Friday, February 5, 2016

Why Are Cruz Christians Allowing Themselves to be Deceived?

UPDATE: Christian Evangelical icon Mike Huckabee, one of the most gentle, soft spoken candidates ever, is openly calling Ted Cruz  "“Nasty…Stealing…Lowlife…Sleazy…”  Reminds you also of George W. Bush, who says NOTHING bad even about Obama or other competitors to his brother, but has open disdain for Ted.   This should not be taken likely.

I detest the Cruz, Rubio, Trump and Jeb supporters who can't be honest about their own candidate's failings.  Almost all of these people seem to be Christian, but they some how think it's fine to act like liberals and not acknowledge even the BASIC flaws of their candidate, defending lies and worse.  Why is that?

Worse, they don't do even basic research to find out who they are really defending.  If their candidate says it they ignorantly just assume it must be true then find themselves terribly embarrassed (and discredited) over defending actions that are not only unethical but calculated.  And as I explain below, this will keep happening to Ted Cruz.  It is intentional.

Now that the Caucus fraud has been irrefutably proven that the Cruz campaign intentionally misrepresented Carson's situation to steal votes even after Carson sent a corrected release (here and here) - not one of the Judeo/Christian Cruz supporters has had the integrity to admit they were wrong.  In their eyes it's just "politics" and hypocritically won't admit they would be hammering this 24/7 if it happened to their candidate.  In just one precinct where Cruz's operatives were pushing the lie, Ben Carson's WIFE walked in as Cruz operatives were spreading the lies, and Carson ended up in SECOND place- much more in line with the pre-caucus polling.  These people are like Obots who still claim Barry has saved the economy and is a Christian.  Stick your head in the sand.  Who cares if the Soros-affiliated PR head of the Cruz campaign who was caught red handed trying to blame Trump as well.  No wonder our children and nation have no moral compass.
What gets me, is a lot of these people endorsed the RINO-Rubio loving Santorum in the last election, (who misled a huge number of Christians because they didn't do even BASIC research into fact checking his representations) - they are now doing the same with Cruz.  His campaign is run by a former  Goldman Sachs executive who profited from the push of TSA scanning machines, his wife STILL is employed by Goldman Sachs on leave, and his campaign originally tried to HIDE her ties to the Council of Foreign Relations and her ex-World Bank President boss on Wikipedia, much less his loans from them.   Nothing to see here, move along....unless it's Chelsea.  

A normally intelligent TEA Party activist here in Texas wrote a puff piece on Ted Cruz "What We Know About Ted Cruz in Texas" and refused to address that he actively pushed and defended Bush's NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND.  She did the same with Santorum.  Apparently, she doesn't have an ability to admit ANY wrongdoing - just like our current Muslim President.  These people seem oblivious that Heidi Cruz helped write and promote the EU-like Agenda 21 North American Union plan.  Yet nary a peep from my supposed conservative friends about Ted's vote with Barak Barry to hand over American sovereignty with his support of TPP

You'd think that after Cruz told gay donors at a NY apartment (where a gay bartender died of drug overdose only six months earlier).that he would have "no problem" if one of his daughter was gay at the SAME TIME he was in churches condemning the gay lifestyle, they'd start to look a bit more closely at him.

Of course not.  And the fact that Ted changed his big government rhetoric just 10 years ago as he began to orchestrate his calculated political quest?  No biggie.  Who cares if Ted Cruz never had any intention of actually serving the people of Texas as Senator.  Only three (3) months after taking his Senate seat, he began running for President as National Review reporter Robert Costa explains in this radio interview. Who cares if he has the second worst attendance record in the Senate and can't be bothered to show up even 50% of the time for his position on the Armed Services Committee.  Rubio is even worse.  (That's right, Hillary had a better attendance record than Marco Rubio.)

Besides Cruz/Rubio who were the most recent first term Senators who had this bad of a voting record who began running for POTUS?  Barack Hussein Obama.  And Hillary Clinton.

