did see through a state balanced budget amendment but also ran deficits when convenient and failed to get a corporate tax reduction through his own Congress.  Perry didn’t have a choice (all Texas Governors since 1949 are required to balance the budget) but he did cut both general funds spending in 2004 and 2012 and “all funds” spending in the 2012 budget.  However, when taking into account that $8 Billion of Medicare costs are deferred, the truth is we don’t know if his “cut” record will hold.  Perry was the worst of the Governors from 2001 to 2010, and is dead last in unfunded liabilities behind Romney and Huntsman.  Romney did a better job leaving his state financially healthy although it didn’t include potential long term problems of RomneyCare and it was in a much healthier economy.  In summary, after Gingrich the governors show some ability maintain balanced budgets, but neither Perry or Huntsman succeed in key conservative legislative initiatives.  But regardless, it is still an executive accomplishment absent Santorum, Bachmann and Paul.  Regardless of how you draft a bill, or cast a vote – ultimately “leading” includes getting enough people behind it to make it law as a chief educator and spokesman.

Overseeing and commanding military forces – As a border governor of a big state, clearly Perry has to be the head honcho followed by the other 2 governors.  Does Perry’s personal military service help?  Slightly, but flying a plane doesn’t equivocate to commanding an air force.  All of the “legislative” candidates surely deal with military issues and policy with no clear military management experience.  Gingrich has had a lifelong love affair with the military forming the Congressional Military Reform Caucus in 1981 as a Junior Congressman.  One of his contemporaries in the 1980’s had this to say in a PBS interview about Newt’s military intangibles:

Weber: I think that the military analogies are pretty helpful in understanding Newt Gingrich. He wasn't a military person himself but he grew up in a military family. [He] studied a lot of military history and has studied the military both as a partial vocation and as a serious advocation. I don't know if he still does, but he always used to lecture at the War College. He thought of it as one of his most interesting volunteer assignments. He occasionally went on the maneuvers with the Navy to see what they're doing. Figuring out how that affects his thinking is important. And he certainly thinks of himself as a general. There's no question about that.

Knowledge is NOT experience although he certainly understands the culture of the military better than at least Huntsman, if not Romney.

Creating and executing critical foreign policy – Foreign policy is a mix of critical strategic thinking (Reagan and Soviet Union), diplomacy (Nixon and China), and an ability to evaluate danger correctly (Clinton and North Korea as a BAD example).  Perry has had extensive experience with Mexico as a border governor but really doesn’t get to choose policy outside of a Federal context.  Huntsman speaks Chinese and worked for Obama as Ambassador to China although he seems almost too familiar to take hard lines against them.  I doubt anyone would argue Gingrich is superior in a breadth of foreign policy knowledge directly followed by Santorum; and Romney has a lot of international business experience.  If Bolton works for any of these people (Gingrich already announcing he would ask him to be Secretary of State), we then would need to make a determination of who could best listen, ask the right questions and develop an overriding symbiotic policy to make final decisions.  One thing for sure is that Ron Paul’s naivety in admitting he would let Iran have a nuclear weapon disqualifies him from being Commander in Chief on this single issue alone.  Nothing else mattes if radical Islamists who openly declare war against America get nuclear.


Bulls logo As all 25 readers of my blog know, I’m a big Chicago Bulls fan.  Phil Jackson was our equivalent of Ronald Reagan achieving 6 NBA Titles with Michael Jordan.  Doug Collins had the same team prior and couldn’t get it done.  The journey of the Chicago Bulls coaching hires is instructive – so non-NBA fans hang with me here. 

After the Phil Jackson/Michael Jordan era, a somewhat successful college coach with no college titles and NO NBA experience (Tim Floyd) was hired and was a disaster with a 49-190 record.  NOTE: No success in winning titles at any stage of COACHING.  Assistant coach Bill Cartwright was eventually promoted because it was assumed as pretty successful NBA player he could be a good coach.  Wrong. He went 51-100.  Another former player (Scott Skiles) was eventually hired who seemed to be more of a leader and had SOME success as the first time head coach of the Phoenix Suns. (He had a winning record, and they at least made it into the playoffs two of his three years.  He almost made it to a .500 record ending up 165-172 with the Bulls before being fired.

Bear with me now.  Then came the infamous Vinny Del Negro who had never coached a day in his life.  A former (mediocre) player in the NBA, he had been a General Manager for the Phoenix Suns and was widely known to have the right view of what made teams successful.  Bulls owner Jerry Reinsdorf was convinced and no one was really shocked three years later when he was fired with an 82-82 record.  He had the future MVP in Derek Rose and still got knocked out two years in a row in the first round of the playoffs.  NOTE: KNOWING what “system” to play and hiring other coaches, did not translate into BEING a great coach.

