Monday, August 15, 2011

5 Political Predictions by PolitiCarnac - August 2011

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Yes, he does look similar to me, but let's face it, who wouldn't want to.

My predictions last month were 100% correct.  Indeed Huntsman showed poorly in the Iowa Straw Poll and debate, and Palin did not jump in the race. That wasn't my prediction but those things DID happen:

This month's dead serious predictions:
  • Michele Bauchmann will continue to be a top 3 candidate and pick up most of the Cain and Santorum supporters when they exit the field
  • Rick Perry will fare poorly in the upcoming debates, after which Romney will continue to track 5 to 8 pts and higher in the general pre-election polls above GOP rivals until:
  • Palin will jump in the race within weeks of the DVD release of the documentary THE UNDEFEATED
  • Democrats and MSM will have had enough of of the Obama failures they will openly seek someone to challenge him and also will either jump on board of Fast and Furious or one of the Obama scandals
  • The Chicago Cubs will NOT win the 2011 World Series Championship
(last one is a stunner i KNOW!)

Stay tuned.  More predictions next month.


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