Thursday, March 22, 2012

Dear Gingrich Funder


Mr. Sheldon Adelson
c/o The Adelson Family Foundation
Po Box 820
Katonah, New York 10536-0820

Dear Mr. Adelson:

It is my sincere hope that this message somehow reaches you.

I awoke this morning to see that you had invested another infusion of cash into Speaker Gingrich's campaign. Please allow me the opportunity to say thank you.  And GOD BLESS YOU.  The longer this campaign goes on, the more I am convinced that the selection of the next President is the single most important decision for America since, perhaps, the Civil War.  Possibly even the Revolutionary War. 

And just as in that war, the majority of Americans were not behind the true Patriots preferring to avoid the inevitable conflicts and those who thought grandiose dreams.  Like the dream of being truly free.  Even back then, it wasn't the difference of the tyranny of something like a North Korea versus North America.  It wasn't even about the AMOUNT of money in taxation.  We ended up opting for HIGHER taxes to pay for our new country.  It was the idea that we would control government and use our diligence to keep it from being intrusive into our lives, so we could be truly free to prosper.

I don't dislike the other candidates personally at all.  However, from my background of strategic planning, as I project the scenario's in my head, I see only two people who understand the real challenges we face. I't's not just high taxes.  It's not just the economy. It is the culture of entitlement and cynicism as well as an abandonment of what we USED to know as real American values.

I see only two people who have not just been talking about the fundamentals needed to restore true economic and personal liberty, but also have a record of doing so.  Only two who are EXPLAINING the mechanics of how to pull it off politically and practically.  Only one of those candidates is running.  I compliment you on your foresight and faith in him.

In many ways your decision, much derided by the derelicts of daily media, is to me as heroic as that of John Hancock.  Thank God Newt Gingrich isn't as destitute as Sam Adams or ill-equipped as a general and strategist.  A guy who has been studying, planning and testing how to run a conservative government since 15 years of age isn't something to take lightly.  As he saw on the battlefields of France, we all might otherwise be drinking mid-day tea, have bad teeth and terrible food  - (all as a province of Germany no less) - if it were not for the man who saw his resources as much as a ramrod of the Revolution as a Declaration or a rifle.

I believe Speaker Gingrich is uniquely equipped and destined to lead our country back to the course of Constitutionalism.  I see it in his past success, and I hear it in his speeches.  I believe it is essential not just for our great country, but also for Israel.  Possibly even for the cause of freedom throughout the world.

From the demonstration of your devotion to this country and your faithfulness to Speaker Gingrich and your fellow patriots, you prove that you indeed belong side heroes like Hancock who made freedom happen.

And, again, we thank you, fellow patriot and warrior.

Yours very truly,



I donated to Newt. I have also been writing in support of him as well. Good to hear this news. Great letter. I will send a personal thank you as well.

Thank you for writing this, PolitiJim!!! And for providing an address so we can send a personal thank you, as well!!

GOD BLESS YOU for ALL you are DOING to promote the TRUTH!!!!

P.S. this might be a dumb question... but, you said you see 2 people.."I see only two people who have not just been talking about the fundamentals needed to restore true economic and personal liberty, but also have a record of doing so. Only two who are EXPLAINING the mechanics of how to pull it off politically and practically." one is Newt, but you don't mention who the other one is?? Or, am I missing something??

Thank you for writing this, and I sure hope this message makes its destination with desired results !!

That would be the former Governor of Alaska.

I wish we had his email address so we could flood it with thanks!!!!!!!!!

If Speaker Gingrich is elected, Mr. Adelson, you will be etched in history, and by that I mean permanently etched.

All kidding aside (well....most kidding aside), I am sending you a virtual hug.


Jane in Miami

Wow, that was just an awesome letter and very heartfelt.

I too appreciate Mr. Adelson's support of Newt.

Bravo!! Well said!! This needs to be on my wall on FB! I want everyone to understand just who Newt Gingrich is and why people like Mr. Adelson support him. I appreciate Mr. Adelson's contributions & support of Speaker Gingrich and I pray will ultimately win the nomination for POTUS. I don't know how this will come about, I just keep tweeting, donating, calling & posting on FB...but most of all I'm PRAYING!!
Thank you Jim and may God Bless the work that you do!

Another for the FB walls ~ Bless You, PolitiJim , for putting into words what we, without the vocab and writings skills, would express, if we could ~Bless America and those that fight for her

well said - now can we all add our signatures and send this off?

Thank you very much Mr, Adelson! You may be the one that saved our country by supporting the man that will!

Newt Gingrich is my only hope during this coming election. I am his strong supporter and a donor as well. I will stay with Newt till he stays in this race.

Thank you(Mahalo)Mr. Adelson, for supporting Newt Gingrich. My prays that this country will be blessed with a great president such as Newt. This is support of a man that can and will do what is needed for our country.

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