Friday, June 29, 2012

It’s One Battle: STEP UP!


From Alan Vera of True the Vote:

Alan V I majored in political science and minored in military science. I’ve served this country as an Army Airborne Ranger in special operations.
In modern history there has never been a war settled by a single battle. In modern history there has never been a military force that won each and every single battle. In our own Revolutionary War the Patriot Heroes suffered nothing but defeat for the first year. Yet they won our freedom through perseverance and determination.
Yesterday we lost a battle. It stings because we were betrayed by someone in whom we previously had confidence. It stings because the enemy is gloating over their “victory.” BUT IT IS ONLY ONE BATTLE.
We bear the blame for allowing the Communists 40 years to infiltrate our government, our media, our schools and our courts. We have given them an enormous short-term advantage. And we’ve lately paid the price for our passivity.

  1. We know Congress is corrupt and spineless.
  2. We know the White House is filled with Chicago Communists.
  3. Now we know the Supreme Court will NOT protect the Constitution.

With all three branches of government now out of touch with the constitution, it’s time for all of us to realize that the burden of preserving the republic rests directly on our shoulders.

Yesterday’s setback is not the end of the conflict. It doesn’t matter how many times we’re hit and stumble. All that matters is who is left standing at the end.  NOBODY ELSE is going to do it for us. It’s time to STEP UP.

God, and every Patriot gone before, stands with us in this fight. We are not alone.  So now we must make a decision. Do we stay behind our computers complaining? Or do we stride confidently into the fray to make a difference?

When Paul Revere rode through the Massachusetts countryside warning of the approaching British soldiers, the Minutemen of the day did not rush to their quill pens and blog about the injustices of King George III. They took IMMEDIATE and EFFECTIVE ACTION, individually and collectively. And they changed the course of history.

Will you be a “commentator” or will you be a modern day Minuteman? Will you watch and complain or will you put on the Armor of God and FIGHT?

Elections are the primary constitutional vehicle through which WE the People drive the direction of government at every level. But elections DO NOT belong to the government, local, state or federal. Elections DO NOT belong to the parties, red or blue and both hopelessly corrupt. Elections DO NOT belong to the unions, however well- funded these Neanderthals may be.

November may well be our last chance to take back our republic peacefully. Don’t miss this chance. After that the cost will be exponentially higher.  Elections belong to the American People. It’s TIME TO TAKE THEM BACK. This November may well be our last chance to restore the constitutional republic peacefully. DON’T BLOW THIS CHANCE.

They’re already trying to steal this election through every means possible. DON’T LET THEM. STAND UP. STEP UP. TAKE BACK WHAT’S RIGHTFULLY YOURS BY THE GRACE OF GOD ALMIGHTY. HOOAH!


PolitiJim note:

Our Founders pledged their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor, knowing it quite possible they were risking it all for a better future for freedom for their children – and ours.

Isn’t it worth a few hours a month or a couple of hours a week to help ensure that the corrupt and evil political forces don’t steal the elections, and that the BEST conservative is elected in your school district, precinct, district and state?

You can do it from home or meet other patriots nearby – but it doesn’t take much from just thinking about it – to doing it.  Click on the True The Vote logo below.



Great article and I have signed up to volunteer. If everyone does and/or vows to vote, we can do this.

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