There is no perfect politician.  Cruz still has done some great conservative things.  But the inability for CHRISTIANS to accept meditated deception and lying is disgusting.  Can't you still support "your guy" but at least be honest about what they do or did?
All candidates try to put a spin on their accomplishments. But Cruz's abilities are premeditated and Clintonian.  As Sarah Palin expressed, one of her reasons for not endorsing the man she put into the Senate, was that he lied on his immigration record.  He was ok.  But he continually lies about what his real positions were and revises history to score cheap political points, rather than simply be truthful about what he said and did at the time.  Politico documents just THREE of these instances here in their article entitled, "Ted Cruz may be the most gifted liar to run for President."  Hate Trump and Rubio, but they at least admit they held contrary opinions on many things before they ran for President and explain why.

It's not just immigration.  It's almost everything else which is why even his conservative Senate fellows dislike him.  Chuck Grassley called Cruz's Criminal Justice Reform where he wanted to do away with minimum mandatory sentences as "lenient," and now pretends it never happened.  And worse, Ted ended up supporting NOTHING of value in the end.  As a Texan, can I get my money back?

Ron Paul came out yesterday created a furor by saying of Cruz, "he’s owned by Goldman Sachs."  The CrowdPAC chart to the right shows that not only is he the largest recipient of Wall Street donations, he has MORE than Hillary. Suddenly those undisclosed loans from Goldman Sachs and Citibank take on a new light.  Two big reasons why this is damning:

  1. The law is clear.  So either Cruz can't manage accurate reporting (something he has derided political opponents and the White House about), or he was lying.
  2. He was already caught lying about this.  Cruz had an eloquent story he originally told:
 “Sweetheart, I’d like us to liquidate our entire net worth, liquid net worth, and put it into the campaign,” he says he told his wife, Heidi, who readily agreed.
The truth is "liquidate" to Ted was to get a sweetheart loan from his wife's employer and the CAMPAIGN paid it back.   The Cruz's were never out a penny.  And it was a Hillary-like "we were broke" moment.

**UPDATE** via TheGatewayPundit
And then there is THIS from the Ted Cruz campaign.  He says in a fund raising letter that he "will never get" nor does he want "money from D.C. lobbyists or the special interest billionaires."  And yet like Obama and Clinton BLATANTLY deceives based upon his own filings.

Here is a real sign of character.  When he was running for Senate, the Dewhurst campaign sent out a mailer smearing and lying that Cruz represented a Chinese company stealing American blueprints.  He even claimed he was incensed since it went to his father.  What did Cruz do?  He hired the man who created the mailer TO BE HIS presidential campaign architect.  A man who had no national political success to speak of at that time, but a reputation to be "the worst" of dirty politics, including driving some opponents to suicide.  What a perfect fit for a conservative Christian that will have to shed the "mean hypocritical Christian" label if he runs in a general election!  (I can't seem to find my sarcasm font - but you get the idea)
THE ENTIRE GOAL of the CRUZ CAMPAIGN ARCHITECT IS TO WIN DISHONESTLY, even if it means falsely accusing a fellow Christian.  And Ted Cruz embraces it.

Christians are told to judge a tree by it's fruit.  But instead of actually LOOKING at the fruit, they are buying everything the snake in the garden is telling them it is.

Hey Politijim, Rubio, Trump, (and everyone else) have worse sins!  Why single out Cruz??

Because, it's the HYPOCRISY stupid!  Who did Jesus curse?  Those who CLAIMED they were perfect and were keeping the Law.  Did you ever notice that God references 4 women in Jesus's lineage that ALL don't belong there by Old Testament Law?  Ruth was a Moabite and shouldn't have been allowed in a temple much less the bloodline of God.  Tamar seduced and slept with her Father in Law.  Rahab was a prostitute.  Bathsheba an exhibitionist who bathed nude so King David could see her.

You hate Trump because he had more than one wife?  Then you had better hate King David and Ronald Reagan.  Dislike Rubio because he was likely gay?  Then Cruz can't be any better declaring that he's fine if his daughter is.

