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Friday, May 20, 2011

Israel uses excessive force to respond to children who are just throwing stones.

“Israel uses excessive force to respond to children who are just throwing stones.”
Palestinians, young and old, attack Israeli civilians and soldiers with a variety of weapons. When they throw stones, they are not pebbles, but large rocks that can and do cause serious injuries.
Typically, Israeli troops under attack have numbered fewer than 20, while their assailants, armed with Molotov cocktails, pistols, assault rifles, machine guns, hand grenades and explosives, have numbered in the hundreds. Moreover, mixed among rock throwers have been Palestinians, often policemen, armed with guns. Faced with an angry, violent mob, Israeli police and soldiers often have no choice but to defend themselves by firing rubber bullets and, in life-threatening situations, live ammunition.
The use of live-fire by the Palestinians has effectively meant that Israeli forces have had to remain at some distance from those initiating the violence. In addition, the threat of force against Israelis has been a threat of lethal force. Both factors have inhibited the use of traditional methods of riot control.
According to the rules of engagement for Israeli troops in the territories, the use of weapons is authorized solely in life-threatening situations or, subject to significant limitations, in the exercise of the arrest of an individual suspected of having committed a grave security offense. In all cases, IDF activities have been governed by an overriding policy of restraint, the requirement of proportionality and the necessity to take all possible measures to prevent harm to innocent civilians.
Meanwhile, the Palestinians escalated their violent attacks against Israelis by using mortars and anti-tank missiles illegally smuggled into the Gaza Strip. Palestinians have fired mortar shells into Jewish communities in Gaza and Israel proper, and IDF reports indicate that anti-tank missiles have been fired at Israeli forces in Gaza. The Palestinian Authority (PA) has also been stockpiling weapons smuggled into Gaza by sea and underground tunnels linked to Egypt.
The possession and use of these weapons and other arms by the Palestinians violates commitments they made in various agreements with Israel. Under the Oslo accords, the only weapons allowed in the Palestinian-controlled areas are handguns, rifles and machine guns, and these are to be held only by PA security officers. The recent violence makes clear that in addition to the police, Palestinian civilians and members of militias, such as the Tanzim, also are in possession of such weapons.26
The number of Palestinian casualties in clashes is regrettable, but it is important to remember that no Palestinian would be in any danger or risk injury if they were not waging a terror campaign. If children were in school or at home with their families, rather than throwing rocks in the streets, they too would have little to fear. And children throw more than rocks. Abu MazenYasser Arafat's deputy revealed that children are paid to carry out terrorist attacks against Israel. He told a Jordanian newspaper that "at least 40 children in Rafah lost arms from the throwing of Bangalore torpedoes [explosive charges]. They received five shekels [approximately $1.00] in order to throw them."27
Also, while the number of Palestinians who have died is greater than the number of Israelis, that should not minimize the traumatic loss of life on the Israeli side. From September 29, 2000, through June 7, 2005, 1,061 Israelis, including more than 730 civilians, were murdered by Palestinians. Contrary to Palestinian assertions that they are fighting a war against armed forces, fewer than one-third of the Israelis that have been killed were soldiers. In 2004, Palestinians successfully carried out 15 suicide attacks and Israeli security forces thwarted 367 others.28
It is also worth considering how police in the United States and other nations react to mob violence. Abuses do sometimes occur when police are under attack, but no one expects them to stand by and allow their lives to be put in danger to assuage international opinion. In fact, the Palestinian Authority itself does not hesitate to use lethal force against protestors. For example, after the U.S. coalition attacked Afghanistan, Hamas organized a rally in the Gaza Strip in which thousands of Palestinians marched in support of suspected terror mastermind Osama bin Laden. Palestinian police killed two protestors when they tried to break it up.29
It is only Israelis who are denied their right to self-defense or see it used as a propaganda weapon against them.

Get Knowledge on the Palestine/Israel Issue

Two parts.  First the issue.  Second, how you should feel about this as a Christian believer.

