Tuesday, March 13, 2012

PolitiJim to Newt: Please Quit (Holding Back)


Yes, I was terribly disappointed.  I thought for sure Gingrich would take at least Alabama.  I had a reader email me saying her mother is so mesmerized by Rick, she knew it would crush to know the truth I’ve written about the past 3 days.  I understand. I’ve burned some bridges going after Santorum but only because the facts don’t lie and I can’t in good conscience face Thomas Paine in Heaven saying I was more worried about making people upset than telling the truth.  And with one of 4 Alabamans saying they voted for Rick Santorum because of his “strong moral character,” I did the right thing to try to help them avoid what Obama supporters learned after their false fantasies.

I am somewhat consoled that Romney won nothing for if he did, we would be hearing for 3 weeks how since he won in the South it is all over.  There would be calls for the Conservative boys to bow out so we could bring on Obama.

So I thank God that didn’t happen.

It’s true that in reality, the “win” didn’t change the delegate count all that much.  Give or take, all candidates still split the delegates about 2:1 for Santorum.  And it’s true that there are clearly enough “winner take all states” that play to the Gingrich game plan that he could still get to the convention with the most candidates, none having 1,144.

But it is also clear to me after analyzing the data, I must intelligently weigh the situation for what is the best prospect to beat Obama and sell conservative policies to the American people to save this Republic.

So, I am announcing that I, PolitiJim – Speaker supporter –
am calling on Newton Leroy Gingrich to quit

This will come as a shock to many of you, but this country is in the most disasterous dilemma it has been in since the dark days of the late 1800’s.  Some would argue that with another 4 years it is possible that instead of 46% benefiting from government gimmies – it might soar into the 60’s and we would perpetually become the country of Pompei. 

We can’t keep playing politics as usual with our preferences for personality, positioning or posturing.  We must rally around ONE candidate who will inevitably face a current President who:

  • Will continue to nationalize private industry.
  • Will continue to run rampant over Judeo/Christian concerns.
  • Will ignore threats to Israel.
  • Will undermine capitalism for unions…, even in the military.
  • Will continue to crush individual initiative and anyone that would put willpower to the patriotic movement threaten his power.

I appreciate the service of Speaker Gingrich and all he has done for the conservative movement. 

And I must now ask you to quit.  So,…

Please quit playing around the fact of your accomplishments of the past.  You have demonstrated more humility and honesty FACTUALLY than any other candidate in this campaign – but we need more of your forcefulness as you did at the close of the Alabama Forum when asked WHY Alabamans should believe you can get elected. (26:20 mark)


Please quit ignoring what your long timer friend/mentor, Moral Majority and Heritage Foundation founder said was your “primary objective as a conservative.”  That is eradicating corruption and being a revolutionary for reform.  You’ve begun by calling out Leon Panetta to resign.  Good.  You’ve criticized the attack on Catholics and Christianity by the administration and media.  Excellent.  But you and I know two things.  First, there are many things you could be spearing the Spawn of Socialism including his unwillingness to fire Fast and Furious Holder, hiding emails with the IPCC the Freedom of Information Act, proven voter fraud against Hillary, refusing to comply with subpoenas on the Gulf oil spill AND the Georgia ballot initiative (and those upcoming), and yes – either committing or being complicit in allowing the forgery of official Hawaii state documents as Sheriff Joe Arapio’s investigation has just concluded.  You went after Jim Wright and the communist coddling corruption when you had MUCH more to lose.  You can do it and still be Presidential.  But mark my words.  As Trump saw, people are SCREAMING INSIDE THEMSELVES to know why our conservative media, our conservative elected officials, and our Presidential candidates are not addressing the biggest fraud ever perpetrated on the American people.

