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Is Soros Influencing Houston Schools By Using Fake Conservatives?


Why would a former, discredited Democrat, who indoctrinated troubled African American men into the teachings of Malcolm X, suddenly run for an obscure Houston area school board at the same time Sheila Jackson Lee daughter does?  Furthermore, why would said Quanell X/Malcolm X protégé’ lie about his affiliation and try to pass himself off as a "Life long Conservative Christian” to try and unseat the ONLY true conservative currently on the School Board?  As a REPUBLICAN?

D.I.R.T. happens.  (Democrats Impersonating Republican Teapartiers).

PolitiJim uncovered the profane Fat Bottom Girl who was posing as a conservative Catholic Santorum supporter and multiple probable “fake” conservatives in the article The Insidious Liberal Plan to Infiltrate Indict the Tea Party this past weekend.  The Ulsterman Report has been warning about Obama’s attempt to use racial unrest to the extreme and there is evidence the White House is progressively escalating the fake Tea Party/Republican racist insinuations.   The goal is to infiltrate your opponent and slowly corrupt or distract them, or to simply instigate trouble that will tarnish your opponent’s movement.

Whether it is the mastermind of James Bond’s SPECTER-look-a-like George Soros, or merely massive exploitation of a countries moral, political and media decay by selfish opportunists, we find classic Soviet style tactics being used to usurp, confuse and control not just our media – but our government.

Texas Trash Talk released a story describing how the Harris County Texas GOP “sold” a Leadership title to a life long Democrat Richard Johnson who now calls himself a life long “Conservative Christian” as he runs for the board of the Harris County Department of Education  (HCDE).

What is especially odd is that this so called “conservative” named Richard Johnson, identified himself last year at a Houston City Council meeting as part of the far liberal Greater Houston Coalition for Justice (which includes Muslim Brotherhood linked CAIR and the Houston NAACP) advocating the “Appleseed Project,” linked to George Soros’s Tides Foundation.   This project advocates the blocking of enforcement of our immigration laws among other markedly ANTI-conservative views.

And after appearing with a former protestor of the GREEN PARTY at the Houston City Council last year, he suddenly formed the “HARRIS COUNTY REPUBLICAN MINORITY LEADERSHIP COUNCIL,” following his donation to the GOP.  Nothing fishy there, right?

What further casts doubt on Johnson’s “conservative” credentials is that DESPITE QUALIFYING TO RUN FOR THE SEAT abandoned by Republican Roy Morales, he is running against the ONLY conservative Republican on the board in an “at large” position.  Why?  If you were conservative wouldn’t you want to bolster conservative numbers on the school board?

You know who IS running for that seat, abandoned by a Republican?  Yep.  Sheila Jackson Lee’s own little “Appleseed”, Erica.  Wouldn’t a conservative want to stop the “AFL/CIO” Candidate whose mom is listed in former agent Gaubatz’s book “Muslim Mafia” as one of the foremost perpetrators against American values?  You would expect Daughter Erica’s big contributor, Tyene Houston, is also a big contributor to her mom, Sheila Jackson.  But when we learn that multiple of her donors are affiliated with the Harmony/Gulen Islamic schools we now wonder if this is a planned assault on Harris County by her mom’s friends who advocate a SECRET jihad.

And Johnson wants to knock off the ONLY board member who has fought AGAINST expanding funding, against receiving Head Start funds and without whom there would have been a tax increase last year?  Something doesn’t smell right about this elephant.

As a reminder, Texas Trash Talk began with a brutal investigation of HCDE exposing a taxpayer supported bureaucracy with 1500 employees and no students.  It was supposed to have been shut down over 50 years ago with the rest of the "county" school boards when Independent School Boards took over direct responsibilities for the state.  HCDE conveniently considers it self a “school board” when it wants to use it’s 123 year old taxing authority, but it’s a “Tax Assisted Non-Profit” when it wants to weasel out from legal accountability and oversight.  EVERY SERVICE provided by HCDE is already funded by Texas taxpayers in Texas Educational Service Centers including one 5 miles away.  HCDE has a long sordid history of payoffs, subverting the law and political hijinks to stay in power and act as a slush fund for political cronies.  Not only is it continuing to extort more money out of Harris County Texas taxpayers, it looks like it might be a launching pad for a whole new level of political corruption if Richard “Appleseed” Johnson gets elected.

Just last week the board was ready to blow hundreds of dollars of taxpayer money on a fake “retreat” at a 4 star Houston luxury restaurant.  After public outcry by Texas Trash Talk and others, it was cancelled.  AND NOTICE, the retreat wasn’t so important that it was simply moved to a less expensive location (like the state of the art administration building built at taxpayer expense), it was cancelled.  Must not have been very important after all right?

wolfe_palin Michael Wolfe, the target of Richard Johnson’s wolf-in-elephant clothing attack, has been attacked not just by the liberals who want to take over HCDE for possibly even more nefarious purposes, but also the liberal members of the board itself.  The Texas Supreme Court itself had to backhand the other board members for their undemocratic attempts to subvert the will of Harris County taxpayers.

