Sunday, December 16, 2012

If today were 1775

A friend found this posted on Facebook.  I have sensed that we are nearing a time when a majority of patriotic, liberty-loving, God-fearing Americans say, "Enough is enough."  Certainly this person is already there.  Let me know your thoughts:

Historical Parallels
What the Founding Fathers Did
What we should start doing--NOW

Totally corrupt monarchy, parliament and courts
Stamp Act to suppress communication between the colonies
Oppressive taxes to drive colonies to their knees
Mandatory quartering of British soldiers in private homes
Attempts to seize guns and ammo from the colonial militias (Lexington & Concord)
Attempt to divide rebels from the loyalists

Totally corrupt White House, congress and federal court system (will get worse after Obummer appoints
Holder, Clinton and Moochelle to the Supreme Court)
Efforts to control communications—internet kill switch, bankrupt USPS
Oppressive taxes (ObummerCare and other coming taxes)
FEMA camps and NDAA
Gun control drive
Racially divisive policies and legisltation

Exhausted all appeals through “channels”
Found ways NOT to pay any of the oppressive taxes—flat out refused (Boston Tea Party)
Organized town and colony militias and began preparing for war (multiple skirmishes and firefights long
BEFORE the signing of the Declaration of Independence)
Hid weapons and ammo to avoid seizure by British troops
Fought to protect weapons and ammo whenever British tried to seize them (Lexington & Concord)
Resisted colony by colony before finally organizing as a unified United States

We’ve already exhausted appeals through “channels”
Organize ways to NOT pay the oppressive taxes (don’t comment asking me “how” in a public forum—
you know how, just do it and get others to do the same)
State and regional militias already organizing/training. Get involved NOW. Find and reach out to
displaced military veterans returning to no jobs.
Stores of ammo and weapons being cached in preparation
Resistance being organized at the State level (no individual citizen can stand up to DHS, FBI, etc.
Resistance can only succeed through organized State efforts)
When the balloon goes up, identify the loyalist traitors inside each state and deal with them. (Use the
FEMA camps, if needed)

That is all for now.


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