Saturday, May 12, 2012

Out With The Bull, In With the Jew


I find political meaning in everything, including the annual ritual of the changing of the Chicago Sports fan’s season, where we exchange bitter disappointment of basketball for the bogus hope for the boys of summer.  PolitiJim has changed from his Bull hat to Cubs, but perhaps this year it is prophetic for our political hopes as Tea Party conservatives as well.  Allow me to explain.

The team that miraculously tied for the best record in the NBA’s shortened seasoned (see PolitiJim cap in title picture) was eliminated by the Philadelphia 76ers last night in a series that ended up 4-2.  At the True the Vote National Summit I sat with a fellow patriot from Philly who owes me a plate of crow.  I suppose I’ll need to bring my own Bullsauce with which to wash it down.

The Bulls were astounded at losing game 3, especially with a 14 point lead in the 4th quarter of that game.   No one said it, but even without Derrick Rose, the meltdown took on supernatural tones.  All Star Luo Deng couldn’t grasp it saying:

“It just felt like that everything that wasn’t supposed to happen, happened,” Luol Deng said. “It just felt like that everything that wasn’t supposed to happen, happened.

True, I predicted here, that the Bulls would not win the Championship due to the “Obama Curse.” But I thought that even without last year’s MVP Derrick Rose lost to a season ending ACL injury in game 1, they could beat the worst team in the playoffs.  Afterall, the Bulls had gone 18-9 against other teams (including Miami and Dallas) without their hard working floor leader.  Apparently the Barack Jinx is becoming more potent, or PolitiJim failed to factor in the increased effect resulting from Rose publicly endorsing Obama for re-election.  Kind of a double damn, I suppose.  It appears unless you are directly apart of satan’s secret circle, endorsing Obama may be as hazardous to your success as having him endorse you.  Just ask Oprah who looks like her old “magic” tumbled when she endorsed Obama and is on the verge of loosing $300 Million and total failure in her new network.


Is it coincidence that the Cubs, after starting out 3-11, are the hottest team in baseball while the Red Sox, who started out 1-5 are one of the worst?  Last year the Red Sox also started out 2-10 and went on to have the best record in baseball – a 81-42 record.  Yes, the managers have changed at both clubs, but the common denominator is the Waveland Wonder, Theo Epstein.  NO ONE, including PolitiJim, expects to be searching scalpers for World Series tickets this year.  But just as Phil Jackson took wannabe contenders to winners with Jordan and the Lake Show, there is SOMETHING beyond better decision making, better “X’s and O’s” to success, and the Cubs LOOK like a different team as the former Boston Red Sox GM promised.

Yes, creating a different “attitude” does help success.  But even the famed, philosophical optimist, Jimmy V only won one National Basketball Championship.  In the bible it’s called “an anointing.”  It is the opposite of a curse.

Of course, despite the natural inclinations of Wrigley worshipping devotees, it is too early to indicate long term success.  Don’t think every Cub fan wouldn’t like to declare the season over right now and take our winning record when we can get it.

But by all accounts there IS a different winning “atmosphere” despite injuries to Kerry Wood, and melt downs by crazy closer Carlos Marmol.  (For non-Cub, non-baseball fans – Kerry Wood held the record for most strikeouts in a game until last year and Carolos Marmol is the most unhittable pitcher in the majors.  Unless he’s not, which has been the story most of the past year.)

Tea Partiers felt that in 2010 only to wonder if “conservative” is the new “Cub.”  Afterall, conservatives REALLY truly haven’t been empowered since Contract With America, and Bush turned out to be bush league as far as Regan Republicanism goes.

Many felt that last year the basketball Bulls were overachievers.  They were far more successful with Coach of the Year Tom Thibodeau despite utilizing the same core players that Vinny Del Negro and Scott Skiles couldn’t get into the playoffs or past the first round of playoffs.  The amazing accomplishment this year of EXCEEDING their winning percentage of last year (despite only having their starting 5 healthy for 15 games) proved that the Bulls were “for real.”  The players could INDIVIDUALLY play and improve all they wanted, but the right coach can set a goal, group expectation and integration of talents in a way average coaches can’t.  It’s why we marvel at John Wooden who won 10 NCAA titles.