Wolfe was elected to a six year term, unopposed in 2006.  Like hundreds of thousands of other races around America. most taxpayers have no clue what the position is  - much less that it even exists.  But these positions are important for three huge reasons.

  1. They never stop growing ever justifying more and more tax payer money.  In the first few years Wolfe was at HCDE – the budget grew from $16 Million to $78 Million, and is now over $100 Million.
  2. They give a foothold of power to like-minded leaches not just in crony capitalism that finance even more corruption, but to political resume’s needed to take power at higher and higher levels.  We just learned this week that Bush 41 would likely NEVER have been President, except for the continuous unmerited promotion by Richard Nixon after winning his first congressional election.  Even Obama’s stolen 1996 Illinois Senate race and earlier positions on civic committees formed is “credentials” to run for higher and higher office.  In political incubators, snakes only get more powerful and hungry the longer they feed on the electorate.
  3. The power they wield in those positions put LAWS and others into place that can negatively impact lives and communities by taking away even more freedoms.

WolfeReaganHandshake Wolfe understood this in the spirit of Ronald Reagan and not only sought to the name the building after his political hero he met as a youth, and he established a platform AFTER running to “downsize, cut tax rate, and bring new leadership.”

The reigning tyrannical bureaucrat, then Board President Raymond Garcia got angry and Wolfe took it the platform off of his website not intentionally trying to create waves, but pressed with the naming of the building after our 40th President.  Despite the local liberals acting like salted slugs screaming against the name, Wolfe got it passed anyway.  But he was only beginning to stir their little protected slush fund nest.

How bad is the Republican party in Harris County?  Garcia was a fellow Republican who would (as you will see) try to subvert the ONE Trustee who was actually trying to act like Ronald Reagan.

Wolfe was appointed as the Federal Liaison for Head Start by Garcia, kind of a worthless position to go and attend the Federal Head Start meetings monthly and report back to the board.  When Wolfe voted to DECLINE FEDERAL FUNDS for Head Start funding at one of these meetings, the liberal HCDE bureaucracy became unglued.

And in response to their anger, he realized he was a “Lone” Wolfe.  So, he started an initiative to lower the tax rate because that’s precisely what Reagan would do.  Wolfe had conservative Tax Advisor Paul Bettencourt (then the Harris County Tax Assessor) to come and speak.  The county enjoyed a 7 to 10% property value growth that year and Wolfe won a 4-3 vote to lower tax rate.  Even enraged foe Raymond Garcia changed his vote at the last minute realizing he was up for election and couldn’t risk being on the “tax increase” count on such a narrow vote.

This is the guy that “conservative” Mr. Appleseed Johnson wants to replace.

Wolfe went on to vote AGAINST numerous budgets and realized that he was going to need reinforcements to truly hold down the massive growth expanding before his eyes.  So he went recruiting OTHER conservatives to run.  (Oddly, Richard Johnson didn’t come across Michael Wolfe’s mind as a potential conservative candidate then.  Johnson was known as the chief of staff and campaign treasurer for indicted City Councilman Yarborough having been accused of multiple financial improprieties.  Or maybe it was because in 2005 Johnson was considering a run as the Chair of the Harris County DEMOCRAT party?)

Immediately following the election that was lost to Democrat control, the new board used their new power to seriously look at waste at HCDE and determine exactly why members of certain Houston area ISD’s were being taxed TWICE for the same services the state provides…. No.  Sorry.  That’s what WOULD have happened had conservatives gotten control.  Instead, the board decided to CENSURE Wolfe for aiding candidates who wanted to run against incumbents.  Clearly, the HCDE mafia didn’t like people challenging them and decided to waste taxpayer money to intimidate a fellow board member who was bringing in all of these conservative activists and speakers who wanted to hold government accountable. 

They THEN tried to get him removed from office ALTHOUGH THEY HAD NO POWER TO DO SO.  (Isn’t that just like those deranged donkeys of the left to try and quash democratic rule?)  They even admitted it to the Houston Chronicle accusing him of missing multiple board members.  PolitiJim asked Michael Wolfe about this and asked him if that wasn’t a fair attack that he wasn’t “doing his job.”  Wolfe replied,

I was selected as the Primary Director for the county Republican party and frankly, didn’t want to be accused of using my role politically.  I thought it was best both for HCDE and for the party for me to avoid anything they would think was a conflict of interest.  It was only a few meetings and I returned directly after the election.

