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Are YOUR Tweets or Posts maliciously harmful to individuals in the government?


Douglas Hagmann, CEO of Hagmann Investigative Services, Inc., runs a private investigative agency serving a roster of Fortune 500 clients.  THIS IS NOT A WEIRD GUY IN HIS BASEMENT.  He also has been running explosive reports about the Obama administration from within the Department of Homeland Security. 

A group affiliated with the Obama Campaign, forced his service provider (GoDaddy) to delete it.  JUST TO MAKE SURE YOU GOT THAT: An Obama campaign group intentionally squelched free speech and got damning information about Obama’s plans deleted from GoDaddy.  With the help of Canada Free Press, he was able to move it just prior to the deletion.

This is far worse than a deranged liberal using the courts against a conservative blogger.  This is the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES INTENTIONALLY ATTEMPTING TO STOP FREE SPEECH.

The DHS Insider posts from Douglas Hagmann have been carried also on Canada Free Press and have alluded to a number of stunning revelations going on at DHS including:

  • The DHS is preparing for MASSIVE CIVIL UNREST (remember Soros said the same thing months ago, and MSM published reports show that DHS recently purchased 400 million rounds of ammo).
  • Not only is the Obama Administration predicting it, they are FACILITATING it.  (NDAA, and other Executive Orders circumstantially fit this narrative as does the expansion of TSA to middle America and the broad DHS directive on those that believe the Bible, the 2nd Amendment and speak out against the government.)
  • There is discussion of “delaying” the elections – perhaps indefinitely – due to civil violence.  (Remember the Obama Administration flakey who wrote an op-ed to this effect last year followed by NC Governor Purdue’s suggestion of the same?)
  • The Obama team is planning a carefully orchestrated a “false flag” attempt against Obama or his family - not to actually put him at harm - but to play into the chaos and help inflame race riots. (The Ulsterman Report’s Washington Insider has been disclosing this for OVER a year.)

Why is this so hard to fathom when not only was Obama himself a member of the radical, communist revolutionary New Party, but almost EVERY Obama advisor from Jarrett to SEIU and ACORN leaders all are all affiliated with those who haven’t stopped talking about a “people’s revolution?”  When the Department of Homeland Security removes ALL REFERENCES to Islamic Jihad terrorists and downplays Fort Hood, Times Square attacks as “isolated incidents” but declares conservative, gun owning, Christians and even Global Warming are the real terror threats – WHY is this notion so fantastic?

And why are so many conservatives still living in this fantasy world that EVERY Obama “conspiracy” story doesn’t deserve serious investigation?  Even when you have sworn testimony of Larry Sinclair who was threatened by disclosing Obama’s gay playmates first contacted him and then were killed?

Certainly Breitbart, HotAir, FOXNews and every MSCM - “Mainstream Conservative Media” - that (rightfully) rallies all around Aaron Walker from the Brent Kimberlin attacks, would be TRUMPTING this warning right?  Nope.  Not even a “chirp” regarding activities directly attributable to President Obama or his campaign that are clear totalitarian or fascist suppression of free speech.

GoDaddy Shuts Down Conservative News Site

And who has the story?  Tinfoil hat wearing Alex Jones of  The mainstream media laughed when the DrudgeReport broke the Monica Lewinsky story.  The DrudgeReport laughed with the National Enquirer got John Edwards love child and Rush Limbaugh’s addiction.  And 'Putin and Mikhail Gorbachev are laughing that butts off that only THEY (and to a very limited extent the Washington Times) have covered Obama’s fraudulent past from birth certificates and social security numbers to Chicago kickbacks and strange assassinations. 

Breitbart Editor Claims Birth Certificate is Real

Sean Hannity has often said that journalism has died, but it seems that even CONSERVATIVE media won’t get their head out of their ink blotters to realize that we aren’t in Kansas anymore, Toto!  I’ve covered how Breitbart editor Ben Shapiro decided that ‘it’s just too preposterous to think of the people that would have to be involved for the birth certificate to have been forged.’  (He also told us that Breitbart staff told him there was “nothing there” despite numerous copies of Photoshop in their offices that could have verified this about 5 minutes.)

Andrew Coroner Breitbart Search Can anyone tell me how yesterday, Breitbart broke the story about a New York Times reporter who told his wife the night before his dead, “If I die on this trip, the New York Times did it,” but couldn’t be bothered to report the likely poisoning of a LA Coroner who might have performed the autoposy on Andrew Breitbart?  A search of “Andrew” and “Coroner” revels 4 hits – none of them are this story.