The same is true with politics.  It isn’t JUST “policies” that dictate success.  Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal have presided over enormous gains for each of their states utilizing limited government, free market principles.  Chris Christie, despite the “conservative” love from Coulter and Romney, hasn’t fare as well.

Rankings of Best States for Economic Growth and Business
2012 2011 2010 2008 2 Yr Chg 4 Yr Chg

LA - Jindal

13 27 40 45 +27 +28

WI - Walker

20 24 41 43 +21 N/A

NJ - Christie

45 47 47 47 +2 N/A

I don’t care how many great of a speeches the New Jersey Jiggle gives in front of Nancy at the Ronald Reagan Library. 


And “Leadership” is not equal, but necessary to all initiatives.

I envision leadership as a recipe with ingredients including:

  • Bold Visions and Intelligent Strategy
  • Shrewd Judgment
  • Motivating Communication
  • Measured Tenacity and Immoveable Core Principles
  • Humility

You can have 90% of the above qualities but base them on false Keynesian theory (or if you are an NBA coach the “Four Corner” offense), and you’ll still fall short in your effort to implement and sustain change.  INTELLIGENT means based on Objective Truth.  Alternatively, you can have the knowledge of prosperous conservative principles, but waiver when they are put to the test and end up ruining the “brand” or “franchise” as Bush 41 did to Reagan or Jeffery Immelt did to Jack Welch at General Electric.

Clearly, on every measure, Obama has shown he took America into an even deeper ditch than into the one he declared McCain would take us.  I’m not a George Bush worshiper, but clearly the tax cuts following 9-11 saved this country experiencing what might have been a severe recession with or without the mortgage bubble.  Obama had choices and chose the wrong one every time. Similar comparisons of the Regan and Obama recoveries show what leadership versus Leninism does.  Obama has set many records, but they’ve all been blasphemies of sound policy.  Unemployment is at 22% (not 8%) and welfare is at an all time high.

Here’s the good news and bad news.  The good news is that Romney will be better than Obama.  But so would a 9 day old unpeeled Easter egg.  The bad news is that with ALL of this terrible, horrible economic news - and documented evidence that he is not legitimately qualified to be President – he is STILL neck and neck with Romney in the polls.  In a sane world, Obama would have already resigned in disgrace.  If you factor in rampant voter fraud, Romney would have to win by 6% to 10% in the key battle ground states like Virginia just to tie.  And if that particular Secretary of State is owned by Soros, they will “Al Franken” a way to win.

It is true that a large number of people don’t “tune in” into last few weeks of the race.  It is also true that Obama has multiple OTHER devices ready to steal, kill and destroy our elections and that Obama doesn’t have to win the national popular vote to stay in office and inflict more desecration upon our Republic.

I suspect as this person, this article, and this person does, that the next few months will not only be the most UNconventional election in history, but will likely be the most seductive and chaotic attempt to usurp our government.  Ever.  And most likely the GOP (and most of us if we are honest) will still be playing the equivalent of baseball in the middle of a no-holds bar ultimate fighting cage match.

I’ve had many close Twitter/Blogger friends tell me they have a bad feeling in their gut about the upcoming Presidential election.  Someone either tweeted, emailed or texted me the following thought this week, after the successful upset of RINdianaO Dick Lugar by Tea Party candidate Richard Murdock:

Where the hell was THIS Tea Party on the national level the past months of the primary?

I have many friends who argue with me that Tea Party is still alive and strong.  My answer:  If it were, Romney would not be the presumptive nominee.  It’s the same idiocy with fellow Bulls fans (like Scottie Pippen) claiming the Bulls were still the best team in the NBA even without MVP Derrick Rose because they went 18-9 without him.  Sorry, facts matter.  The Bulls only went 7-7 against quality teams without Rose.  It’s about damn time we start getting DETAILED and SMARTER about what is really going on underneath the surface of our assumptions.  We have got to quit kidding ourselves that we aren’t in deep delegate doo doo.

