Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Wait - Barack Obama MIGHT Be Like Jesus?

Quikie Post:  This is absolutely hilarious.  Here a few of the comparisons:

  • Nazarene Jesus:  First immaculate conception birth
  • Chicago Jesus:  First birth to occur in two places at the same time- Kenya and Hawaii
  • Nazarene Jesus:  Mary was pregnant before marrying Joseph
  • Chicago Jesus:  Stanley was pregnant before marrying Barack Sr.
  • Nazarene Jesus:  Right-hand man Peter was always putting his foot in his mouth
  • Chicago Jesus:  Joe Biden.... Nuff said.
  • Nazarene Jesus:  Battles spiritual evil
  • Chicago Jesus:  Personally responsible for - Saving the American sea captain from Somali pirates, inventing the computer viruses that have plagued Iran, and the assassination of Osama Bin Laden
  • Nazarene Jesus:  Never had a girlfriend
  • Chicago Jesus:  Had a "compressed" girlfriend
  • Nazarene Jesus:  Had history books written about him
  • Chicago Jesus:  Had himself written into history books (actually, official White House website presidential biographies, but close enough)
  • Nazarene Jesus:  Multiplied the loaves and fishes
  • Chicago Jesus:  Increased the national debt by $5 trillion

Read the rest here:

Sahib and the Crew Save the World: Barack Hussein Obama: Better than Jesus!: The Argument is Compelling... Chicago Jesus and his Acolytes Is Chicago Jesus better than Nazarene Jesus? Maybe he is.  Please bear...


Chicago Jesus: Increased the national debt by $5 trillion


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