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Santorum’s (Profane) Fat Bottomed Girl

***************WARNING GRAPHIC LANGUAGE*************** After the initial background, we get into tweets and blogs of a Santorum supporter that are not for children under 18 or adults with delicate sensitivities.  (You know that’s not me.)
PolitiJim followers are aware of the recent demand for a retraction  from Dallas based Alice Linahan and her “new media consulting” Voicesempower.  It’s bad enough she is now trying to make money off of the Tea Party movement.  Alice also claims to be a “newspaper owner,” and yet seems unfamiliar with LIBEL LAWS or a little known journalistic practice called “honesty in sourcing.”  Others call it integrity. 

Her entire site is a propaganda tool for Santorum but she tries to insinuate that Gingrich is trying “influence peddle” within the Tea Parties.  Uhhhmmm.  If by “influence peddle” you mean for Newt to pay for his own ads to get people to join the Tea Party before it started (right), appear with Sean Hannity at the FIRST Tea Party event on 4/15/2009, defend it to the mainstream media in countless interviews, then….yeah.  Sure. (Shouldn’t newspaper owners have a better vocabulary?
A couple of things are interesting about this.  She writes against Gingrich co-opting the Tea Party, but she hosted Rick Santorum in Keller (Dallas, TX), has Rick Santorum campaign advertisements all over her website and has ONLY Rick Santorum articles on her website.  (Unless you include Herman Cain from days past).  Unlike PolitiJim, there is ZERO BALANCE and is only pushing a single candidate.
Pardon me, ma’am.  Wasn’t the Tea Party supposed to stay on principle and clear of personality? 
Secondly, I am sure Tea Partiers in need of media help will race to the person who overlooks that HER candidate was SLAMMING the Tea Party, and supporting the Mitch McConnell RINO over Tea Party Rand Paul.  In fact Santorum can’t be found on record ANYWHERE battling ObamaCare, Tarp, or support Palin against attacks by Obama press except a couple of odd PAID appearances on FOX.  Pennsylvania Tea Partiers say,
“Now to show up and act like he was the original tea party candidate is absurd,” said High, the former Eichelberger aide. “But he’s phony. He’ll go to extreme lengths to be perceived as the most conservative guy in the room, but when it’s time to cut a deal to advance his political career, he’ll do it in a heartbeat.”
Among many false arguments, Alice also complained about the PolitiJim acronym used to describe Santorum Lovers Unwilling To Soberly Syllogize and recently doubled down on Tea Party leader (and patriot) Katrina Pierson actually accusing her of being FOR Agenda 21 when she was a key leader against it.  Pierson also happens to be a Gingrich supporter and Linahan is now rallying others to OUT HER from the movement by calling her a “Tea Party Leader In Name Only.”
Why?  Because she retweeted a video from a liberal group attacking Santorum and using the “F-word.”  In her original article she fantasizes that PolitiJim is a “segregate” (we are assuming she meant surrogate) as part of the Gingrich campaign and “as a mom” is appalled by the “SLUTSS” term.  (I know she’s reading PolitiJim because she corrected her article from an earlier misspelling as SLUTTS.)
I’ve got to tell you.  Something sounds fishy with this whole thing.  Most of the Santorum supporters I know may be totally blind to Rick’s faults and dislike Gingrich, but they are generally good Christians who really do CARE about the Tea Party movement.  This women is simply mad because we are pointing out Santorum character flaws and supporting Gingrich.  Hardly a cause to get worked up about considering Romney is Santorum’s real threat right now.  What gives?
HoltAgencyBlurb One quick example of her journalistic malpractice comes from even tiny portrayals of her qualifications using the testimonial of a Mr. Wayne Holt of “The Holt Agency” in Dallas on her “portfolio” page.  He is even listed as an “Owner/Agent,” making us think this might be some kind of advertising agency/professional representation firm that is saavy in this media business she is pursuing.  Hardly.  Turns out, Mr. Holt’s “agency” is a:
Multilines Agency for all property/casualty insurance products including farm,ranch,equestrian properties, trainer liability, club and event liability,equine liability,equine mortality,outfitters and guide,home,auto,commercial,as well as financial products including mutual funds,life insurance,disability,business overhead protection,estate planning,long term care, annuities and securities.
He’s a horse breeder, which of course is EXACTLY who Tea Party patriots would rely on to know that Ms. Linahan is qualified to take their hard earned dollars and turn it into…..a political movement?  Actually, he had NOTHING TO DO WITH Voices Empower according to Alice’s LINKEDIN profile.  Instead it says:
So let me get this right. Alice started a newspaper two years ago and Voices Empower overlapped a year of that and she is suddenly an expert in media charging money for Tea Party activities because a horse owner used her in in her 2 year career Real Estate?  OK. Got it.
In a day of investigation with my Texas Tea Party network, we found just kind of landed on the scene a year ago, about the time the battle to unseat RINO Joe Strauss began.   Suddenly she’s a national tea party leader?  Hmmmm.
So, I was even more intrigued, when out of the blue PolitiJim got THIS comment posted and then an ensuing barrage of the same on Twitter:
Tiffany says:
March 22, 2012 4:25 PM
This blog post is severely flawed. NOBODY called you a Newt Surrogate. Nobody accused YOU of being affiliated with the Gingrich campaign. They were saying that the Gingrich campaign found your rants very useful. Now, the fact that you "clearly disavow" the true meaning of the word "slut" is all good and fine, but I read these blogs, your whole Slutss series, as a matter of fact. I read your whole explanation behind the term, but, still, why use the word even as an acronym if you aren't just trying to be insulting and completely disrespectful of a certain population of conservatives? Maybe you used it for esoteric purposes, because I sure didn't see the point, except as a way for you to bash female Santorum supporters. Maybe you just used it for shock value, which means, you sat and deliberated in front of your computer which words you could use that would necessitate the acronym SLUTSS, and yet it didn't once occur to you that you would still be disparaging people you were supposedly trying to reach with your message based on "facts"? Furthermore, I found a number of inconsistencies, things that you wrote that weren't quite "factual", as you claim, in those blogs, so don't think for one minute you can just climb on this high horse of truth, especially regarding somebody else's blog that was ABOUT Katrina Pierson, and NOT you.
And furthermore, NO ONE said who is or isn't the voice of the "Tea Party", as Tea Partiers know FULL WELL there IS no one voice for the Tea Party. This article that you are attempting to tear apart for whatever reason(mostly because it's Pro-Rick Santorum) is only maintaining that.
So “Tiffany” the commenter and “@MrsKlien54” on Twitter (the same person as you will find out) is suddenly also offended at the SLUTSS term although none of the actual issues about Rick Santorum are challenged.
A number of us on Twitter argued with her and she continued her “outrage” at the term.  I noted that I DID apologize for those who were offended in Part 3 and apologized again on Twitter.
It is worth noting that since the post there were some casual Tweets to PolitiJim expressing a discomfort with the SLUTSS term and certainly some unfollows, BUT NO ONE HAD REALLY sent more than a single DM or MT on it. No comments AT ALL. 
Then, not having been on Twitter all day – I was confronted with this barrage from the “sensitive” MrsKlein54 (read from the bottom up):
Perhaps the biggest red flag was the “why isn’t PolitiJim responding to my tweets?” tweet.  This seemed too out of character for most gentile Santorum supporters.  So, I wanted to see who this person was and looked at her bio which said:
A pro-life, Catholic, Santorum-supporter.  What are the odds that TWO DIFFERENT “Tiffany’s” would simultaneously attack me on and Twitter at the same time? 
So I reeled off answers to each of her tweets from her complete ignorance of the link BACKING UP the claim that Santorum supported individual mandates in 1994.  Responses from Santorum supporters are typical.  So she fit the mold with this reply:
I informed her of course that a political candidate like Rick Santorum could actually say BOTH things contradicting himself.  He has quite a history of doing EXACTLY that including saying anyone who funds ANY PART of Planned Parenthood is guilty of funding abortion, and then making an excuse of his vote for Title X as being for “women’s health needs.” 
In a bone-chilling parry, using Bill Buckley Jr.-like intellect she responded:
Just like liberal would, she didn’t address this and jumped to another accusation of me.  I was getting tired and my good Twitter friend @conservativeecho began to engage her ALSO trying to reason.  I got suspicious when I got this DM from him:
fatbottomgirlBLOGGERA bell went off and I went back to her original post on PolitiJim to look at her bio.  I clicked on the Blogger profile for “Tiffany,” and then the BLOG that was listed.  What did I see?
Since June of last year Tiffany has had a Blogger ID.  AND A BLOG!!! 
Well, this should be interesting.  Let’s click “Fat Bottomed Girl” and see what Santorum supporters blog….

In case you don’t want to zoom it says, WELCOME:

Yes, I am an asshole...