I can’t believe I saw a headline at (no less) that Tea Party was strong since the Tea Party Patriots raised twelve million dollars in 2012.  $12 Million to organize, communicate and support Presidential, US Congressional, Governor, Secretary of State, Treasurer and a myraid of other races across the country.  Remember Gingrich’s SuperPac raised over $23 Million for a single candidate in a single race focusing on less than a handful of states.  $12 Million is $1 million LESS than what the GOP and DNC spent on the single Governor’s race in Colorado in 2010.  An additional $18 Million was spent by outside groups.  JUST in Colorado.  JUST for one race.  Why can’t conservative media report honestly?  Where is the mention that the co-founder of TPP talked about the organization selling out to the GOP establishment and other problems.  This from a once ballsy outfit that now denies a six month law enforcement investigation which proves forged government documents (felonies) by the White House.  Why should we listen to them anymore?  Or pretend that they really have the same values we do?

As I’ve said before.  It’s not just Andrew that has died, but his namesake and most major conservative media.

After 2 years of Tea Party activism we still have yet to obtain a single seat on the 168 member GOP governing committee.  And may I remind you that Human Events Top Ten RINO for 2006 is our nominee?  You know, that guy that passed gay marriage by executive order, and implemented the most liberal socialized medicine and cap and trade programs of ANY state just 7 years ago?  And you want to tell me the Tea Party is alive and well?

(I’m not trying to depress you, honest.) But we have to quit deluding ourselves that Romney is going to wipe up White House with Obama, or that we in the “Tea Party” are as strong as we think. 

I’m not here to discourage you honest.  There is hope in the end.  I believe in the Tea Party and what we WANT it to be.  But we are setting ourselves up for a worse disaster than Hurricane Cain in a Florida straw poll if we delude ourselves into false security.  I’ll explain why in a moment, but first…

It’s Time to Tell the Truth About Tea Party

The Tea Party was ALWAYS an amalgamation of social conservatives, fiscal conservatives, Libertarians and angry independents who resonated with the idea of blaming someone.  “I’m not gonna take it anymore” wasn’t just a line from a 70’s movie.  My friend Richichi thinks this group breaks out something like this:

42% Social
28% Fiscal
17% Libertarians
13% Constitutional

If you combine “fiscal” and “Libertarian” (both who are primarily motivated by economic issues rather than social), that sounds about right to me.  BUT HERE IS THE PROBLEM.

At it’s height of popularity in 2010, Tea Party “supporters”
themselves have never polled more than 30% of all Americans.


The TOTAL of all Tea Party Supporters among ALL political persuasions is only SLIGHTLY higher than the number of people who call themselves “conservative Republicans.”  If you add in “conservative Democrats” (Sorry Rush, there are some in the South that still think they are), you still only come up with the 40% “conservative” number we all have heard about. 

BUT THAT IS SELF IDENTIFIED “Conservatives” and NOT Tea Partiers.  Meaning only about 2/3rds of all “conservatives” support (or supported) the Tea Party.  Only 60% of the Republicans ever did.

And it’s gotten worse since 2010.  Now that the media has had time to try and “define” the Tea Party for those that only get their news from ABCMSNBC and Comedy Central.  Disapproval of the Tea Party has doubled, and is now rivaling that of the Forger-in-Chief.  Conservative South Carolina self identified Tea Partiers dropped from 28% to 11%.  Those “supporting” the Tea Party nationally have dropped from 31% to only 27%

“Occupy” support is only 3 points away at 24%.

And let me preempt those of you who will argue that it’s a “liberal” poll or that “you don’t believe in polls.”  Don’t be a fool.  It is very rare for a poll to not only be off from it’s margin of error, and it is NEVER off by double the margin of error unless there are rapid events occurring or anomalies in communication.  In other words, polls including samples from the day before Gingrich’s South Carolina debate likely didn’t include the ABC (fake) bombshell, the Perry endorsement, or the Gingrich debate performance itself.  But even then it DOES give an accurate view of what the general population is thinking AT THE MOMENT they are asked.  Rick Perry didn’t secretly have 5 times the number of support than his polls said, and indeed, he lost badly in New Hampshire.  So don’t kid yourself that SECRETLY 50% of America loves the Tea Party or that the 75% that would NOT vote for Romney throughout 2011 were all Tea Party motivated.  It just isn’t so.

