Thursday, April 30, 2020


(Supposedly) Libertarian REASON posted an article When the Supreme Court Upheld a Compulsory Vaccination Law –

Like many such articles in other places , it states emphatically that forcing a healthy man to be medically raped was "constitutional."

My response:

First - the original finding was vaccinating an individual, not a population.  Courts have continued to use it (unchallenged) to continue to broaden the encroachment of government.  But the original ruling entirely hinged on 3 elements.  First that the compulsion (fine or imprisonment) was "reasonable" for general health.  Second that vaccinations would protect the greater population.  And third, that the legislating body had done exhaustive research to conclude that opposing theories were investigated and dismissed.

The #1 contributor of congress are pharmaceutical companies that make an average 440% return on vaccine investments since the 1986 Vaccine Act literally removes ALL LIABILITY from them.  We've already cataloged Hillary Clinton giving away 20% of the US's strategic uranium supply for hundreds of millions back to the Clinton Foundation and NO prosecution or investigation by her party which ran the DOJ.   ARE WE SURE CONGRESS HAS ORIGINALLY VETTED ALL SCIENCE?  (And why do we think they are equipped to make a medical judgement in the first place.)  ARE WE SURE CONGRESS ISN'T BEING SOLD to the highest bidder?  Pharmaceutical companies also make up 70% of the revenue of mainstream media news budgets.  I wonder why Hydroxycholorquine and azithromicin  - which has been in the marketplace for 35+ years with little complication and costs less than $2 a dose is lambasted on ABCNNBCBS (with 4 clinical studies showing a 96% or better success rate) but Gilead's Remdesivir which costs 1,000 a dose has 1 public study in China showing it has a higher rate of death but every news organization is giving it glowing reviews before results of the NIH study is even released?)

The presumption that vaccines are "a miracle" as Bill Gates says is interesting because not only was US measles mortality PRIOR to the MMR vaccine was only 2 in 1 million (now it is 2 in 1,000), the CDC was forced to admit in court last month that they have ZERO studies to make their claim on their website saying autism is NOT caused by this vaccine or the combination of any of the 48 to 63 vaccinations now reccomended by the CDC.  (Which actually makes money from many of those patents by the  way.)

DOES it make a population safer?

It should first be noted that Jenner actually tested cowpox on his son and a neighbor boy who both developed extreme weakened immune systems. Both died before they were 21 of tuberculosis.   It is a published medical truth still, that smallpox vaccines increases the risk of tuberculosis dramatically.

England made smallpox vaccination mandatory in 1853 with fines and imprisonments enacted by 1857. According to official records of the REGISTER GENERAL OF ENGLAND, between 1857- 1859 there were over fourteen thousand (14,000+) deaths from smallpox.  From 1863-1865 there were over 20,000 deaths from smallpox.  Then between 1870-1872 there were over 45,000 deaths from smallpox.  The vaccine literally created massive outbreaks and pandemics.

Massachusetts mandated the smallpox vaccine in 1855 and the same thing happened. There were epidemics in 1859, 1860, 1864, 1865, 1867 and an enormous outbreak in 1872-73.  Similar outbreaks suddenly happened wherever vaccinations were mandated in Germany, Japan, Scotland, Ireland, Sweden, Italy, Austria, and Holland.

Dr. Suzanne Humphries documents this in her book DISSOLVING ILLUSIONS, especially noting the town of Lester, England.

They had a 95% infant vaccination rate but had some of the worst outbreaks in all of England.  The population demonstrated with 80,000 attendees and decided they would stop vaccinating - instead using quarantine of the infected with disinfectant of their homes.   Lester's death rate AND outbreak rates PLUMMETED and ended up having the lowest death rate and outbreak rate of any town in their region of England.

 (  Go do your research.)


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