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Quick Summary of the Sheriff Joe 2.0 National Security Press Conference


Sheriff Joe Arapaio followed up on his March press conference which concluded a six month investigation into the legitimacy of Barack Obama’s long form birth certificate and his Selective Service card.  What was not known at that time was if the birth certificate presented was totally fabricated, significantly altered, or merely was an original form that was filled in long after the original certificate was issued.

The summary:

  • Obama could not have been born at the Kapiolani hospital due to the The “Nordyke Twin” birth certificate numbering curiosity.  However, the form itself indicates that the birth was recorded from outside of Hawaii.
  • A former clerk whose signature is on Obama’s Long Form Birth Certificate verified that there was zero chance the electronic documented presented by White House was the original.  Many fields were filled in AFTER the original birth certificate had been certified
  • The State of Hawaii has laws and Jerome Corsi uncovered correspondence confirming that foreign nationals could obtain birth certificates WITHOUT BEING BORN IN HAWAII.  Worse, ANY ADULT – not even one related to the child – could record a “birth” simply by presenting information that mother or father was a “resident” (not even a citizen) of Hawaii.
  • The State of Hawaii only will affirm that they have A RECORD OF BIRTH on  file, but NOT that the information is accurate.
  • Hawaii refuses to show it to anyone which violating their own laws, especially when it is being requested by law enforcement of another jurisdiction.
  • The State of Hawaii confirms that they did not provide the PDF document to the White House, meaning that what the White House offered as “proof” was in itself an altered – and illegitimate.
  • The Kapiolani hospital had a log, right outside the delivery room, that was maintained by a nurse during the time Obama claims to have been born there.  The log is reported to be in the hospital archives, but hospital officials refuse to show it to them.  Ironically, those archives are supposed to be open to the public.
Video Summary of Arapio Press Conference

PDF copy of Sheriff Joe’s
Press Release here.


He began today’s press conference by recapping that investigation primarily around document forensics.  In addition to many other reasons, the long form birth certificate which the President presented to the voters of Maricopa County and America was deemed a forgery due to over 600 unsuccessful tests trying to recreate the “layers” found in Adobe Illustrator when that document was unlocked.  The best example given was that Obama’s PDF had 8 – one bit layers and should have only had a single one bit layer.  (All optimization and compression programs that could theoretically account for multiple “layers” instead of just one image, pull a “black only” layer – or 1 bit layer - only once.  Any other layers would NOT be black but multi-colored (8 bit) layers.)

Mike Zullo, the chief investigator of the Cold Case Posse, noted that the Maricopa County Police Agency contacted multiple businesses who specialize in finding Forensic Document Experts, and not a single firm could find an expert willing to work on the case even at a full fee offered to them.

For a complete understanding of the Forensic Digital Document anomalies that prove the 4/27/11 White House Long Form Birth Certificate has been grossly tampered with, please read the American Thinker article “New Obama Birth Certificate Forgery Proof in the Layers.”


The Maricopa County Team was obviously somewhat still upset by the distortion of coverage not just of the first press conference, but of the trip to Hawaii.  Obviously Sheriff Joe has been attacked in the local press for sending a paid Maricopa County Detective with Mike Zullo and the Cold Case Posse.  I follow this pretty closely and even I did not know that the Cold Case Posse had raised funds to reimburse the entire expense to the county, but it was vetoed by two Maricopa County Board Members.  Mike Zullo specifically recounted Sheriff Joe’s unease at being unarmed while in Hawaii, and asked Mike to pick the officer who would be of most use to him.

Even with an active law enforcement official with them, the Posse met resistance from Federal and State authorities, and places like the Kapiolani Hospital.  Although local police were notified before they arrived that they would be there investigating and interviewing, the local police was entirely caught off guard and confused as to why there were constantly being asked to the scene where the posse happened to arrive.


BHOLFBC-VernaLee Perhaps the biggest bombshell came, that Jerome Corsi and the Posse had tracked down the famous U.K. L. Lee which most skeptics, including this writer, thought was a blatant attempt to flaunt their felony to their critics by using the name of the famous stringed instrument.  Since Harvard PhD Jerome Corsi made the same conclusion, I don’t feel quite so bad.  In fact the “U” was a “V,” and they located a 95 year old Verna K. Lee who was the clerk who signed the fraudulent certificate.