I’m shocked at the people that get paid to do “this” (reporting and analyzing news) who want to declare the Tea Party back on it’s feet because Dick Lugar lost to a Tea Party candidate.  That’s like saying the Cubs won the World Series in 2001 and 2008 because the Diamondbacks and Phillies each had a few ex-Cubbies on the roster.  Just because the Tea Party candidate got Just because the Tea Party candidate got 60% of the vote doesn’t mean that 60% of the vote are Tea Partiers.  Just because JFK was elected President in 1960 didn’t mean that everyone converted to Catholicism.  Good candidates who can articulate a BETTER more compelling message than their opponent get not just people who believe EXACTLY as they do, but those that also don’t want to vote for the other guy.  

Rush used to say that conservatism wins everywhere it’s tried.  That’s just hogwash.  It usually does, but as Sharon Angle and Christine O’Donnell learned, how you are defined through the media makes “perception” the overriding factor.  It certainly hasn’t worked in the GOP primaries.  There are scientific models on how conservative one can be in a liberal state or vice versa, but it doesn’t account for differences in communication style and charisma.  Reagan won a LOT of blue states AFTER demonstrating supply side economics work.  Even states that HATED his social views.

So why am I giving you bitter TEA?

If you’ve ever gotten into a street fight underestimating your opponent, or OVERestimating your advantage, you’ll understand WHY we can’t get all punch drunk over what we WANT the Tea Party to be, versus what it is.  If you know you are up against a Ultimate Fighting Champion and you’re a 12 year old girl, it doesn’t help at all to pretend you are Xena Princess Warrior.  What DOES help is to run like hell and get a cop (or a gun) when ARE equipped for the challenge.

We Tea Partiers need a 12 step program

PolitiJim:  “Hi.  My name is PolitiJim.  I’m an ex-‘Tea Party will take back our government in 2012’ believer.”

Support Group: “Hello PolitiJim.”

PolitiJim: “It’s been 2 since I blindly accepted what Rush, Drudge, Gary Bauer or my favorite Twitter follower told me.”

Support Group Facilitator: “How did it go this week?”

PolitiJim: “I quit worrying about missing my Twitter timeline and found 2 neighbors who had no idea the unemployment numbers were faked.  I got them registered to vote and asked them to do the research on a local City Councilman running which they will report back to at our local neighborhood Tea Party meeting in 2 weeks.”

The first step is admitting you have a problem.  T.E.A. FACTS:

  • We keep trusting the same GOP establishment types based on what they SAY rather than what they do or have done.
  • We’ve never had control of the power mechanisms of the GOP party, although our message and motives are sound.
  • We’ve ALWAYS been a minority EVEN within the GOP (46.7%) and threaten those that see it as a “club.”
  • We have (temporarily) lost the media war of persuading the rest of Americans to join us, or getting our message out.
  • This will take more work than reading blogs, Twitter, listening to talk radio or showing up once a year at a Tea Party rally.
  • The GOP establishment is terribly corrupt and will use ANY means to stay in power.  They are NOT principled or conservative.  Just slightly more principled and more conservative than the Democrats.
  • We can not win by forcing or threatening those who are intimidated by our social conservative values to accept flaming religiosity.
  • We can not win by demanding 100% conservative purity when there is no candidate.

I reiterate.  Not only do we “Tea Partiers” not have the power we thought we did in 2010 among the United States voters – we clearly don’t have the influence we thought we did in the GOP.  And we now know that “conservative” most likely does not mean what we think it means to over HALF of the GOP.

You’re happy we beat RINO Lugar in Indiana?  Me too.  But this was a GOP Primary (not facing a union funded Democrat) against an 80 year old, bailout endorsing, out of state transient, whom Obama called his “favorite” Republican.  That is your sign the Tea Party is healthy?  Really?  Santorum lost by basically the same margin TO A DEMOCRAT and many of you thought it superfluous.  If you think this “reignites the Tea Party” or assures a GOP Senate, much less a conservative one, you’re either drinking Chamomile or Long Island tea, I’m not sure which.  DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY TEA PARTY CANDIDATES HAVE ALREADY LOST IN EARLIER PRIMARIES?  Do you realize that Romney STILL got 65% of the vote in Indiana when Paul/Santorum/Gingrich voters could have made a “protest” vote, but failed? (16% / 13% / 6% respectively if you were wondering.)

