Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Nightmare (for liberals) before (America's) Christmas

It started the week of the budget debate.  I had just seen SARAH PALIN: THE UNDEFEATED and perhaps my synapses were misfiring due to the extreme amount of serotonin used during the deficit battle.

I was exhausted and frustrated at the capitulation to "compromise" by not only the establishment GOP, but even those on the right who were fearful of the fight.  And as I drifted off to sleep in fits of frustration, I swore I saw Barak Obama staring alone at the TV in the oval office.  President Elect Sarah Palin and Vice President Michelle Bauchmann gracing the screen:

Twas the night of the Chicas, and through the White House,
Obama was trembling, exposed as a louse.
The networks were stunned at the landslide of red,
In hopes that their nightmare was ending instead.

The staffers long gone - no one in their steads,
All papers, recordings in baskets of shreds.
Sarah in her glasses, Michelle in her pumps,
both enjoying the election landslide triumph.

For 2 months before, his debate hope was shattered,
his polls and his lies were ripped down and battered.
The "Anointed One"'s gab, once cool and brash,
was gone like the Billion of record campaign cash.

The doom on his quest from this mama grizzly foe,
struck hard from the start as she launched the first blow.   
"Mr. President," she said, "my goal is so clear,
When elected, I'll make sure you're jail time severe."

"You said we had driven right into a ditch,
but you dug it farther, and it's not just a glitch.
More Marxist than China, your policies became,
and rather than fix it, you just called us names."

"But George Bush! Tea Party! You're heartless!" he proclaimed.
"You're bigots and terrorists, and the poor you declaim.
The Bush cuts will kills us, and we didn't spend enough
If it wasn't for the 'baggers we'd be out of this trough!"

"Mr. President..., NO! - 'Spend, spend!' was your cry,
Stimulus, Tarp and QE2 did you vie.
"Even Dems were repulsed at the budget you drew.
And the Dow knows now US bankruptcy is due." 

"For a while some were tingling with 'George W' dissent,
But transparency was as real as 8 percent unemployment.
"Stimulus for guns - that killed border guards,
In centuries past you'd have been shot and tarred."

"And killing a hundred thousand oil drilling jobs,
showed the lengths you would go to create Alinksy mobs.
"if Mao or Lenin set out to destroy us,
they'd consider your one term a victory joyous."  

The President glared back and resented this cow.
A trickle of sweat appearing on his brow.
He would have to think fast, and speak very slow
Use the old snake charm, divert and blow some more snow.

"My mother was poor, I struggled in my youth,
to overcome obstacles and find out the truth.
"My father sacrificed, that I could succeed,
and to Congress was I elected, to help those in need."

"With the facts,"  Sarah stopped him, "are you playing loose.
"I am smelling something similar to the crap from a moose.
"Your record in Congress was of nothing to boast.
You voted 'present' more often than I've cooked a roast

"Against the debt ceiling - were you in the Senate,
Fleecing taxpayers for unions - was your new tenet"
"And if not enough, what you did with car dealers,
closing their stores like Cesar and robbing bond holders." 

And don't get me started on your 'long form birth cert.'
you committed a felony and the office, pervert.
No, Barak, or Barry, with your fake SS number,
I will clean up your mess and job growth unencumber."

Barry spoke not a word, for nothing seemed to work
Even Brian Williams now saw the 'Messiah' as a jerk
"in Alaska I did this and the bureaucrats depose."
The audience once silent, now applauding - arose.

He shook and shuttered recalling the dismissal,
the unions failing delivery of the fake votes made him bristle,
He then heard them exclaim those 2 women he did spite, 
"God bless America.  And remember, right will always win the fight."


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