Please quit waiting to tell people what you know about BOTH the Massachusetts Governor and Pennsylvania Senator.  Again, Paul Weyrich PUBLICLY lamented Romney running as a conservative because he lied about what his obligation was to under the Massachusetts Constitution to force through gay marriage that even the Democratic Attorney General didn’t want.  Go against the corruption in the GOP that BOTH Romney and Santorum represented with the (respectively) Pfizer payoffs and K Street initiative. In 2005, true PA conservatives called him a RINO. And a backstabbing, unprincipled one at that.  I know you are committed to running a positive campaign on ideas and vision – which ONLY you are doing.  But aren’t you sick of these guys who exemplify EVERYTHING you fought against in Congress passing themselves off as Puritans?  (You also may want to please quit listening to my advice on this one.  You are probably right but where is your James Carville or Lee Atwater to do this?)

Please quit holding back on painting the picture of a successful Gingrich Presidency.  I was in tears watching the videos from 1994 when you told of where we could be as a country.  Screw Jon Stewart and cynics.  PEOPLE ARE DYING FOR A DREAM TO BELIEVE IN.  You can move in an audience in the way NEITHER the quaffed or puffed one can.

There are, however, three things I would like you to NOT QUIT on.

  • Replacing Barack Obama as our next President.

  • Engineering a resurgence of conservative influence as you have done multiple times in the past.

  • And, rebuilding the America we love.

I apologize on behalf of all the conservatives who continue to callously cast doubts on your deep concern for this country, and upon the breadth of your accomplishments upon which we are privileged to stand on today.

I apologize on behalf of the self-righteous who never walked in your shoes, and willingly turn a blind eye to the sins of their Barnabas, while falsely condemning you.

I continue to believe you were made for a time such as this

I continue to believe, that not only are Romney and Rick kindling for the Axelrod machine, they would have no idea of where to start to replace, reform and resurrect the liberties already lost in our Republic.

I continue to believe that God has given you Grace for this time. And as we know, He will often back you up against the Red Sea seemingly doomed to drown.  You of all people understand the greatest victories come from the darkest hour.  You often talk of Washington’s winter of 1776, when the troops had dropped to a couple of thousand and many of them with no shoes, frostbite and bloody feet.

We are with you Newt.  If we have to keep fighting on bloody stumps in the dead of night for what we KNOW is right.  If that is what it took to start liberty’s lamp, we can do no less to makes sure it is relit.

jonathanArmorBearer There is an even better story of the King David’s best friend Jonathon.  The Goliath-affiliated Philistines had surrounded and terrified the Israelites to the point they were literally hiding in caves and holes in the ground.  Like Washington, he was under equipped and outnumbered.  Only he and his armor bearer ended up standing in this valley to the right with garrisons of Philistines peering down on them from an unassailable position above.  All he had was courage, and a faith in God.

Jonathan said to his armor bearer:

Come, and let us go over to the garrison of these uncircumcised; it may be that the Lord will work for us. For there is nothing to prevent the Lord from saving by many or by few.

Now where Jonathon got “a few” from just he and his armor bearer – we won’t know.   I’m sure the armor bearer was wondering the same thing.  But that wasn’t his position as a soldier.  They had no reasonable hope of making it up the steep incline to the garrison – let alone defeat a mighty army by just the two of them.  And even envisioning an attack uphill, against an army of so many, with inferior weaponry and disadvantage, this armor bearer said to his leader, what we say to you.

Do all that is in your heart, Newt.  We are with you.

And that moment in history turned out very well too.


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Kris, Im not sure if Jim is asking Newt to quit the race just quit from holding back. I think.

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Thank you. I didn't think you were REALLY calling on him to quit. I love your support for Newt Gingrigh. It's very encouraging to hear someone who gets and appreciates all that he's done for America. The apology for the self righteous falsly condemning him while turning a blind eye to the sins of Barnabas was especially gratifying to read. He has had so many wrongs done to him. Yet continues to fight to restore America's freedoms. It drives me crazy when I have post on my homeschool board in the family room, things about Newt and no one responds. They'd rather talk about frivilous things. Thank you for another encouraging article for Newt. You may have seen this youtube but if not, you'll like it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0r4mb9J96Pw
I think you'll appreciate pastor Jim Garlow here on Life Today
Here he is introducing Newt. http://therightube.com/2012/02/jim-garlow-delivers-fiery-introduction-for-newt-gingrich/

Politijim is asking Newt to NOT quit...

