Saturday, August 4, 2012

Is It Wrong to Rag on Mitt Romney Before Tampa?


Many nervous Nellies are expressing displeasure at my post showing that presumptive candidates only have a 33% chance of winning the general election while non-presumptive candidates form a brokered convention have gone on to win 7 of 8 contests.

There are 7 good reasons (in my opinion) why not only is it acceptable to challenge Mitt Romney in Tampa – it is necessary.

Part 1 – Is it Wrong to Rag on Mitt Romney Prior to Tampa?

Part 2 - Is the Mitt Romney Campaign Masterful or Misleading?

Both by PolitiJim at


I needed that swift kick in the ass. Thank you... I am awake now.

Romney has presumably "won" the GOP nomination because he spent millions in negative advertising against the other candidates. And now Obama is doing the same to him and it is working. It sucks to vote for a GOP candidate only because there is an anti-colonialist socialist as POTUS I want to boot from office. Gingrinch was spot on regarding Romney. Too bad I didn't wake up sooner.

no, there's nothing wrong with vetting candidates for office especially considering there is absolutely no reason to believe that anything will be different under Romney. Research indicates that both
Obama and Romney's biggest donor is Goldman Sachs. The both work for the same criminal entity that is Goldman Sachs. Furthermore, Paul Ryan is
also supposedly guilty of insider trading involving Goldman Sachs:

Although I believe that
Obama and Romney are both criminals, a possible reason why Obama keeps talking
about Romney's records is because Obama knows that Romney is a criminal.
For example, Romney supposedly committed voter fraud:

Also, have you ever wondered why
Romney destroyed his office records while he was governor? Romney may not
want people to know that Bain owned a company called Stericycle that disposed
of aborted fetuses. Although some say that Romney severed ties with Bain in
2002, Bain went on to haul in huge profits from Stericycle's disposal of aborted
babies from 2002-2004 while Romney was governor. I speculate that at least some
of the paperwork that Romney destroyed while he was governor may have
documented Romney's involvement in coordinating state funded abortions in
Romneycare. Did Bain-owned Stericycle profit in any way from any legislation
that Romney may have enacted or coordinated between 2002-2004?

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