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Where’s Aldo and Rick’s 7 Obama Similarities


There is no way that Rick Santorum wouldn’t be a better President than Barack Obama.  Of course, we could say the same thing about any one of the Santorum children.  It’s not a towering standard, you know.

There are huge contrasts between the former Senators.  Obama has rumors of a gay sex life while the rumor is that Santorum’s position on sex is to outlaw it.  You get the idea.

As PolitiJim readers know, as I’ve begun to vet the vested one, I was more than mildly amused by some strange similarities Rick has with the Kenyan formerly known as “Barry.”  Here are

In no particular order of importance:

Wheres-Aldos-Birth-Certific Eligibility Issues

Yes, Sheriff Joe Arapio’s Cold Case Posse affirmed what hundreds of graphic arts experts have known since the day after the White House posted the long firm birth certificate.  It’s not only a forged document, it’s a blatantly BAD forged birth certificate.  But in their obsessive fear of tarnishing their anti-tin foil hat reputations, conservative media have ignored the development of Larry Klayman’s Judicial Watch joining the increasing attack on Obama’s eligibility on an entirely different front.  That of Barack Obama’s own admission that his FATHER was not a US citizen, thus invalidating him from being a “natural born citizen.”

While PolitiJim was caught up in the obvious forgeries, we didn’t pay attention on NBC until the scandal.  it came to light that the legal resource used by nearly every judge in the country ( had removed references to an 1875 Supreme Court decision called “MINOR v HAPPERSETT”  BEFORE THE ELECTION OF 2008 as Obama’s eligibility issue was gaining steam.  It was already obvious to those of us paying attention to disappearing INS, passport, hospital records that some serious corruption was occurring.  But to tinker with a database removing evidence of ENTIRE SUPREME COURT decisions was startling. 

Why would they do this?  Because Minor v Happersett DEFINES by the Supreme Court what a “natural born citizen” is.  According to Article II of the Constitution, with the exception of those alive at the time of its signing, someone is a NBC only if BOTH parents were citizens at the time of their birth on US soil.  In Obama’s case it is unnecessary to address WHERE he is was born, since he admitted in both of his books that his father was a British citizen. Official immigration records confirm it.

EligibilityLIST It is undeniable that not only does this Supreme Court affirm that definition, the Constitution's Framers knew it acknowledging their own admissions of reliance on “natural law” and the Law of the Nations. And it is further underscored in the Naturalization Acts of 1790, 1795, 1802 all being passed DURING the founders early legislative activity.  The definitive scholarly article and source is from Mario Apuzo and his article, “Putative President Barack Obama’s Unconstitutional Amending of Article II’s “Natural Born Citizen” Clause.”

Rick Santorum’s Eligibility Issues

We clearly know that Rick Santorum was born in Virginia.  However, there seems to be no record of his father applying for, or receiving US citizenship.  Rick’s mother claims she has the documents.  Yet, after REPEATED requests by numerous organizations, he not only has not produced them, he continues to evade a fairly straight forward issue.  WHY have Gingrich, Paul and even Romney provided all documents necessary to prove they are NATURAL BORN CITIZENS but the “true,” “Constitutional” conservative has not?

We also now know that McCain, Jindahl, and Rubio are NOT “natural born citizens.”  (Talk about the demise of made in the USA, huh?)  As the Washington Times points out, the REAL scandal is at the feet of the Conservative Media (let alone the national media), who refuse to cover this.

Is Rick Santorum A Natural Born Citizen


Presidential Qualifications and Qualities

Yes, they are both young with school age families.  Yes, both are attorneys, began their congressional careers in the mid-90’s, and both served as legislators for 14 years.

Oddly both have had issues regarding their law licenses.  You may remember Bill Clinton’s license was suspended for five years following his perjury in the Monica Lewinsky case.   Like MOST politicians, he kept it active as President, just as Ron Paul continues to keep his medical license active.  Santorum’s problem is likely only the neglect to pay his annual $70 fee.  Barack and Michelle BOTH “voluntarily” inactive and/or retired for unknown reasons.

Neither one of them had managed a business, organization or have had any executive experience prior to running for President outside of small offices of their campaigns or congressional office.  Neither have a history of great legislative insight or accomplishment, nor are either prolific with the pen.