•Replacing Barack Obama as our next President.

•Engineering a resurgence of conservative influence as you have done multiple times in the past.

•And, rebuilding the America we love.

I am myself heartbroken today. I think our nation is in serious decline, mentally, physically and ideologically. People seem to be resigned to the fact that government is the only way. I don't see any fight at all in people and that is what saddens me so much.

What has happened to the Tea Party? Sarah Palin? Is there a silence for a reason?

I'm sitting here right now listening to Laura Ingraham. People are calling in saying that Newt is a Statesman for staying in. I have a glimmer of hope that there are people who can think for themselves and see what motivates Newt.

I will admit you had me scared when I first read your headline. But thank God you have not changed your mind.

God Bless you and please keep these columns coming.

I was fooled too, until I started reading the first sentences of each paragraph.

politjim is asking Newt to take the gloves off and stop holding back!

I agree. Hit 'em harder and faster, Newt, and fight all the way through the Convention.!

Obviously, kriskxx, you did not read the article and just went by the headline. PAY ATTENTION! This is what is wrong with America. NEWT 2012!!!

We will not be reposting your great article because of the title. Please rethink this big mistake.

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Here is the truth why people vote for Romney and Santorum....http://news.yahoo.com/people-arent-smart-enough-democracy-flourish-scientists-185601411.html

Scott that is a brilliant article. Thank you so much for sharing that - I'm sure i'll be writing a post around that.

I am amazed at the number of people on Twitter, here and personal friends who truly thought that I, PolitiJim, street tough, Chicago South Side Hawk of Good Humor, Hope, Objectivity and Fearlessness would abandon the ONLY candidate qualified to be President.

Has the MTV culture so poisoned us that "glance at a few words" to make even critical decisions. (And of course KNOWING if I support Newt is end-of-the-world important).

This is another reason to vote for Newt. Our society needs someone that appreciates how to get back to concepts like diligence, thoroughness, and patience. (I know because I too have been guilty of all these things.)

xymbaline is EXACTLY right. I am asking Gingrich to not just grind it out and grit on, but to take it another gear.

NOW is the time to cross the Delaware and kick some Hessian Hiney.

The evidence that Democrats are excitedly embracing OPERATION HILLARITY to get Santorum elected (and likely influenced MS it seems from the raw data) confirms what I have known.

Santorum can not get elected.

Romney might get elected but even if we took that very risky chance - he would be a better looking George Bush 41 without any passion to replace, reform and reconstitute a CONSTITUTIONAL government.

Carry on fellow Newt Warriors. I am not only with Newt. I am with you too.

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I wonder why Blogger doesn't let me give a chance to approve my own article before posting? I'm not sure I trust myself to say something I'll regret later.... :)

I will respectfully decline your invitation to change the title Kriskxx.

My intent was first - to identify with those far weaker than us who are looking for validation to jump ship. My second intent was to draw in the Sanitariums who ginned up with completely ungrounded fervor for both a little personal gratification and also to try and lead their thought process back to objective truths they will have to confront.



PS. All of us need to slow down, trust God and firmly move forward fearlessly.

PolitiJim is no dummy, kriskxx. His title baits Romney & Santorum supporters frothing at the mouth hoping he has changed sides. Once hooked... they start reading....and to THEIR shock & dismay.. THEY discover that he REALLY believes NEWT is best candidate to BEAT OBAMA and why!!
VERY slick intelligent strategy, I must say!! I like that!!

We may have been shocked by the title... BUT, THEY will be shocked by it's rich content!!