Finally, the Bulls decided to pick a coach who didn’t just have head knowledge, but actual NBA championship head coaching experience.  He never had HEAD coaching experience, but it was widely acknowledged he heavily contributed to the team championships as a defense and assistant coach.  Here is a taste of former Boston Celtic Defensive Coordinator Tom Thibodeau who became the Bulls head coach last year:

As a defensive coach, he helped the Houston Rockets rank among the Top 5 in the league in scoring defense and field goal percentage defense from 2004 to 2007,[1] and has helped his team finish in the league's Top 10 in team defense 15 times.[2] He coached in 87playoff games and was part of the 1999 NBA Finals as an assistant coach with the New York Knicks prior to joining the Celtics, with whom he won the 2008 NBA Championship.

In his first year, “Thibs” coached the Bulls to win the most games of any team in the NBA (62-20), only to loose to the Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference final improving from first round exits and a 41-41 record each of the previous years.


We’ve had former Presidents with executive experience who were terrible (Carter, GA Gov.) and only one non-executive with some economic success in JFK.  What we do know is that having NO executive track record is a complete crap shoot compared to a some prediction of future behavior.  Not only did Barack Obama have no executive experience, we aren’t even quite sure what he did in college.  Crap shoot.  Even more we know if they pushed for immigration weakness in their past experience (as George Bush did), they carried the same policy to their Federal gig.

NO ONE KNOWS how world problems and even God’s grace will suddenly make an underdog into a super-hero.  We are ONLY speculating on PREVIOUS OBJECTIVE TRACK RECORDS. But.

If the main goals for the United States are to A) Turn around the economy, B) Balance the Budget, and C) Reform entitlements, then based on PREVIOUS success we would rank our candidates as:


Bulls Coaching


First 4 Years Likely 



Winning Pct

Political Outcome


Tom Thibodeau


Huge immediate wins on 999-like plan, BBA, ObamaCare repeal and initial steps of entitlement reform with some Democrat support trying to regain trust of Americans after Obama ruin of their party.  Looses PR battle in media loosing House control in 2016.


Doug Collins


Huge immediate wins on his 20/20 plan, BBA/OCare repeal, but failure to get beyond the “first round” of REAL reform just like Texas. (Does a man who didn’t want to run until his wife told him to really have a deep desire to turn back the tide?)


Scott Skiles


Makes most ObamaCare repeals, reduces taxes and signs a weakened Balanced Budget Amendment.  Momentum stops when he won’t take hard line on entitlement reform splitting GOP loyalties.


Paul Westhead


Repeals ObamaCare, tries to implement fair tax and shocked when he can’t convince rest of nation of his plan.  One term president with no ability to inspire change.


Vinny Del Negro


Gets ObamaCare repealed, and tax cuts (playoff wins) and best foreign policy president since Reagan.  However, attempts to shove through Gay Marriage and abortion legislation before entitlement and BBA reform and is unable to use charisma, leadership skill to rebound by educating mainstream America.


Tim Floyd


Same as above but worse.  Solid proposals but constant verbal gaffes distracts initiative as non-stop MSM attacks and perceived inability to lead fail to build on election momentum. 


Pete Myers


Likely to be impeached by his own party.

This is only speculation here hypothetically based on what the candidates accomplished as leaders and executives in the past. 

I pray I’m way too pessimistic on them all. 

No Bull.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The 2012 Patriot Pledge


To all fellow patriots, lovers of liberty and of this great Republic,

Let us to rest and ruminate on the battles of this past year and to refocus our resolve for the war ahead.  And let me assure you, 2012 will be a war.  This upcoming year will be a Blue State/Red State political bloodbath, as evidenced from history.  Evil creeps in through the seduction of small rationalizations.  It’s so easy to succumb to just a little less freedom - for a bit more comfort.  It’s the guiding principle of guerilla warfare in the acceptance of a government god.  Just one little tax at a time, each so insignificant to not warrant the enormous effort of resistance of being called an “obstructionist” or “extremist,” until tyranny now reigns over us in a network of Lilliputian laws so great in number they serve as one gigantic iron noose.

This is the crippling condition of the cowards of Congress.  Just one little cigarette more and I’ll quit tomorrow.  But tomorrow never comes despite contracts with America and fiery resolutions spoken with such conviction before they actually obtain the power they so quickly corrupt.  And the longer you wait to cut out the cancer, the more difficult and live threatening it becomes.  If daily vigilance is not used to keep weeds out of the garden, the battle becomes increasingly hopeless as they take root, until you have to dig the entire thing up, add new top soil and start over.

