Monday, September 19, 2011

Monday Freak Out - Tom Daschle and John Edwards Proclaim Judgement Over America

Bronze of Sycamore Roots on Wall Street
commemorating September 11th.
For those of you that still think that I was a rational, normal conservative - this might finally convince you otherwise. But I couldn't help but bring it to your attention.

“ The bricks have fallen down,
      But we will rebuild with hewn stones;
      The sycamores are cut down,
      But we will replace them with cedars.” (Isaiah 9:10)

This scripture in Isaiah was spoken by John Edwards, and Tom Daschle in response to America's determination to rebuild after September 11th. And it was a curse on the US.

In the daily TV video from: Sid Roth - It's Supernatural Messianic Vision: Rabbi Jonathan Cahn - Part 1, we learn this is actually the proclamation of a curse on a people where the SYCAMORE TREE falls when a building collapses - and the people in defiance and self-determination decide they will plant a stronger CEDAR one.  The scripture itself is a WARNING to a nation from God.

I had not planned to watch this show this morning but had the TV on in my office when it came on.  What I learned absolutely shocked me.  I find Sid Roth himself to be a bit "over the top" in his theatrical presentation - but the Rabbi seems very credible to me.

Warning: To those not familiar with prophesy, it is important to look at these discussions not as what WE PERCEIVE as cause and effect - but as how God might see them.  For instance, one harbinger is that people will be defiant in planting a stronger cedar tree in place of the Sycamore.  (The Hebrew word literally translates to any coniferous tree or 'erez-OT 729.) NO ONE is saying that a defiant attitude against the Islamic militants is wrong.  Instead, it is the lack of recognition that God withheld his protection because of a disregard for Him and the "spirit" of misplaced defiance that we can do whatever we want without seeking God. It would be akin to a criminal in jail deciding he would break out to be free from justice - never acknowledging or repenting for the crime that put him there.


  • America first Tom Daschle cited this declaration of defiance against God (unknowing of course that he was pronouncing judgement on the US) on September 12th, 2001 in an address to Congress.
  • There was a lone SYCAMORE tree at the corner of Ground Zero at St. Paul's Chapel - a place where George Washington once sought God for mercy on our country.
  • It was felled by debris from the North Tower
  • Unknowing New Yorkers have made it a symbol of 9-11 and is visible today (in fact each harbinger has oddly been exalted as a monument or remembrance)
  • In 2003, a coniferous tree was planted IN THE EXACT SPOT where the sycamore tree had been.
  • There is a principle in prophesy that when God brings judgment - he exposes that nations foundations - or roots.
    Buttonwood Tree on Wall Street
  • One of the 'foundations' of the United States is Wall Street where the New York Stock Exchange was founded.  The previous name of this group?  The Buttonwood Association.  Buttonwood literally means "sycamore."
  • Wall Street was also the first location our government convened under the newly ratified Constitution.  It's first meeting was at the corner of Ground Zero.  George Washington's prayer asks for protection over our country as we imitate God's virtues, implying we might loose His protection if we don't.
  • A bronze sculture of the uprooted sycamore at ground zero was placed on Wall street in September of 2005.
  • John Edwards fall in disgrace came shortly after giving a speech at Ground Zero where he proclaims the judgement of God on the nation that acted in defiance according to Isaiah 9-10.
  • President Obama's declaration that we will rebuild, we will recover did NOT acknowledge "with God's grace" as many predecessors had done in making similar declarations - but it is in the same spirit of "self-will" as the speeches that directly cited the Isaiah passage.
Part 1 Video here:

As further "disclaimer" let me add that there IS a danger of seeing a spiritual bogeyman around every corner.  Many "charismatics" have fallen into this danger.  I was embarrassed by the "Barak Obama is the anti-Christ" people. There were so many obvious missing theological characteristics to fit him it wasn't even funny.  But let me also say that prophecies are real and they are a testament to the omnipotence of God.  Followers of Israel know that the Old Testament prophesied of Israel being reconstituted as a nation despite no other precedent of this happening throughout all of history.  The 1948 establishment of the Jewish nation after 2,000 years (and prophesied for over 4,000 years) is a testament to God's existence, power and sovereignty.

I share this because I see the evidence of God (as did Benjamin Franklin) in the founding of this country and this study is a confirmation of dozens of other warnings by people I respect who have been dead on in past prophesies.

  • EXCELLENT Theological explanation of Daschle's reference to Isaiah 9:10 here.
  • Further pictorial and video explanation of the 8 Harbingers (Warnings) here.
  • Much longer Sid Roth radio interview with Rabbi Cohn - audio. (includes podcast links)
  • My presentations of Why You Can Believe The Bible Is The Inspired Word of God Part 1 and Part 2. (If you only watch one, watch Part 2).


Appears Obama will be re-elected.....Sorrows willl follow

Could it be that Obama is the Assyrian? Have they not only breached the United States, but taken over it's highest office?

Nothing good could come of pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage liberal turds quoting the Bible.

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I agree. We need to pray for forgiveness.
2 Chronicles 7:14
If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

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