Thursday, December 8, 2011

Coulter: Newt is a TOFFLER!


OH MY GOD!  Newt is a secret KKK, 18th Degree Mason and baby sacrifice cultist!  At least according to Ann Coulter.  Because Newt Gingrich recommended Congress read THE THIRD WAVE by Alvin and Heidi Toffler and had some public forums with them.  Only one problem Blondie: Alvin Toffler himself has said all along that he and Newt agree on very little.

I was going to write on this but the wonderful Maggie’s Notebook covers it so well – I just want to refer you to her post.

As I was reading this column, it dawned on my however that I read the Third Wave also!  I suddenly am wondering if this is the reason I voted for McCain instead of Huckabee or why I am not freaking out that Gingrich isn’t conservative enough on immigration.  I feel like the Salem witch trials have started all over again, but I always thought it would be Coulter accused of BEING the witch.  Or something similar.

Perhaps Coulter is just pulling the old “He’s a THESPIAN!” trick, or perhaps it is far more sinister.  Gingrich is a former college professor that LOVES big ideas.  He gets high by talking theories through to absurd ends just for the practice of thinking.  Should we really believe that Coulter would be for forced conversions to Christianity in Muslim nations as she once wrote?

MaherCoulter I noted in my article Is Gingrich Our Obama of Wit Guilt? that Coulter has lost a terrible amount of credibility among conservatives  backing a pro-amensty, pro-gun control, pro-9/11 mosque and pro-public sector union candidate in Chris Christie.  And now she is peddling Romney as the “conservative” answer.  I think she might not want to hang out with her admitted buddy Bill Maehr.

But I will try not and hyperventilate over the fact that Coulter is an intimate friend of Bill Maher and thus is not qualified to talk on conservative issues as she has suggested with Gingrich.  But I certainly will point out the hypocrisy.  Coulter is calibrated wonderfully to liberal hypocrisy.

But I’m not sure she can be taken be taken seriously on any issues of candidates since she clearly has now progressively backed two Tea Party resistant candidates back to back.

Come back on talk to us Ann when you be funny and sarcastic with truth instead of easily debunked false accusations.

Again, read the Maggie’s Notebook piece.


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