Thursday, June 28, 2012

You Too Can Help Deflate the Liberal ObamaTax Delusions


I had fun last night and went out to the liberal blogs.  YOU CAN TOO!  Just copy all or parts of the response I left below to every liberal blog you find.  I’ve left the url sources (mostly CBO estimates) in long form so it will paste when you visit them.  (H/T Senator Jim DeMint for the references and links.)

Here is a sample of how “horrible” those mean, nasty Republicans are (especially Romney) to stop the caring compassionate One who cares for all.

Their whine about Romney calling ObamaCare “bad” with my own [emphasis] that will give you a laugh:


Likewise, the law doesn’t add “trillions to our deficits.” By most accounts, the law reduces the deficit over the next decade and works to reduce the overall rate of health care spending by the federal government. [HA!] And on the claims that the law will cause “up to 20 million Americans” to lose their insurance, and make it harder for businesses to hire, Romney is simply lying. [Then so is the CBO] Under the law, you can maintain your current health insurance if you like it. As for small businesses, since the Affordable Care Act hasn’t actually been implemented, there’s no way that it can be responsible for sluggish hiring. [I guess CNBC reports don’t ever make it over to MSNBC?]

The fact that Romney has decided to fabricate knocks against the Affordable Care Act is a sure sign that this ruling was bad for his campaign. The focus is no longer on whether the law is constitutional, but on whether the policy is good, and on a provision-by-provision basis, the Affordable Care Act is fairly popular with the public. [If by “popular” you mean “unpopular” then of course you are right]  Indeed, the Supreme Court’s ruling gives the Obama campaign a chance to reframe the law, and highlight its benefits for ordinary Americans. [Like a new tax on 9 million people that currently don’t want or have health insurance] If this works, then the focus will be on what people might lose if Republicans are elected in November. This is terrible ground for a challenger to fight on.

Of course, if Romney can muddy the waters, then he might keep Obama from capitalizing on any post-SCOTUS boost. So his best bet is to lie constantly about what’s actually in the bill.

That was astounding.  But also brought a little joy into my John Roberts-betrayed life.  So I responded with the following.  (I urge you to copy any portions you need to post on liberal blogs at HuffPo, DailyKos, ThinkProgress or FireDogLake.)

My response:

Wow - you all are in denial.  Using the CBO and Obama Admin's OWN numbers.

First - the CBO itself finally rescored the faked numbers the Democrats gave them (remember - no one actually READ the bill before it was passed) and the CBO revised the plan from 940B to 1.7T (CBO doc - (and for those of you too lazy here is the Yahoo News version -

This isn't even HALF of the financial shortfalls of ObamaCare - that NOW WILL BE WORSE SINCE THE COURTS CAN NOT FORCE STATES TO PARTICIPATE.

CBO -  Imposes $800 billion in tax increases, including no fewer than 12 separate provisions breaking candidate Obama's "firm pledge" during his campaign that he would not raise "any of your taxes" (Sections 9001-9016) (CBO report here -

ACA - Creates a board of 15 unelected and unaccountable bureaucrats to make binding rulings on how to reduce Medicare spending (Section 3403)

CBO - Requires all individuals to buy government-approved health insurance plans, imposing new mandates that will raise individual insurance premiums by an average of $2,100 per family (Section 1302)  (CBO report here -

ACA - Forces seniors to lose their current health care, by enacting Medicare Advantage cuts that by 2017 will cut enrollment in half, and cut plan choices by two-thirds (Section 3201)

ACA - Imposes a 40 percent tax on health benefits, a direct contradiction of Barack Obama’s campaign promises (Section 9001)

HHS - Imposes reductions in Medicare spending that, according to the program’s non-partisan actuary, would cause 40 percent of all Medicare providers to become unprofitable, and could lead to their exit from the program (Section 3401) (HHS Actuary  -

CBO - Raises premiums on more than 17 million seniors participating in Medicare Part D, so that Big Pharma can benefit from its "rock-solid deal" struck behind closed doors with President Obama and Congressional Democrats (Section 3301) (CBO doc -

ACA - Creates an institute to undertake research that, according to one draft Committee report prepared by Democrats, could mean that "more expensive [treatments] will no longer be prescribed" (Section 6301)

ACA - Empowers bureaucrats on a board that has ruled against mammograms and against prostate cancer screenings to make binding determinations about what types of preventive services should be covered (Sections 2713 and 4104) (Mammogram report -

ACA - Precludes poor individuals from having a choice of health care plans by automatically dumping them in the Medicaid program (Section 1413(a))

White House -  Creates a new entitlement program that one Democrat called "a Ponzi scheme of the first order, the kind of thing that Bernie Madoff would have been proud of" -- a scheme so unsustainable even the Administration was forced to admit it would not work (Section 8002) (HHS admission of failure -

Yeah - those rascally Republicans.  Using CBO and Administration reports to try and "scare" people.  The only thing more shameful than that - is those of you who aren't doing your own homework on this.

See?  Finding Holder in contempt wasn’t the only bright spot of an otherwise dreary day.

Here are good Fact Sheets from the Alliance Defense Fund (Download the ObamaCare Fact Sheet) and the Heritage Foundation (The Case Against ObamaCare.)


maybe Ayn Rand can help!
I mean she is in HELL and I'm sure she has a bit of pull with Luicfer being that she is the co-author of the Satanic Bible,

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