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Newt Not Taking ‘No’ in North Texas


This is only 5 days late but necessary to get out.  Newt Gingrich invaded the Dallas area last Monday to meet with grassroots leaders and media.  Want to know what he said BEHIND closed doors?  It ain’t over - is what happened.

First, I owe an apology to Santorum supporter and long time Twitter friend @Malvenue for being particularly harsh in the face of his defeatist attitude that “it’s all over” and Romney is the nominee.

That is both FACTUALLY wrong and wrong as an attitude for any true patriotic conservative.  It is FAR from over.  No one has reached 1,144 delegates.  Despite factually wrong delegate counts (like those that still show Romney getting ALL Florida votes despite a clear legal and actionable position that it is not) is:

Romney – 571
Santorum – 342
Newt – 158
Paul – 91

That’s only HALF the delegates needed with severe testing ahead.

Romney ALREADY has problems with his OWN delegates refusing to sign a pledge to stay committed to him and multiple instances of voter fraud allegations including those in Puerto Rico.  He’s actually become LESS popular as he has campaigned and the mainstream media is just now starting to hit him with other corruption stories including one where the Romney’s were involved in Bernie Madoff-like ponzi scheme and where Tagg Romney seems to have outright lied about a number of key points.

In Dallas last Monday night, Newt admitted it was a long shot. 
And he’s right.  It is. 

He’s also right that it is NOT over.

He was asked by this Dallas TV reporter all the standard GOP Establishment arguments:

  • Aren’t you out of money?
  • Aren’t you hurting Romney?
  • Why would you stay in if you can’t win?
  • Why don’t you go on a diet?

Ok, not that last one.   But Newt has FACTUAL answers to each.

Remember how vocal all of us “Tea Partiers” were when said we won’t let the GOP Establishment choose our candidate?  I MEANT IT.  As did quite a few of my fellow conservatives.  If you said it and now are giving up (or worse supporting Romney), you’re the enemy.  Plain and simple.

Mitt Romney is the most liberal Republican Governor in history and they historically don’t do well in general elections.  Remember, this is the guy who forced gay marriage on his state through an executive order, recruited and implemented the largest socialized medicine program that gave birth (and the advisory “team”) to Obamacare, and implemented the broadest and most severe Cap and Trade regulations on global warming of ANY Governor – Democrat or Republican.  Do you really think the general public will buy that a Republican that LOST payroll jobs in his his four years as Governor while the country added over 4% will think Romney is any better than Obama? 

But a lot of you just want to throw in the towel and say “it’s over,”  the establishment won again.  If you do, you are yellow’er than a new dandelion in a Starbucks flower planter in Soho.

And @Malvenue isn’t alone.  Gingrich supporter Steve Deace (or his publishers) decided to cash in on defeatism by pushing his book We Won’t Get Fooled Again and tell us to work on 2016.

Well, Mr. Deace in the spirit of Declaration signer Francis Lewis and Abraham Clark, forgive me if I’m a little underwhelmed at your abandonment of the fight in lieu of cash.  Stopping Romney and the GOP Establishment is a little bit more important that selling some books in my opinion.

The Dallas man on the video said it well:

“I have to take a stance for what is right no matter what everyone else thinks is right.” – Dallas Attendee

You go ahead and give up.  Show your kids how to act like John Boehner and the rest of the RINO’s if you want.  I’m fighting not just on principle but on a clear fact that if Romney is nominated EVEN if beats Obama – we will end up at the same place we did at the end of the George W. Bush era.  Establishing the fact Republicans can’t do any better than Democrats.

Don’t forget.  Your favorite “conservatives” Paul Ryan and Allen West voted WITH John Boehner to cave to Harry Reid and cut $1 Trillion out of Defense.  Do you think Romney will sweep other serious conservatives with backbones into office?  He actually LOST GOP members in Massachusetts and brought the number of elected GOP congressman to an all time low.  But yeah, Romney’s a great answer to revive the Tea Party momentum that worked in 2010 I’m sure.

Has Romney EVER shown he can stay consistent for more than a news cycle on ANY issue much less something like repealing ObamaCare?  His own advisor is telling us he won’t repeal all of it.  Another key advisor tells us he’s an “Etch A Sketch” that will wipe all of us promises clean.  He already began doing it last week on the Dream Act.

In Dallas, Gingrich reminded supporters that in the Colorado primary last week that almost twice of the delegates WERE NOT for Romney than for him.  (23 to 13).  AND THIS WAS COLORADO not a deep conservative state like South Carolina or Missouri!  Funny, I thought conservatives honored the will of the people not the will of the blowhards who have sold out our movement for 30 pieces of silver.

It’s not over FACTUALLY or in the hearts of REAL conservatives.

Six thousand donors rushed to to give immediately following Santorum’s exit.  Six thousand patriots who aren’t willing to let a man named a Top 10 RINO only 7 years ago continue to bury the future of America for our children.