Both have flatly lied about previous political positions, and while some would argue that ALL politicians do this – Paul and Gingrich don’t deny things that are easily proven.   For instance, Obama claimed on the campaign trail in 2008 he had always been against the Iraq war.  A lie.  Santorum claimed he had never been for insurance mandates and had never been for bailouts. Lie. Lie.  Both Santorum and Sotero have a a laundry list of lies.

Barack Obama pretends to be an authentic “black” man in the cultural (not racial) sense of the word despite having grown up in private schools and supported by Bill Ayers parents and rich Saudi billionaires.  Rick Santorum claims to be an authentic “Tea Partier” despite a glaring invisibility (or even dismissal) and Pennsylvania Tea Partiers pointing out the hypocrisy.

Voter Fraud Issues

In our discussion of Barack Obama’s potential involvement in Hillary SuperDelegate deaths, we cover clearly documented voter fraud in his campaign.   It turns out Santorum has been up to dirty tricks as well.  Rick’s campaign tried to steal a caucus in Missouri ala Obama against Clinton, and disenfranchised GOP voters in Tennessee by strong-arming Gingrich delegates to switch AFTER they had been pledged per the popular vote.  It seems this also happened in Alabama, with Santorum coming out with unexplained statistical anomalies just like Obama did in the 2008 Texas primaries and caucuses.  These tactics were so well known in Pennsylvania that GOP insiders INTENTONALLY voted for Santorum’s Democrat opponent Bob Casey.

However Rick has succeeded in area even Barack Obama feared to tread.  Fixing the vote of EVANGELICALS and Christians to give him a false boost.  At least he is narrowing in on Obama in the “unscrupulousness” race.  Even the Christian Broadcasting Network admitted that it wasn’t the clean overwhelming endorsement the Santorum campaign made it out to be.

Lying about Lobbying

Obama made a big deal in 2008 claiming he hadn’t take a dime from lobbyists and they would be disallowed in his administration.  As we know, he got more money from Exxon than John McCain and even the USA Today rolled their journalistic eyes at audacity of hype.  At least 12 lobbyists have jobs in the White House.

Righteous Rick the self-proclaimed “Reformer” has been incessant in his claim that he is a Washington outsider.  Yeah, not so much.  In fact in this, he is even WORSE in his misleading than the man he wants to move out of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.  Convicted former lobbyist Jack Abramoff has been trying to rehabilitate his image after serving his jail sentence and strangely gave “non answers” about Santorum.  Now we know why.  He was busy getting Santorum to kill sweatshop bills in exchange for campaign cash  (Seriously, click the link to see the ACTUAL billing records from Abramoff).  Worse Santorum’s own peers in Congress called RICK himself “a high powered lobbyist,” which could explain why he’s won more states than obtained congressional endorsements.  Who wants to be caught with that guy, right?  And he outshines on Obama in the “Lobbying Lies and Hypocrisy” department by a long shot.  Not only has he outright lied, that he was part of the “K Street” project that played a role in Tom Delay’s conviction, he lies that it ever existed!  Santorum moved more of his Senate staff into lobbying than any other and even employs convicted lobbyist and former Abramoff prostituted procurer as his South Carolina campaign aide.  I’m shocked Santorum hasn’t spun this to claim he creates more jobs than Romney.  But then again, campaign is still young.

(PolitiJim note: As the aide claims to have accepted Jesus, I am not insinuating Hinri is not a “new creature in Christ.” We are only noting that attempts made by Santorum to cover up Hinri’s involvement instead of just embracing his new spiritual condition openly and unapologetically while employing the CONSUMATE “insider” Santorum claims to be so distant from.)

Nowhere is the audacity of lobbying tope, by Santorum, more evident than when he put lives at risk in legislation he authored.  Coined as the “Accuweather Protection Act of 2005,” he tried to strip the National Weather Service from providing storm warnings which (completely coincidentally of course) would help Rick’s Pennsylvania donor.  Not a single other conservative would support it.  You now may have a clue why conservative poster boy, Jim DeMint near endorsed Mitt Romney over the supposed “true” conservative in Santorum.  (Although DeMint could have gotten confused since Rick called Mitt a “true conservative of conviction who portrays our values” when he endorsed him in 2008.)

