Monday, August 6, 2012

Watch Everyday Citizens Resist Tyranny


TSA is now conducting random check points at bus stations, (and ON random buses), as well as on freeways in Tennessee and elsewhere.  PolitiJim’s Facebook page has steadily been document the encroachment of the growing police state where even city and county cops, think they have authority to arrest you for documenting their activities  or even just exhibiting free speech.

Hat tip to EconomicPolicyJournal who shared this video today of a US citizen who knows his rights and isn’t putting up with it anymore.

VIDEO and the LOOOONG list of terrifying local, state and Federal law enforcement tyranny at:



I ran into the same kinda of checkpoints in Saudi. Never thought I would see here what I saw there. Shameful we have so many cowards here in the USA that we had to allow 9/11 to scare us into becoming a police state; we are doing just what the terrorists wanted; change our conversation and our history.

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