It is unfathomable that there are people today who still believe Israel is somehow the problem in the Palestine State controversy.  ....well, maybe not.  There aren't many mainstream news sources that tell you how rockets (paid for by Iran) have been launched at schools and hospitals for the past 2 decades.  There aren't too many analysts that REMIND viewers that when Prime Minister Olmert OFFERED EVERYTHING the PLO wanted, including the land requested this week - they still turned it down refusing to acknowledge the right of Israel to exist.

But if we turn from emotion or what OTHERS tell us - we can figure out the RIGHT answer to this dilemma by asking 3 questions:  Who are the Palestinians, Whose land is it, and Who really wants peace?

Other questions that are good, (but never asked) include:

Has anyone asked WHY Jordan - a country with ideological sympathies to the Palestinians has never offered (or been pressured) to give land?

Does anyone ever wonder why, after the British and United Nations granted land to the Israelis that ALL Arab nations suddenly attacked, without provocation a tiny group of people that had just faced extermination by Hitler?

And why won't Hamas acknowledge TODAY Israelites right to exist?  No, those who insist that Israel is at the heart of the lack of peace have no understanding of history or they simply are too intellectually lazy to find out.

How about when Rome invaded Jerusalem and took the land.  Does that count?

Why 1967 CE?  Why not 967 BC? How about when islamic forces took it, raped women, leveled nearly every sacred synagogue and built their mosque on Jewish land with a history FAR better documented and OCCUPIED before they even existed?  Why not be incensed at that?

There are really 3 central questions that must be answered to come to an accurate understanding of the problem:

1. Who are Palestinians (I think we all know who the Jews are).
2. Whose land is it? (what is Palestine)
3. Who REALLY wants peace?

The first two questions can be answered well by this documentary:  Jerusalem, the Land of Covenant

However, suffice it to say that NO ONE called the land Palestine until the end of the Roman empire. SEE this short video:

The land has been documented to be in Jewish hands up until islamic forces tried to conquer in 636 CE (AD).  There was no legal right to the land then.  However, wars come and go (Texas and California anyone?) but it has been pretty well established that there were Jews in Jerusalem CONSISTENTLY (albeit in minority) for it's entire history.

So why 1967?  Why not 15 years prior when British rule prevailed.  Why not 1000 years before?  Those arguing for Israel to give up it's tiny slice of land (kind of like Virgina and Maryland asking for Washington DC) will always try and ground the debate in 1967.  WHY!!???  And why not JULY of 1967 when Israel took land from those who publicly declared they were going to annihilate them?

The dirty little secret is this: ONLY THE JEWS can lay history to the land before the modern area (BC).  ONLY THE JEWS have historic documentation that they BOUGHT (not conquered) the site where their religious shrines are.

Prior to the WW1 NO ONE  lived in Palestine/Israel. Well, maybe a few thousand people.  NO ONE WANTED IT!!  (see Jerusalem, Land of Covenant link above).  Prior to Islam, the Arabs  and Jews that lived there got along quite nicely even though Jews were an extreme minority after the Arab control.

Only when the United Nations granted them sovereignty, did it become valuable.  There were no trees, no culture, no farm land until the Jewish people populated and cultivated the land.

Which brings us to question #3: WHO REALLY WANTS PEACE?

An argument is made that Israel has tanks and the Palestinians have only sticks and stones.  This is a blatant lie (the flotilla that was attempted to land at Gaza months back on a "peace" mission had hundreds of thousands of lbs of rockets and guns.)  But EVEN if Israel had tanks and Palestinians did not-  it doesn't negate the fact Israel has an attempt to defend itself.

Israel does NOT do similarly to lands in Jordan, nor areas that are predominately populated by Arabs.  Only when attacked, and told they will be exterminated, do the Israeli's fight back.

Ironically, it is ISRAEL that had a baby dismembered last month by Palestinian forces (google it) and other atrocities.  Israel isn't perfect - far from it - but THEY are continually under attack under Hamas (Iran) sponsored terrorism.  (You don't find Israelites dressing their women and children up as suicide bombers.).  Who is the civil one here?

Again, WHY - when Islam takes over a region (like Lebannon) does it become an uncultivated war zone?  When Christians or Jews take populate an area THE REVERSE becomes true.  So even now, that the Jewish people have made Israel beautiful and viable - why suddenly is there such world pressure WHEN NONE OF THE WORLD CAME TO HELP THE JEWS WHEN THEY WERE ATTACKED IN 1967!???

