Monday, March 7, 2016

Comparing the Conservative Dream by Cruz and Trump

1,000 blue collar workers in a single Ohio county have switched their party registration from Democrat to Republican in the past few weeks.  ONE county.  The Chairman Mark Munroe says,
“Every day I take phone calls or get voice messages from people saying they’ve been Democrats all their life and they’ve had it. They want to vote for Donald Trump. I’m surprised at the volume of inquiries we’re getting. It’s remarkable.”

Since I mentally and emotionally embraced conservative values from Ronald Reagan, there have been some ideals that just never seem to come to pass.  Yes, Reagan cut taxes and Newt Gingrich got welfare reform enacted.  But as I read the comments of the Ohio County GOP Chair, I couldn't help but think of Jack Kemp's deep desire to broaden the conservative message to minorities and inner city.  He and Newt Gingrich visited regularly with African American leaders even knowing they would disagree with them.  They heavily recruited young minority political talent like JC Watts, but never really saw significant results on a broad scale.  But, over the weekend, we learned that civil rights, hero, icon and activist Charles Evers - brother to Medgar Evers - endorsed Donald Trump.  From the Daily Caller:

(Evers) said Trump was a "fair" businessman who respects merit over race.

“I haven’t seen any proof of him being a racist,” said Evers. "All of us have some racism in us. Even me.”

The last time he voted for a controversial GOP nominee?  1980.  For Ronald Reagan.

Here are the goals I have always heard conservatives desire for the rest of America since the '80's:

  1. Quit dividing the country and start uniting it (Remember John Edwards 2 Americas?)
  2. Bring African Americans into the GOP and break the Democrat hold (Mia Love?)
  3. Reinvigorate the economy by cutting taxes and waste
  4. Dismantle DC bureaucracies like the RNC, EPA, DOE, DOEd and reform the IRS
  5. Appoint conservative judges less likely to go liberal after appointment
  6. Revoke attacks on 2nd Amendment and strengthen them.
  7. Stop illegal immigration
  8. Bring justice to the criminals in the Clinton/Obama administration who never get prosecuted by the successors
It is absolutely fair to bring up a candidates changing positions.  But the intellectual dishonesty by many Trump-haters - especially pious Cruz supporters - ignore that their own candidate has done the same on his glowing about Bush's big spending and Ted Kennedy's No Child Left Behind, loosening criminal justice standards, ObamaTrade and even his own status as a Canadian citizen.  Ironically, may Cruz supporters have taken Rush Limbaugh's comment that Ted was the closest thing to Reagan we've had, forgetting that only 5 years before running for President, he actually expanded and accelerated abortion in California and he granted immunity AFTER being President.  So let's all agree to look objectively these eight "dreams" that are within reach after 8 horrific years of Obama.

Trump Cruz Comparison

Trump Cruz
Unity Bringing back Reagan Democrats
union  & blue collar workers
Talks of "them vs us" on NY
values, religious vs non-religious

Minorities Wins more minorities
than Cruz or Rubio, endorsed by
National Black Republican Assoc
In 3rd place in most latino
states like Nevada among
minorities, didn't even win in
95% Hispanic county in Texas
Economy Runs a lean billion company,
talked of tax cuts, trade since 90s
Wanted VAT tax which expands
government wherever used, no
executive/financial experience

Dismantle DC Has had to oversee reduced
spending in own billion $
businesses, talked of leaner
government since '90s.

Does talk about some
'replacement' for ObamaCare
Good policy position
but endorsed
No Child Left Behind and
bigger govt under Bush. 

Also talks about some
'replacement' for ObamaCare

SCOTUS Only candidate to actually name
judges he would appoint in
Also wants "conservative" but
recruited, lobbied for
John Roberts when in Bush
Long time member of NRA,
sons both avid hunters/lifetime
NRA members
Pro-2nd Amendment, some
question if he knows how to
carry a shotgun
Justice Has openly talked about jail
for Hillary, Obama and
disclosure of redacted 9/11
Talks about jail for Hillary Clinton,
as former Solicitor General
enforced criminal codes, but
proposed looser criminal sentences

Endorsed by Jan Brewer,
Jeff Sessions and Sheriff Joe
Strong Senate record against Gang of 8
and Obama Executive amnesty.  Did
propose large H1B Visa extension,
against the wall, then for it, against
deportation, then for it.

My point is not to say that Cruz is not conservative.  He is.  But Ted's own record against Trumps in comparison to the rhertoric given by the Cruz camp (and Cruz himself) that Trump is somehow a liberal Democrat, just doesn't hold water.  And unlike Ted, Trump is actually ALREADY effecting opinions and action unseen by Cruz.

Trump is:
  • Already bringing back Reagan Democrats and enormous numbers of minorities
  • Getting Mexican leader Vincente Fox to admit there WILL be a wall. Fox also reacted disproportionately - screaming obscenely - to the Trumps strong language perhaps in part because, with George Bush and Condolezza Rice (Ted and Heidi's former bosses) he advocates a North American Union with a single currency that would combine US, Canada & Mexico.
  • Creating strong anti-illegal immigration protests in foreign countries
  • Creating fear among the Washington bureaucrats causing 25% saying they would leave government if Trump elected. (Ironically Trump edged Cruz in "pride" those federal workers would have either was elected but trounced Cruz 32% to 17% as their favorite candidate.)
It is time to bring a little balance back to the unhinged hysteria psyops conducted by the NSA/CIA managers of the Cruz Campaign.  I guess if you smear a successful billionaire that he's a "con man" with towering heads of industry like Carl Ichan endorsing him, you may hope and pray the electorate doesn't realize that your candidate has never actually led or managed any successful enterprise other than a Senate campaign whose single most important facilitator (Sarah Palin) doesn't support your current candidacy. 

It's fine if you don't like Trump's personality or don't feel you can't trust him to stay pro-life.  It's time to quit kidding ourselves that Trump isn't a powerful force for good in the Republican party and is already accomplishing historic changes in a conservative way - that we have not seen since Reagan and Gingrich.

Discerning people would get their heads out of the campaign mud, and objectively see that there must be a reason that the GOP establishment, the World government leeches and the liberal mafia are so threatened by a Trump presidency, and start looking at the battle lines to see if they are really on the right side of history.


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