I am also a mother of a Little Bug, wife to my Hubby, student at University of Fictional Bird, and trying to not be fat.
And her first post listed from February 20th under the title MISTAKEN IDENTITY (love the irony, right?) starts:
Remember my uptight bitch teacher who I wanted to choke? The female one? Yeah, she's a he. And not just any he. I had pictured a forty-something, overweight, frizzy haired white woman and I got....well, um I got not that.
So my “offended” Santorum Tea Partier continues her piece in a flurry of prose that would make Edward R. Murrow (and her candidate( so proud:
I arrived to campus early to get an official University of Fictitious Bird nameplate, I soon discovered that the instructor was a man. A woman in the admin building, after telling me how fucking ridiculous it was that he made a fucking name tag a fucking requirement (exact verbiage), she said "I haven't heard good things about him. Good luck." I obviously thought she misspoke, so I said "Yeah, she isn't rubbing me the right way." She gave me a funny look and replied "No, she's a he." All I could say was "fuck". I had called him a ma'am in my earlier email. Super. I haven't even got to class and I already have pissed the man off. I think that's a record for me.
THIS is a Santorum supporter that identifies herself first as a Catholic, then  a Santorum supporter and finally “100% Prolife”?  There are lots of Christians and Catholics who cuss.  (I know because I was one of them before God helped me with that.But I don’t know of anyone whose FIRST IDENTITY is their faith in God who are this profane.
What about “MrsKlein54?”  It had to be the same person right?  I published this on Twitter IMMEDIATELY, and got this response:
So – I went BACK out to the blog and WHALA!  “Tiffany” left another comment on PolitiJim….WHERE SHE ADMITS IT WAS HER ON TWITTER!!!
Now why would a good wholesome Catholic Santorum supporter who is “offended” at the PolitiJim “SLUTSS” acronym have a profane blog complete with “B***tch” and “F**k”?

I wonder what we would find in @MrsKlein54’s Twitter timeline?  Here are some samples:
WAIT…, what?  Maybe this good Catholic girl didn’t know what that meant?
Hmmm.  She retweeted someone ELSE using the word slut too?
Green Eyed Warrior merely TWEETED “Promiscuous roommate” and MrsKlein54 (aka Tiffany) SUGGESTS to use the word SLUT?
Worse than that, she DEFENDS THE USE of the “S” word and gets more crude than you can imagine. (GRAPHIC WARNING)
TiffKleinSLUTisNiceWord TiffKleinSlutGoodThing  TiffKleinDefendRushSlut TiffKleinCallFlukeSlut _
It is far worse than it looks.  She uses:
  • 14 Sluts (not including the PolitiJim SLUTSS reference)
  • 12 Sh*t’s
  • 5 “F” words
  • 2 “A-holes”
  • 1 G_dmn and many other crude terms

    … a single month
Here is a short scrapbook of George Carlin’s (almost) favorite 7 words:

This is the SAME “lady” who tweeted me (after her initial barrage):
I also found out that she attacked ANOTHER GINGRICH SUPPORTER harassing him in a similar way:

What is the explanation for this?
So do we have just a deranged individual Santorum supporter, or something more sinister.  (If you guessed the latter you win.)
It dawned on me that “Tiffany” seemed to know the article from Alice Voicesempower a little too well.  And it was quite strange that with my obvious Tea Party affiliation and even more Katrina Pierson’s, WHY ARE SANTORUM SUPPORTERS burning all bridges to attack other Tea Partiers?
I was told of a group last year that tried to seem like part of the tea party, shouting obnoxious things and attempting to incite violence.  There was also documented cases of Democrats hiring trolls as in the video below.

As I was going through her timeline, I saw SOME OF MY CLOSEST TWITTER FRIENDS and many conservative icons like @DavidLimbaugh conversing with her.  NO ONE COULD READ HER BLOG and assume she is a conservative.
But with a Twitter profile indicating she lived in Colorado, all I could think is she is one of the millions who had applied for jobs through the Obama campaign or some of the ACORN/SEIU slush fund partners documented elsewhere.
Until I double-checked her location.  Seems she lied about that too.
Date and Time IP Address Browser Region City Postal Code ISP Page Title
3/22/2012 21:26 70.123.
AppleWebKit Texas Flower Mound 75028 Road Runner More Santorum Supporter Tea Party LIES ~ PolitiJim's Rants for Reasonable People
Where is Flower Mound, Texas? You got it.  Dallas.
Alice Linahan VE LibertyLinked 
Alice’s LinkedIn profile goes on to say:
Specializes in social media integration, media relations, strategic planning. and front-line marketing. Alice has a solid track record of results which has clearly been seen recently in her hard work in the trenches of the tea party movement.
We don’t know if using “Tiffany” was part of her “social media integration” skills, but we are now asking her (in addition to issuing a retraction for the libel on her site regarding Katrina and myself) for the following:
  • A condemnation of “Tiffany” for doing far worse than Katrina RETWEETING a Romney video,
  • A clarification on her site that the TEA PARTY DOES NOT ENDORSE ANYONE INCLUDING RICK SANTORUM OR NEWT GINGRICH. (And especially not Mitt Romney),
  • An explanation of why she is using the Tea Party as a basis to engender animosity toward ANY conservative candidate – rather than maintaining the separation mandated by Tea Party groups and leaders nationwide,
  • An apology for attempting to impugn the reputation of a single mom and Tea Party leader who has given selflessly to conservative causes for practicing her free speech rights.
The great intellectual and conservative voice Thomas Sowell had this to say about Rick Santorum (graciously provided to me by one of your contributing writers at Voices Empower, by the way.)
…can (Rick Santorum)  survive the media's constant attempts to paint him as some kind of religious nut who would use the government to impose his views on others? And, if he can, will he also be able to go toe-to-toe with Obama in debates?
I would not bet the rent money on it.