AmericanFlagAnd3CrossLoop_100x75 It is time to prepare and pray.  Prayer to ask God’s grace for this country, and wisdom and strength for what lies ahead.  And preparation for what is about to happen.  We know this about 2012:

  • There will be continued worldwide financial distress and, likely, some form of collapse as world governments and markets have been warning.
  • There will be continued domestic unemployment putting pressure on our nation and our returning men and women returned from war.
  • There will continue to be threats or realizations of major international conflict like Iran’s nuclear threat and the Chinese dragon testing her strength, and a continued effort by the world to diminish or steal the sovereignty of the United States.
  • There will be a continued degradation of basic moral values such as honesty, diligence and humility and a growing population that neither cares to learn them or embrace their value.
  • There will continue to be assaults on our freedoms through unconstitutional means, and a resolve by those in power to avoid justice and loss of power at all costs.
  • The far-left controlled Democrat party re-election efforts will not cease in creating class warfare, race riots and chaos through their political attacks, union crystallized government power and the Occupy movement 2.0.  What we saw this past summer was merely the probing of the Marxist-made scouting movement for their real strategy to create unrest as they have via Arab Spring.
  • The Obama campaign will attempt voter fraud on a scale so breathtaking even intelligent conservatives won’t take foreshadowed signs seriously, as it would seem to be preposterous. 
  • Most importantly, they will try every method to get us to attack and accuse one another while they continue to act outraged at the very vices they themselves are engaged in.

And while it may be tempting to think these forces are too pervasive, too strong, and too entrenched, we must ask, and expect from God, courage and wisdom to regain the liberty which God ordained for this country through the willing sacrifice of blood and fortune of our country’s forbearers.

constitution quill We must resolve a number of issues now, BEFORE we go into battle, so that we are not trying to decide the cost of commitment when our emotions and reason will be swayed.  Prayerfully consider joining me in these resolutions making up your mind now to keep them – no matter what the cost. 

I resolve:

  1. to embrace truth no matter where it leads whether it be in myself, or in situations and scenario’s presented to me.  Most importantly, I will not jump to conclusions until I know all the facts.
  2. to not attack my own troops to cause them harm.  I will instead challenge them to be better, do better and, where necessary, humbly point out incongruencies in their thinking or actions with great grace and humility, realizing that I too am prone to error.
  3. to not disdain those who are weaker in faith or resolve, but try to encourage them to remain in the battle and maintain unity.
  4. russell_crowe_djimon_hounsou_gladiator_001to remember who the real enemy is, and what the end goal is.  We will need every patriotic soul for the battle who is opposed to the theft of freedom whether we agree on the method, timing or vehicle of how to accomplish these goals.  “As One.”
  5. to not become drunk on revenge, disdain or hatred for anyone, including my opponents or oppressors.  First, it would deprive me of seeing clearly.  Secondly, my trust is in God and not man.  Thirdly, when I proceed with difficult actions in a sober mind, I certainly will be more effective and accurate in my mark.
  6. to not give up no matter how lost the battle may seem, giving everything I have to regain constitutional freedoms that will ensure an even better promise than our fathers and grandfathers gave us.  As it has been said, I would rather die gaining freedom for my children, than to live and see them under the burdens we left them.
  7. …to pray for this country, my children  and our leaders now and to come, EVERY day without fail, expecting God to continue to show His Grace, Mercy and Love on America.

Our Goals

We have clear goals that we can agree on, and pray for.

  • To remove every political leader from office who does not fully embrace and fight for a limited, constitutional government.
  • To recruit, support and elect majorities of conservatives in Federal and State congresses, local school boards and cities and constitutional conservatives in every position.  We will encourage and support those who do not just those who hold conservative views, but those who will fight to raze and reform institutional government waste and other tools of tyranny.
  • To demonstrate in our own lives, and not compromise on, honesty, integrity and virtue in the hopes it will drown out the roars of reprobates at every level of our culture.

washington praying We did not gain our initial freedom from English tyranny by our own power, or strength, or even determination.  At one point during the American Revolution, less than 35% of the American people supported the very war they were fighting.  We certainly were no match for the greatest military force on the planet in arms, ships or even the knowledge of war.  But from George Washington to Samuel Adams to Thomas Jefferson and John Jay, our Founding Fathers asked and expected for the mercy and grace of God to accomplish what they SAW was right in God’s word.  I’m reminded of this scripture from Deuteronomy 7:

7The Lord did not set His love upon you and choose you because you were more in number than any other people, for you were the fewest of all people.

8But because the Lord loves you and because He would keep the oath which He had sworn to your fathers, the Lord has brought you out with a mighty hand and redeemed you out of the house of bondage,

I will comment as the first by saying, “As God helps me, I so swear.”  Please join me.

Monday, December 26, 2011

The PolitiJim #FF List

The most rewarding and frustrating experience on Twitter has to be the concept of “Follow Friday.”  It’s conflicting for me.  When I get a “#FF” with 20 others crammed into a single tweet I get a feeling akin to heartburn from a Taco Bell Chalupa. But I’ll admit I get a warm, non-alcoholic buzz when I get a tweet like this: Many Under Construction
FFPolitiJimFromImmacConOf course Ben Shapiro and David Limbaugh likely blocked my friend @ImmacCon immediately for degrading their great literary skill with the crude ramblings of a mad bird like me, but it not only brings me to peak in my “mentions” for similar errors sentiments by other followers, it might even move my curmudgeonly fowl feelings to do the same to others.