Because, this is a spiritual battle.  Our grandparents and populations prior to them for hundreds of years NEVER would have believed that Israel would be reconstituted much less become the center of the world's attention.  It seemed impossible.  But as prophesied by the Bible, it WILL become the center of attention for the REAL end of the world in the coming years.

And if you are unsure where you stand.  READ.  INVESTIGATE.  And not just the sources you normally listen to!  Listen to BOTH sides and ask God for enlightenment and truth.

And if you are a Christian believer, you will also shiver at the curses upon those who attack God's chosen (not perfect) people. You should marvel at how in 1948, a nation was reformed that seemed impossible for hundreds of years.

Monday, May 9, 2011

To my believing, pro-union NFL friends.

1 Timothy 6:1-3 - Let as many bondservants as are under the yoke count their own masters worthy of all honor, so that the name of God and His doctrine may not be blasphemed. 2 And those who have believing masters, let them not despise them because they are brethren, but rather serve them because those who are benefited are believers and beloved. Teach and exhort these things.3 If anyone teaches otherwise and does not consent to wholesome words, even the words of our Lord Jesus Christ, and to the doctrine which accords with godliness, 4 he is proud, knowing nothing, but is obsessed with disputes and arguments over words, from which come envy, strife, reviling, evil suspicions, 5 useless wranglings[a]of men of corrupt minds and destitute of the truth, who suppose that godliness is a means of gain. From such withdraw yourself.

As Christians we should be beyond reproach with ALL who are in authority.  I'm NOT talking about not making a better life for yourself.  I AM saying the WORDS and ATTITUDES in HOW you are battling this fight will not only have repercussions with the public and owners, BUT WITH GOD.  

I am an ardent Bears fan.  I love pro-football.  Even to the point where I can't watch college anymore.  (Well, I do at the end of a season, to work out my brain and heart pressure by screaming at the satanic curse called the BCS.)

I have followed a number of NFL players on Facebook and Twitter and followed the latest labor dispute with more than a casual interest.  Many of these players are God fearing, wonderful Christians who even use their celebrity to encourage other believers and spread the Good News.

What I have observed over the past few weeks during the dispute has made me a bit sick to my Spirit.  I've heard the owners called 'greedy,' 'liars,' and worse.  Some have even speculated that the owners are 'evil,' a word some people in our culture still wouldn't use on Osama Bin Laden.

I've contemplated writing this article for the past two weeks since I heard a very famous (minority) TV preacher speak on the scripture above (1 Tim 6).  Now, our culture has a hissy fit when we talk about any scriptures that involve slavery (See Adrian Peterson, you are not alone!).  But it is important to remember a couple of things.  First - God never sanctifies slavery.  Even in ancient times, when the mindset of acceptance that this practice existed, it was acknowledged that it was better to be free.  John and Abgail Adams wrote to each other during the creation of our country who immorally hypocritical it was to fight for freedom from a tyrant on a governmental scale - but not to acknowledge it on a personal scale.

Regardless, for those of us that believe scripture is OF GOD, we are put in the uncomfortable situation of not being allowed to tear out certain scriptures that, at best, are hard to understand and, at worst, are displeasing to us.  To me, this is one of those scriptures.

Without getting into the specifics of the actual points of the labor dispute some with which I strongly agree (long term health care for players) and some with which I frankly don't care - please allow me to point out a couple of areas for my NFL brothers to pray about lest they inadvertently 'blaspheme' the name of God as His representatives.

First, let's make sure we understand what are OUR ideas of 'fairness' and 'rights' and what are Gods'.

- God had his own labor dispute and reinforced an owners right to do what he wanted..  In the parable of Matthew 20, God likens the Heavenly Father to an employer (owner) he paid men a full's days wage the same as those who had worked all day.  The early labors objected to the late arrivers being paid the same.  But Jesus rebuked them in essence saying - mind your own business!  What another gets is no business of your own!

? - Am I saying that unions don't have a right to exist?  NO!  Unions have served an amazing function from owners who could not be trusted.  They also (as the recent case in public unions in Wisconsin) have shown to be very detrimental when they effectively kill a business (or government) for short term personal gain.