Now I have to be honest.  I’ve always hated the “12 Steps” philosophy since their REAL first step is declaring you are “powerless” over your addiction.  That’s worse than Chicago BULLcrap with a sprained ACL and a dislocated finger on your shooting hand.   We are NOT powerless and we need to start seeing ourselves as well informed, nonplussed, leaders who are like tanks against charging RINOs.  Maybe a better analogy is that you can reach your destination quicker if you first know exactly where you are, and how far you are from it.  (Fill in your own damn cliché’ if you don’t like mine.)

But now that you’re Rose colored glasses are broken, here’s the hope, the rub and the reality.

The Good Tea Party News

The good news is that after all the effort to separate religious conservatives, from conservative purists that won’t vote for anyone who wants to dismantle the Federal Reserve on the first day of office – and worse - we ONLY lost 4% of our support.  That’s pretty frickin’ amazing if you ask me. 

The second piece of good news IS that the win in Indiana by Tea Party Mourdock proves a NUMBER of things including:

  • The Tea Party message itself is sound and will attract independents and non-Tea Partiers.
  • When conservative media unites around a candidate (rather than using Alinsky tactics against each other) they have an amplified impact that raises cash and awareness.
  • When there is a CLEAR enemy, and a CLEAR leader expressing reasonable, mature views – there is no contest WITHIN the GOP.
  • RINO inconsistencies and duplicities will not hold up if conservatives maintain a methodic drone and don’t quit when no one is listening.  (It took MONTHS for the pro-Mourdock / anti-Lugar message to finally sink into the media.)
  • The “establishment” can not buy an election with clear cut differences between the candidates given ALL of the above.

The other good news?  The American Revolution was fought with only 30% support of the colonial population against a well funded, well organized, well trained enemy while having to fight off loyalists on “their side” as well.  (If that doesn’t describe our predicament I don’t know what does.)

Most revolutions from Cuba to Russia and even Poland were led and sustained by a minority that perceived through action until the lazy people gave way.  But Cuba had Fidel.  Russia had Lenin.  Poland had Walesa and Britain had Disraeli.

And so we get back to the “leadership” thing.

Breitbart’s Nolte smugly says that a leaderless Tea Party is a great thing because they raised about the same amount of money Romney will spend on robo calls in the primary.  Thank God he’s not in charge of running anything.  Here in Harris County (Houston), Texas we’ve written about a Malcom X teaching Democrat who “bought” a Republican leadership title through the local GOP precisely because there wasn’t strong funding, organization and leadership.

A friend (who is much smarter about politics than I) made an argument that the original revolution started with unorganized small individual militias and no central leadership.  “We don’t need a leader,” he says.  But this was before there was any expectation that Virginia or Georgia or Massachusetts OWED it to each other to fight together.  They were as skeptical of each other as they were of the British.  And they DID have their own militias that were organized against Indians and natural threats in each “state.”  Even if you take Massachusetts within itself, Samuel Adams and John Hancock formed the heart of the movement by identifying and implementing strategies and it was the Boston patriots providing ideas, direction and initiative to the rest.  Places like Georgia hardly had ANY British to contend with save the tax collectors and limited troops protecting the governors.  And we did not win the war without a clearly identified General who was fastidious on authority, discipline and chain of command.

I would suggest we are not only past Lexington and Concord, but are already past the Declaration and well into organizing troops for the war.  And the very ABSENCE of leadership, is why we are ineffective nationally.  Mourdock HIMSELF was the leader to whom not only Tea Partiers, but the rest of the GOP rallied.  His victory wasn’t a spontaneous endorsement of “ideas” but a man.  A man with a plan.