I still run across terribly uninformed people who still call Gingrich a “big government” progressive (who got it from Glenn Beck who now supports a guy who actually implemented gay marriage, socialized medicine and cap and trade).  And I’m aghast at the complicit conservative media like Limbaugh, Levin and the like who think somehow there will be a better chance to take Mitt on after he’s elected or in 4 years when he has an even STRONGER network.  (Don’t forget. Republicans are rewarding the guy who couldn’t win AGAINST the McCAIN!)

Meanwhile Gingrich not just presents conservative ideas, he goes on the attack with them.  He bans any Muslim who hasn’t renounced Sharia Law from his campaign.  He goes to the NRA and tells them THEY aren’t aggressive enough. Not only are we going fight for Hillary’s attempt to sign away our gun rights to the UN, Gingrich starts a campaign to make the right to bear arm a fundamental HUMAN RIGHT!

And I thought my conservative blood couldn’t pump any redder than seeing Obama torn apart in a debate.  Imagine Gingrich sending Bolton to the UN to author a bill giving EVERY PERSON ON THE PLANET the right to defend themselves like Ted Nugent!

The highlight of March was the third place polling candidate making Obama’s White House spend weeks first trying to pretend that $2.50 gas isn’t possible, then to attack Gingrich for wanting to make oil companies rich, then saying the White House was making MORE oil companies rich already, denying Keystone would make jobs, denying Keystone was ready, then faking a Keystone approval.

But don’t sell Romney short.  The leading GOP candidate successfully got the Obama campaign to make Republicans look like they didn’t want women to work and wanted to make Lassie into a luggage rack.  I’m sure he’ll do just fine in the debates with Obama and the MSM media, don’t you?

Katrina Pierson who helped organize the Gingrich Dallas event said with less than 24 hours notice they had a great – and very diverse  - turnout including African American and young people asking “how can I help him.”

Pierson tells me that he stayed until he had talked and shook hands with every one of the 75 people who attended.  it raised the spirits for those in Texas who felt he would drop out. 

I’ll admit it.  Even I – the steel spined squab of steadfastness was wondering if the meeting with Romney and the softening of Newt’s tone meant he was aiming for a cabinet job.  After hearing the private discussions of those that attended, I’m fully persuaded the Georgia General is being absolutely as crafty as George in the 1776 Delaware jungle was.  It’s a guerilla war by conservatives against RINO’s.  Real conservatives who actually BELIEVE we shouldn’t give up on our principles (again) and despite the odds aren’t quitting.

Real conservatives who don’t just pay lip service to the idea of pledging our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor to ensure a BETTER hope than the change the RINO congress presented, then caved on.  (Remember the $100 Billion in Boehner budget cuts after the 2010 Tea Party election?).

Sorry.  Two years after the height of the Tea Party influence, the RINO’s and complicit (and lazy) conservative media have come close to locking it up to compromise captivity if not outright killing it.

If we don’t coalesce around Newt Gingrich and stop Romney, Karl Rove will become the head of the GOP.  Mitch McConnell will be the new Harry Reid.  And the minute the media and libs scream about any conservative legislation, Mitt and his RINO mutts will compromise just like Bob Dole tried to do to Reagan.

Only this time there won’t be any Newt Gingrichs to stop them.

And RomneyCare will not be totally repealed after screams of insensitivity by centrists.

DOMA will be too “divisive” to address.

And no one will do anything but keep trying to patch short term solutions to entitlements while the number of Americans receiving Federal handouts slips over the 50% mark.

With Obama you get that scenario in 3 months.  With Romney you’ll be lucky if you get it sooner than 3 years.

Give up if you want to you “fake” conservatives and compromise your real beliefs.  But at least be honest that you don’t deserve the freedoms promised by our founders with blood shed for you.  And get the hell out of our way.


Jim, in the spirit of the Revolution I now refer to Limbaugh, Levin as "summer conservatives" in reference to the "summer soldiers" of the Revolution.

"In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man-brave, hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot." - Mark Twain

Thank you Jim for your courage and speaking on behalf of Gingrich. I'm still here and many others are too in support of him.

I'm glad Newt went to Texas and straightened everything out. I do think there is a renewed spirit now and a "grassroots" effort being made.

Also, you may be surprised by this, I know I was.

Thanks for everything you have done. I always enjoy it.


Sorry ... but when you go to the George-Soros-sponsored Think Progress site to find dirt on Romney, you suddenly expose a personal judgement problem.

I like Newt, but I don't think that he needs or should heed the distortions that are bound to emanate from the extreme leftists.


Thinkprogress is certainly a left leaning organization. But first - everything but the personal interview is documented by court records and 3rd party sources.

Secondly, they ARE reporters who had multiple eyewitnesses to their first hand conversations. I'm assuming it was recorded. The response by the Romney camp is also public and as they point out - does not address the substance of their accusations.

In fact the Romney camp is acting just like the Obama (and Clinton) administrations who don't address the facts but won't look at evidence.

In an era when only PRAVDA is covering the facts of the Sheriff Joe Arapaio investigation and it was the National Inquirer that did the REAL reporting on OJ Simpson's shoe print, Jesse Jackson's love child, Ennis Cosby's killer and Rush Limbaugh's oxycotin addiction - you have to look at the evidence of EVERY source.

