Thursday, March 29, 2012

How Nescient Are Some Christians?


A Christian Pastor proclaims, “Santorum is from God” in an article advocating that is the sole reason to vote for him over Mitt Romney.

Does God want Americans to vote for a specific presidential candidate? Pastor Steven Andrew believes so. He says, “Rick Santorum is from God, and will win with Christians and Catholics uniting for Santorum.”

He understands some prefer Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich, but believes they can’t be nominated. He says, “There is only one Christian left in the race for President–Santorum.”

Here is the ridiculous “I’m voting for Rick because he’s a Christian” argument.  The most important job in this country (and at this time) will be chosen because someone TALKS about their faith in Christ.

Did God not use Cyrus to bless Israel?  How about the Roman empire that facilitated the spread of the gospel due to their engineering of highways and trade that would not have been possible even a few hundred years earlier.  Why didn’t he use a Jewish nation to engineer aqueducts and highway systems?

Should we choose our surgeon, home builder, or butcher whether they believe in Jesus and not based upon HOW GOOD THEY ARE AT THEIR JOB?

Perhaps this is why God separated becoming a new creature SPIRITUALLY from the “renewal of the mind.”  Pastor Steven may be going to heaven, but forgive me if I don’t put the hands of the nation into a Senator who as #3 Senate Leader ran up nearly $1 Trillion of debt, lost both houses of Congress, actually angered Pennsylvania Leaders and Christians so much THEY wanted to get rid of him and who compromised his principles that resulted in ObamaCare and unborn children being killed TODAY in Pennsylvania.

God said, “my people perish for lack of knowledge.”  These are the same people that told us that Jimmy Carter would be a great President because he was a born-again Christian that taught bible study. 

My response to this Pastor who might want to stick to teaching the Gospel was posted as follows:

Wow.  Never let it be said that there aren't Christians willing to do the EXACT same things the unsaved heathen will do for Barack Obama.  Like covering over egregious and unrepentant sins of their own candidate.

Rick Santorum is NOT "from God."   Moreover, this pastor is quite ignorant of both the ungodly behavior of Rick Santorum or the mechanics of politics.

I am not against him as a fellow Christian - but am as one who is the equivalent of the Richard Nixon of conservatives and Christians.  I support my assertion with documented facts:

1. - "if Catholics and Christians unite" won't happen.  He is a very poor Catholic to hear some tell it.[PJ add]   ( and himself forced Catholic Hospitals to dispense contraception ( )

2. - Not only has he betrayed ProLife causes consistently throughout his career for politics, he LIES about when he did. (  He wouldn't stop funding for Planned Parenthood through Global One fund, he undercut prolife conservatives running for office, he not only endorsed BUT CAMPAIGNED FOR pro-partial-birth-abortion advocate Christine Todd Whitman, he voted FOR Sotomayor when Rush Limbaugh and others came out against her and voted WITH the Democrats to put her on the court, he denies his OWN testimony and that of his family that he was at one time pro-choice.    I will grant you that he has been better than most on actual VOTES, but on issues like appointments and in being fully for prolife issues - he is WORSE than a charlatan.  It's not that he has problems in his record.  IT IS THAT HE LIES ABOUT THEM.

3. He is a terrible "big government" Republican willing to use government to achieve whatever it suits him.  He has made it impossible for non-union companies to compete for government programs and even had to be shut down by Gingrich because his draft of Welfare Reform EXPANDED welfare instead of reformed it. (  His own economic program (like Romeny's) does NOTHING to reform the tax code but keeps an ungodly progressive tax in place.  And the worst is that he has blatantly sold his votes for contributions as described here:

4. He has ZERO executive experience and actually has a record of getting LESS conservatives elected.  The man hasn't led ANYTHING accept a charity for the poor that only gave away 12% of the money it collected.  (  Being someone who creates legislation doesn't make them able to do what a PRESIDENT needs to do.  (And "being a Christian" doesn't qualify.  It requires galvanizing people of different persuasions together to a common goal like Newt Gingrich did with Contract with America or Reagan did with Supply Side Economics.  Why else did Pennsylvanians turn him out of office by record margins?

