Saturday, January 16, 2016

Ted Cruz Just Undermined America. And the Constitution.

There is also now serious legal questions as to whether Cruz's mother ever filed a US Consular Report of Birth Abroad (CBRA) to lay claim to Ted's US citizenship right.  Canada did not allow dual citizenship until 1977 (seven years after Cruz was born in Canada) and without such a document, Cruz would ONLY have been born a Canadian citizen.  If so, since he didn't renounce his Canadian citizenship until 2 years ago, he would actually be ineligible to be US Senator also.

Ted Cruz has now demonstrated that no matter HOW conservative and honorable a candidate starts out to be, they will eventually be corrupted by power.

I used to remember Texas Senate-hopeful Ted telling tales of how much he loved America.  How he wanted America to be unified.  How much he loved Reagan.   With his lack of charisma and Harvard aloofness, it humanized him a bit.  It also seemed sincere.

As an transplanted Southerner, there is a wicked temptation to want to trash everything and everybody in New York or California.   Which is strange because most of those Southerners CLAIM to be Christian and are exhorted to embrace not only reason, but also humility, compassion and love.  You'd never catch Ronald Regan trashing Raleigh or Richmond.   Or Trump trashing Texas.

I have to admit - I saw it coming about 3 years ago when, on MEET THE PRESS (a sure telegraph of how Democrats are going to attack him) he claimed that "he won't get into legal arguments" when asked about his citizenship and Presidential eligibility.  I guess that whole expertise in constitutional law is only useful when you need material for a filibuster.  God forbid you should use your education and expertise to educate the public.  I wrote about it at the time (2013) pleading for him to be more like George Washington than a Washington politician.  Apparently Ted doesn't read Politijim.  Or isn't - in reality - a constitutional conservative.

I was told that in private fund raisers - here in Texas - his naturalized citizen father was telling supporters that their lawyers told them "there is nothing to" this whole birther issue.  Since then, it's been revealed Ted also lied about loans from Goldman Sachs (where his wife worked), all the while attacking them as crony capitalists.  The bright side is at least it isn't a forged birth certificate I guess.

Apparently the ideological co-opting that Trent Lott crowed about is inevitable.  Even for born again, God-fearing, constitutionally grounded Senators from Texas.

Additionally, in the past week Cruz has adopted Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton's political tactics.  During the FOX BUSINESS debate he was asked about his eligibility to be President.  He sarcastically responded, "I’m glad we’re focusing on the important topics of the evening."

Yes, Ted.  Upholding the Constitution is important.  Even if it interferes with your personal ambition.

In that one response, Ted Cruz weakened the United States of America.

It proved his love of the constitution as nothing more than a prop to be used to become President.  Well - at least we  have no illusions that he isn't as principled as he advertised.  God forbid he should be honest with the public and simply explain his legal rational.

Worse, when he suddenly stated that Trump wouldn't qualify because Donald's MOTHER wasn't born on US soil - he showed his true colors.  He lied.  NO WHERE is a definition of 'natural born citizen' anything other than a US soil born child to two US citizen's, regardless of where those parents are born.  With that statement he proved that either he is completely ignorant of the real constitutional arguments - or he is a liar.   There isn't any other explanation.  Neither are comforting.

He also adopted the "Rules for Radicals" tactics (#5 and #13 if you don't have your Luciferian dedicated copy handy) of ridiculing your opponents argument, avoiding any substantive and meaningful discussion.  Rules for Radicals calls it INTENTIONALLY irrational.

Apparently Ted is fine with any Iranian, Russian or Saudi citizens with at least one citizen parent becoming President of the United States.  Whether or not forged birth certificates are acceptable to Ted is unclear.

Why the hell Trump didn't ask Cruz why the first draft of the constitution was changed from merely a "citizen" being eligible to be President (similar to what is allowable for Congress) to a "natural born citizen" at the request of John Jay  - the first Supreme Court Chief Justice - to George Washington...I'll never know.   I hope someone asks it in the final debate to see the extent of Mr. Cruz as yet unknown constitutional expertise.

But Donald Trump proved to me one thing.  Even at the enormous political risk of being called "a birther", he raised the question.  And he's so far ahead in the polls he didn't need to.  He deftly placed the danger on that of the Democrats picking up the legal attack and running with it.  And they not only WILL - they have said they will immediately challenge the election.   None the less.  Donald has been true to the subject since question Barack's forgeries and didn't lay down when given an opportunity to do so.

Trump is now more of a Constitutionalist than Ted Cruz.  And that shocks me.

It also makes me regret buying into the notion that Cruz was truly driven by principal over politics and substance over self-ambition.   He has done some great things in the Senate.  He certainly has fought hard against much of the RINO agenda.  But perhaps the last chance to finally stop the horrendous hoax perpetrated on America by the Muslim at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, may be lost forever.

Yes, he is a Muslim.  And worse, the REAL President is Iranian born Valarie Jarrett, who now has given Iran escape from sanctions, but permission to continue their nuclear development while flooding the market with cheap, terrorist financing oil.   As someone in the oil industry, the millions of jobs lost with the crash in oil is very much due to Iran's oil coming online.  I had Europeans tell me 2 years ago that they had assurances Iran would be open for ALL WESTERN BUSINESS.  Even I didn't think it was possible.

But look what having a Kenyan born President will do for you.   I'm sure there will still be some who will warn "why should we worry about Kenya!?  They couldn't do anything."  Yeah.  Right.

Don't think for a minute that every well financed enemy of the US isn't now grooming some Manchurian Candidate to get their feet wet in American politics.

Barry Soreto has been bad.   But Ted just opened the door wide for the very thing that John Jay feared.  An open invitation for foreign powers to find a way to perpetually control the White House.  And America.

Call me conspiratorial or fringe if you want.  You already did that when you promised me that the government would never lie about unemployment or satellite data, or that the government could force children to be taken from their families and poisoned against their will.   It happens every day across this country.  Worse, you are now forced not only to subsidize liberal's healthcare, you are now at risk of jail if you don't openly support their lifestyle.   Sure.  Go ahead and convince yourself that I'm the kook it in this equation if helps you sleep at night.

Although it his highly unlikely for Cruz to EVER become President, (his unfavorable ratings surpass his favorables among most Americans and the mainstream media will Sarah-Palinize the undecideds the day he is nominated), he has left me disillusioned that there will ever be a politician who will actually do what it is right, regardless of the personal cost.

But no.  I still don't buy that he is a closet Mitch McConnell.  Yet.

George Washington presided over the Constitutional Convention and had the qualifications for President changed SPECIFICALLY to disallow foreign born citizens from taking over the powerful reigns of our country in the position of Chief Executive.  It would seem Ted is ok with undermining  our heritage as well as our country.

Until now I didn't think the Goldman Sachs connection could possibly have merit.  But if a strict "constitutional conservative" no longer finds questions about the constitution "important," what's a little favoritism among cronyists who employ your wife?

For my fellow conservatives who hate Trump (I get it.  I really do.)  Or who feel that Cruz is the only "true" conservative in the race - I would ask you what else you would sell out to get your "guy" elected.

And if, at the end of the day, if Cruz is elected, but faces secret CAIR backed Mohammad Magnetic Personality in 2020 who has the media on his side and wins the White House....was it really worth it?


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