In 1775, the leaders were identified and were working toward a common goal of determining precisely what it would take to RUN a government.  While they disagreed, the ACT of declaring independence was NOT the central focus.  The Continental Congress was an organization unto itself to IDENTIFY key issues of tyranny and to UNIFY around a solution, independence being just one and the last resort.  Despite severe splits in HOW to handle the issue (appeals to the King versus war), they were already acting as a single unit because they knew they needed each other.  THEY ELECTED LEADERS and RULES OF PROCEDURE.  They were not separate mobs that said, “Hey Thomas, you want to kill you some redcoats sometime?”  Furthermore they engaged the enemy as a UNIFIED front with a UNIFIED plan.  Even John Adams who saw all along the diplomacy and threats were going no where, didn’t break off and decide to try get Massachusetts to start the war on it’s own.

We HAVE a plan for conservative insurrection in the Disraeli, Goldwater/Reagan and Gingrich movements.  Don’t forget, the GOP wrote off Gingrich’s Contract (much less thinking it had any chance to succeed in retaking the House) UP UNTIL THE NIGHT BEFORE the election.  Newt didn’t have a majority of Republicans, much less US voters, during the entire 14 year planning of creating mechanisms for the recruitment of conservatives, their education, their funding and their unity of expressing conservative ideals.  And he really didn’t need the GOP establishment bandwagon because he spent years putting the candidates in place to challenge those races by using his the future Speaker’s songbook note for note.  The GOP takeover in the House and Senate happened BECAUSE OF UNIFIED STRATEGIC LEADERSHIP not because of a lack of it.

It is why I pleaded for Palin or Gingrich to strip off conventional politics and risk breaking apart the GOP and to start going after Obama on his corruption and fraud, and also after Romney and the party.  For some reason, Newt didn’t was blindsided by Bachmann and Santorum’s willingness to playing lying politics and didn’t understand the fragile nature of the conservative media as Drudge, Will, Coulter, and FOX News itself was clearly in the pocket of Romney and the rest were willing to let the GOP forces separate us.  He certainly underestimated the level and dishonesty of attack by the establishment in money and malice.

But let’s be clear.  At a local level and state level, there IS enough Tea Party power to compete WITHOUT a national leader if we:

  • Get an articulate candidate without major flaws.
  • Focus on the REAL enemy instead of false issues.
  • Ensure the integrity of the vote.
  • Use what media we have available to hammer the message.
  • Take over the GOP machinery precinct by precinct, and,
  • Work our arses off.

And pray.

What this has to do with the Cubs and Bulls

The same basic Bulls team was only a .500 team the two years BEFORE Tom Thibodeau arrived from Boston.  During those two years they STILL almost beat the reigning Championship Celtics and the Lebron led Cavaliers with Vinny Del Negro as head coach.  The Bulls had actually ASKED to speak to Thibs BEFORE hiring Vinny.  The Boston brass refused.  Then someone came and led.

The Bulls were the best team in the regular season of the NBA the last two years and made it to the Finals of the Eastern Conference last year because of a tenacious coach that SET an expectation, that taught them to NEVER give up, that coached them to remember WHICH fundamentals work if you stay disciplined, and challenged them to not accept anything less of yourself than playing EVERY minute of EVERY game.

It’s what Ronald Regan did WITHOUT the benefit of a Tea Party.

Like this year’s Bulls, we can’t help injuries to our key leaders.  Palin not running, Gingrich being slaughtered by $40 million in false, lying ads (compounded by conservative media complicit in spreading those lies instead of diligently checking them themselves) are facts of life even without “curses.”  The goal hasn’t changed.

The fact is that we don’t have enough people to overtake the party without coordinated leadership amplifying and articulating our views together, much less coordinating our strategies and setting the goal.  But you probably can get enough people to take over your district or county.

Baring Romney having a political Damascus experience we are still in search of our Thibodeau, Epstein, Phil Jackson or Ronald Reagan.  We might have to play the next couple of seasons knowing that we can only give our personal best, but that our fellow conservatives NEED coordinated leadership to get motivated.  We need to prepare the way for when they are ready.

