Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Why Conservatives May Never Win Another Election

We have the right ideas.  Even our worst guy (aka Mittens the Friendly GOP Ghost) should have walked away with the election given record unemployment, a crappy economy and an Executive who is, verifiably, a forger and Marxist.  It’s true Romney didn’t MAKE an issue of the things that would have made this a clear cut choice for the people.  As I’ve pointed out a zillion times, UCLA Professor Lynn Vavrick says that BIG IDEAS statistically trounce opponents in close elections.  (Aren’t you sorry you dumped on Newty now?)

Anywho, we have 2 fundamental problems BEYOND the candidate we choose to run or in allowing ourselves to be pitted against one another.  I’m not talking TACTICS here about how to reverse the election immediately.  Some have suggested the idea of utilizing Article 2 and the 12th Amendment where 1/3 of the Electoral College states simply withhold their participation throwing the election to the House of Representatives.  The other popular idea is to utilize the tools in our Declaration and Bill of Rights to simply secede from the Federal Government, in order to reform THE SAME GOVERNMENT according to these founding documents. Both are fine ideas but run up against the SAME fundamental problems of which I speak.  They simply CAN’T work because of these two superseding issues in my opinion:

They are the mechanics of media (which in turn shapes opinion and drives motivation for people to get to the polls), and, the voting process itself.

How did Nixon resign?  It wasn’t the crime or even cover-up, contrary to collective commentary.  It was the PRESSURE that came from his own party and financial supporters that appealed to him.  And that PRESSURE only came after REPTITION of the “cover up” story by EVERY major news outlet for weeks.  And that REPTITION, followed a (presumed) CREDIBLE SOURCE {aka The New York Times), writing a series of easy to understand contradictions and hypocritical actions (or statements) from someone that claimed to be for honesty and moral values even if just political.

Here’s the thing.  The break in, and it’s ensuing coverage did nothing to move Nixon from office.  Bill Clinton learned from this – lied as long as he could, played upon the American’s people sense of forgiveness (and gullibility) and survived.  Had 2 or 3 other credible news organizations carried the Juanita Broderick story, Clinton would not only have been unable to be reelected (and likely convicted of his impeachment), he would have been so disgraced even the Bushes wouldn’t have returned his fund raising call about Haiti.

in other words – it is about PERCEPTION (read this excellent article by Political Outcast by the way).  But not JUST perception, but perception brought about by a momentum of media brainwashing.

Reagan cracked through it by virtue of debates where the American people didn’t have to fight the liberal filter to come to their own conclusions.  (THIS is why, by the way, Carter led in the election for most of the campaign.  Not because of totally inaccurate polls.)

Gingrich did the same thing in the South Carolina primary. Not only did he score a knock out in the debate, his performance fortuitously was delivered on the eve of the debate – not allowing any time for the paid or unpaid media to counter his message to voters.  Romney buried him in Florida under $22 Million in negative ads and a little help from the liberal media who only detested Romney less than Gingrich.

THIS MEDIA MECHANIATION is almost an insurmountable problem unless we find a way to buy enough major media sources that will reach the non-politically interested American who is mostly interested in stupid (or sleazy) entertainment that appeals to their baser instincts.  MTV has won the morals of America, and appeal to integrity, freedom, liberty and responsibility simply don’t play very well even if you COULD package a message to them through some distribution channel.  Andrew Klavan expresses this in glorious articulation in a recent essay.

The only OTHER answer I have for this problem is Psalms 20.  If God was willing to save Sodom and Gomorrah if he found 10 righteous men, perhaps He’d be willing to save America with 10% crying out

2 Chronicles 7:14 in unity and faith in the Almighty.

Of the two ideas, only the latter has a certainty of succeeding in my opinion.

The Voting Process

However, the OTHER fundamental problem is the voting process itself.  Even our (only?) Patriot warrior Allen West, could not fight the systemic voting corruption in the system.

I won’t rehash all the reasons why so many of us are statistically convinced that Romney won the election, but what happened in Palm Beach and St. Lucie counties is a peak at how impossible it is to ever win a close election where Democrats control even a minority of counties or precincts.

The REAL story of what happened in St. Lucie reads like a political intrigue novel.  (This play by play recount of the recount is ALSO jaw dropping.) But we can summarize:

  • The state does not have serious Voter ID.  A student ID (not guaranteeing citizenship) or pubic assistance ID is sufficient.
  • If you don’t have a photo you can still vote with a provisional ballot which will be judged by the Canvassing Board.
  • The Canvassing Board was complicit with the Supervisor of Elections in stopping the election prior to counting ALL the ballots.  Also an unelected proxy was brought in to replace a member who was mysteriously vacationing in Haiti although it was the most important election for Florida since 2000.
  • The Democrat Supervisor of Elections became mysteriously (and conveniently) ill, after double counting votes, misplacing others and refusing to recount ALL the ballots as she originally had pledged.  (We also found out she wouldn’t allow a referendum on the ballot that would negatively impact her brother in law.)
  • St. Lucie county somehow counted 247,713 votes for Obama although there were only 175,574 registered eligible voters a 140% turnout.
  • Precinct 93 had only 7 (SEVEN) registered voters but cast 900 votes.
  • The Supervisor and Canvassing Board made an excuse that the security system was going and halted the recount, thus guaranteeing that Allen West’s opponent who was currently in the lead would be certified by the certification deadline the next day.
This isn’t terribly different from what we’ve seen in the Al Franken election where 1,000 felons were solicited to vote giving Franken a 318 margin of victory.  Franken was originally behind, but the Democratic precincts and counties kept miraculously discovering uncounted ballots during that recount.  The moment he had the lead – the GOP called it quits.



(Watch former Obama Co-Chairman Artur Davis describe how Dems do it...by massive fraud.)

THIS is the M.O. of the Democrat machine.  And because of certification deadlines THERE IS NO ANSWER to illegally cast ballots certified by corrupt precincts or counties in time to meet certification laws.  They overwhelm with the system with fake registrations (A newspaper claims 1/5th of all Ohio registrations were phony), absentee ballots and allow illegitimate voters to vote in jurisdictions they control – KNOWING that there simply isn’t enough time to sort it all out by the time the person is actually in office.  How does Al Franken remain in office when it’s been proven that 1,000 felons voted for him and his margin of victory was 318 votes?

This of course is why Eric Holder’s Department of inJustice fought Voter ID laws.  Every state that had Voter ID went for Romney.  They literally CAN NOT WIN if it is a legitimate contest.

Therefore, BEFORE we can attempt to even trust our election outcomes (and waste all the time and energy of attempting to run a fixed race), we have GOT to get control of the voting process.

My submission for PRIORITIES in visiting, emailing and generally, harassing your STATE representatives include:

Voter ID – As mentioned, it is much tougher to stop pimple faced 18 year olds passing as a 42 year old Asian man as this poll watcher observed in Ohio.  Two added benefits for your Congressman, even Democrats support Voter ID and Voter Id INCREASES minority turnout.

Criminal Charges for Election Supervisors – As you can see from St. Lucie, 59 districts in Philly and numerous precincts in Ohio, a Democrat can make up serious ground by stuffing the ballot box in a single area REGARDLESS of the voter registrations.  When the GOP poll watchers were kicked out, the Democrats in charged flooded the machines and ballot boxes with false votes.  St. Lucie had a 13,000% turnout in one precinct.  IT IS TIME TO HOLD THE ELECTION SUPERVISORS CRIMINALLY RESPONSIBLE if they will not ensure that only registered voters vote, and that those registered voters are eligible to vote.  Sure, you can always run fraud charges later, but long after ObamaCare has been passed with the assistance of two Senators who also get lifelong pensions at the expense of the taxpayers they defrauded.

Ban Foreign Voting Machine/Voting Service Participation in US Elections.  This is one area of “free trade” I’m totally against.  Much has been made of the Soros owned SCTYL involvement in military and voting tabulations for individual counties.  NEVER should an American election be subject to a foreign power whether there is proof or not.  It’s just too easy to rig these things as testimony has shown.

Voting Machine Program Code Transparency – A favorite gimmick of the voting machine vendors is to claim their programs are “trade secrets” that give them an competitive edge.  Tough noogies Nestor.  I propose a law that requires physical access to the inside of the voting machine locked, except when opened by the presence of representatives of both parties.  And rig it so we know if it was opened.  Transportation to and from state inventory should secured by Brinks.  And when they arrive back in inventory the compiled and uncompilied programming code should be open to all political parties to inspect and verify PRIOR to certification of the votes where they were used.  YES, I know damn well how expensive it is.  But so is a $10 trillion Trotsky-like Presidential term.

Allowance for the Public to Demand a Recount – I understand their are “automatic” recounts in various states but I’m proposing that if the public suspect fowl play as we do in St. Lucie, this isn’t left up to a few partisan judges in a backroom who can decide whatever they want.  YES. This too is expensive and allows the “other” side to contest and draw out races.  I don’t care.  I want the RIGHT call.  And often drawing these efforts out will give enough time for the grassroots (or God forbid the media would do their job) to bring cockroach hidden activities they thought they could squeak through to be brought to light hopefully resulting BOTH in a correct (and complete) vote count as well as gaining evidence to throw complicit crooks who compromise the vote from a place of public trust behind bars.

Get on it.  And while you’re at it – scream “bloody murder” to every Representative you have that you will NOT stand for another election with obvious vote fraud as this one.

Also – volunteer for the True the Vote ASAP so we have a watchers in EVERY location.


Absolutely agree with what you are saying. Voting system is broken in America. Needs to be fixed before future elections.....

Bill Clinton Compared With Barack Obama:

what IS IS & what ISlam IS !

So true & well put. Till the conservatives realize it's all about perception, they may never win another election.

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