Ironically, the board wanted to accuse Wolfe for violating his homestead exemption – something it seems clear from the Texas Trash Talk article is highly suspect in Richard Johnson’s filing with additional possibility of voter fraud.  Johnson is registered to vote with 5 other people at a tiny home he doesn’t own, but his wife is registered to vote at a much larger residence which is also listed as campaign office.  If Johnson indeed is claiming his homstead at the Spring address as documents suggest, and filing for his candidacy as a resident at the Fannette address I think he has also violated his sworn statement.

But HCDE had no evidence in the case of Wolfe, nor would it have anything to do with his position on the board.  But in the spirit of Saul Alinsky the Raymond Garcia decided to try and FORCE Michael Wolfe (at taxpayer expense no less) to submit to a deposition THAT HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH HCDE BUSINESS. 

Wolfe sued to stop the nonsense but a corrupt court and appellate court found in the HCDE Board’s favor.  But in a WWW Smackdown of Raymond Garcia, current President Angie Chestnut, Trustee Roy Morales and the HCDE mafia – the Texas Supreme Court not only overturned the lower courts (PDF), but rebuked and chastised all the parties for bringing it to begin with.

Rule 202 is not a license for forced interrogations. Courts must strictly limit and carefully supervise pre-suit discovery to prevent abuse of the rule. The trial court here clearly abused its discretion in ordering Wolfe to testify regarding grounds for his removal from office without the request of the county attorney who must prosecute an ouster action for the State. An improper order under Rule 202 may be set aside by mandamus.

Accordingly, we grant Wolfe’s petition, and without hearing oral argument, TEX . R. APP . P. 52.8(c), direct the trial court to vacate its order signed March 26, 2010, and dismiss this proceeding.

Harris County fraud and abuse watchers will no doubt find it funny that Raymond Garcia is running again for the board and endorsed by his former consigliares still on it.

So with a illegitimate government bureaucracy growing over 600% in six years and Wolfe being the only member willing to take it on for the Harris County taxpayer – why again is Johnson running against him?

And, is it a coincidence that someone registered to vote in Sheila Jackson Lee’s district would let her run unopposed while trying to knock out a TRUE conservative Reagan Republican?

PolitiJim attended the September Tax Workshop and Board Meeting that shocking in so many ways.  Essentially the Superintendent was making a case that since land values were dropping due to the recession, the tax rate should be increased to make up the difference for the school board budget.  (Ironically the board never called the County Tax Assessor Don Sumners to confirm this but God forbid their first action would be to curtail spending, right?)


The voices you hear in the beginning are President Angie Chestnut, Roy Morales and Michael Wolfe – notable for a high pitched voice as the result of surgery he underwent as a result of paralyzed vocal chords at birth.  You will note that at one point the southern drawl of Superintendent John Sawyer can be heard suggesting that HCDE shouldn’t suspend their previous “rule” that only 3 people can speak on one topic.  It is fascinating.

Harris County Dept of Education Board Meeting Oct 2011

Notice the Trustee (Henley) who says, “I believe in freedom of speech but if we can do it here we can do it anywhere.”

This is a study in power and corruption gone awry.   Worse, it shows just how normal our the process of letting elected officials run their fiefdom’s without understanding they are REPRESENTING the public – not themselves.

They spend 17 minutes debating whether they should give TAX PAYERS 18 minutes to speak on a motion that takes money from them!

Again, with some help from Morales – Michael Wolfe is the one who makes a motion for the public to be heard (and later is key to making sure the TAX ASSESSOR Don Harris is heard at the 36 minute mark).  Wolfe is also clearly the driving energy stopping the tax increase by forcing the board to admit that the Tax Assessor himself believes they will collect MORE than their budget for the year.  That video is equally fascinating and viewed hereEspecially when the board (except Wolfe) tries to keep Don Harris from giving them input on the very data upon which they are basing their argument.

Both Erica Lee and Richard Johnson have spectacular looking websites and slick brochures.  This is for a position that pays (no kidding) $72 per year.  We SEE what drives Michael Wolfe not from slick speech but from a consistent conservative philosophy.  Why (again) would a “conservative” want to unseat him?  And why all the fuss over some tiny little school district no one even really aware exists?

I have some theories.

First, we know for a fact there is corruption going on.  A former superintendent (and now Mayor of nearby Katy, TX) continues to receive $100,000 a year for “consulting.”  There is much more being unearthed by Texas Trash Talk.

Second, HCDE is in a unique position of having TAXING authority without anyone really knowing of their existence.  Power can be used in a number of ways for their party, or their own personal initiatives.