So surely the parent site to that watch dog of journalism - “Big Journalism” – would think an Obama campaign group that is shutting down free speech worthy of at least a blurb, right?, Michelle Malkin, NONE of the major voices of the battle against Obama have even a peep about this latest bombshell as of this posting (6/27/12 – 8:39 am CT). Breitbart Headlines 6-26-12 It seems Glenn Beck and acolytes can’t admit he has huge blind spots from truth when threatening the Tea Party with racism charges or declaring Gingrich a “progressive” because he acknowledges admiration for Ronald Reagan’s favorite President.  Everyone jumped on Ann Coulter, when she began to defend Romney, but now some of those same organizations refuse to cover the enormous evidence of vote fraud by the Romney campaign.  Drudge has been proven a partisan shill and even Rush Limbaugh is becoming a laughing stock of his former self misrepresenting facts and going forward with claims that make him look like the lying tool of the GOP the left always accuses him of being.  (His most recent is a claim from AFP or AEI that 87% of all government back solar loans fail.  They don’t – it’s 17%.  You don’t need to LIE about FACTS to make your point that the government should be out of the business of loan guarantees and, in fact, hurts your cause because you are caught distorting the truth.  It’s even worse that NONE of these people retract their errors.) 

You want to know why the liberals are getting away with so much?  It’s because OUR side plays just as much  - albeit a different form – of politics with the truth.

They deeps speak the words of liberals like: “As long as it helps MY VIEW of an issue, or a conservative pop star (like Rubio) I’ll either NOT COVER or spin the information to help.”

It’s so frustrating.  It’s like our own fellow troops not only don’t protect our rear flank, they often open fire on us while we are fighting the REAL enemy.

If conservatives don’t claim the “truth” as their guiding principle, how the hell can we separate ourselves from the mainstream liberal media in the eyes of middle America that NEEDS to know they can trust us?

It’s the same reason why we got stuck with Mitt Romney (pending a miracle by the Lawyers for Ron Paul before the GOP convention).  So many people were sharing unvetted versions of the “truth” in minutes of hearing it from someone else without doing their OWN homework.  There were some very good conservative bloggers, and even talk show radio hosts, regurgitating the lies of Romney shill (Elliot Abrams) that Newt Gingrich actually HURT Reagan against conservatives.  Eventually, people saw the truth, but not before a man (whom we owe a great deal of the success of the Reagan and conservative movement years to), was wrongly libeled and slandered.  It was an Alinsky tactic and most, to this day, have still not apologized or retracted.  Are these the “conservatives” we want to be our most vocal media representatives?

Most of these EXACT SAME PEOPLE DID NOTHING to document the clear efforts where Santorum actually DID hurt the conservative movement from Sotomayor (twice) to ProLife movement (seven times) or trying to sabotaging the campaign of Jim DeMint who was trying to STOP earmarks.  Let me be clear: There is no character or virtue if you are a conservative media news, blogger, tweeter or Facebook poster in shading the truth to your advantage.   And you have no integrity if you ONLY print that which fits with your own viewpoint, rather than facts.

It’s the same game played by Hollywood every weekend.  BE THE FIRST TO PUSH YOUR SPIN OF THE NEWS because that is what people will remember whether it was the truth or not.  A studio will often pad their box office results to be able to declare the #1 Movie of the weekend.  When it is found a day or two later that it was #2, it was after a million other media outlets already gave them free publicity that this was the “top” movie.  It’s dishonest (and lacks integrity) but they know you can’t put but a little of the toothpaste back in the tube and it works to their advantage – at least in the short run.

It’s why Obama keeps publishing false unemployment and economic data EVERY month.  People never hear about the revisions, but the emotion of the first (false) news still gives them goodwill.  Remember Romney saying that Gingrich didn’t do much of anything to help Ronald Reagan – something that now is embarrassingly false?  Remember when Mitt declared he was winner of Iowa?  The air goes out of the room and great attention is always paid to the FIRST news, but the REAL facts that may controvert it are almost always greeted with a “ho hum” and never have the same impact.  Obama uses it EVERY WEEK to keep his real shenanigans out of the news.

Sorry, conservatives and conservative media – truth counts.  If we play THEIR game and don’t abide by a form of moral code, we will end up having the SAME credibility (and problems) that they do.

People are chastising me for declaring I will not vote for Rubio if he is nominated Vice President because he (and Jindal) are NOT Constitutional eligible.  Byron York (whom I have genuine affection and subscribe to by RSS feed) wrote a column claiming that a US law had the right to define what the Constitution meant by “natural born citizen.”  He obviously got NO authoritative counterpoint source for his article but took the word of one professor who somehow thinks that the US Constitution was subjugated to definitions of laws passed by Congress, rather than the other way around.  (We just saw Scalia argue against the same insanity on the Arizona SCOTUS ruling.)  Byron York never addresses the more compelling counter arguments.  In fact the ONLY definitions for Constitutional interpretation are from a) historical evidence showing Founder’s intent (ie. Federalist papers), b) Federal court rulings and c) Supreme Court rulings.  And even THOSE aren’t always correct as Dredd Scott showed.  (And hopefully some day Roe vs Wade and the Eminent Domain ruling.)  The fact is that natural born citizen was defined in correspondence between Monroe and Washington, in Vattel’s Law of the Nations (which the Founders claimed foundational to their work), in first 3 immigration laws (acts) passed by MANY OF THOSE THAT HELPED WRITE THE CONSTITUTION, and was upheld in Minor v. Happerset in 1875.  Otherwise, it would be possible for an anchor baby to be born in the United States – be completely raised under an anti-American regime in Iran or Venezula, and then return when he was 35 to run for President.  Byron even notes that the law he cites doesn’t even USE the word “natural,” astoundingly ignorant that the very fact the Founders wrangled over Article II and used only “citizen” in other places meant that it had a DIFFERENT and specific meaning.  The worst part about York’s piece is that he uncharacteristically uses a tone of condescension in both his title and throughout his article.

