Monday, June 25, 2012

Green Industry Tells Obama to ST*U


“Mr. Obama, the clean energy industry called and they want their reputation back.”

It has been clear from the beginning that Obama positioned the whole “green” hype to do four things:

  • Siphon off taxpayer money to be used for crony donor kickbacks
  • Take over more government control of business
  • Create and use as his own “Green Labor Union” force
  • Kill our economy ala Piven by increasing regulations and taxes

I never could understand the roll of the openly Marxist radical Van Jones, until you realize that under him “everything” would be a green job.  Effectively Jones would use the government to fund or subsidize “green jobs,” unionize them, and then count on them as a voting bloc unwilling to be weaned from the Washington teat. (Extensive overview of his early tactics at The Blaze.)

But with Solyndra and other economic failures – the “Green industry” suddenly realizes the Cash Cow may be the Mad Cow.  The U.S. Partnership for Renewable Energy Finance (US PREF) released a series of white papers asking to “rebalance” the debate about renewable energy toward a fact-based business analysis instead of the politicized rhetoric that dominates discussions currently.

Although he didn’t cry while saying, “My baby needs new shoes,” you could hear the angst from the President of the American Council on Renewable Energy.

“Unfortunately, misperceptions of clean and renewable energy abound, and opponents of renewables are pushing the occasional bad news as if it’s the only news. They are dominating the conversation through misrepresentation, exaggeration, distraction and millions of dollars in lobbying and advertising.”

In other words, “Your jive was cool while it gave us cash, but even we might become birther’s if you keep this crap up.“

While Solyndra and the fake Global Warming Carbon Credit scam have been taking their toll on Obama and his band of merry Marxist thieves, it also has hurt LEGITIMATE “green business.”  I know because… I are one.

It doesn’t help when people like Rush Limbaugh distort facts outright and claim that “solar doesn’t work.”  I’ve taken him to task PRECISELY for that uninformed and uneducated pronouncement.  You might find a different opinion from the thousands of investors and companies that actually earn dividends and profits from such ventures including a high percentage that never TOUCH the government guarantees.  I am not arguing FOR guarantees at all – I want them done away with including ethanol and farm subsidies.  But this kind of foolish and unresearched bloviating creates a whole movement of public opinion that makes conservatives look damn foolish.  Here’s a list of solar stocks that some serious green.  It is a fact that the Sun makes energy and it is possible to capture, convert it and sell it to utility companies at a profit.

But ask the average conservative (or possibly American) and they all have the impression that ALL Clean/Green Energy projects and businesses are scams.  It’s ridiculous.

What makes it even more complicated is that many that write or promote the industry – spew their own false data to qualify for the fake global warming nonsense which confuses those looking for honest answers.  (That means you Ken Silverstein.)

Anyone and everyone who is affiliated with supporting Obama at one time or other, ends up getting screwed.  Even his pet political pocketbook pimps have turned on him now that the renewable energy loans might run dry.

It couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.


I heard Rush's statements...and I think he meant that as a lynchpin for energy policy it's a bust..after all how many Aircraft are solar powered? Wind? Unicorn dung?

I actually looked up the transcript and he cited his own experience with solar on his compound as "evidence" that it didn't work.

I agree that it is ridiculous as a component of policy, though too.

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