Saturday, October 21, 2017

W and Obama Give Anti-Trump First Speeches Day Before DJT Releases JFK Secrets

Don't for a minute think it's NOT a coincidence that both Obama and Geroge W give their first speeches in the same 24 hour news cycle when Trump announces release of the JFK files.  What the CIA driven elite fear in Donald Trump is that he will suddenly start revealing ALL the dirty laundry from 9/11 to the ineligibility of McCain, Obama and Barack's myraid of unconstitutional moves.
Don't forget, the media collectively lost it's breath, then it's sh*t when Trump threatened Jed! Bush's complicity in 9/11 cover ups, let alone the Obama forged document scandals or the Clinton Foundation / State Department Ponzi scheme.
If the JFK files show CIA subterfuge on the American people and it has Weinstein story-like legs, I'm guessing you will see incessant insanity from every elite and media orifice realizing their curtain of Oz is about to come down. 
Most have no clue of Obama's mother/grandparents tie to the CIA, Bush 41's deep CIA ties and assassination orders, or - of course - the enormous coordinated effort taken to stage the 9/11 attack by the US government.

The Bushes rehabilitated Impeached, Disbarred Bill Clinton, Obama not only didn't pursue the "Bush Crimes" he promised his base, he expanded them.  And Trump is just crazy enough to blow the lid on it all.

Obama was CIA

W Accidentally Admits Explosives Were Used at World Trade Center on 9/11

Leading Explosive Experts Explains Blatant Evidence 9/11 Was Attack on Americans by American Government - 

Bush 41 Perjured Himself in 1970 CIA Hearings - Was Always CIA

... it's all staged to manipulate.

JFK to 9/11 - it's all bullshit government control.


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