If you are a Christian, you are saved by GRACE and nothing else.  There isn't a single Bible character God used who was the Billy Graham or Mother Theresa of their day.  But he DOES look at the heart.  Reagan hated abortion and even expanded it in California.  But at least he could explain why he changed and didn't try and excuse his past decisions.  He owned up to them.  The only thing I've heard Cruz say he made a mistake was being arrogant on the Bush campaign.  Sure he said he could do better on tithing, but then he LIED to the Christian reporter saying it only happened when he was "newly married man."  The truth is that long after he was "newly married" his entire reported GIVING (much less his 10% tithing) was only 0.86%.  (Mitt Romney, who most evangelicals despised gave between 20% to 30% in any given year.)

Do you want a candidate who is transparent with who he is, or one that is continually crafting a false image to deceive people?

And it's worse.  Much, much worse.  Ted has been working with Mitch McConnell, including funding the NRSC - who he castigated and castigates as RINO's - from his own PAC since he got in office!
You’ll note Senator Ted Cruz never once campaigned for a conservative challengers to incumbents in the 2014 mid-term campaign races – nor did he ever discuss the absence of a federal budget now the republicans were in control of both the House and the Senate.
While publicly railing against what he called the DC Cartel, a group he was bound to assist from his prior pledge to them, he worked to deliver their goals nonetheless. 
And NOW we find that a shadowy SuperPAC, with millions from unidentified donors is run by the former attorney for Mitch McConnell and attack ALL Cruz competitors.  One of the big donors behind this? German born Peter Thiel founder of Paypal with DEEP CIA/FBI/DARPA ties.  Thiel was one of the first investors of Facebook and as biggest shareholder in Palantir, is deeply enmeshed with government at all levels including the Obama White House.  Anonymous uncovered efforts by Thiel's company to "spread disinformation" about journalist Greg Greenwald's work.

Up until two years ago, Cruz would wax poetic on the legal justification for everything from an anti-abortion Constitutional amendment to ...whatever.  It was his calling card as an originalist, Constitutional lawyer who had argued cases before the Supreme Court.  Just look how articulate he is in discussing the ObamaCare, Gay Marriage and Judicial retention rulings and Constitutional Amendments.  

But just like in the interview above he said "I'm not interested in trashing other Republicans," and now castigates his opponents daily - he also reverses course when it comes to his true eligibility.  In October of 2013 he was asked if he can run for President since he was born in Canada and at that time had STILL not renounced his Canadian citizenship.  His answer?  "I won't get into the legal arguments."

Now WHY would someone with such experience, legal brilliance and superb communication skills NOT take a chance to address it?
I submit it's because he ALREADY KNOWS the truth.  

He knows the John Jay and George Washington changed the first draft of the Constitution to strengthen the qualifications for President from someone merely born in the US to anyone, to someone who has to be born in the US to TWO CITIZEN PARENTS.  He knows the Immigration Act of 1790, which his campaign and operatives tout to allow foreign born citizens to be considered "natural born citizens" was not just amended BUT REPEALED, and replaced with the Act of 1795 that makes it clear foreign born citizens are NOT "natural born citizens."  We even have the ORIGINAL House of Representative notes that explains why they thought foreign born candidates like Cruz, or US soil born candidates without two US citizen parents like Rubio and Valarie Jarrett - were unconstitutional.  He knows that there have been a myriad of SCOTUS cases that EXPLICITLY address the issue.  And he knows most of America, even most of his Christian followers, will buy his lighthearted dismissal the same way Obama followers did.

You feel there is no other alternative but Cruz?  Great.  Support him.  But please spare the rest of us your sanctimonious lies that he doesn't have some very, very serious issues.

At LEAST do us the favor of obtaining DOCUMENTATION of his US Citizenship.  Since 1919 the Federal Government has required a Consular Record of Birth Abroad, to be filed by the US citizen parent (with the child appearing before the US immigration official).  So forget "natural born citizen" for a minute.  Since Ted was born in Calgary, he could at least prove HE came here legally, and followed the rules that millions of others have had to claim their CITIZENSHIP honestly.  That would be a good start.


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