Sunday, August 21, 2011

Why We Can't Wait for Palin, Perry, Romney, Ryan, Bachmann or Bolton

"Even the MSM can't argue with Perry's job creation"
"Romney is the only candidate to beat Obama in every poll"
"Ryan would take it to Obama like he did in the budget talks"
"Palin will energize the race and not compromise on repeal of EVERYTHING"

Pardon me Conservative.  Your slip is showing.
It's a pipe dream.
None of these candidates will be elected in time to do one damn bit of good before our next disaster.

Marc Nuttle is that brainiac kid in high school that was on the Chess and War Gaming Clubs and the one who no self-respecting cheerleader would be caught within a spit-wads throw of. He's the geek that went on to actually DO things like serve as on the Industrial Policy Advisory Committee for Trade and Policy Matters for the United States Government under President Ronald Reagan.  He also advises Chinese mega-corporations and countries around the world.

But he has now gone on to become one of the premier horror filmmakers in the country.  

Not intentionally of course.  This video couldn't do much more to scare the spinach out of you than a Playgirl centerfold of Joe Biden.  They laughed at Laffer and will surely call Nuttle a nut - but it is hard to argue his facts.  In fact, the only opposing piece I found was by the People for the American Way (can't they be sued for false advertising?) which attacked his lack of support for raising taxes.  WHATEVER YOU DO - DO NOT WATCH THIS BEFORE GOING TO BED.  (Unless of course you are waiting up for your daughter to come home from her date with that suspect young man and need an added aura of 'crazy' to give him second thoughts.)

Nutter's The "DEFICIT" for Dummies
(Patience for those that have heard this 20 times)

Remember the great family budget analogy that's been going around?  Taking off eight zeros to make these billions and trillions more understandable?  Here is our country's 'family' budget as a reminder:

Annual Income = $20,000
Annual Expenditures = $40,000
2011 Annual Shortfall = $20,000
Current Credit Card Debt = $143,000

A BANK couldn't LEGALLY lend you the $143,000 since (at 5 percent interest) your entire $20,000 income wouldn't pay HALF of the interest on the loan!  Do you understand that?  Forget food, clothing and Netflix.  If you were a common business or family you would ALREADY be bankrupt!  And that is before adding ANOTHER $20,000 of debt PER YEAR for next 3 or 4 years!

Yeah, that's right.  Remember all the screaming by liberals how those of us wanting "Cut the Crap and Balance" were "terrorists"?  I know I went to school during the "new math" era, but I wonder if a priest, credit counselor or family counselor would call the spouse who wanted to cut cable, eating out and move to a smaller home the "insane" one with this budget.  Instead, the other spouse wants ANOTHER credit card to take a family vacation to Greece.  And guess what they promise?

Mandatory "Super Committee" Cuts = $200

That's right.  Promising to spend $17 per month LESS out of the $20,000 shortfall is considered being able to "govern."  And this doesn't even cover the "no payments until 2013" we have coming due in unfunded ObamaCare liabilities and future Social Security/Medicare payments!

Hopefully even my "wait til we control both houses of Congress" conservative friends will now understand why we wanted to bean the bejesus out of Boehner.  Forty (40) percent of our "$40,000" budget services the debt and it's going to rise to over 85 percent in the next decade unless serious reform is done NOW.  (Imagine telling your spouse that of your $20,000 per year income, $16,000 is going to the MasterCard!)

So back to the other Nutter-Butter, sandwich cookie question.  What will happen?
What Nuttle says is this: The ENTIRE WORLD only has $140 Trillion in cash (liquidity) and there is only $6 Trillion to $9 Trillion to service the debt of ALL countries.  Greece, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, and yes, the United States, all add to a cumulative world sovereign projection of $8 Trillion to $10 Trillion.  You only need to have survived 3rd grade math to notice a problem here.  We basically are already there.

Because of the additional demand for cash to pay all this debt - interest rates HAVE TO go up.  (And money is sucked out of other markets like the stock market causing a suppression of value there).

IMAGINE our options and corresponding result for America:

Option 1: (aka The Warren Buffet plan): Print more money
Meat prices have risen 25 percent in the past two years.  When the world knows two "fake" dollars are the same as one "real" dollar from a year ago - they double their price.  You think anyone would buy Berkshire Hathaway stock at current prices if they just printed more stock certificates to sell on the stock market?  Of course not. Inflation kills the economy and the REAL value of our savings. Everything still crashes because the numbers just get bigger, but we STILL can't pay.  End Result: Eva Peron's Argentina in Albuquerque.

