Friday, September 23, 2011

Texas Trash Talk: Obsolete Bureaucracy - Waste In Harris County DOE - Pt 1

Texas Trash Talk: Obsolete Bureaucracy - Waste In Harris County DOE - Pt 1:

Colleen Vera, a very dear friend, a retired 30 year Home Economics School Teacher has decided to eliminate government waste and spending by completely obliterating any 'cover' the Harris County Department of Education had through her new investigative journalism blog -  And she has started off not just with a musket shot - but a howitzer blast that will surely send the rats running.

Another friend she began to educate on the subject started a blog and was immediately sent a threatening letter by HCDE (she used a photo from their website THAT SHE PAID FOR AS A TAXPAYER).  And that didn't deter this Grandmama Grizzly.  Instead, she became MORE determined to rip the control they've had of taxpayer money from their soon to be shaking hands.

She has started with a 5 part post on the corruption, waste and misuse of funds by the Harris County Department of Education. 

Yeah, they are spending money on needless crap and there are abuses of power galore.. but get this.  THEY HAVE NO STUDENTS!!  That's right.  All education management is handled by INDEPENDENT school districts but they keep getting local, state and Federal taxpayer money!

Read Part 1 here.  

Those in Texas - get this to every media outlet and government representative you can.

Colleeen brilliantly puts together a PLAN OF ACTION in Part 5 including a PETITION TO SHUT THE WHOLE DAMN THING DOWN.

Follow Colleen as @TexasTrashTalk on Twitter too.


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