Perhaps the biggest asset of Ms. Lee – described as amazingly sharp and quick witted for her age – was in her ability to describe the process of how birth certificates were issued, what system was in place to ensure their integrity, and what additional seals or notations would have been used.

Mike Zullo admitted that she was the key to unlocking nearly all of their understanding which they presented in this press conference.  Zullo was challenged by a local reporter at the end of the press conference whether this interview was recorded.  Zullo confirmed it was and Sheriff Joe said he would “think” about whether to release it.  I’m assuming since it may be used in prosecution, he might be hesitant to do so – as well as being concerned about this woman’s security.


Mike Zullo said that Ms. Lee was forcefully offended, when it was suggested that she might have made a mistake at the time.  Not only did she say, “mistakes didn’t happen on my watch,”  she explained how the birth certificate record was processed.

If a child was born at a local hospital, the hospital would send the information by form to her department (the local registrar) where once a month, the certificates would be recorded, numbered and issued.  There were only 5 offices that could have recorded the birth, and hers was the office where all the Kapiolani hospital births were recorded.  More on this below.

The information was applied to the birth certificate form itself, along with designations needed for Federal reporting requirements and sorted in a secure room.  The certificates were then checked by a second clerk, corrected if necessary, and stored again in a secure location. 

At the end of each month they were sorted geographically, then chronologically, and hand stamped with the birth certificate number which automatically incremented to the next number after each stamp.  A copy of these notices were then sent to the local newspapers to print at their discretion. (PJ: A commenter correctly pointed out that these were not sent at the end of the month but more quickly to the newspapers.)  Zullo confirmed that quite often many would be left off due to column space availability or neglect by the newspaper.


BHOLFBC-circledHandNumbs copy Many have wondered what the little penciled numbers along the side of various form fields were for.  It turns out that these numbers were mandated by the Federal Vital Statistics guidelines which provided key census information and in turn provided each state some small income for cooperating. 

In the instance of race of the father (field 9) a “9” would indicate no information was provided.  Yet “African” is typed.


Furthermore, the investigation confirmed that the word “African” was not used until 1989, theorizing that this information was provided by affidavit not at the time of birth, but anytime through 2009 or 2010.


BHOLFBC-BirthCertNumber One of the curiosities often discussed is why Obama’s birth certificate number was incrementally a higher (assumed later) number - 10641, than the twins who were both born later, and received by the registrar later than Obama numbers 10637 and 10638.  As indicated earlier, Ms. Lee explained that the certificates were stored by GEOGRAPHIC LOCATION then CHRONLOGICAL BIRTH DATE – and then stamped.  Since the “1” categories of local hospitals were likely processed first – this fully explains why Obama would have a later number.


In 1961, the Kapiolani Hospital was a small 60 bed facility that could handle no more than 20 births at a time.  The posse learned that all births for 2 years around Obama were recorded in a log book at Kapiolani Hospital just outside of the delivery room in the attending nurses desk drawer.  When this book was retired it was reported to be moved to the archives which are supposedly available to the public.  Zullo said they met with extreme resistance when requesting to see the information and that they were "in business of saving lives not confirming birth certificates."   Sheriff Arapaio and Mike Zullo both asked the question, “why?”  Frankly, if it was recorded in that book, their investigation would be over.


Editor of WND on National Security

Jerome Corsi spent considerable time in the Hawaii Supreme Court library and archives.  He discovered a 1955 law - in effect when Obama was born – that made reporting a birth compulsory.  However, it was not sworn testimony nor was their any investigative unit to confirm the information they were given.  that allowed ANY adult to declare a birth without verification as long as they could prove that the mother or father were Hawaiian residents.  RESIDENTS – NOT US CITIZENS.  Corsi even found correspondence from a former head of the Director of Health who didn’t show any concern for national security for an expansion of the law in 1982 to allow any adult  - even if not related to the child – to declare a birth that happened ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD.  This Director’s only concern was how it would impact his budget.