Option 2: DEFAULT
Forget the political implications.  Our collected tax revenue would drop 30 percent.  Our trade partners would no longer trust us and cease doing business with us causing world wide catastrophic uber-depression. (Don't forget most of the world trusts the standard of the dollar for THEIR trading).  End Result: The Cuba Trade Embargo for Connecticut - Cubed.

Option 3: Borrow More! (or, I do NOT have a problem-anonymous)
Essentially we are now talking about loan sharking where the "fig" becomes unmanageable.  As a Capital One defaulter figures out, eventually people won't even lend to you at 50 percent interest if you haven't paid back the loans you had at 12 percent.  Even if you can get a loan for 90 days - it isn't sustainable.  End Result: (Do you expect any other analogy but Italy with the Mafia reference?).

Option 4: Cut spending 
When we hit that wall next April or July, 50 percent of all government spending will stop overnight. It is funny how life will tell you what to cut.  When someone loses a job, they may be tempted to keep eating out until the cable gets turned off.  (See how nice those cable people are to help you?).  When the electricity gets turned off, you suddenly are no longer concerned about your cable.  Yes it would be terrible for Smokey the Bear to no longer have the Ranger to bail him out of problems at Yellowstone Park, but with 25 percent of the nation on some sort of government attached umbilical cord, even the most ardent PETA supporter would be willing for open season on Smokey to feed their family. End Result: GREECE is the word world.

Like the Fraim oil filter ad says, You can pay me now, or you can pay me later.

Tax more?  Do you realize we could confiscate all the weatlh (not just tax 100 percent of their income) of every billionaire and only raise $1.3 Trillion?  Not only would they and their companies no longer pay taxes because they'd be out of business - it wouldn't even balance the budget FOR ONE YEAR! 

Would You Trust Them
With Your ATM card?
But if they make the automatic cuts this November (mostly from defense) isn't it fixed?

No! To my understanding, the projection is that the automatic "cuts" are assuming interest rates much lower than the new world demand for cash would dictate.  We could literally be $600 Billion SHORT even after the "Boehner Bill" fix of November 23rd this year.


This is why not even the law firm of Palin, Perry, Romney, & Bachmann is not the answer.  January of 2013 is at LEAST six months too late!

Will "life" dictate a financial "reset" of the system and cause chaos the world over, or will some legislative body be proactive in heading this disaster off?

Politically, people might look to a Giuliani or "Defense only" type to to manage martial law.  Perry would probably benefit somewhat from his armed services and border experience with his bravado chaser.  Romney would likely soar since he is the "business" and Wall Street guy that people would expect to understand this mess. 

Either way, rather than a proactive, principled candidate - we would again be looking at a short term solution.

My Plan? (glad you asked)

STEP 1: ALL of the candidates need to start hammering away TODAY on creating a groundswell for government to be proactive and pass Cut, Cap and Balance.  How great would it be for EVERY DAY one of these people to call out Obama and Congress saying, "THIEFQuit stealing my children's future"!

The more inflammatory and provocative the better.  Now that Pawlenty is out, perhaps the candidates can be disciplined enough to quit attacking each other - and attack Obama, BOTH houses of Congress and the problem.

I was heartbroken when Paul Ryan caved on the Boehner Bill but America needs to be educated.  It's one of the reasons I'm very much for him jumping in.  I don't think he could win (he'd make an ok President I suppose), but NO ONE can teach like this guy.  He's like an Economic Indiana Jones.  (Wisconsin Jones?).

If ALL of our candidates would coordinate on this - the MSM wouldn't know what to do!  It will set the debate for the election and magnify the focus on Obama/Dem LACK of leadership.  It is the GWB election fiasco in reverse.  Where the MSM and Dems sounded a drumbeat the Bush administration refused to fight, the new GOP candidates would set the argument Obama would have answer day in and day out from GOP attacks.  