Maybe Rick’s reasons for supporting the Bridge to Nowhere and trying to scuttle Jim DeMint’s battle against earmarks (2 weeks before DeMint’s re-election by the way), was cutting into the Santorum college fund spigot.  A dad of seven has got to dad what a dad’s got to do.

Financial Impropriety

This is a truly unfair comparison to Rick Santorum since Obama had the advantage of living in the Chicago corruption incubator.  It will be curious to see if the mainstream media looks at the art of cash corruption by Obama’s Tony Rezko ties and the kick backs he got while a congressman in Illinois.  (PolitiJim wonders if Hillary Clinton saw the breadth and extravagance of Obama’s corruption compared to her piddly cattle futures and just gave up the Presidential battle over the sheer wonder of it.)

But where Obama has his land strip scandal that gave him a side lot to his house without paying for it, Santorum has an even worse situation on his Pennsylvania and Virginia homes including whether he or a GOP contributor paid for it.  Santorum refuses to answer questions about how he got a “preferred mortgage loan” from fledging private bank when his own disclosure statements show he didn’t qualify for it.

Rick broke state law (and lied while doing it) in getting Pennsylvanians to pay $100,000 for homeschooling for his children.  All of this while the school district was struggling financially.  And while the Santorum children lived in Virginia, not Pennsylvania.  Santorum was asked to give the money back…and refused.  Rick’s response?  He pays taxes in Pennsylvania, that covered the cost of what they took.  So it’s ok to break the law because you determined you are OWED it?  And the OTHER state and local services your house enjoyed DIDN’T ALSO cost money?  (I’m sorry Rick, the line for Occupy Wall Street entitlement movement is in the Democratic primary.)

Rick Santorum still has some ‘splaining’ to do on his charity set up for the poor.  Not his measly 1.8% giving from his new found lobbying wealth post-Pennsylvania politics, but an actual nonprofit he set up for the poor.  Funny how the money collected never really made it to the “poor,” unless you define “poor” as the managers and vendors needed to run it on 89% of the collections.  Similarly his “Leadership PAC” collected cash Rick said would, “reinforce our conservative allies,” but only gave away about 18%.  The rest was used to set up a lot of work (shocker) in the first two states in which he would compete.

Less damaging but fitting the “financial Pharisee” mold is when Santorum’s wife sued her doctor for $500,000 at the same time Rick authored a bill to cap medical malpractice at $250,000.  Of course, afterward Rick said that the $250K cap wasn’t set in concrete.  Much like his moving standard for principles measured against his actions.

Note to conservative Christians who keep covering for the Catholic Crusader of Conscience:

  • Why did he give more away to politicians than the poor as a percentage?
  • What REAL evidence is there that he can manage ANY organization much less the most powerful government on the planet when he can’t keep a CHARITY from excessive spending that keeps money from the poor?
  • Since Jesus said “where your heart is there your money is also,” why do you continue to believe he is a “committed Christian” when he doesn’t tithe and gives so little his church and other charity?
  • Why would he refuse to pay back money CLEARLY the law did not entitle him to and he had to lie to receive?


Clearly Obama wants to regulate your health care, your schooling, your product consumption and your sun tanning.  (Just ask Snooki.)  Government knows best.

Rick’s raucous riff’s (or egregious gaffes – you choose), range from accusing Trojans of being a temptation leading to adultery to promoting Protestants as poorly pious or worse.  None are more damaging, in PolitiJim’s opinion, than those in the video below.  those where he claims:

They have this idea that people should be left alone, be able to do whatever they want to do, government should keep our taxes down and keep our regulations low, thatwe shouldn't get involved in the bedroom, we shouldn't get involved in cultural issues. That is not how traditional conservatives view the world.

As I demonstrated in FOUR VIDEOS this week on PolitiJim, this is not an aberration.  This is WHO Rick Santorum is.  And he wants to make the case that government shouldn’t control your lives.  He wants to mandate ultrasounds but not prenatal screening.  Both provide information to the mother to make informed choices.  Both use tax payer money to administrate it.  And we want to trust THIS GUY to make the conservative case to the American people of why Obama’s control isn’t good but his is?  Really?