And what is at stake is far bigger than the rent money.
Prove you are not still ANOTHER Santorum nut-job like Tiffany who is immune to reason, a sense of ethics and morals by trying to silence other conservatives.  As my friend @conservativeecho put it:
And we know you know how to do that.  We especially liked your work where you called on Sheila Jackson Lee to apologize.  Perhaps you could demonstrate to her how.
PolitiJim is just now starting it’s investigation and there is certainly more to follow on this entire fabricated attack on other Tea Party people and fake identities.  STAY TUNED!

UPDATE: Alice is now calling for “conservative information pushers”  (Not patriots, not thinking analysts – but “pushers”)
And what pray tell are they going to do at this function?
Yep! It is to “push” Santorum through the Tea Party on a state level and she is hiding behind Anita Moncrief – former ACORN board member to do it.  (I am shocked Anita would be a part of this, but that is for another story.)
Patriots in Dallas be aware of this hypocritical promotion of using Tea Party resources for Santorum and against Gingrich or other conservatives.  DON’T LET OPPORTUNISTS (or possible plants) LIKE HER RUIN THE TEA PARTY!

Meanwhile, Katrina Pierson has perhaps the best advice of all (and PolitiJim is taking it to heart):


Jim, remind me not to piss you off :-)

Thanks for sharing this. I will keep my eyes open for this women. However..I don't really like the acronym ;(

Wow, PolitJim.... Wow, wow, wow...

First, allow me to say, that I am so sorry for what you and Ms. Pierson have gone through.. At the same time, I'm glad that it happened because the truth behind her sinister actions have been revealed.

God has certainly gifted you with investigative abilities, and I thank you, from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to share this with us!!!

You must be exhausted after all this!! Get some rest.. and...
Be assured of my continued prayers for you!!
God Bless :)

Awesome Jim! You go! Hey, Santorum's statement on Opposing the Tea Party was in June of 2011~ Just after his May 10, 2011 Slap Down Ethic Report was released (He and Meghan Kelly violating ethics together....)

When Newt was starting Tea Party protests, Santorum WAS DEFENDING OBAMA. Yup! Calling him "A Role Model" for the African American Community. Yup Yup Yup!

I am going to confess that I don't read every word of the plethora of information that gets thrown my way, but I read every word of this and watched the the videos. . It is mind blowing, Jim.

PS I know this is a serious subject, but I have to ask this: Do you think they should have made the printing go front to back on the Twittergate video like in the beginning of that Star Wars movie?

May I confiscate your posting contents? I have a Face Book wall I need to plaster this on, namely Glenn Beck that poisoned the airwaves for Newt while giving air time to the chosen one, Rick Santorum

Hi kriskxx --

According to Things As They Are, the supposed support for Santorum may be a fake.

krisskxx, I was so shocked by Glenn Beck's trashing and disrespectful conduct toward NEwt. I could not believe it of Glenn Beck! I thought he was such a great guy!

At around the time of Beck's early solo tv shows, I also saw Beck introduce a "comic" on Beck's show who he said would we a regular feature. And the "comic" trashed Sarah Palin!

That was the end of Glenn Beck for me. I found Beck's attitude toward Newt and Sarah utterly, completely incomprehensible.

It seems to me Beck has gone insane. But maybe not. See the theory linked below.

Here is an explanation that may be true.

And here is more on Beck's inexplicable -- or not -- behavior.

Hi, the Fat Bottomed Girl Blog is mine. I can assure you, this whole rant was a waste of time. Yes, the woman you have beef with is named Tiffany and I do know her. But I am named Tiffany as well and NOT a Santorum supporter. Please contact me via my blog or Twitter @tiffanygolden and we can sort this out. I feel like you've totally lost your cool for no reason.

All my blog title's are song names dude. Not because of you confussing us. I actually only found this because my blog traffic said someone found my blog via google and I decided to google my blog.

Also, not a Catholic, not a christian, and Ms. Klein and I do not share similar political beliefs. You should see us duke it out over abortion. But thanks for bashing my blog without doing the research.

Oh and I don't know where Flower Mound, Texas is, but I live in El Paso and several blogs are tagged with that location.

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