Friday, November 4, 2011

DHS: Global Warming Causes Riots


This article is a continuation of Part 1 – Who Is the Denier Now?

To catch you up on Part 1, I was coming to the defense of a fellow conservative under attack by someone who didn’t believe the data AGAINST Global Warming.  The enormous amount of news, data and studies prove NOT ONLY is there no consensus on global warming, there isn’t even data that exists to support the CONCEPT of global warming.

And while researching I found this:

Homeland Security:
Global warming to cause terrorism in U.S.

I know, right!!  WTH!?  As my blog followers already know – I have been targeted by BIG SIS and DHS, so my eyebrows nearly became indistinguishable to my hairline.  The money quote from the DHS official regarding global warming was:

“It’s going to aggravate poverty, environmental degradation and social tensions resulting in conditions that could enable terrorist activity, violence and mass migration,” said Alice Hill, speaking on a panel on national security at the second annual GreenGov symposium.

greenpeaceATows Now given my inkling that the criminals in the White House are planning to do something “out of the box” to stay in power, it suddenly made sense why a non-grassroots, Soros-paid mob against the greed of Wall Street would have the former NY Chairman of GREENPEACE involved.  Complete with a late model, 4 color, capitalist truck.

Someone asked me what I might have written to gain the attention of the DHS.  I have no idea, but I did notice the surveillance directly after posting: Is This the Obama Crime Plan?  If I were a Marxist, who had issued a DHS memo to police agencies to ‘beware’ of right-wing extremists, encouraged gatherings of Marxists, communists and Nazi’s, issued Executive Orders allowing me to suspend the internet and take over key private entities in an “emergency” and knew the mainstream news media was still gullible enough to believe global warming exists; I might be tempted to use this as an excuse.  We KNOW that the homeless have been paid to instigate conflict, we know that Van Jones hometown of Oakland is experiencing escalating violence and we know that OWS organizers including Piven have declared violence will occur.  And what better time to do declare an “emergency” when your chief law enforcement official is being subpoenaed and Sheriff Joe of Arizona has declared he is going to subpoena you for your original birth certificate?

I know. It sounds crazy.  But when the President of the United States spends millions to not turn over a simple document (or ANY document from college transcripts to passport records), and then openly releases an undeniably FORGED one – I HAVE to quit expecting normal, lawful behavior.  And if that is too uncomfortable for you – how about the #1 Law Enforcer official of our Federal Government overriding objections of his own energy department to payoff his campaign contributors, or worse, blatantly lying about knowledge of an authorized program to equip foreign drug lords with US made weapons that would inevitably kill our own law enforcement personnel.  YOU THINK HE WOULDNT DO WORSE?  An “inside” source (via Ulsterman) says he will go as far as it takes.

This was another scary quote from by the DHS official:

"There is still a resistance to understanding what climate change means for any agency," she said. "In order to be wise policymakers, we need to make sure that we address these issues."

RESISTANCE to understanding?  Wouldn’t a normal bureaucrat use the phrase “some don’t understand” or there is a “lack of knowledge” about climate change?  The word “resistance” would seem to indicate a lack of compliance – not an intellectual issue.

And Resistance by WHOM?  WHO exactly “resists” understanding.  This sounds like something a George Orwell character say.  Or a National Socialist form Berlin.  She certainly can’t mean the evangelical Administration that has now been caught orchestrating global warming policy with the United Nations to subvert the Freedom of Information Act.  Does she mean the right wing extremists of normal America and the Tea Party who don’t defecate on cars or masturbate at political demonstrations?  Maybe Al “Resist We Much” Sharpton was on to something.  She goes on to say:

Homeland Security is developing a road map to address climate change, expected to be released in June.   "We're not deciding the science here," she said. "We're simply planning for what the scientists tell us is a likely [outcome]."

WHAT POSSIBLE NATIONAL SECURITY INTEREST involving an obscure and completely debunked scientific theory would warrant a “roadmap” in June of 2012?  Is this the fake excuse of a “threat” the government is looking for that prompted Janet Napolitano to say that border security would be impacted by “climate change?”  And WHAT are the “scientists” telling you is going to happen and which “scientists?”

The entire article is in PDF format here.

Can you believe we are even TALKING about this?  But Heritage pointed to other incongruities back in 2010 when this whole “Global Warming” focus started at DHS:

Secretary Napolitano dismissed the Times Square bomber as a “one-off”, which of course turned out to be false as we learned of his connection to Islamist terror networks. Napolitano also said the “system worked” after the Christmas Day attack, when we later learned the system was lucky and again, we had an attacker tied to a large Islamist network.

Again, I have to ask a stupid question. (And I promise it won’t be my last.)  Are they now going to say Global Warming “Deniers” are “terrorists” who won’t let the government protect us from riots caused by Global Warming?

Knowing that this administration has an ulterior motive in everything (remember the burying of the slush funds in STIMULUS and OBAMACARE?) I just can’t figure out how they are using this Global Warming deal within NASA and DHS with a POLITICAL point – unless it is just to waste money.

Somehow, I doubt if that is ALL it is.


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