Don't "Quit" on politiJim over a SILLY title... The content is what matters most & it is absolute QUALITY!!!

THANK YOU, POLITIJIM!!! Once again, you made my DAY!:)

Either John Smith (pen name) is a troll or an idiot. Although he did say "I see PolitiJim calling for..." so maybe he is blind?


You and I were writing at the same time, PolitiJim.. looks like my analysis was right on!! (:
I'm glad you declined to change the title!!

Pro-Life Mom is gives me hope that civilization is not lost. And I'm a bit jealous of her kids who will no doubt end up being equipped for life much better than I was! :)

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(: You're just too darn sweet.... :)

Sir, I respectfully disagree. Newt must soldier on. Both Conservative candidates are needed to prevent a Romney nomination and facilitate a conservative as the Republican nominee. Please reconsider. You won't lose face for doing so...just say you want to stop, pray, think and were a bit hasty.

Thanks for all your cogitations and revelations...keep up the good work.

Sorry - I was too hasty and thought you were calling for NEWT to drop out of the race....I should have read on.

I agree that Newt has been holding back and not telling the truth, WHOLE truth and nothing but the truth.

I do trust him to tell the right amount of truth at the right time.

I hope he's getting the right Intel from sources foreign and domestic to battle effectively, conclusively, and finally with all enemies of the US and its citizens and allies.

Thanks again...I'll read the whole post next time before I jump to conclusions.


Newt's biggest problem in not winning outright AL and MS is the loss of the women vote. Newt was well above the other candidates with the male vote, according to exit polls. Newt needs to work on doing something to calm women down about their negative view of him. I want Newt to win, but the negative reasons for him not winning AL and MS MUST be recognized.

I do not want Newt to quit, sorry but I do not see anyone but Newt who can take on Obama. Romney is a replica of Obama and that is a fact, besides his success in a private sector of course, but again he is not running for a private sector he is running for a president and his record as a Governor is not impressive and Obama care is based on Romney care, so try to defend that. Santorum is fighting for the conservative’s voters with Newt and it is 50/50 split, the delegates are almost the same for Newt and Santorum and that is the fact as well. I was an independent voter till a couple of months ago, and I registered as a republican so I can vote for Newt in CA primary and I am not alone. If GOP wants to attract independent voters and convince some democrats to vote for republicans in a general election then Newt is the guy. Santorum is way too extreme for a lot of women whether you like it or not. So I say let Santorum quit this race since he cannot win the argument even with any commentator and I can only imagine a disaster for republicans if he wins the nomine. Sorry if Santorum does not want to get out then Newt should stay for sure. So, I say go Newt! Do not ever quit because you are my only hope for the future of this country, and Republican establishment can shut up and let the process continue and let us Americans to make the decision at the end.


You can obviously WRITE... so...

...............will you please READ!!!

PolitiJim is NOT asking Newt to Quit!!!

-----> QUIT writing before you read!!!!


jayhuehn that is a great point. Only two things will fix this in my opinion.

1. Palin overtly endorses him along with some other women (Bachmann would clinch). Malin, Inghrahm are still drinking the Rickool-aid, so I doubt they'd change unless..

2. Santorum is exposed for the lying, charlatan that the 2005 PA GOP saw him for. (here - http://www.pittsburghlive.com/x/pittsburghtrib/s_317352.html - h/t to Terri) Most think it is nearly impossible for PennState alumn to not know of the pedophile rumors especially since Rick's co-founder of the campus GOP had been convicted of trying to have sex with a boy - but even if that is either untrue or doesn't come out, his defense of gay priests, cover up for John Ensign might be enough for some level headed Christians to rethink this whole "upstanding moral guy thing" It's shocking most I talk to already excuse his con on his charity and turn a blind eye to his help of pro-abortionists.