STEP 2: Package a conservative team now.  This is the idea of my friend Colleen Vera and I think it is brilliant.  The distractions of a primary election are no less severe than Obama going on vacations.  What would happen if the MAJOR GOP candidates decided themselves the country was too important to wait until the election to show the American people how they could govern.  What if by January 15th, a Perry or Palin had ALREADY selected their VP, Secretary of Treasury, Secretary of Defense and SHOWED what this team looked like?  I know.  No chance Romney would settle for a position if he was remotely in the hunt.  And I agree with Sarah that competition serves a good purpose.  But you could imagine the last six months of the campaign with the GOP unified around one candidate and their hitting the talk show circuit as if they already held that position?  No longer would the media "gang up" on one candidate.  Although the MSM would no longer make the appeal they did when Obama was elected for his predecessor to leave early, you know if it was attractive the American people would put even more heat to get the expired milk out of the fridge.  THIS is a pipe dream, I know - but could you imagine!? 

STEP 3: Prosecute.
We know impeachment can't happen in a Dem-controlled Senate.  The only way this would happen would be if the "Nixon Tapes" of the Obama administration surfaced and the liberals knew they had no cover.  

But certainly there is enough evidence of malfeasance over Fast and Furious.  Issa and Grassley have the smoking gun (forgive the pun) of the July 4th ATF meeting clearly indicating this goes to the feet of Eric Holder.  Michelle Malkin made a wonderful point on Hannity's FAST AND FURIOUS special.  She said Holder had such an obvious history of prosecutorial misconduct that not only should it be possible to put pressure on the White House to force his resignation, but also THOSE WHO PUT HIM IN CHARGE TO BEGIN WITH.  This is an interesting strategy.  Geithner (no chance of bond downgrade), Holder (Fast & Furious, Black Panther prosecution), Napolitano (defacto amnesty) and Goolsbee (provable, blatant lies on economic indicators and projections) all have shown gross evidence of misconduct. "The Obama Mob has got to go," is easy to remember and should end every GOP speech from now until a year from November.

And finally, the birth certificate.  Valiant men of honor continue to subject themselves and their families to loss of career, pension and reputation in light of the easily demonstrable forgery perpetrated last April by President Obama and the White House.  I"m not sure how this became the "third rail" of the GOP but it's time to get past your fear of being called a "birther" and demand that the original long form birth certificate be made publicly available.  The Secretary of State has been ordered by the State of Hawaii to explain WHY they are still not providing this document when President Obama already waived any right to privacy last April.  This conclusively proven forgery is a blatant "F*** You" to the country, our Constitution, the media and those who risk death under the Commander in Chief. Lt. Terry Lakin will someday have a bronze statue in Washington DC for his heroic and selfless actions.  Meanwhile, the rest of us don't make it easy by not providing air cover to point out the egregious criminal action of Barak Obama.  Had we done so (Glenn Beck, you are partially to blame), the media and Pentagon brass could not have turned a blind eye to hundreds of officers WHO WANTED TO DO THE SAME as Lt. Lakin. 

This country turned a blind eye to an obvious sexual predator and rapist in Bill Clinton.  Had he been fully prosecuted legally AND in the court of public opinion - Obama would never have been elected in the first place.  He would have been properly vetted.  If he gets out of office SIMPLY through losing an election, this country is still doomed no matter who takes office.  Anyone who thinks they can subvert the law and the Constitution through the political process will continue to do so.  And the seeds of overlooking (covering up?) Obama's background in 2008 was planted during the Juanita Broaddrick whitewash. (How would you like it if your wife or daughter was raped by a governor and NO ONE from the National Organization of Women to your own political party cared?)

So both of these actions would  leave us with a President Biden.  The good news is that Biden would be too intimidated NOT to sign a Cut, Cap, and Balance bill presented to him, spaghetti spined simpleton that he is.  

So root for your candidate and do everything to get he/she elected, but remember this isn't about an individual personality.  Sarah Palin often says, "you don't need a title to make a difference."

Let's quit waiting for whoever the 2012 Presidential winner is and start pressing these two actions ourselves.  Who knows, maybe some of our candidates will catch on.


This is you best piece you have written that I have read so far.

Packed with economic and political truth. And solid advice to the road map of winning controlling both houses and the Presidency.

Filled with sound, really sound political advice. You should send this to Reince Priebus.

Why can't Republicans figure out that this is the message.

It is time for Bolton and Palin to enter the race.

Every Conservative has a wonderful fact filled bullhorn, and it is 2 months past time for them to be on topic, on point each going after the Obama Administration.

Thank you. I loved this blog.

The Obama Mob Has Got To GO!


The Entitlement Leviathan "Congress agreed 2 the largest increase in the debt ceiling, without solving R debt problem" from Erick Erickson of RedState is a must read.

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