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Ex-Cruz Staffer: @AmandaCarpenter hatched Carson theft and Heidi OK with Ted Affairs

Ex-Cruz campaign staffer: Heidi knows about Ted affairs, is "ok with it." Amanda Carpenter hatched Ben Carson vote theft.
  • Cruz hatched Ben Carson vote theft from internal phone poll showing Trump in 1st, Cruz second and Carson a very close third place.
  • Amanda Carpenter initiated the idea of converting Carson caucus goers to Cruz
  • Cruz extramarital affairs well known
  • Heidi Cruz sent memo to staff declaring that "she knew about it." "it was ok" and staff should not worry about it.

Bill Still reports that he and his wife spoke with an ex-Cruz campaign staffer with 24 years of political experience. This person claims they had never quit a campaign until becoming too uncomfortable with the deceptive tactics and operations of the campaign. They asked for anonymity since they had taken a position with another campaign, but provided Still his written offer from the Cruz campaign as proof of his employment.

The staffer was part of a internal poll that showed Trump ahead in Iowa, with Cruz second and Carson a very substantial third place. This person claims to have made their displeasure known to the staff at the scheme to take Carson's votes and eventually quit days before the Iowa Caucus.

The staffer says Amanda Carpenter was directly involved in the scheme going as far as to say it was her idea.  Conservative media has thoroughly documented how Carpenter was the first to tweet the news from the first tweet from CNN reporters, and how the Cruz campaign chose to ignore immediate and continuous opportunities to correct the record.  Instead they blasted the information to every Cruz campaign operative to take advantage of the misleading first tweet from the CNN reporter.

(Breitbart timeline - TalkingPointsMemo timeline)
  1. 6:41 pm CNN tweets Carson going to FL after IA but NOT dropping race.
  2. 6:44 pm CNN’s Dana Bash says it is "unusual" but DOES NOT SAY CARSON dropping out.
  3. 6:48 pm Amanda Carpenter FIRST to claim Carson is "releasing his voters."
  4. 6:53 pm Cruz campaign does NOT verify report with Carson, but sends email/text/post to that "Carson taking time off with big announcement next week."
  5. 6:53 pm Carson campaign clarifies report that he is "only going home to get clean clothes" NOT dropping out of race. Carson campaign tweets "We're here!"
  6. 7:00 pm Iowa Caucus Begins
  7. 7:01 pm Cruz campaign sends text/email blast to 1500 precinct chairpeople implying Carson getting out of race, and to TELL CARSON supporters to vote for Cruz. Cruz Tweet here.
  8. 7:05 pm Carson campaign spokesperson clarifies Carson is in race.
  9. 7:07 pm Cruz sends audio message to campaign that Carson is getting out of campaign, "tell Carson supporters, and tell them to vote for Cruz."
  10. 7:12 pm National Cruz Co-Chair, US Representative Steve King equates "leaving early is same as suspending campaign."
  11. 7:20 pm Even AFTER others protest to Rep. King, King tweets, "guess he's out. hope people vote for Cruz." 
  12. 7:29 pm Second audio goes to all Cruz supporters saying same as 7:07 pm message.
  13. 7:30 pm Major news broadcasters continue denials of false report, and Cruz continuing to send out false messages - CNN AGAIN sends clarifying tweet Carson is in.
  14. 10:52 pm Cruz Public Relations chief (Professional CIA disinformation operative with ties to George Soros) sends multiple tweets trying to blame Trump campaign, then deletes it.
  15. Cruz FLAT LIED that CNN had inaccurately reported that Carson was suspending his campaign "from 6:30 p.m. to 9:15," and "didn't correct that story until 9:15 that night."
  16.  Cruz finally admits wrongdoing, apologizes to Ben Carson - WHILE blaming CNN.
Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad (R), who opposed Cruz openly during the race, said Thursday that Cruz’s tactics had been “unethical and unfair.”
Also on Thursday, Carson said that the Cruz campaign never tried to verify the truth before sending false information to supporters.
“As a Christian man, I accept the apology he has since offered and I take him at his word that he didn’t know,” Carson said. “But no actions have been taken to correct the problem. That I cannot accept.
“One thing is now clear — while Senator Cruz may preach against the ‘Washington Cartel,’ he will still adopt, or at least not condemn, Cartel tactics for his own political gain,” Carson wrote.
Further in the video Still report, the ex-staffer discusses the issue of Ted Cruz's alleged extramarital affairs.
And finally, we asked John Doe if there was anything to the allegations in the National Enquirer about Cruz having mistresses.
“It’s 100% true that he has affairs. All top-level staffers got an email directly from Heidi Cruz saying that she knew about it and it was ok, and for us to not concern ourselves with it.”
Amanda Carpenter commented at length on the National Enquirer chargers against John Edwards in 2008 including:
Media refused to report on Edwards affair in 08.  Now, staffers are saying they knew all along! Maybe someone should have called them then?  (tweet picture at top)
Social media matched an obscured photo in the National Enquirer article alleging Ted Cruz at least five mistresses while married to Heidi Cruz.  Carpenter went dark on social media for about 18 hours as the story broke not denying the affair, but gave a lengthy interview to CNN claiming she has always remained faithful to her husband.  She also claimed her relationship with Cruz was "entirely professional" despite numerous tweets publicized in the past days gushing over Senator Cruz and even wearing matching tattoos.  Some reporters still believe here denials were carefully crafted to give the appearance of fidelity, but with loopholes that would give her room to retract in the future.

The Still Report Part 2 below..  (Part 1 available here.)

More on the Concordance of Cruz Lies and Deceptions here.


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