+ What I am suggesting is that AS A CHRISTIAN, you will do far more for the cause of Christ to do what Daniel did when confronted with being forced to do something he didn't want.  He used GODLY APPEAL.  He tried to find out the goals of those in authority and fashion a solution that would meet BOTH parties concerns.  (Not coerce, threaten or suddenly pretend their was no union to get their way).

And if that doesn't work - calmly, respectfully take whatever action you must.  But be prepared for the consequences.  The NFL doesn't OWE you a living.  Your blessings come from God and no other.  But PLEASE BE CIRCUMSPECT AT YOUR REAL MOTIVES.  If you read ALL of the rest of the 1 Tim 6 chapter you will see that God admonishes us to make sure we are not exalting the LOVE OF MONEY in place of HOW we conduct ourselves with those in authority over us.

- God is a God of Responsibility and Profit.   Jesus said the Kingdom of God was likened to a man who discovered a pearl ON SOMEONE ELSES PROPERTY, and bought the property so he could obtain it for himself!  When I first read this I couldn't believe it.  Wouldn't the 'Christian' thing be to TELL the farmer what he had so he could be enriched too?  Yet God is a God of agreements.  He will honor WHATEVER the agreement is - whether it is fair or not.  Perhaps this is why God said it is better to NOT vow a thing, than to do so and renege.

+ The owners have a RIGHT to run their business the way they want.  The players have a RIGHT to decide whether to play by those rules or not.  Don't like it?  Go into insurance or dentistry or try and reform the WFL or UFL.  The NFL (despite it's PR) is not in business to take care of players.  It is there TO MAKE A PROFIT.  AND THE MORE THE BETTER.  Just as you have a RIGHT to try and make the most you can. You can decide to sit out your entire rookie year - but don't cry if there are consequences to that.

It is the PLAYERS RIGHT to form a union or - to try and force an employer to do something they want - to decertify and loose their health and collective bargaining benefits, etc.  BUT QUIT ACTING like there is some kind of moral superiority in what YOU are doing versus the owners!

If your gardener or accountant suddenly demanded 50% of your earnings because they felt it was unfair, YOU WOULD FIRE THEM!  They have a right to ask, but you have a right to fire them.  And if they PRESS the issue - they need to take responsibility for the consequences!  They might loose your house as a client!

- If you are wronged by your employer YOU ARE BLASPHEMING GOD'S NAME by trashing your employer!   1 Tim 6 - the headline scripture to this post makes this abundantly clear - the way to present grievances is NOT to trash them in public.  In fact - you are called to FORGIVE.  (See the movie AMISH GRACE for an example of this)

This whole country seems to disdain authority.  Yet, the only time God said a human was of 'great faith' was the Centurion who completely understood that there was power in acknowledging authority.

I recently saw some tweets of some players suggesting the original injunction against the owners was God's will and the like.  Oddly, these tweets were less forthcoming when the appeals court granted a temporary stay.  In cases like these - the cause of Christ is hurt.

God is for justice.  However, there is no contract.  Therefore there is no agreement.  The owners have a right to do whatever they want their business.  If they handle it wrongly, they will loose players and fans.  Players have a right to ask and hold out for the best deal possible.  But they are not 'OWED' anything by the owners. There is no God accepted authority in coercing someone's real property from them.

So please.  Tone it down a bit and show how to win under authority with grace.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

OK to Kill Osama and Rejoice?

Thanks for the feedback.  
There are really 2 questions being asked here.  
1. Is it ok to kill Osama and, 
2. is it ok to celebrate?  

One of the under appreciated precepts of the Word is that of Dominion.  
Rom 8:17 & Col 3:1 say we reign with Christ.  We are not His slaves (although it is an advantage to position ourselves as such in humility).  No - Christ said we are Sons and Friends of His.

He didn't give the planet to Adam and Eve and suddenly take it back when they gave it to the devil.  Instead - He helped the best He could WITHOUT interfering with the authority they already had (and gave away).  God is so Just - He won't violate His Word (in this case granting sovereignty to man) even when they screw it up and hurting themselves.