Do you believe what Drudge runs anymore? Fox? Beck? Even Daily Caller ran unsubstantiated accounts of Sarah Palin's unsubstantiated premarital biracial affair.

We need to be much more sophisticated in our analysis to not make blind assumptions in either case - but to follow the truth.

Certainly you scrutinize who runs what story, what their agenda may be and if THEY have indisputable proof of their allegation.

But that game can be played the same way against conservative media. Do you believe just because Ben Shapiro said there is nothing to the Arapio investigation?

Of course not.

We all need to be unafraid to go WHEREVER truth is from ANY source.

Further, this fits the Romney pattern of obfuscating truth, and then attacking the inquisitor when they are called out on it.

The Romney camp did the same thing to Perry, Gingrich and Santorum and the fundamental facts seem sound.

I want Newt to stay, watch this video, I am 100% sure it will be all over the news during the election on Rpney: The details of Romney's clear cult-like faith, which Romney himself refuses to address, explain or put to rest, will, with the help of the media, destroy Romney in November 2012 and re-elect Obama:


I'll be honest I initially was going to delete your comment. I truly believe in freedom OF religion and don't see how his beliefs could impact his governing. They certainly had no bearing on his decisions as Governor approving MANY things the Mormon church doesn't.

Despite hating the manipulative music and the (wrong) attempt to say that Romney believes in "blood atonement" killings (we have ZERO evidence of this) - there are at least 2 very worthy news items here.

First is the lady who - on camera - recounts Romney coercing her to give up her child in the role of being a "Bishop" of his church. That is quite damning especially since Romney has already tanked by 20 points with women nationwide since the beginning of the primary.

We already know Obama is planning an outright race and class war that has already begun. Romney's statement to Tim Russert that he is "proud" of his faith while answering how he could stay with the church even as an adult will be replayed incessantly (and won't get taken off the air because it is NBC). Coupled with the fact that Romney was 31 before the church renounced this it simply adds to the "flip flop" insincere aura that he has had since running for Governor.

An Obama and Media machine to make him look unbalanced could actually suppress the GOP vote and invigorate the African American vote in significant enough numbers.

I'll decide whether to make this a separate post after investigating a bit further..


My assessment on what Romney will etch-a-sketch first is his totally fake position on gay marriage. He'll fold on that like a cheap suit - He'll concede the position that marriage is defined between ONE man and ONE woman to get the left and hollywood all the while accomplishing the mission of the mormon church to legitimize eventually their longtime polygamy doctrines. As soon as Romney succeeds in this just like a good lap dog stooge - his board of directors of this POTUS run will pat him on the back and may just give him a big fat wet man kiss.

Romney isn't just a liberal republican - he's a stooge for other peoples ambitious agenda. When has Romney coherently given a sincere rendition of the pivitol moment when he thought he should run for the highest office? He runs because he's ordered to.

I don't mean to go all Gleen Beck the meathead on you but c'mon..the only thing that Romney has said that I heard about his former political / business years is the crap he said about hunting varmints - (more than twice) Whereas Newt is a complete and admittedly complicated life that is very well known. It isn't a produced glossy bio - but a very real and very well articulated story of his conviction as a young teenager and an older statesman of his moments leading to the run as POTUS.

So I stand with you Politijim - I stand with Newt. My new slogan is if you KNOW Newt then you'll NO Romney.

Don't forget, PolitiJim, Arizona was a Winner Take all state too.

And it's interesting. If you add Santorum's Delegates with Newt, they are just separated by 75 delegates.


Thank you for your writings!

My family and I will also fight for Newt 2012! I was not a Santorum supporter, but do beleive if Newt had the mindset to join forces with him we could pull this off! I have NEVER done more than vote, until this year, I am now a TX delegate for Newt and have a long list of friends in the LONE Star state that are as well! Remember the Alamo!!

As one of those "75 or so" people who were there to see Newt, it was abundantly clear to me that he is in this to win. Further, he has clamped down on his expenses and toned down the fiery words for his "Severely conservative" competitor to concentrate on big solutions that resonate with hurting Americans.

Job #1 is to deny Romney 1144 delegates, or even better to keep him under 1000 so he isn't crowned by arm-twisting super delegates in smoke-filled backrooms of the Tampa convention hall.

Job #2 is to lead a convention fight like no other with powerful speeches, laser beam accurate solutions for America, and a conservative "Rumble-in-the-Tampa-jungle" that awakens hearts and minds of America.

If he can pull of those two elements, Obama won't stand a chance in the general election against a tidal wave of conservative furor Newt rides all the way into the whitehouse. Surfs's up!!!

I've been supporting Newt through thick and thin, despite all the naysayers and defeatists. Not laying down. I'm STANDING WITH NEWT!!!

God bless you, Politijim, for all the good work you do. You can't imagine what an encourager you have been. I know some of us here place links to you on other blogs to help make our points. Thank you, and keep fighting the good fight.

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