But some legalists will not be willing to believe in Newt and will make their decision not on the best potential leader, the best potential executive or even the best conservative - but instead on the best preacher.

mystery to me that a man with a wife and 7 kids would choose to run for the presidency.. there simply isn't enough Santorum to go around

Great article Jim. I've been saying the same thing - NEWT needs to start getting tough on this entire administration and the rino's in congress. They don't like Newt - but I say - that's a GOOD thing!! We don't want anyone in D.C. to like him. We want him to go in there and CHANGE our Country back to where it should be!! KEEP CHARGING FORWARD NEWT!! We're with you - just start getting tough - especially with the IMPOSTER-IN-CHIEF!! Please start speaking loudly about the forged birth certificate - this is FRAUD and it should not go silent like the lamestream media is so trying to do - and that INCLUDES Fox News (except Sean Hannity, of course!) Stay LOUD Newt - we need you sir!!

PolitiJim, nooooooo.

You know that it says in sacred scripture that walking before every human being are many angels saying, make way, make way for the holy one! Because humans are supposed to be something quite marvelous!

And human speech is quite powerful. So your words are a Big, big deal.

Your headline will turn up on pages and searches all through this election and the article content will not be there. THINK HOW MANY HEARTS WILL BE BROKEN and you won't be there to explain.

It looks like you're telling Newt to quite, which I see, from your article, you would NVER do.

But you know, Libertarian Neocon has folded AGAIN. How are we supposed to know you wouldn't do the same?

I tried to repost your comment and I couldn't. I just couldn't bring myself to re-post those words.

Please give us an alternate headline.

I agree with Krisxx and other readers-- is there a way to create a headline that can be tweeted and re-tweeted? Please.....?

I see what you're doing, PolitiJim. You are a strong voice for Newt.

But your headline looks like you AND libertarian Neocon have both folded up like a house of cards.

As Newt says in a speech, George Washington knew that you want the army that has HIGH MORALE.

Your headline reduces MORALE. It's unfortunate, because you're creating energy that will work against your true goal.

Legal Insurrection blogger, Professor Jacobson said about the results in Alaabama & Mississippi that the Honey Badger doesn't care. Because NEWt, the Honey Badger, is FEARLESS and will get for THE PEOPLE the treasure that is hidden and that we need help to get.

And the Evans-Baker memo from the NEWt campaign yesterday shows us the way forward to WIN THE NOMINATION. NewtCerto, commenter extraordinaire, left the link to it at LI:

It's clear that Newt is the man for our time.

Your articles are outstanding, PolitiJim.

Please help support our morale. Especially with the headline. That is what's going to show up for years to come. I feel sick thinking about all the people who will be disheartened when they see your headline.

It would be great to have an ALTERNATE TITLE for tweeting and re-tweeting!!!

Can you consult your creative inner genius and come up with one?

PolitiJim, thank you for standing up for our future!!

Newt is the only one who can LEAD US to decisively beat Obama and THEN we will REFORM WASHINGTON, D.C.

Dear PolitiJim -

I wonder if you realize that on your first page it looks like you and liberal_neocon both want Newt to quit.

The reader has to click on your post and then read several paragraphs in, to see that you want Newt to QUIT HOLDING BACK.

Why can't the headline be creatively amended?

I see that your article is an outstanding post in support of Newt.

But people have trouble paying attention when the first thing you do is punch them in the stomach, and that is what your headline does -- To Newt supporters -- The people you want to encourage.

Yours is a strong voice, PolitiJim. I ask again you to consider creatively amending the headline so that NEwt supporters won't have to read that and remind themselves over and over again, oh he doesn't mean that.

Do you see how it can be used against us? And your very heartfelt wishes for restoring all we hold dear?

PolitiJim, I think that you are an emerging bright star! Please help us with the ability re-post your article! Thank you.

