Saturday, August 6, 2011

God, Governor Perry and Our Response to the THE RESPONSE

Today with thousands of others I head to THE RESPONSE - A call to prayer and fasting by Governor Rick Perry of Texas.

To those of you who wonder about Perry's ulterior motives or the usefulness I say... Go to Hell

....Oh wait, as a fanatical Jesus Freak, I don't think I'm supposed to say that.  Forgive me and allow me to restate:

If you don't like it.. you WILL go to hell.  How's that?

Ok... I dont' think I'm endearing myself to those I'm actually trying to reach with this message so let me start over.

Seriously, the bible makes three things terribly clear from my perspective:

  1. Only God knows the heart of man. (1 Cor 2:11)
  2. We can judge a tree by it's fruit (Mt 7:16)
  3. If someone isn't representing God, God will take care of it. 
Is Perry doing this to set up a political bid?  Only God will truly know.  I've been following Perry by 'tweet' since I arrived back in Texas and was impressed with his consistent call to prayer and from my perspective - it is directly in line with how he has represented himself.  Even those who are disappointed with Perry's conservative record do not doubt his Christian conviction. And the wise chief of the Sanhedrin in the New Testament was clear that if someone claims something they aren't - we all eventually find out.  Better or worse.  

We know that there have been many religious hypocrites going back to the guy that God used to write Proverbs and Psalms - and we know that men like Ronald Reagan derided for their alleged lack of intelligent were actually exonerated by personal papers and history.

What we can say with absolute fact is that when you stand before Jesus - He ain't going to ask you what you think about Governor Perry. He's going to ask about YOU.

Instead of complaining about Obama - what did YOU do?

Instead of fret or stand by - did YOU acknowledge HE who 'lifts up princes and brings them low?'

Founders from Washington, Franklin - through Reagan have called for days of prayer and fasting with many documented results.

I remember the Governor of Georgia who was vindicated from his detractors in calling to the Most High God for rain in their worst drought in centuries - by unforcasted storms forming literally the day after his call.

So check your own heart and join us in calling for God's spirit to move on this country and it's people.  And to save this great land He established.



I have always said that the election of Chairman Barry was a judgment on America. This was a country founded on Judeo-Christian beliefs. A country that put In God We Trust on our coins has turned its back on God. A nation that was established and blessed by God has removed God from their lives. A nation without God is godless. Here we are on the brink of destruction and God is giving us an invitation to return to him as the prodigal son did. This nation is lost and only a remnant believes and prays for the republic. This is a nation given to the Gentiles to help support and defend Israel and our leaders slap her in the face. Freedom is becoming illegal and the constitution of the most free and prosperous nation in the history of the world is being destroyed. It is never too late to return to God but God promised if you'd take the first step He would meet you and walk with you the rest of the way.

Maybe since the people are awake they will stop flirting with fascism and retake congress and put a president in office that actually loves this nation and will restore liberty and exceptionalism and to quote Reagan "It will be morning in America again."

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