I’ve grappled many times on how to handle my desire to play this Twitter social game, truly acknowledge those that others would benefit from following without getting sucked in to the interminable vortex of responding to 200 #FF tweets with a thanks, lest I be thought an unmannered stormy petrel.  I started to do individualized #FF’s which people LOVED, but became a burden since it took quite a few minutes for each one and is unsustainable.

So I now have come upon THIS solution.  I will maintain a #FF page on my blog of those people who have meant something to me on Twitter and while I may update it from time to time, it can be referenced not only on Friday – but every day of the week!  And also I can go past 140 characters if I want!! But here it is.  Evidence that America is in much better shape than we might think:

My Close Twitter Buds 
@prfekrdumbrella – The proprietor of Perfection Under a Red Umbrella is indeed the perfection of red state logic, wit and wisdom.  She shines in seeing perspectives you might normally miss but if you’re a liberal, dishonest or foolish – SPF 1 Billion won’t help you.

@ImmacCon Very few people are wise in the ways of the world, the Kingdom forces that influence it. or the ability to explain either.  Joe is not only a great Twitter friend, he is one of those rare people that doesn’t clutter your timeline with needless or vain banter.  But when he speaks it is profound. A great follow and follower.

@EricatwittsTHE Patriotic Nurse and stunning example of the strong, giving tradition of America past and future.  Think Florence Nightingale/Mother Theresa/Grace Kelly/Besty Ross all in one (if it doesn’t explode your brain) and you’ll be about 1/1000th of the way to understanding how great she is.

@SaintRPh – The creator of the irreverent, funny, insulting and hilarious Mortlock Revolt illustrated commentary has got to be the edgiest conservative on Twitter.  He speaketh truth and spear-eth the sharks of hypocrisy, tyranny and idiocy.  And he’s an LSU fan so he’s got that going for him.

@TORARADICAL – The Renaissance Man of the Right Wing who holds movie discussions, great convo and somehow finds time to perform quick, accurate and deadly insightful blogs at Under Construction.

@KamaainaInOC – Amazing, level headed patriot who has been a wonderful friend in proofing my blogs for idiocy (which occurs frequently).  ‘Cuz when you are an expert on sanity, intelligence and what TRUE patriotism is, your just gifted like that.  And my Mark Steyn dealer pushing me mp3’s for a quick conservative high!

@Mtgrove – The Pennsylvania Patriot who asked liberal pablum and converted to conservatism.  Rock solid, salt of the earth who I suspect has a second job as a superhero.

@WiselyCracking – Dude has a gift of making me smile and chiming into my timeline at the most opportune moments.  Common sense conservative, sports and someday he will give up that terrible vice of rooting for the Atlanta Braves and became a child of God by following the Cubs.  But even then, he’s more than worthy of great twintteraction.

@Ewoelke – Were it not for the ewoelk, I might have given up on Twitter when I first began. (So everyone who hates me? Blame him.)  Smart, extremely helpful and and insightful with the exception of his taste of sports allegiances (Detroit).  Oh well.  At least he gave us Rip Hamilton.

@KRMullins1964 – Intensely smart and able to leap tall concepts of Constitutional rebuilding in a single expound, the “Mullins” is magnificent.  Truly a guy able to see the forest but also figure out the microbiotic relationships that make it all work, I swear you get smarter just by following him.

@JoAnRisdon – This lady designs art, graphics, websites, marketing campaigns for a living. (And she’s good too.) But on Twitter she only uses 3 colors, RED, WHITE AND BLUE. Strong woman of God who makes Joan of Arc look like Joan Rivers, she is a MUST follow just to hope some of the Godly anointing spills over onto you!

Our #TWITFB1 Football Group
  • @WenB71 – A real life “There’s Something About Mary” who is equally fantastically feminine and NFL football fanatic.  Blogging at “Shut Up It’s My Turn,” you will never lack fun, wit, sarcasm and (sometimes) sweetness all from the right.

  • @Bpepoydensmore – An exceptionally gifted writer, communicator and world changer who defines many ways we want our world to be.  She wouldn’t admit to this of course cuz she’s too humble.  But perhaps suffering with Cleveland sports her whole life gives her that perspective that not everything in life is easy, and when the good stuff comes, we need to appreciate it.  Just like we do her.

  • @ADIOCHAIN – Amazing sense of humor and insight, Jason’s AVI says it all: the knight in not-so-shining armor.  Who has time to polish chain mail, when you are tearing up liberals and their hypocrisy like phantom orcs in Mordor?  The best thing about Jason? He lives life to the full and let’s you take a little peak at what you’re missing.

  • @michaelparks11 – My fellow Texan follower is the exterminator of pests real and political.  Fun dude with quick wit and great sports insight except for Tebow.  (Don’t bring that up!  hehe)  Our group wouldn’t be the same without him!

  • @Scubdog – By far one of the coolest chicks on Twitter.  Fun, sarcastic and sweet all at once.  Anyone who likes Reagan, Pope John Paul II and Nicklaus can’t be all bad, even if she is a CheeseHead.