I've folded again? Id say conservatives who failed to vote for newt folded. I'm just being realistic about his chances and I haven't heard anything that tells me that I am wrong. And guys, pressuring jim to change his headline because it sounds antinewt is a bit to close to some sort of thought police making sure you don't think anything considered heretical. I think its a brilliant misdirection.

Another Great Piece of work Jim. . .you do have a way with Words; I just hope Our NEWT takes your advice! I don't believe telling the American People (especially Voter) THE TRUTH about your opponents is Negative campaigning.

Jim is not asking Gingrich to quit-read the article!

great article Jim. "give me liberty or give me death."

Whew....I almost became disheartened when I saw the tweet leading up to this post. But then I read it. Thank God for your continued support of Newt. You, Professor Jacobson, Chuck Norris et al. have been the public voice of support for Newt. Keep up the good work. Newt in 2012!

cannot find that article in post is there a title? I'm glad you're not quitting on Newt! I was just telling my dad the same thing, I'm all in!

Don't have time to read all the other comments, right now, but this is an awesome post and I hope Gingrich gets this message. Go Newt!

When I first began reading this article...my disappointment was overwhelmimg..I decided after the first paragraph I was going to write and tell you for the firt time..."we do not agree". I continued reading..and started cheering! This is rigt up there with Dear Mr Speaker. Your articles are inspirationaland and on point. I will share share share. We have a chance to vote in a man who can make America great. A chance for Newt Gingrich to make historical changes once "again" but this time as President of the United States.
I look forward to reading the next article :)
Thank you Jim!

Ok, had a chance to read all the comments, except for those removed by the authors. My first impression is wow! :))))) It reminds me of Shopping Mall Art Shows. Tens of thousands of people buzzing by every day, so you try to slow them down with signs to explain that you're selling detailed original watercolor paintings, not photographs; but I learned very quickly that people in general don't like to read. You might as well ask them if you can pull their front teeth. The big WOW comes from my assumption that people that read blogs must REALLY like to read! So I thought that a blog was the PERFECT place to get the Letters that the Lord has been writing through me for the body of Christ out to the world! Boyoboyo, what a splash of cold water this has been. Live and learn, live and learn, live and learn; I hope.

I thought I knew PolitiJim enough to know he was joking somehow, but I will admit that he kept me in suspence, for quite a while, when reading this post . . . makes me believe he really is a screen writer! And a funny, mischievious, patriotic screenwriter at that! . . . . . praise God!

Hopechange said:

It would be great to have an ALTERNATE TITLE for tweeting and re-tweeting!!!

Can you consult your creative inner genius and come up with one?

I think this idea has merit. Haven't noodled it enough to make a firm decision, and it's obviously above my pay scale anyways, but I hope PolitiJim gives it a few more of his brain waves.

Thank you for the article. I love Newt Gingrich, and he is my only hope for this country. Every time when I hear Newt speaking I get his message and feel his sincere love for this country. I admire his knowledge on U.S.S. history and his speech on second amendment is just awesome. His energy plan is great; his tax proposal is simple and effective, even WSJ made comment about Newt’s proposal as the best among all GOP candidates. I like that Newt is challenging Obama and his administration, I admire his stand against media and republican establishment, and I really think if republican establishment wants Romney as our nominee then perhaps Republican party is dead. I look at our Senate and current speaker of the house and think what a difference, this man has no balls, he bends to all democrats and in result we get nowhere. Nothing has been done by our incompetent senate besides increasing national debt wow what an achievement. And if that is what our republican establishment stands for then no wonder they fight Newt, they are useless and prefer to do nothing and they all get along just fine democrats and republicans, they argue but do nothing, and want us to believe that they represent our interest and work for us, what a joke. I am so sick of all these politicians and looking at four men still standing I see only one leader, Newt Gingrich. Romney cannot win against Obama that is the fact, how can he repeal Obama care if it was based on Romney care, seriously? Santorum, I bet is surprised himself that he still in a race because let’s face it he is not a match to a wisdom of Newt Gingrich.

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