Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Ted Cruz Can Strengthen Immigration Now
Why do Cruz supporters who claim Ted is every bit as strong on illegal immigration issues as Trump, not actually ASK for documentation from their candidate to prove he is even a US citizen let alone a natural born one?

They will (rightly) demand current US residents who can not prove their right to be here to either be deported or at least penalized as Cruz originally suggested in his green card plan.  NOT ONE CRUZ SUPPORTER WOULD ACCEPT the "word" of Iraqi, Syrian or Mexican immigrant without proof.  Many have tweeted, posted and blogged about the 650,000 California Driver's Licenses that went to illegals in 2015.  But, when given a chance to themselves, do their own due diligence on someone of question, there is bupkis or deflection.  Isn't this hypocritical?

Forget for a moment that a 1971 Supreme Court decision (with a subject with EXACTLY the same situation as Ted Cruz) found that under the 14th Amendment, Ted Cruz IS NOT EVEN A US CITIZEN.

There is however a filing called a Consular Record of Birth Abroad (CRBA) that is required for foreign born children of US parents to file to retain the right to their United States citizenship.  It has been in existence since 1919 ( uses it to build family trees) and you can even read about it at the United States Consulate in Toronto, Canada.

Where is Ted's CRBA?   Why aren't Cruz supporters demanding it like they did Obama's records?

Ted Cruz is clear (now) on where he stands regarding his eligibility.  In Laconia, New Hampshire at a campaign rally, a 17 year old, first time voter wanted to know why it took 43 years for Cruz to know he was still a Canadian citizen, much less formally file to renounce it.  The kid wasn't especially respectful (the full exchange here) and of course, Ted never actually answered it.  He claims the facts are clear.  His mother was born in Deleware, he was born in Calgary, Canada, and then he rushes very quickly to say that his parents "lived there."  (He wisely doesn't mention his father's citizenship or the fact his father chose Canadian asylum over US.)

As you see in the NH stump video above, it is his position that:
"Under US law, the child of a citizen born abroad, is a natural born citizen."
State Department Mandate for US Children born abroad
Notice he didn't say "the Constitution."  We don't know which law to which he is referring.  His surrogates were broadly pushing the Immigration of Act of 1790 which, unfortunately for he and Mark Levin, was actually repealed in 1795.  Moreover we have the House Subcommittee notes (PDF) explaining the reason for the repeal (rather than merely amend) precisely because they didn't want anyone to assume a foreign born child of US parents would automatically become a "natural born citizen."

So whether or not the "law" that he believes miraculously entitles him to "natural born" status exists or not, there is a law for US parents of foreign born children like Ted.  It requires the CRBA to be filed prior to the child's 18th birthday along with other stipulations.

If they do NOT file this, they are not even to be considered US citizens.

Michael Lubetsky, a Canadian who was on the Princeton debate team with Cruz, has come forward saying that not only did Cruz know, he talked about it often. (CNN)

This is in direct contradiction to a statement his Senate office released in 2014 saying:

Given the raft of stories today about my birth certificate, it must be a slow news day. The facts of my birth are straightforward: I was born in 1970 in Calgary, Canada. Because my mother was a U.S. citizen, born in Delaware, I was a U.S. citizen by birth. When I was a kid, my Mom told me that I could choose to claim Canadian citizenship if I wanted. I got my U.S. passport in high school.

Because I was a U.S. citizen at birth, because I left Calgary when I was 4 and have lived my entire life since then in the U.S., and because I have never taken affirmative steps to claim Canadian citizenship, I assumed that was the end of the matter. Now the Dallas Morning News says that I may technically have dual citizenship. Assuming that is true, then sure, I will renounce any Canadian citizenship. Nothing against Canada, but I’m an American by birth and as a U.S. Senator, I believe I should be only an American.
If Cruz is allowed to hold a Senate office, much less run for President, as a dual citizen without A) renouncing allegiance to his non-US allegiance at least 14 years before running for office and B) not proving that he has proper immigration documentation then ANY foreign national can run for any office and begin to exert ANY agenda - overt or covert - without any understanding, allegiance or commitment to US values.

And this is before dealing with whether he is "natural born" or not.

The founders had very good reasons to be concerned about foreign infiltration and influence into the most powerful position of our government.   So much so, that George Washington had the eligibility rules for President and Vice President in the Constitution changed from a mere "citizen born" on US soil, to a "natural born citizen" in the final draft.  Contrary to the spin that Obama acolytes used to make (and now Cruz's), there is an enormous mound of evidence clearly defining "natural born citizen" from private letters from John Jay (who would become the first Supreme Court Chief Justice), to the Federalist papers to Supreme Court rulings.  Even Winston Churchill - who like Cruz had a US born mother, a foreign father and was born on foreign soil - knew (and said) that the Constitution would need to be amended for him to be eligible to run for President of the United States.

Harvard Law Professor, Former Chairman of the Antitrust Advisory Committee to Obama's campaign, Einer Elhauge, filed an amicus brief at the New York Supreme Court advising the court that Canadian-born Ted Cruz is not eligible to be president under the Article II natural born Citizen requirement.  Elhauge also says it's not a political question.

Current Hawaiian US Senator Mazie Hirono was born to a US citizen mother and a foreign father in a foreign land.  Her mother brought her to the US when she was seven years old. She defines herself as an immigrant is a "naturalized citizen"  according to her biography

When running for Senate, Ted Cruz ADMITTED to a GOP Assemblywoman and Latino paper that he was not eligible to be President.  Things suddenly changed when he saw the grassroots support available to him when he ran for Senate.

Which leaves a few questions for Senator Cruz.

  • Which law gives you "natural born citizen" status as a foreign born child of one US parent?

  • Since all other foreign born children of US parents had to file a Consular Record of Birth Abroad before they were
    18 years old, did your mother file one?  Where is your copy (or will you ask for the State Department to release it)?

  • Can you explain why the Founders went to extreme measures to only exempt "citizens born in the US" at the signing of the Constitution but used "natural born citizens" in the final draft which Founder/Historian David Ramsey clearly stated excluded foreign born children? 

  • Can you explain why in 1875 the Supreme Court said that the term "natural born citizen," though not defined in the Constitution was "never doubted" to be a child born on US soil to TWO (2) US citizen parents?

Cruz followers; if you love the Constitution as much as you say you do, isn't it your obligation for every candidate (including Marco Rubio) to provide PROOF that they are at least a Citizen of the United States for a Driver's License, much less to serve as the chief of all Federal law enforcement over our country?

Here's a bonus.  Just think how idiotic you can make those of us questioning this look if the documents are provided by your candidate and the answers to the questions above are clearly answered.

If not, you at least can take pride in doing your civic duty in defending the Constitution and our beloved United States of America against ALL forces - foreign and domestic - that might try to weaken us.


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