Obama could implement martial law before the election… or simply be elected and expand his desecration of the constitution… and then finally someone like a DeMint, Gingrich, Palin or Scott Walker, will make it “acceptable” for other media to take the gloves off and fight.  Maybe it will be an unknown “Joe the Plumber” type who will understand how to step into that role when the spotlight hits.  But:

There will be a clearly defined enemy.

There will be a clearly defined objective.

And like a Lugar learned near the Land of Lincoln, T.E.A. will spill when we are unified.  Enough of the remaining 70% of Americans will be motivated to join us out of fear for their pain, simply because they are following whoever is winning that season.  Stadiums begin filling with fans with a few back to back victories.

And suddenly, a team that everyone writes off, may start 3-11, but finds they can compete with the Big Boys as the Cubs did this past weekend going 4-2 against the two best teams in baseball.  Any poll of “pre-season” selections for the Pennant or even Division Champions show that no one really knows until the game is played.

We all know (myself included) we’ve fallen into this lethargy because we seem outnumbered.  We have to remember that RIGHT and TRUTH do prevail.  That we ARE empowered to get control of our local precinct, or fight for the county or state GOP chairmanship.  Let God determine the results, but as for me and my house, we will give every effort to finding just ONE thing that will move the momentum in the right direction.  It might be volunteering as a poll watcher or precinct captain.  It might be holding neighborhood discussions or “block walking” simply to educate 20 people on where the local, state and national candidates stand.  It might be buying 100 copies of Little Patriots for the private school or daycare down the street, and then volunteering to read it at the local library.

But we will trust God with the results.  And believe.  And pray.

It was the Great Awakening that inspired and educated colonists to get their hearts and minds around righteous rebellion that made the American Revolution possible.  Today our country is too easily diverted by entertainment, too easily swept up in sleight-of-hand scandals, too self-righteous, prideful or ignorant to do what’s “right” rather than what’s necessary, but our founders left us an inheritance which they believed was from God.

And if G_d Almighty wouldn’t let His own people perish without a homeland or a nation to call their own, I don’t believe He would ignore the prayers and faith of those of us who want to restore America to a place even greater than something which our forefather’s envisioned.

So out with the BS of both conservative and main stream media, as well as impotence, lethargy and fear.  Screw it all.

And in with the new season of doing just one thing to get this Tea Party revolution back on track, whether we die trying or not.

Who knows what God will do, if we just take the NEXT step in faith.

Go Cubs Go.

The following excerpt from the 2012 Shepherd's Rod will speak for itself.

The President's Hat Blows Away

President's Hat

The wind of the Holy Spirit will cause the hat of the President to blow away. The cover of the President and his administration will be blown. Then all things done in secret will be cast down and will not stand.

For they sow the wind and they shall reap the whirlwind. Hosea 8:7a

The truth is coming forth by the Spirit of God. It is the only thing that will have answers for this nation. It will come forth when we repent like Daniel did for the sins of his nation. The sins of our government will be revealed so repentance can be made and the Lord can release mercy to this nation. America is a great nation and God desires for her to survive. She can only survive when the truth is revealed to the people. This is the year the people will know the truth. If they seek the truth they will find it and the truth will set this nation free.

Nothing is [so closely] covered up that it will not be revealed, or hidden that it will not be known. Luke 12:2

The canopy of God is love and this nation must return to its first love. America must repent and return to her first love. When she does God will release His canopy of love to her.

End of excerpt.


To get my own criticisms out of the way first might turn you off reading what I think is great about the article-

The meat is there-the second half commentary on the political situation is nearly spot on -SO

The title is a total turn off- people are depressed, and suppressed and 'shock' is hardly the way to attract them to read thru the fluff on sports to get to the second half- You might try something like- "WE can be that team that won the NBA/World Series/Superbowl" and then subtitle that we need to stop being the second best team.

I would like you to find a direction you are comming at and the reasons organizing and local control are so very very important.

The root strikers have it - and yet they try to remain so aloof and apolitical that they have little or NO influence on Politics and come off as a bunch of whiny intellectuals. The Intellect without the physical effort gains no respect in America as a general rule-and the boys on that side get lumped in with the pseudointellectuals that 'sell' their short term convoluted solutions to the highest bidder Political Elites. The fact remains that WE have to get reelection and or money out of the equation and or reduced to a sensible level that provides effective government without overbalancing into weak government and chaos.