Although there are many examples of God BLESSING individuals to kill in war in the OT - with the example of Ananias and Sapphira we see that God himself is not above taking a life or being destructive (Jesus with fig tree and overturning money changer tables). 

We are also told that governments WE implement are HIS minister (of Justice).  Many use Thou Shalt not kill as an argument but the HEBREW for kill is, literally, KILL IN COLD BLOOD.  God himself instituted DEATH to murders, etc in the Old Testament - NOT for individuals - but for the GOVERNMENT of Israel.  (there is NO law in the OT I'm aware of that allows 1 individual to kill another with or without cause).  

I just read a great article on Justice yesterday that asked, 'how is it fair for God to threaten punishment to Abimelech for Abraham misleading him that Sarah was his sister?' (Gen 20)  The answer was profound to me.  GOD IS JUST.  Whatever HE decides is just.  He doesn't have to hold to a 'set' of morals because HIS morals are just whether we understand them or not.  I have found it difficult to do this at times.  But it isn't HE who has to change His 'MO' to do what I think is right.  I have to change MY perceptions to embrace His.

I'm not sure if you've ever had the chance to read THE LIGHT AND THE GLORY by Frank Marshall, or any of the books by David Barton.  It is indisputable that God gave grace to our armed forces to establish the freedom of this country THROUGH WAR and killing British/German soldiers. 

So - I personally believe the US Gov't killing someone who not only continued to threatened and plan for our destruction  - but also someone who directly admitted involvement in the death of our citizens in 9/11, USS Cole bombing, Kenya Embassy, etc is just.

But the SECOND question is  - How should we feel about it.  The most common scripture cited in Prov 24 to not rejoice when your enemy falls.  Since earlier in that chapter we learn that the WISE prevail through power and that we need many advisors to wage war - God can NOT be saying to stop what you are doing if an enemy is in danger of loosing his life.

Instead we learn in Deut 8:17 that God is concerned with the PRIDE of thinking we accomplished this ourselves.

If God wanted us to mourn any enemy that died - surely we would not be asked to celebrate the victory of the death of the Egyptians or Purim (where Haman was hanged for trying to kill Esther and the Jews).  CLEARLY God allows celebration at the event of the demise of our (at least) governmental enemies.

Look at 2 Chron 20 - the LORD made them REJOICE over the death of their enemies.

But it is also of note THE REASON David was not allowed to build the temple was because of blood on his hands.  This certainly could not have been because of being an warrior for Israel but, as most Jewish and Christian commentators assume - it is because of the orchestration of the murder of Uriah (Bathsheba's husband) EVEN THOUGH DAVID HIMSELF DIDNT DO IT! Murder in one's heart is bad.   Justice and relief from your enemy trying to kill you are NEVER referenced in the Word as being bad. 

But we aren't told in Proverbs 24 whether this is a general 'enemy' (say Green Bay Packers or a neighbor who refuses to turn down his stereo) - or an enemy of war.  I believe there is a huge difference IN THE HEART.  

This goes back to the original "uncomfortableness" many of us have had with the shouting and merry making.  We all theologically agree even Osama - would he accept Christ before dying - would be our brother in heaven.  I even understand those who lost loved ones in 9/11 and in the armed forces who want to see 'Justice' in a long protracted  - but this to me is only ignorance of hell. (If you haven't read 23 Minutes in Heaven or 45 Minutes in Hell  - 2 separate books - again - give me your biz address or PO box and I'll send them to you).

Clearly - REVENGE and VENGEANCE are God's.  JUSTICE is a separate matter and clearly authorized by God for NATIONS to pursue.

But 'delighting' in anyone's death or torture simply CAN NOT be resolved to a Christian.  This could be why Proverbs 11 talks about a GROUP of people rejoice when the enemy is defeated.

So - my personal inner witness of my spirit tells me that REJOICING over the elimination of a continuing threat against us is in line with scripture.

Even rejoicing that JUSTICE has been served in the death of someone who HATED God's people (Christians and Jews) is likely not against God's will as we cited in 2 Chron 20.

But if our MOTIVE and HEART are in torture of an enemy, our personal sense of power of another human or OUR ability to kill - I think we have crossed into God's domain of VENGENCE rather than JUSTICE.


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