These laws are also in direct violation of US Immigration policy.  Arapaio’s press release states:

Perhaps more alarming than anything else, in the course of this investigation, lead investigator Mike Zullo came across information which demands immediate action by the federal government.

“If a nation’s security is only as strong as its weakest link, then America may be in serious trouble. Hawaii may be our weakest link and could have a serious impact on our nation’s immigration policy,” Arpaio says.

Zullo reiterated that even in law enforcement, showing a birth certificate has – until now – given someone the presumption that they are a citizen of the United States. 

We think the issue in Hawaii is of such a magnitude that you have to bring into question every birth certificate you see.

Let’s hope the citizens of Hawaii take back their government now that an entire states legitimacy documents have been ruined, and fight back against these corrupt politicians who seem to be perpetuating fraud against our country.


The posse and Maricopa County detective attempted to meet with the Secretary of State and the head of the Department of Health, Mr. Onaka.  They were told this tax payer paid employee who has sworn a vow to the United States Constitution, “doesn’t speak to the public.”  The only official who would meet with them was Deputy Attorney General Jill Nagamine.

Zullo claims they asked multiple times for the state to assert that the long form birth certificate was a direct image of the original.  They were met with Clintonian replies which led Zullo to remark that as an investigator, they know that essentially means it is not.

As mentioned in the summary, Nagamine represented that the State did NOT provide the PDF to the Obama attorneys and that by law the State could do “anything they wanted” to the certificate after it was filed.

As for their requests, she claimed she could not provide any physical information under the statutory laws of Hawaii, clearly unwilling to help the law enforcement officials do their job.

Zullo claimed he had never seen an Attorney General – someone who is charged with upholding law – treat a fully sworn law enforcement officer who was credentialed and presented those credentials with such disrespect and lack of cooperation. 

She also claimed that the extent of Hawaii’s mandate was only to confirm that they had “a record” of the birth – NOT that it was true or accurate.  Sheriff Arapaio was challenged by a reporter in the Q&A why Arizona’s Secretary of State then received confirmation that this birth certificate was accurate.  The Sheriff responded, “You haven’t read the letter that was sent.  It doesn’t verify anything.”  As was reported by Corsi and WND.com, the letter didn’t even verify the President’s date of birth, let alone an actual signature and stamp by Hawaii Department of Health Registrar Alvin Onaka.

Frankly, not only do we not know what documents were actually given to Obama’s attorneys, it is quite probable that multiple state officials are now both breaking Hawaiian and federal law, as well as being complicit in fraud.  The discussion about this exchange begins around the 30 minute mark. (The WND video stops at 37 minute mark at the time of this posting but the full audio is embedded below).

Watch the full press conference at WND.com

Complete Audio of Press Conference

(right click  to download)


The press conference at the end was terribly embarrassing in many ways.  After the team had just laid out that they had the signatory on the birth certificate indicate it was fraudulent, that the President of the United States had been blatantly caught in a lie at LEAST about where he was born and that our the immigration and national security of the country was in jeopardy from Hawaiian officials and unlawful legislation, the first question from the local CBS reporter was (paraphrased):

How can we believe any of this when your two investigators have a company together?

This was followed by another similar attacking question on Mike Zullo’s credentials as an investigator who summarily dismissed them by pointing out they only reported his experience in a company he owned, not when he worked for others and was licensed for seven years in New Jersey.  Sheriff Joe stepped in and asked if they wanted HIS credentials.  Fifty years in law enforcement including 27 years as a Federal officer with the DEA.

The Sheriff was asked why he isn’t saving this information for prosecution to which he replied:

I hope it comes to that.  I think Congress should investigate.  But their busy investigating hookers for the Secret Service and the GSA spending money.  It’s about time Congress looked at this situation. 

He continued by pointing out this is an official investigation that has concluded there is strong evidence of fraud on government documents, but these reporters keep wanting to attack the messenger than actually looking at what they uncovered.

And then this from the CBS affiliate channel 5. 

Sheriff, your department has nearly 500 cases of child sex crimes that they did not investigate.  What do you say to those kids who see you putting all this energy into this.

This is not only a terrifying reflection on the quality of journalism, but on our country as a whole.  And I’ll guarantee you that Breitbart, Rush Limbaugh, Michelle Malkin, HotAir, NRO, Ingraham, and FOXNews won’t say boo about this tomorrow either.