  • @sippigrrrl – I’ll be honest. I don’t know Kari real well.  Someone let her into the football group and I never really TwitterBonded with her.  But she is a Tiger (LSU) fan, she reeks of conservatism and she is quite enjoyable to play with on our football Sundays.  Grow fonder and fonder with her every week! We think we’ll keep her.  :)

  • @GaltsGirl – Michelle is ‘da bomb.  Zany and wildly wonderful, you don’t venture into GaltsGirl’s world without your “A” game.  And let’s face it, what guy when you first read Atlas Shrugged didn’t wish she was yours?

  • @Rachelveronica – Rachel was also one of the first Twittinteractions I experienced as Twitnoob and was thrilled when she joined #twitfb1.  Besides her curious and becoming hat fetishes, she is one of those great well rounded conservative Tweeters who don’t bore you with one dimensional political talk 24/7 but IS the spice of life.

  • @GenericRepub – CERTAINLY not least is my fav friend follower who has NOTHNG generic about him.  USDA Prime Lean red meat conservative with a cautions eye and quick insight.  Funny and contemporary with his blogging perspectives, you would think a guy who was beating Obama for the 2012 election would me much less accessible.  My only complaint is that Barack Obama has more follows. FIX IT!

@AmeliaHammy – Profound American hero (in my eyes) of political prose who is pioneering the preparation of little patriots.  An example to all of us of how to be firm in the foundation of the principles of liberty while exuding civility, grace and (hilariously) good humor.  Frankly, it is so rewarding to interact with the “Ham” that she could charge money just to follow her (but don’t tell her cuz she’s a keen businesswoman too and she’ll probably do it.)  A Blessing and an honored FF.

@GlockLady – This wonderful patriot is such an encouragement to the conservative cause and me personally.  Smart and insightful, and very witty.  She is severely underfollowed so PLEASE rectify immediately!

@SharplyRight – My fellow Tebow-lovin’, conservative a quick draw on basically EVERYTHING.  Friendly, funny and fulgent, Craig is a great Twitter friend and peer to keep your sword….sharplyRight.

@tahDeetz I love me some Deetz!  Dude has it going on like on like a Maserati Spyder on the salt flats.  Have not once seen him get fooled by false logic or a pretty pundit.  A “true north” conservative with great insights, wit and wisdom.

@KLSouth – I love smart guys who don’t make you feel like an idiot when you talk to them.  KL is a kind of a benevolent king of cleverness, cogitation and conservative cogency.  Also he’s someone that “gets” capitalism, but also the HOW and WHY of it.  His royal decrees can be found here.

@STXherry – Sherry is pure awesomeness, soaked in smarts and packaged in passion about conservative politics.  She is EFFECTIVELY energetic and enlivens every Twitter exchange.  Another one of those that makes Twitter better. (They should pay her.  Really.)

@Merreee1 There’s something about Mary.  You would think someone who thinks math is fun…isn’t.  A lover of America, sports and music she keeps Twitter interesting will NEVER bore you.  Enigma’s abound in Mary’s case but no so more than how someone so sharp can still be an OU fan!  Must be like Kryptonite to Superwoman. FOLLOW HER!

@indigenous01 This guy is simply amazing.  He took the vow to serve our country seriously entering the Navy (were my dad served) and just won’t  - doesn’t - stop.  We should all aspire to the level of grace, dignity, patriotism and submission to the Almighty this warrior exhibits.  What a joy he is to have in my timeline an honor to be included in his.

@K_P_Brown I can’t tell you how much I respect this man as a twitter friend, father and conservative voice.  Another Tebow-lovin’ Bronco fan, who cares deeply not just about how we govern our country, but the cultural environment we are leaving to our children.  I owe this man a lot as one of my Twitter taproots. Oh yeah.  He is also friggin’ hilarious.

@Kevinbsnyder KBS is all over it.  Not just the news.  But every conceivable angle covering it.  A fearless freedom fighter for the unborn, and what a REAL compassionate conservative should be.  And that is?  Principled.  And he bears a striking resemblance to Ronald Reagan. Just look at his avi!

@Jenevalynne You know I’ve got a lot of love for fellow Cubs/Bears fans but Jenevalynne is special.  She reminds me of George Bailey’s wife in It’s A Wonderful Life. The secret that holds it all together and is always juggling sniffling noses while saving the world.  A warm, wonderful warrior-ess for Kingdom and country.

@Plaidypus07 Tamara is a joyful patriot with a a razor sharp mind and wit, slicing and dicing liberal (and some Republican) fools like a sharp samurai sword through a Michelle Obama-forbidden fried Snickers bar.   Playful, perceptive, with rabid reason against ridiculous rhetoric, she will keep you jumping and push you to be a better believing American.

@Carissa_ND – This sweet soul is a singing, sports-loving conservative with skill to stir up sweets.  Always a friendly word mixing up the political, the personal, the poignant and the playful.  But that lawyerly logic makes her tweets grounded and weighty without being teachy or preachy.  I will share her with you if you promise to treat her nice.