Our failure to push pull drag a conservative over the finish line has demonstrated we are late to the game and have a definative dirth of players on OUR bench that can step in and hit it out of the park.
We need to raise up the candidates who say the right things-AND- have the underlying understanding of current events-what their position will be and who have demonstrated committment to conservative solutions and not just conservative ideals.

This bottom up conversion of the country can take many many years of focused and determined effort to have a solid impact on the direction of the country. Realistically WE have to be prepared for setbacks and
have backups on hand to work around such as might 'turn' to the dark side once inside and under the 'influence' of the status-quo.
The original concept of a revolution may need to adjust to being an evolution and grow the government out from its present 'state of immaturity' and into
a 'state of better ideas' with the caveat that such 'soft' approaches oft times get lost along the way.

The best I think WE can do right now is 'Do the best WE can' and keep the Momentum of holding government accountable moving in the right direction.
Plant as many seeds on the inside of the Establishment on both sides as WE can - and allow them to 'work with' the establishment to recognize its own problems and 'work through' them together.
Hopefully the establishment is not entirely willing to hit bottom before recognizing the NEED for change-and thereby we might not NEED to hit bottom first.

One more point-and Ill let you go back to what you Do so well...
Have you considered the Importance of the Middle and balance- NOTE the Establishment is putting a hell of a lot of weight behind the 'IDEA' that keeping the election close, and NOT winning it all is somehow desireable. Hence the picking of a candidate that WILL make the election another Gore-Bush or Obama-McCain 50/50 race? This riding the rift between 2 parties almost equally divided in power and yet diametrically opposed is providing the cover, and the environment for all of the corruption to flurish-Stimulating both sides special interests to pour money into the pockets of professional politicians to provide a greater SPECTACLE every year of greater and greater battles...NOT unlike the NBA/NFL or whatever sports you want to compare to- higher ticket prices for what is essentially the SAME SHOW\


There is an expression that I feel sums up the fundemental challenge we Conservatives/Tea Partiers face, today:

I am my own worst enemy.

And by I, I mean our movement.

Conservatives in general are divided by the percentage you quoted me on. The division was not just in the Tea Party.

I was the one that DM'ed you on Twitter about the National Tea Party and Lugar, and I have been reflecting since too. I even decided to look back on everything from 2010 election resuts to the history of the GOP and I noticed a pattern.

We are not the same.

Example: Take Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum and ask; “Which one is the Conservative?"

Social: Santorum Fiscal: Gingrich Libertarian: Neither Constitutional: Split (Gingrich: 50% Santorum: 40% Neither: 10%)

Politijim, Karen Peterson, and myself would say Gingrich. Glenn Beck, David Limbaugh, and Michele Malkin would say Santorum.

Now take Reagan, and ask to compare him with the other two above:

Social: Reagan Fiscal: Reagan Libertarian: Reagan Constitutional: Reagan

Reagan united the Conservative factions and thus was able to be unbestsble.

Politijim you are right the Media will be try paint the person as radical and such. But I ask you, how many stuck with Newt till the end? Despite what Beck, Coulter, Fox has said? How many stayed with Santorum despite your multiple blog post setting the facts straight abut him?

All Conservatives, no matter which group, will rally behind our guy and not trust the smears they say about him.

Reagan returned power to the States, in fact our so called pundits called it "New Federalism" the type of Conservative Government Reagan has estahlished.

This is the fact. Ronald Reagan was a Dua Federalist, and anyone who advocates for Dual-Fedrralism on the National Stage wins by a landslide.

Jim you are right, Rush Limbaugh is wrong, Conservatism doesn't win, Dual-Federalism does. It was the reigning Government philosophy until the New Deal.

It is what unites Conservatives, not just those in the Republican Party, but the Democratic Party, and Independents as well.

The Tea Party is a Local Power, it is a local force to be reckon with. The Tea Party should from now on, focus only on House, Senate, and State Legislatures.

The National Tea Party should spend their money, not on the candidates but message. Promote Dual Federalism.

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