5. He is simply unelectable.  (  Not only is his theft of $100K in PA funds to homeschool his children going to come into play - the PA TEA PARTY IS ALREADY AGAINST HIM.  Now if those who lived with his public persona for 12 years would kick him out by HISTORIC margins, what FACTUAL BASIS makes any sane person think the rest of America would?  HE IS NOT EVEN WINNING THE PLUARALITY OF REPUBLICAN VOTERS!!  His ACTUAL numbers shows an inability to reach the majority of our OWN PARTY let alone the country -  And in one month he has lost 24 points in Pennsylvania - and will likely loose it to Romney.  His biggest problem is his own profane mouth.  He's told FOXBusiness he wants the government to regulate what goes on the bedroom.  His own campaign would not retract sending out a memo saying that Michele Bachmann was ineligible to be president BECAUSE SHE WAS A WOMAN.  Even if he suddenly became a different politician and could keep his mouth shut on social issues, the liberals will crucify him to the 44% of American voters who really don't know who he is yet.  Thomas Sowell "wouldn't bet the rent money" that Santorum can overcome his divisive language.

6.  It seems he might not even be eligible.  Are Christians going to suddenly overlook the very likely possibility Santorum is not a "natural born citizen" because he is "their guy?"  I pray it isn't so.

This is one born again Christian that will do EVERYTHING to make sure we do not sink with a man who will RUIN THE CONSERVATIVE CHRISTIAN IMAGE as his lies and hypocrisies that sunk him in PA come to light.

(End of PolitiJim comment)

With the very disheartening example of Steve Ertelt at LifeNews this week, I am now curious if Pastor Steven Andrew will approve the comment to put on his site. The snapshot of the submission of the comment can be seen here.

He has a book called, “MAKING A STRONG CHRISTIAN NATION.”  I’m curious if “free speech” and listening to opposing view points are a part of that or, if like Ertelt, he will edit out what others see to push his own point. 

Thank God my faith doesn’t rest in the exhibition of Christian virtue by supposed “Christian” leaders, but on the never wavering Grace of Almighty


The stupidity lies in the group think that has become part of the American way of life. The spirit of independence in this country has been shattered. People no longer aspire to be there own boss or create something for themselves. Instead they join a group or groups and seek to conform themselves.
Every day more people identify themselves by class, work, race, beliefs, party, ect.
As a society, our attention span has become so short and our distrust of the different has become so great that rational thought isn't required. There is a word for such a process... duck speak.

Another way of putting it...
"You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time." -Abraham Lincoln

The problem is that some of the people amount to more than half of the adults in this country.

WE're all groupies now- I'll be back, I can't get rid of this 'gag' reflex

I've been screwed by more Christian than those not attending church. But, PolitiJim, eyes wide open, type of Christianity is refreshing making him is a very wise bird indeed.

Never trust someone who writes about himself in the third person - and that is exactly what Pastor Steven Andrew does.

Never trust someone whose whole effort is to raise money fro his own benefit and that is what the USA Christian Ministries blogger is all about.

Never trust a bigot, and Steve Andrew is railing against the Mormons while palling around with (gasp) those sure-to-go-to-Hell Catholics. Back when I was a kid in WV, Mom made it clear that I was not to be friends with "Polish" kids on the next block, because they were Catholic. Catholics, you see, were not Christians in the 1950s.

Very powerful article Jim and great response to Santorum's pastor. Couldn't agree more.

"A tree is known by its fruit… Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. A good man out of the good treasure of his heart brings forth good things, and an evil man out of the evil treasure brings forth evil things" Matthew 12:33-35

It is not Rick's Faith that bothers me, it is his hypocrisy. He pontificates and preaches as a preacher in a pulpit, but when his record is studied, it does not back up his words. His belief that the government ought to exercise controls in peoples personal lives and choices, the internet (SOPA), ect... lead me to believe that his brand of politics is more socialist than conservative. His "foot in mouth" disease is disturbing to say the least. His unpopularity with his own constituents is even more so. If the people that know him best voted him out of office, why would we vote him in??? I personally don't want to be living out "A Handmaid's Tale" in my life either, nor do I wish it on my daughters or grand daughters. There are those who think that an extreme statement, it is not. After listening intently to Mr. Santorum it is exactly on cue. He says "I was against that in principle, but when I am in office that will change" on to many occasions. What is a personal principle but personal belief. If his pontificating is in any sense what his personal beliefs/principles are, any American not of his brand of religion has very cogent reason to be afraid of this man.