@littlebytesnews – If it not for disobeying the “truth in advertising laws” this terrific Tweeter would have no faults. Her news, blogs, tweets and comment are anything BUT “little” serving a substantive 12 course meal that is completely nutritionally balanced for the conservative mind and soul.  She will always give you something to think about whether you agree with or not, and become hopeless addicted to her to timeline.

@SmoosieQ – She can bring home the bacon, fry it up in pan, subpoena the butcher and dissect the latest Democrat pork on her blog while finishing a triathlon all before you even make it Starbucks.  Whitney Houston is changing the title of her hit Bodyguard song to “I’m every woman named SmoosieQ.”  Seriously great Twitter friend with great social media skillz.

@eavesdropann – It is a fact that if Eavesdropann had been in charge of the first Boston Tea Party the Revolutionary War would have been over by lunch the next morning.  Serious patriot persistently seeking conservative truth and a pleasure to see every day she tweets.

@tamale102280 – Yeah, make all the “hot tamale” jokes you want but this Princess of Punditry gives even the most stouthearted liberal slimeball indigestion with healthy doses of wit, wisdom and a stonewall of resolve to see America great again.  But the rest of us know her as goofy, graceful and a Godsend to our monotonous Twitter lives.

@VRWCTexan – Take John Wayne, Billy Graham, Ronald Reagan and Sam Houston and you’d get a sliver of how great Tom T. is to those of us who follow him.  No crap, Texas sized brain with a heart to match it is pure entertainment to watch him eviscerate liberal trolls who make the mistake of messing with Texas Tom T.

@dphaw – HomeyDontPlay should be his twitmo handle cuz dphaw brings it quick with a kung foo kick if there is an ounce of ANYTHING that would threaten our country.  He has a great perspective honed in a family that LIVED under communism and all of it’s evils and is willing to get deep if you want.  Great patriot and solider of my Twitter fortune.

@OneFineJay – A multi-talented dude that not only makes websites but writes content (especially on his) of a conservative bent.  He’s helped me from time to time from “stepping in it” and cares about this country.  As a unique perspective, respectful and crazy all at the same time. OFJ!

@pamelalibrarian – There are fascinating women and then there are FASCINATING women.  (She’s the latter.)  A competitive triathlete librarian educator that is prolific in writing?  Hey Pamela, leave some talent for the rest of us will ya? :)  Great Twitter bud whose tweets ALWAYS bring a smile.

@JoeNYLaw – My natural aversion to lawyers isn’t so much a judgment on their morality as it is a jealousy of my lack of that skilled mentality.  A great encourager to me and a great eclectic timeline of politics, sports, law and things Italiano.

@kf4yfa This is one gifted Christian soldier.  Lovin’ God, country and life, he’s always quick with a kind word, crystallized wisdom or uncanny wit.  Check out his sermons if you dare.  It’ll expand your sprit, soul and bounty.

@stacyhyatt – Need to know news of the moment?  Stacy is a one-woman news network digging insightful stories, videos and calls to action 24/7.  And if she knows you’re tracking a specific topic?  She goes out of her way to RT things for your noggin.  Wonderful Follow and Follwer.

@Retbilpat – Pearl Sandybanks of Texas is a heaven-bound, hardworking hobbit of heroic habits.  She is a fellow intercessor and advocate for Jerusalem where our Lord will forever reign and a fierce defender of our great country.  Her bilingual gifts are in “Kick” and “Butt.” Wonderful Patriot and Friend.

@CharletFaye1International author of children’s stories and fervent fellow patriot.  Non-stop diligence in seeking, tweeting truth, justice and the American woman – a superwoman the lib left had better heed.  Great follow and follower with very sharp mind and insight.

@ginthegin – A WONDERFUL new Twitter friend of late who is addicting.  Friendly and warm, witty and wacky she just makes you feel good about the country, twitter and yourself.  A HIGH recommendation for this rambunctious redhead of reason!

@Malvenue – One of my best TwitterBuds with sharp wit, wicked good insight and a terror to American traitors.  Always prodding and promoting a great conversationalist making you sharper with ever tweet.  But with 4 kids, you’d HAVE to develop those skills or be buried!

@sohali2012 – This is one energized Patriot!  My twitter friend S.H. is ever keeping it real, rapid and rational.  Sohali2012 loves them some Palin (and who shouldn’t) but is all America first and foremost with great wit seasoned with a bit of sarcasm.  Able to spot hypocrisy farther than than a military sniper rifle, with deadly accuracy to stop it dead.  And all while doing it from lions den of New York.  Great Follow.

@brady_cremeens Like all Cub fans, Cremeens is the cream of the conservative crop of principled pundits.  He blogs from time to time and when he does, it’ll blow you away like Stallone special effect.  Deep and devoutly all American, Brady is a common sense guy with great insight and sardonic wit.  Frankly, if you don’t follow him you’ve lost at Twitter but I’d bet he’d pray for you anyway.  (Go Cubs Go!)

