Monday, July 25, 2011

Campus Crusade is the DEVIL!!!

Beelzebub?  No - of course they are not.

Although non-Christians will gleeful take delight in this "family" talk, this is for Christians.  Specifically, knee jerk, gossiping, tongues-setting-forest-fires ones.  (Believe me - you DON'T know who you are).

In case you haven't heard, Campus Crusade for Christ has changed it's name to CRU (complete with hip, modern looking logo). 

And for this THEY ARE GOING TO HELL!!!!!!  ....if you believe some of the protesting Christians.

In case you hadn't paid attention, our scholarly children no longer say, "What is going on with you my collegiate friend," but instead have conveniently shortened it to " 'Sup, bro?"
That's right.  College students too busy studying a cure for cancer have found a better use of time than uttering all six syllables of the christian organization's name.  By the way, they've already been calling it "CRU" now for about, 15 years.  And telling kids to visit is WAY easier than "" if you ask me.

When Dr. Bill and Vonette Bright started the not for profit back in 1951, the word "crusade" conjured up visions of "Billy Graham," who - among other traveling preachers had popularized the term for massive outpourings of people who wanted to hear about Jesus Christ.

Oddly, in decades prior and since - "crusade" conjures up blood thirsty evangelical Christians invading foreign territories to do harm.  And no, I'm not talking about college football.

Bill had been desiring to change the name for years before his death.  Although he never told this to me (Dr. Bright was very kind to help me start my ministry,) I would also suppose, the great staff of Campus Crusade were tired of spending the first semester of every year trying to convince the foreign students that were not in anyway affiliated with the Spanish Inquisition and did not want to invade their Islamic homeland.

And really, deciding to simplify the name to what EVERYONE is already calling it - somehow is akin to denying the mission AND THE ONLY MISSION you have as an organization? Get Real.  Oddly, it took Federal Express like 5 years and $20 Million in consultants to finally FORMALLY change their name to FEDEX - something the rest of the universe had already been calling them since their 1st year in business.  (And guess what - they aren't denying they still ship faster than any other courier!)

What I really want to focus in on here, is my brothers and sisters in Christ who have decided that; despite the explanation by Bill's surviving wife and co-founder Vonette, despite 60 years of non-wavering devotion to evangelism, and despite declarations to the contrary by the board of directors, executive team, staff,  donors, bookkeepers and even the heathen students who are tired of being invited to bible study - they want to crucify this amazing organization.

It may have not dawned on my brethren, that by doing so, they have broken at least 7 admonishments of Saint Paul and our beloved Savior in the process including that of "NOT BEARING FALSE WITNESS."  (for you noob Christians and heathen - you get thrown into the lake of fire with satan himself to burn in torment for all of eternity for that one).

It is because of YOU Christians that I almost went to hell in the first place!! (part of my hilarious recitation of this is located here.)

I was actually fairly open to the concept of 'church' until I was introduced to those who wanted to micro-manage every thought, action, and word of mine while grading me on a curve against their Sunday school class of nerds.  I many not have ever understood what "freedom in Christ" was but I had a keen notion of what "crucifying my flesh" might be.

When I was in college, if It wasn't until when I was at my lowest of low (overdrawn bank account, jilted by my girlfriend and death of my childhood dog) that I even remotely considered LISTENING to the Jesus Freak who had been begging me to go to church for 3 years.  And I only listened to him because he gave me a ride every morning. (Sorry Bob.) 

But it wasn't even these people - it was the Spirit of God, Himself, and the experience of love, joy and peace in the midst of this despair - that let me know God was real.

So imagine the peer pressure of an entire campus playing to your every lust, desire and hormone - while the misfits want to tell you about, "Jesus the Christ."  This is what Campus Crusade is up against.

Even after I became a Christian, I had a mid-life crisis at the age of 30 (i was always precocious) and did some pretty terrible things.  I REALIZED I was caught in something not good and pleaded for some Christians to help - but they told me I had to give up my vice IMMEDIATELY or they would disown me before helping me.   And they did.  But my 'heathen' friends offered me a place to stay, were sympathetic to the 'emotions' causing me to do my terrible deeds.

If not for the perseverance of one man - I would be lost forever and deprived of the amazing relationship (and it's benefits) I have in Christ.  Steve called me just to see how i was.  About once every 5 calls he would make it clear that what I was doing was not just wrong - but it would inevitably make me even more miserable than I could imagine. What was unique is that he never in a condemning way. It was always out of sincere conviction to see me - ultimately - happy.  His words wove a rope of hope - that eventually gave me a life line back to reality.   Many children are thrilled at the joy of writing checks and buying things with their first checkbook, until those banks start bouncing, right? Thank God for the people that help you see the consequence of the WRONG kinds of pleasure before the banker-man comes to collect.

But does anyone want to risk grabbing the lifeline of someone who wants to make them feel worse first?  I think not.

When the idea of ripping other Christians happened in Jesus time, HE got mad.  "Anyone who isn't against us - is for us." (Mark 9)

Why do you hate Jesus, you people that think it is up to you be the judge of every other Christian?

(and if you think HATE is too strong - read this)

When will Christians finally get it that FAITH works by love and that God's GOODNESS brings about repentance?  it is satan who stands before the throne of God, day and night, ACCUSING THE BRETHREN.  

Who do you want to be like?

Without a demonstration of a supernatural emotional or physical healing , someone who articulates your worst fear (without you telling them), or the unconditional kindness from someone who loves you when you least deserve it -  it is damn tough to cut through the enticement of liquor, drugs, carefree sex and peer pressure that comes on any college campus.

This is what CRU does.  (Yeah, you heard me ... C  R  U)

And who would want to be apart of YOUR group anyway?  Beating up people who are supposed to be ON YOUR SIDE?  I can hear the thoughts now, "Man - if you do that to people who are on your team - what will you do to me?"

Not only will you not have a shot at the 20% who can't get past the word "Crusade" - you now will also shave off another 20% to 50% that simply don't want to be like the uptight, mean, vindictive vipers that would do such a thing to their "own".

Jesus was rarely angry.  He always wanted to help people.  And He didn't get mad at people because they weren't perfect.  (He did get mad at those who mercilessly judged other people trying to follow God and kept putting 'rules' up for them to jump over.] 

So just stop it already!  Cut Cru some slack.

Why don't you let the Holy Spirit do the job of convicting people of their sin - and you just love them.

And next time - why don't you read the frickin' press release of the fellow-Christian you want to condemn?

Ok. I'm done.  Now if you're a good Christian - you have to forgive me for getting on your case.  

LOVE YA!  (no really.  We're cool.)


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