I agree very powerful article.

I've mentioned before that I'm dealing with this same type of problem with my mother who is very gung-ho for Rick. I finally tried to tell her a few things about him, including the fact that he lived with his now wife for two years before they were married because I knew that wouldn't go over with her at all.

But no, she promptly told me, there are people telling lies about him. So I knew, I would never convince her and just let it go. I knew in my mind Santorum would never be the nominee.

The one thing that totally infuriates me is Rick claiming something that Newt was responsible for, like welfare reform. To steal a man's record, is someone I never could or will support.

Yes, shocking discovery Santorum is not perfect. Would you rather a man who has a faith that was CREATED in the nineteenth century, who believes we are going to have our own planets, and flip flops on their own beliefs. Since when did this nation become a business and we need a CEO to run it. If you are a true believer in the bible than voting for an ungodly leader will lead you down tthe path we are on and have been on for the last 100 years. The Mayflower compact and the Declaration of Independence is evidence that the country was to be leader by God fearing men.

Thanks for your comment TakeAStand

If FAITH was the determining factor in his PERFORMANCE as a MILITARY LEADER, MANAGER, COMMUNICATOR or VISIONARY - i would think your question has merit.

But the job ahead will require someone who communicate beyond his narrow base of conservative evangelicals. Is job will require him to RECRUIT, RUN and MANAGE the most complex organization of any government in the world.

And Rick has ZERO experience. Would you pick a doctor who had never performed surgery but told you ever 5 minutes he was a Christian - or would you pick someone who at least not killed the patient in the 5 times he performed it. Neither is the world renown surgeon.

If you tell me he will suddenly became a great leader when he has exhibited NONE of those qualities EVEN IN HIS HOME STATE WHO KICKED HIM OUT - you are a fool. Worse, you don't even know your Bible. Saul was picked because he "looked" the part. And he was terrible. David PRACTICED on a LION and a BEAR before conquering GOLIATH.

If you some how can show me how Romney's belief in alien implantation will impact his military strategy, leadership as an executive, or management prowess as President, I'd be happy to evaluate the religion of both.

If it comes down to Romney or Santorum - I'll take the guy that at least has a chance to beat Obama.

If you think Santorum does, you might want to ask why less than a handful of present day Congressman who worked with him think the same thing.

"But the job ahead will require someone who communicate beyond his narrow base of conservative evangelicals. Is job will require him to RECRUIT, RUN and MANAGE the most complex organization of any government in the world.

And Rick has ZERO experience. Would you pick a doctor who had never performed surgery but told you ever 5 minutes he was a Christian - or would you pick someone who at least not killed the patient in the 5 times he performed it. Neither is the world renown surgeon.

If you tell me he will suddenly became a great leader when he has exhibited NONE of those qualities..."

Agree, Politijim. Santorum in action is like watching my child on his bike for the first time without training wheels. Or in a high school play, recital or are sitting on pins and needles, wincing through every mistake, poorly worded argument and wrong note. Same with Romney, but with Romney the lies and stammering are so obvious.

Like your post on how the three of them handle the media...there is one sure leader and two also rans.

Romney will not do well before the Obama/Leftist/Islamist trial by fire if he is nominated. If he won't take an interview with real conservatives like Levin, won't debate Newt any longer, how is he going to confront Obama?

Santorum's performances are unconvincing and unreliable and I doubt he has the right stuff to stand up to it or the brains to outsmart them either. Santorum will not do the reform that is needed with Big Labor, the FED, DC corruption and foolishness.

Another thing to add to the collection is Santorum's unethical campaign strategy. He ran ads against Herman Cain (can be found on his youtube channel) calling Cain "pro-baby murder" and "pro-tax increase." After Florida, he ran ads saying that Newt went into Florida with "millions of dollars and a huge lead," but was exposed as not a "true conservative" and so he lost.

I cannot support such a deceptive candidate. People keep calling him the "principled Christian" in the race, but they are all fools.

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