@defensegirl35 I’ve got mad Twitter love for this mother of 3 kids and 3 cats all while defending our country with her military hubby.  Quick witted and powerfully insightful, her Tweets and blog will blow you away with her humor and intellectual skill.  I predict this patriot will have a radio, tv or media outlet of some type because talent will always make a place for you.  And she’s got it.  In spades.

@whiteshot Dan is the Man.  Brilliant tweeter that somehow keeps it light while being “deep.”  He’s a leader Hobbit with love for the animals as well as a transparent devotion to conservative republican democracy.  Smart and always spot on, Dan is a delight in my timeline and he should be in yours.

@galwayten Sheila C is just plain wondrous. Skewering the left AND hypocritical right, she always brings it back to the Man above, and does it in an amazingly funny way.  Pernicious to the pathetic pundits, she proudly promotes principled Patriot politics with grace.  I don’t follow “eggs” but I make an exception for her.  She makes my Twitter better.

@Tacami222 Peg brings a smile to me every time I see her.  This is the kind of American that deals with the dregs of society (not just on Twitter) but keeps a GREAT attitude showing us all how to LIVE victoriously.  She is a joy and honestly, I’d quit Twitter if she blocked me.  (Seriously.)

SAMMIESMILES8 This is one of those patriots that somehow gives you hope in the middle of the degradation we see in politics and our culture.  A WIDE variety of tweets, consistently on conservative point while still making time for the funny and irreverent. Deeply devoted to our country and changing it for the better, SS8 will do the same to your timeline and YOU!

@TexasAgape  - In case you don’t know the greek word “AGAPE” means selfless sacrificial love.  No other name could describe this Kingdom loving patriot doing it Texas style.  One of the greatest things about strong Texan women like Linda, they will shoot you without hesitation if you trespass on decency and still pray for your soul.  TRUE defender of freedom and Lover of God.

@ORlibertygal – As I was writing this I was SHOCKED to find out that Twitter had unfollowed this wonderful woman of God and country from me and I’m contemplating a lawsuit.  I KNEW something was off from my timeline and now that she is restored, it is just possible I might single handedly be able to expel the Marxist Communist in Chief from the White House.  (She is THAT powerful.)  Small “d” republican democracy defender dynamo, her tweets can be sweet, acerbic, and profound all in one tweet.  (She’s got it going on like that.)  But NEVER dull.  A must, must follow.

@ShawnLivingLife – THIS guy is my long lost brother.  Terrific man of God, patriot and exploding wisdom and love in Twitter as he does is real life.  This guy is a powerhouse of piety and politics and just has an amazing way of making you feel important by hanging around him.

@Trisha22522 – The Tidalwave of Twitter tenderness and good taste, Patricia is a pretty patriot of unusually good Twinteraction.  A kinder soul you will not find but that sweetness belies a fierce American loyalty and love.  A true timeline treasure but we quit hugging me!! (Mean, ornery, tough birds from Chicago don’t like hugs.  Or at least to acknowledge we like hugs.)

@AprylMarie – This bombshell is one of those who doesn’t just talk the talk, but walks it better than Giselle on the Reagan Revolution runway.  She reminds me of the deceptive fierceness of the Melody Griffith character in SHINING THROUGH, operating in the dark recesses of Washington not just complaining about the problems of this country – but actually DOING something to fix them.  A Patriots patriot.


@Irishspy – Phineas is precisely like a good Irish Whiskey, is strong in character, seriously smooth and easy to imbibe.  His spirit, finesse, strength and charm can excite to action or anesthetize disappointment depending on the need.  A more well rounded and well read Tweeter might not exist.  Certainly not with his humor and quick wit.  An Irish blessing to all patriots bar none. Join the Irishspy tavern.

@Sistertoldjah – The more stunning and cunning compatriot of @IrishSpy, provides Southern charm to her revolutionary intent to retake this country for freedom.  Her tweets and posts are as effective as Martha Bratton and empowering as Hannah Arnett. And every bit the same spirit of these founding heroines of the first revolution.  She’s also silly, funny and wonderfully witty which makes her all the more dangerous and obviously why she is a top conservative influence in our cause.

@DanRiehl – This guy has been accused of leading with bazooka instead of a probe.  (And what’s wrong with that?)  Someone I model my blog after, Dan Riehl keeps it ever real and doesn’t bother taking names.  It would be dangerous if he wasn’t thorough, diligent and grounded in fact and comprehensive balance – but HE IS!  Amazingly talented and targeted warrior for conservative thought and defender of our freedom.

@jimmiebjr – To me Jimmy Bise is the John McClain of the conservative world wide web.  Salty tweets, a savory news/analysis site and a sensational talk show host, Seabiscuit has nothing on this triple crown threat to liberal illusions.  His take on any topic is always different from conventional conservative claptrap and he has turned out to be somewhat of a prognosticator on political predictions.  A REAL common sense guy and true patriot who is unendingly cheerful and resolute.  Yipee-kayee-brother-blogger!