We don’t just have to take back our country, but we have to take back our media too.  And it can start with conservative media by sharing this blog or the WND video.

Truth will ultimately prevail where there is pains taken to bring it to light.




Correction to your article ... where you write:
"In the instance of race of the father (field 9) a
“1” would indicate a hospital birth as shown on the Nordyke twins birth
certificates and a “9” would indicate recording the birth “from an
outlying area.” .... that is not correct. The 9 means that the information was not provided, i.e., that data field in the form is blank. The 9 contradicts the word African that is typed in there now. If it was coded as 9 on the original then the field would be a blank and not have the word African in the field. Re-watch the video segment about CODING:

Video 2: Coding


TYVM Charles. I rushed this and was thinking of something else. Wasn't there some place in the press conf where "9" also stood for outlying area?

So you're OK with sex offenders walking around as free men because Arpaio has time for this foolishness and not enough time to actually do his job??

Actually, the codes she described were not in effect until 1968. In 1961, the code 9 meant "other non-white."

That is interesting. I would like to
see the reference that the Posse used. I know they spoke to it, but the
reference you provide confuses me. Thank you for at least providing a
reference. The sad thing is that I am sure the Federal government will not do
anything about the apparent unconstitutional Hawaiian law subverting the
Federal government's immigration authority.

I so love that I have Steve's IP address and internet info to track him. I agree with you Steve Pickard - "Steve" is an idiot. It also seems he's perfectly fine with criminal acts by the highest government officials in our country, and he's willing to distort the false attack on the 500 cases which is clearly addressed on the MCSO website.

If the government would let Arpaio actually "sheriff" his county, countless illegal sex offenders and murderers would not be in the U.S. Be assured that Arpaio's work is not allowing more crime in Maricopa Cty because everyone working on the COLD CASE POSSE are not involved with the daily business of sheriff-ing.

Are you saying the secrete service (SS) is protecting a known illegal alien? Are you accusing the joint chiefs of treason, following the orders of an illegal alien? Are you stating that you, and you alone, have information that the CIA and all of it's tentacles do not possess? Well let me tell you this!! Pres. Obama has drove you people over the edge and now out in the open. 400 yrs. of the lie of white supremacy exploded like an atom bomb on 11/08. Like any other mind altering drug, the withdrawal is an ugly site to behold. But withdraw you will or else. Now you must learn to respect and except women as your equals. It is easy to now see how some of the most depraved mass murders, child molestations and rapes are perpetrated by *white men. You are the debauched and debased brothers and sisters of the diseased Timmy McVeighs', Jeffrey Dahmers', and Jerry Sanduskys of this country. Personally, I luxuriate in your agony and distress and stand by to increase it by orders of magnitude. I believe in tough love.

You are truly ignorant aren't you? It ain't about race. Your facts don't even stand up to even BASIC vetting. Although only 13% of the population - non-whites account for 52% of US crime. But that doesn't make ANY RACE more or less responsible for the problems of our society. I believe in Martin Luther King, Jr's tenant - people should be judged by their * CHARACTER* and not by their color. And we can see the lack of character in you from your quite foolish and historically ignorant comment. (PS Perdejo: it was CHRISTIAN WHITES who gave Woman of America the right to vote. It was also a non-Christian Liberal White Woman, Margret Sanger, who wanted to kill African Americans. This is who Hillary Clinton says she admires)

If I had a nickel for ever cracker a$$ed birther that quoted MLK, I'd be richer than Willard Romney (and a better chance of winning). The rest of your BS post was scraped off a FakeNews email. If anything you teabaggers are so predictable if also unoriginal. Your president is BLACK get over it!

RIiiiiiighhhht, that's why I give money to Allen West, Mia Love, buy Thomas Sowell books and supported my business partner (who is black) for the past 5 years. You must really have a screwed up life and not know Jesus to call people derogatory names, and defaming a great leader in MLK. (I know it will make you angry, but I also quote Fredrick Douglass and George Washington Carver.) And by the way, while you are letting the white Democrats keep people with your mindset enslaved, the rest of us judge people by who they are - not how they look.