Third, HCDE is in a unique position of reaching into schools around the nation without really being accountable to the children they serving.  They can introduce programs and influence policies around the country in the way a local school district could not.  With Johnson’s ties to Council of American Islamic Relations as well as Sheila Jackson Lee’s daughter through her mom, it isn’t so far fetched to wonder if they are going to broaden the influence not just of the Soros developed Appleseed program as Johnson advocated last year – but possibly even Harmony schools.

For those that are not familiar with the Gulen or Harmony schools, they are birthed from the same movement that took Turkey from a Western tolerant (if not embracing) country to an anti-American, sharia leaning one.  Many in Texas, most notably former educator and conservative activist Donna Gardner, have been fighting to close those already sanctioned with tax payer money here in Texas.  They can sneak in to unsuspecting educational bureaucrats under the guise of “new methods” or more.

Van Jones (Obama’s former Green Jobs Czar and Solyndra Socialist) not only wrote how they would no longer use “in your face” Marxist tactics to create revolution, but they would put on suits and ties to do from the inside.  One of their favorite coded phrases is “Social Justice” the same exact terminology that Richard Johnson used last year at the Houston City Council meeting.  Given the overlap by similar affiliations to Van Jones (NAACP, CAIR, etc) I think it would be interesting to see EXACTLY what this “Social Justice” is:

Van Jones Explains Social Justice

As PolitiJim readers know, we want TRUTH here no matter if it fits our agenda or not.  Richard Johnson III has done some very good work it seems with the Louisiana Prison Chapel Foundation.  In talking to a former board member who worked with him, he has influence with the famous Louisiana Angola prison warden, Burt Cain and seemed to help the organization.  Unfortunately, even in this one effort, we find out that Johnson has lied.  Unlike his campaign literature he is NOT President of the LPCF.  In fact, there is only a single paid position of Managing Director.  He was made President of the Board of Directors, something entirely different.

What else do we TRULY KNOW about Richard Johnson who suddenly wants to have authority over the Harris County Department of Education and the children they influence?

  • He has lied about where he lives or votes. (And we’d certainly like him to explain the other 5 voters registered at his 1st address.)
  • He lied to the Conservative Coalition about his former relationship with Quannell X.
  • Last year he advocated a George Soros program for Houston
  • Last year he worked on behalf of a Houston coalition of far left groups including CAIR – the Council of American Islamic Relations
  • Last year he encouraged the socialist rhetoric “Social Justice”
  • Last year he appeared with a Mr. Kallinen who was part of the GREEN PARTY protest in 2005.
  • Only 5 years ago he set up his own foundation of “Justice of Peace”
  • Had considered running for Chairman of the Democrat Party only 7 years ago.
  • His license was revoked to run his OWN education center called GOLDEN EAGLE in 2003 after numerous reports of abuse.
  • White and Hispanic parents testified that GOLDEN EAGLE virtually ignored their children needing drug and alcohol rehabilitation, while African American children when exposed to militant Islamic teachings by Malcolm X.
  • Johnson was reported to be “brains” behind corrupt City Councilman Michael Yarborough who was indicted on charges of Federal Bribery.
  • Johnson himself was shown in MULTIPLE INCIDENTS to have broken campaign finance and ethics laws.
  • Johnson used intimidation to threaten a Texas Commission on Alcohol and Drug Abuse investigator, later taking the head of the NAACP to Austin to get him fired.  He did and the investigator won a default judgment for wrongful firing.

Meanwhile, Michael Wolfe has endorsements from REAL conservatives including:

  • Chair of the Texas State Board of Education: Barbara Cargill
  • Dr. Steve Hotze & Conservative Republicans of Harris County
  • Terry Lowry & The Link Letter
  • Gary Polland & The Texas Conservative Review

Having introduced and passed a tax cut during his term you can also witness his conservatism in action via both of the video links to the September 2011 HCDE Board Meeting above.

We already see 5 voter registration at Johnson’s house in Sheila Jackson Lee’s district indicting a strong possibility that Erica Lee may already be “selected” without being elected.

God forbid if both get on the board and Wolfe is no longer there to protect Harris County Taxpayers.


Democrats Impersonating Republicans, Conservatives and Tea Partiers?

That's the Romney Strategy.

It is no surprise to me that this would happen in Sheila Jackson Lee's district. There are many, many, black households that have multiple voters in them. This is how she remains in power.

The corruption in Harris County runs very deep and I don't think it will ever be cleaned up. I think a genuine effort has been tried.

Now it looks as if there is even another larger problem with Soros planted "stooge" with funding. It seems that Soros has a never ending supply of money. I'd just like it if Soros was exposed and sent to prison.

God help us take our country back from the Corrupt Communists and Socialists! Vote all the HATEFUL, IGNORANT, Socialist/Democrats out of Texas! Vote a straight Republican Patriot ticket in 2012!!

All the more reason to Home school.

Thanks Politijim. Even I learned a few new things.

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