@CanadaFreePress - Judi McLeod runs an amazing blog that could just as easily be categorized under “News Sources” although it is more of an very conservative opinion reservoir.  I frankly see very little about Canada and it is nearly all devoted to the greatness of America, Christian conservative values.  I fundamentally disagree with many of their bloggers but also appreciate the true concern for free market capital values.  Judi has been referenced by Rush Limbaugh and provides valuable insight for the conservative free marketplace of ideas.  A PolitiJim staple subscription.

My Essential Daily Addictions
(I seriously can’t live with out these every day)
@jtLOL – a Jim Dandy, @DailyCaller daily dollup of delightful political drugging (puppy uppers, not donkey downers), this guy has more sardonic wit and wisdom every morning in his DCMorning column than Ann Coulter conjures up during a decade of Democrat administration.  And is far more insightful, inventive and truly conservative.  Take the best of Leno, Buckley, Jr., and Dennis Miller, imagine producing that level of punditry EVERY morning and you get an idea of the genius of Jim Treacher.  And I’m not backing off of this whether he keeps blocking me on Twitter or not! :) 
@EWEricksonA lot of people won’t understand how I can write a piece called Screw you, Erick Erickson and then praise him as a PolitiJim Twitter / Blogging essential.  Cuz he’s damn good on MOST conservative issues.  With RedState’s Morning Briefing, he may be blind on some things but has 20/100 vision on economic, immigration, Obamanations and state race issues like no other.  I still believe he’ll come around on his (bad) biases, but in the meantime I’m still a big fan. 
@MaggiesnotebookJust the right amount of NEW insight and news that doesn’t always hit Drudge or the conventional sites.  In fact, it is so comprehensive, I didn’t even realize that I had become addicted to the Maggie Daily email until I was editing this list and to include her as one of the the three PolitiJim essential daily blogs.  Great Christian underpinnings with common sense that doesn’t become biased to anything but truth.  Maggie is a must follow.

@MarkAmerica – Mark is quite amazing.  I don’t know if there is a more consistently idea-cultivating Tea Party-writing troubadour in the conservative blogosphere.  A principled conservative who is one of only 2 blogs I follow set on “immediate notification” rather than waiting for a daily compilation.  He has reasonable Palinista-tinged glasses, predominately of constitutional coloring and principle.  A PolitiJim favorite.

@Rumpfshaker – Consistently cresting with common sense and creative ways of deconstructing current political events, Sunshine State Sarah has just enough “political insider” insight to understand what is REALLY going on, not just in Florida but on the national scene.  Clearly unwilling to sell out to mere popularity, she is refreshingly blunt, witty and comprehensive in topics and individual issue insight.  An essential blog for every conservative who cares for our country.

@MelissaTweetsMelissa tweets, Melissa blogs and rips fools just like one would expect of a Texas tornado.  Dr. M is down to earth but detects patterns and deceptions in media and political issues in a fun way.   I respect her enormously since she doesn’t back away from those who (courteously) challenger her perspective but is fiercely devoted to principle and patriotism.  Quintessential tough love that will tickle you while performing reconstructive surgery on your hypocrisy and hubris you probably didn’t know you had.  A must subscribe.


The Ulstermann Report

The Right Scoop
velvethammer - http://ironicsurrealism.com/
AmericnElephant http://americanelephant.wordpress.com/
Sunshine State Sarah




@KurtSchlichter – I know.  When you hear “Los Angeles” and “Lawyer” you would think something completely different from the insightful, acerbic, conservative who is the very definition of #caring.  (You have to follow him to know what that means.)  Tremendous blogger for Breitbart’s Big Hollywood, you simply won’t find better Twitter commentary that will not only make you belly laugh, but probe your own biases.  Honestly, #caring has become such standard conservative Twitter nomenclature that if you don’t follow, you are like the Amish trying to understand a “Animal House” reference.  Or you’re an idiot.  And that is just #caring.


Great Timelines – COMING SOON
MSchumacher Mark Schumacher
These are the times that try men's souls...Thomas Paine #tcot #IStandWithIsrael #SOT
mikepfs mikepfs
@gds44 GDS44 Libertarian. Fiscal Conservative! Hobbit, terrorist, infidel, barbarian, SOB #tcot
GilesMcK – Not just a “straight shooter” but the Truth Marksman.  What you need to know: Abortion=murder. High taxes suck. Conservative=freedom. Morals are good. Lib=socialism=sucks

ThisGirlisRight RR in a shirt. Blog http://www.thisgirlisright.wordpress.com

Blueberrier0341 Josh  - United States Marine/2003 Iraq Vet (Civilian now)/Sports fan and Libertarian/Conservative.Political Correctness Crucifier.Anti-Lefty
beulahgg Beulah Garrett
Cagora Founding Member-A conservative great-grandmother to many-still working at some proofreading & editing when needed.:) 3-29-1931 #TCOT Grandma
 charles_norris Charlie Norris  - Conservative, libertarian American. Husband, father and small businessman.








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