No hospital could possibly show any kind of "log" about births taking place in their facility because ones birth and the act of giving birth are considered to be part of ones health records and are therefore not for public perusal. http://www.hhs.gov/ocr/privacy/ (The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) Privacy and Security Rules)

The Maricopa Co. Sheriffs Department (MCSD) did not a valid reason to be conducting an investigation nor did they have a valid case to show Hawaii officials they had cause to see the documents they were requesting to see. They are only open to the birthee or family members that have a valid reason to obtain such records or if there was a court order by a court with jurisdiction over Hawaii. As none of that was the case, they MCSD did not get to see the documents they asked to see.

Since the birth announcement was in the paper within days of the birth occurring, obviously the hospital did not wait until the following month to submit the birth information to the Health Dept. Other babies who were born that day have birth certificate numbers very close to Obama's. One mother dug her daughters baby book out and produced a picture of the newspaper clipping she had put in the baby book. Her daughter was born the same day and the birth was reported in the newspaper as was Obama's. Those listings are too small to cut out just your child's name, so she had all the names listed on that day, including President Obama's.. It has been in a baby book for (now) 50+ years. .

Overtly lying about facts and investigative research doesn't help your cause. You do have a point on the reporting to the newspapers that I did not make clear - the certificate number process is separate.

However - the hospital THEMSELVES say that the archives are open to the public and that it is not proprietary info. The fact they won't SHOW that register, the fact that HI parses words and admits they can't confirm Obama's information is real and the fact they won't produce the microfiche makes your argument a moot point.

But keep trying to deceive and ignore the evidence all you want. The lady who SIGNED Obama's certificate, says it's false.

Riiiiiighhht, and my best friends are black too! Speaking of crime from your previous post:

"The Salt Lake Tribune reported
that 37-year-old Gregory Peterson had been arrested on Wednesday and
charged with 23 felonies and two misdemeanors. Charges included “nine
counts of forcible sexual abuse, seven counts of rape, three counts of
object rape, two counts of aggravated kidnapping, forcible sodomy,
assault, burglary and sexual battery,” according to KSL. As of Thursday afternoon, we was still being held at the Salt Lake County jail on $750,000 bond".

Nah, you're just another cracker a**ed cracker, ready able and willing
to vote yourself deeper in to the trailer park simply because a
confederate flag was raised in your cycloptic face. You're a relic,
buford. Every day 1950 slips further and further away for you.
(BTW, everybody talking about Jesus, won't meet him)

I'd like to take this time and thank FreakRepublic for this wonderful opportunity to meet PolJim and a whole new set of teabaggers.
Again the pleasure is ALL mine.

I would like to thank you for stopping in so we could experience the hatred and incivility of people who never actually address the issue with facts, you just keep hurling epithets like 12 year old with limited vocabulary. Let me school ya how this is done. These are just a few of the attacks by black people on white victims in the past 2 months:
http://cofcc.org/2012/04/two-teens-beat-50-year-old-with-hammer-near-sanford-fl/ http://godfatherpolitics.com/4909/white-alabama-man-beaten-by-twenty-blacks-no-sharpton-no-jackson-no-hate-crime/ http://www.theblaze.com/stories/media-and-police-ignore-savage-beating-of-two-white-reporters/ http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2012/07/black-youth-mob-assaults-random-pedestrians-at-columbus-fireworks-celebration/

And yet - NONE OF US blame "black people." Because, unlike you - we have the intelligence to know that there are evil white people, evil Asian people, and evil Scandinavians.

You clearly are out just to cause to trouble. But know that everyone who reads your hateful, selfish attacks is praying for you to meet Jesus and experience the love of Christ. And you should be interested in that - he was a man of color after all.

And also, you've been reported to Charter for internet abuse and sent to the conservative watchdog list of all conservative bloggers.

PolitiJim, how do you manage to get these poor uneducated people who obviously can't accept the truth? They follow their deceptive leader like sheep going to slaughter. It is disgusting that they feel they have to use slurs, lies, name calling, and threats to get their way. You can tell the intelligence of a person by the conversation they conduct. Thus far, there isn't much intelligence being displayed by them.

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