Old news alert: The media repeats every lie that Obama tells and continues to hide evidence that he is corrupt and ineligible.  The aforementioned Washington Times article says it all.  But the most disgusting thing to me about this campaign cycle has been the complicity of so called conservatives to do EXACTLY the same thing they complained about the media doing with Barack.

With JUST the information in THIS POST, all of us would expect Rush Limbaugh, Mark “Liberty” Levin, Laura Ingraham and Michelle Malkin to disdain this guy right?  Nope?  In order they say Rick is “the only conservative left in the race,” a true conservative, a true conservative, and “I hate Gingrich to much to look at the truth.”  (The last one is Politijim’s interpretation not an actual quote.)

Clearly, if a tiny bit of this was even DISCUSSED by conservative media, Rick’s poll numbers would drop faster than the pants on Pee Wee Herman in a New York porn theater.

And in looking likely to be President in 2013, we have the final inexplicable parallel to Barack Hussein Obama.  Amazement at their support in spite of such obvious disqualifications.


As I understand it, McCain's parents are both American citizens.

I believe that f your parents are both American citizens, you can be born anywhere and you are a natural-born American citizen.

McCain was born on a U.S. Naval base in Panama.

His father was serving in the U.S. Navy at the time.

The Naval Base is under the jurisdiction of the United States.

His parents, both being American citizens, had no allegiance to a foreign power.

According to my research, if your parents are both American citizens, you are a natural-born AMerican no matter where you are born.

Hey hopechange, you should know PolitiJim better than that!! If you follow the McCain link you'll see that it's clear he wasn't born on the naval base. Read it and the links in THAT article - and tell me if disagree.

p.s. Road Runner would make a better president. I challenge you to think of a cartoon character of good will who would not make a better president.

Foghorn Leghorn. Wile E. Coyote. Bugs Bunny. Superman, obviously. Wonder Woman, indubitably. All three of Donald Duck's nephews. Tweety Bird. ESPECIALLY Tweety Bird.

Now THERE is a blog!!

Wiley Coyote = Romney
Sylvester the Cat = Santorum
Yosemite Sam or Tasmanian Devil = Ron Paul
Brain (from Pinky & the Brain) or Foghorn Leghorn as Newt.

Hi! PolitJim, I can't go back and look it up right now, but I will try to do that when I can.

I researched this a lot, back in the day.

As I recall, my research indicated that the child of two United States citizens is a natural born citizen no matter where that child is born.

I appreciate your work on this (and SO MANY!) topics. And I'm happy to learn more and to learn better information if my conclusion is not so.

IIRC, it also seemed to matter what federal stature was in place at the time of someone's birth.

Thank you for this article. I will continue to look into this when I can. Thanks for your work.

One question I would have -- it seems to me that it would be unjust to make the child of two American citizens, one parent serving in the navy, into a not-natural born citizen if born outside the U.S. as in the case of McCain.

I'll read the links when I can. Thanks again for all you do! Lovely to talk to you!

PolitiJim! hahahahaha!

'cept I think Newt is Road Runner. beep beep! Ha!

Remember this? "Both Romney and Santorum showed up for Chess Match Clutching a Box of Checkers"

“Now watching Romney and Santorum each beat the other’s brains out in Michigan I think I finally figured out what Newt is up to.

Waiting for it to finish so that he can move south and east again. Just like he always does. And if I’m right it means we’ll look back and see that both Romney and Santorum showed up for a chess match, clutching a box of checkers.”

Richard Miniter at American Thinker:

Thank you so much for your comprehensive coverage of this issue. It has continued to be a constant problem that many in the Santorum camp worked so hard on this issue with Obama, but ignore the issue with Santorum. Yet, the issue is every bit as real.

In his talk in Puerto Rico, Santorum admitted that his father's parents were not citizens. His father was born in Italy. There are not records at the National Archives. Citizenship is NOT automatic with Military Service, and if this continues to be an issue, I will gladly produce my father's papers (served in WW2) and my grandfather's (served in WW1) naturalization papers, both who served in the military, to show the matter plainly.

If we are to be a nation of laws, this must be addressed by the RNC. Two wrongs do not make a right, it just makes a whole lot more wrong. Thank you, PolitJim.

Barbara, do you have links of video or reporting of him saying that in Puerto Rico? That would be VERY helpful..

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