But it proves that even GREAT writers (of which I count Byron York one) can be either lazy or biased in their own efforts.  I don’t think George Will is a Marxist despite his insane declaration that the architect of the conservative moment achievements of GOP control of Congress, Welfare Reform and 4 consecutive balanced budgets one.

But let’s face it.  We were not unified due to a lack of political and journalistic integrity on the part of our own.  And these false ideas were allowed to take root because MOST of us didn’t do our homework and just want to “go with” whatever our favorite columnist thinks.  When you make a judgment and embrace a cause you haven’t fully vetted - (not only are you an idiot but) you play directly into the game that Liberals and Mitt Romney have mastered. 

The mainstream media, moreover the Obama administration and it’s minions, KNOW how to manipulate popular opinion with emotion and timing.  IT CAN BE COMBATTED WITH UNIFICATION AROUND TRUTH and they can be shamed, but not without those on our side strongly counterbalancing their arguments at the beginning to keep a sizeable number of the audience from drawing any final conclusions.  For instance, had Rush, Levin, Malkin and Ingraham STRONGLY come out with evidence that Obama’s new long form birth certificate was an obvious forgery proven by numerous ex-FBI and ex-CIA agents within 24 hours of it’s release, we likely had invigorated a much stronger conservative in the GOP primary and kept Congress from passing NDAA and other tragic pieces of legislation.

But everyone just shut up, afraid to say anything and attract the mainstream media’s wrath.  Wow.  Talent on loan from Barney Fife right there.

My Point Is

My point is that this attack to shut down sites exposing Obama’s internal plans is only a “tip” of the iceberg.  If Ben Shapiro is unwilling to let facts change his views that it is inconceivable to imagine a sitting President forging a birth certificate despite a six month law enforcement investigation concluding otherwise – Breitbart is no longer anything more than a faded tombstone to a once great patriotic journalist.  And, frankly, not only will Obama continue to succeed in crimes against our constitution, we will never get the ear of the American people to explain the REAL issues that will turn this country around.

Our guys (both conservative politicians and media) are playing Nerf darts while our liberal opponents are using advanced biological tipped nuclear warheads by playing on our “civility” and “balance.” 

What happened to Mr. Hagmann is only a tiny piece of what is happening and being planned.  Yes, cover SWATing all you want.  It’s important.  But just as most of conservatives would think it impossible for Hillary, Barack, Eric and Janet to “plan” the deaths of hundreds of innocent people to have a political weapon to implement gun control – you are blind if you can’t already see that these people will stop at NOTHING to gain, stay in power and implement a socialistic tyranny.

And your complicit silence only emboldens them, and makes it harder to counter in the future.

Or did you forget that in 2008 these SAME FORCES began to use Law Enforcement to suppress free speech, even BEFORE Obama had power?

We speculated on “the Obama crime plan” last fall, and documented only a little of the insane corruption and crime Obama used to get INTO office.  The Hagmann and Ulsterman Insiders have only continued to predict with stunning accuracy – things thought impossible even by open minded conservatives just months ago.

When Obama has the ability to pardon anyone – including the CHIEF LAW ENFORCEMENT official of the United States, and that Chief has committed numerous crimes himself including manipulating the process to get FALN terrorists pardoned by Bill Clinton – what is the MSCM waiting for in connecting the dots?  You’re afraid you won’t be thought of as “intellectual” or worse, be derided by Alex Jones?

And when the National Enquirer, Pravda and many foreign papers like the Globe are consistently more accurate than Breitbart, Rush Limbaugh and most of the MSCM, something is seriously wrong with our “movement” with relativistic morals only printing what keeps them safe.

I’m certain there are some 1930’s German media that found “safe” still wouldn’t protect them from a political leader intent on fascist tyranny.

As for me – I will not be silent.  I AM Breitbart even if their namesake no longer is.  You be one too, will you?


Bravo PolitiJim!! Our so-called media got scared and ran. Yourself and Prof. Jacobsen were truly shining lights in your pro-Newt defenses, but the other wizards of smart failed miserably. Heard L. Ingraham actually starting to blame non-Romney supporters should he lose just a few days ago. As long as their call screeners and Facebook admins only allow their fawning sycophants through they will never face the wrath that they have so richly earned. They no longer deserve our ears, eyes, or minds.

great job my friend. It is high time we take the momentum of this fight out of the hands of tabloid junkies

Bill Windsor reports that GoDaddy is threatening to terminate the web hosting account to Windsor is traveling to every state in the country and filming interviews with victims of judiciary and other government corruption; the end result will be a movie production and all will be presented to the US Congress. He has had multiple problems due to hacking with the lawlessamerica web site. Although now corrected, just recently any link that he posted brought up a malware warning if you continued to the site destination; these warnings were phony--the sites were safe.

Thank you very much for this. I am contacting Bill directly for a piece on this very subject.

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