Thursday, November 8, 2012

Black Obama Backers Berating Romney Voters


Today the news is everywhere about the surge in gun salesWho said Obama couldn’t stimulate the economy right?  But there are actions by Obama supporters are another reason for this attention – not just idle speculation. 

I had a strange email from a close friend today from Colorado.  You might be surprised to know that he voted for Obama in 2008, and even sent me an pro-gun control article less than a month or so ago.  (Yes, PolitiJim flies with birds of a different feather from time to time.)


Coming home from country dancing last night; I dropped into a 7/11 for a snack --- and while in there, 4 black dude's, probably late 20's early 30's, rolled up; once came inside; 3 stood outside looking pretty ominous and suspicious frankly speaking.  When I departed; one bold banger said'  "Hey man --- who'd you vote for??"  and I pleasantly said; 'Romney of course' --- then he started mouthing off, ranting and raving all kind of racial crap… and I simple said -- Dude; what's your problem?  Your guy won??   

WTF is wrong with these people??  Even when they Get what they Want; they somehow want to harass you?  

And, BTW I've been to 2 Gun Shows' near north Denver in the Merchandise Mart the last 2 months --- just to 'gauge the vibe'.. and gotta tell you that I've NEVER seen such LARGE and serious crowds of buyers.  The parking is over-flowing; the show room PACKED from start to finish of the event; and I don't see an end in sight… 

So, call the cartoons comics; but I think we're seeing a 'Right to Bear Arms' starting to be taken quite literally.   Maybe that's b/c we've had such bloodbaths in our High Schools or Movie Theatre's, but then again; maybe it's just folks getting scared out of their minds about an uncertain future; or 4 more years of pretty much the same stuff; and yet, having less, and less to show for it --- and deciding they will protect their home, possessions and themselves, if threatened.  

After last night; I'm even considering a 9MM or Glock in my future… just in case…


Now my friend is (or was) a borderline liberal.  He never listens to ANYTHING but NPR and Charlie Rose.  HuffPo is his browser start page.  I know for a fact he is not a racist. (Personal things I can’t share).  But this is a continuing drama being played out.  The lie of 2008 was that electing Barack would end racial strife.  It’s doing anything but.

There have been rumors of race riots around the election going back for about two years.  The NAACP even went to the United Nations to suggest they were going to happen.  In fact as Thomas Sowell points out, they HAVE been happening – they just aren’t reported.

Doug Hagann’s DHS Insider corroborated that there were situation papers throughout the administration to prepare for this, and speculates that the Ole Miss “riots” could indeed be a plant for those to begin.  College Fix reveals that the Ole Miss incident looks extremely suspicious.  It was ONLY cited as a race riot by the Associated Press and gives no specific slurs that were supposedly uttered or named eyewitnesses.  Come to think of it – that’s the same MO for the Reuters planted the fake “anti-Islam movie” protest blamed in Benghazi.  Ulsterman Report’s White House Insider had similar reports throughout this past year that not only was the Obama gang planning to use race, they had been prepared to do so in 2008.

And racial violence overtones have shown up in urban culture seemingly coordinated with the Obama campaign.  WND’s Black Mobs Now Have a Soundtrack for Violence is brutally sobering.  There is a subculture that traditional American values have been losing for 50 years.  Some believe it was intentional and I tend to agree. (Watch this movie and we’ll have that discussion another time.)

Whether it is being planned, or simply a residual condition that Obama opportunists want to play off of  - no one today will deny that general civility and maturity – REGARDLESS OF RACE – is crashing to historic cultural levels.

Yes, we must be prepared to protect our families, our property and ourselves – but we HAVE TO also find a way to bridge the gap.  PRAYER is #1.  Taking OVER our cultural industries is #2.  And changing our conservative political tone and tactics are #3.

AlfonZo Rachel has an excellent take on how the GOP is ignoring the CULTURE of the country in picking a candidate.  Our candidates don’t relate to the culture as Bill Clinton or Barack Obama does.  I actually agree that the swing voters do NOT make their decisions on anything meaningful but almost solely on their EMOTIONAL response to the candidate.  Namely they ask themselves: A) Do I “like” him (or her)?; and B) Could I envision them being a competent President?  Here is his rant with my quick comments afterward.

I probably disagree with Zo that we should select a candidate solely on political appeal instead of competency.  I DO agree however that the GOP establishment hasn’t got a clue how to win after running 2 Grumpy Old Men and a Mormon – none of which could articulate a consistently winning conservative message.

Zo mentions that Gingrich would have cleaned the floor with Obama in debates but even THAT wouldn’t have guaranteed a win.  I’m not so sure about that.  Gingrich has a knack at playing BIG simple ideas that everyone can relate to, and was the ONLY competitor to embrace Cain’s 9-9-9.  Regardless, Gingrich also had a way to MAKE THE MEDIA address him.  Remember when he had fallen to 3rd place behind Romney and Santorum but was so effective at setting the dialog for 3 weeks with “$2.50 gas” that even Obama had to address him directly and fake a Keystone pipeline lie?

I liked Herman Cain’s charisma, story and appeal.  But at the end of the day he still had to govern.  He’d never run a successful LOCAL campaign let alone a national one.  He didn’t even know what our policies were toward China, Libya or how the Supreme Court functioned.  And not only had he never done that, he had gaffe-a-holism that would never force the MSM to take him seriously.  Zo’s logic falls apart precisely because Cain would NOT be treated equally by the MSM, much less the GOP. 

But I think Zo is headed in the right direction, just on the wrong track.  Allen West eventually could be one of those candidates, but also really is green in political leadership and understanding.

Governors are still the best breeding ground for candidates and by nature, aren’t very cool and hip.  (Sorry Huckabee.  Even the Amish never bought your rock band cred.)

Reagan was cool because he knew how to project emotion – not because he knew the lyrics to Stairway to Heaven or You Dropped A Bomb On Me.  He was SINCERE in who he was without being preachy, he had run a major state as Governor and could articulate his conservatism without being divisive.

And we never came close to that with Romney.

On this point, I tend to side more with Mark Levin and Professor Jacobson at Legal Insurrection that we can EASILY win with a successful conservative track record/message and someone who carries it sincerely.

Now changing the culture where it’s “Hip to be Square?”  For that I repeat my earlier paragraph:

Yes, we must be prepared to protect our families, our property and ourselves – but we HAVE TO also find a way to bridge the gap.  PRAYER is #1.  Taking OVER our cultural industries is #2.

(The hint is to click cultural industries hyperlink to read Andrew Klavan’s brilliant short essay on how conservatives can change culture.)


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