Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Believer’s Day After the Day After


Where do we constitutional Judeo/Christian conservatives go from here?


The daily Elijah List newsletter had this great excerpt:

When Corrie Tenboom was asked how she dealt with the horrors of the Nazi concentration camp that she and her family were in, she responded simply, "Joy runs deeper than despair." We need to see joy as not just a supernatural remedy for the hard things we face, but as part of our divine inheritance as Believers. The thing about joy is that it is not connected directly to circumstances. Unlike happiness that is connected to a happening, joy is something else altogether. It is a heavenly spiritual gift, as well as a fruit of the Spirit.

If you know God, you have a gift of joy that you shouldn’t leave sitting unopened because you didn’t have the faith to believe for it.  There is a reason that in most battles, the Israelites sent the praise and worship team out first.  Singing and praise break up the dark spiritual forces and they encourage us.

Every professional athlete knows that day in and day out, both your mind (preparation, intellect and outlook) and your spirit are the “X” factor that often decide outcomes.  And if you are discouraged or depressed not only do you not have the energy for the battle, your reasoning and logic will most often be corrupted as well.

As Believers, we can’t ignore the lesson of the “worthless servant” who buried his single talent (currency) in the ground rather than AT LEAST putting it in the bank.  It IS discouraging when someone gets 5 “talents” and you only get one.  It even seems unfair, even if they didn’t double it and you didn’t.   But even that SINGLE talent will be taken from you if you don’t get your mind right.  What is missed is that God effectively said to that servant, “Because you SAW ME as being hard and unfair – THAT is Who I have to be to you.  Because “I Am.”  I AM good and My mercy (favor/grace) endures forever to those that SEE ME as kind, loving and giving.  But if you see Me as unfair and stingy – that is what you will get.  Didn’t I SAY you will get the fruit of your mouth?

Did you think it was a small thing to have a God that can lift up and pull down leaders?  WE HAVE A GOD THAT IS REAL and HAS POWER!  As King David said, “Why so downcast oh my soul?  Put your hope (trust) in God!”

Attitude adjusters:

  • We still live in a country where almost 90% believe in God, and nearly 40% go to church EVERY Sunday.  Not like Europe where less than 5% do.
  • “We the People” have a covenant with God that He WILL honor if we seek Him, apologize to Him and turn from our wicked ways.  And He is the same God willing to save Sodom and Gomorrah if Abraham could find only TEN righteous men in the entire city.  WE DONT HAVE TO BE THE MAJORITY TO TAKE BACK POWER AND SHOW THE OTHERS THEY CAN TRUST OUR LEADERSHIP.
  • Although it’s ignored, we STILL have a Constitution that puts power in OUR hands.  And we even have a written OBLIGATION within our Declaration of Independence to disband that government if it begins to oppress the people.
  • We have precedent for “demographics” and conservative movements resurging when it seems all is lost going back to FDR/Coolidge or Carter/Reagan.  Many forget in the GREAT AWAKENING even the New York Times had articles how entire trainloads of passengers spilled onto the platform repenting for their sins when the Spirit of God hit – even without a single person preaching or witnessing to them.  (In fact, they even ran articles on how the police had nothing to do since crime dropped nearly to zero.)
  • We are still the wealthiest nation on earth with some politicians fighting WITH us.  We aren’t in Venezuela or Cuba where the opposition LITERALLY has no power.  And we control the Body of Congress that impeaches Presidents.  That is NOT a light matter.
  • It will be impossible to remain “for” Obama when unemployment, inflation and our sovereignty GET WORSE.  In some ways, when the Euro crisis hit – it would have been much more difficult for the GOP to survive the 2+ years it would take to “right” the economy.  Obama and the DEMS will now own this in EVERYONE’s eyes.  There are MANY GOOD things about a Romney Loss for our long term.  Not the least of which is:

More of us are AWAKE and energized than ever before.  And like any good army, we are learning how to fight.  (Although many of us had better start learning how to STREET FIGHT as Political Outcast discusses.)

And the OVERRIDING initiative that will have the most impact is Prayer, Repentance and continued conservative values Education of those in our communities.


Step 1.  Did you know that Barack Obama has NOT been re-elected yet?  It’s true.  The Electoral College has not met and most states haven’t even certified their election yet. There is CLEAR and extensive voter fraud and inexplicable disparities in vote counts.

Although it is a long shot, just ask how important the French Resistance was to the ending of their occupation by the Nazis.  Even our own history of revolution relied on a guerilla attack component to keep hammering away at the forces of injustice.  If you are in a swing state you can STILL HELP investigate voter fraud.  It may indeed be too late to overturn these election results if the media doesn’t jump on it – but it will CERTAINLY pay off by jailing the perpetrators putting second thoughts into those who would try it next time.

Step 2.  The “atmosphere charge” for others to join us for 2014 election choices, TEA party takeovers of the GOP (immediately) and weakening of Obama’s agenda starts NOW.  Start committing yourself to be a voice IMMEDIATELY in these ways:

  • Demand justice on Benghazi from your Congressmen and Senators
  • Demand COVERAGE on Benghazi, Fast and Furious and foreign Obama campaign contributions by EVERY media outlet including conservative ones.
  • Begin preparing for your own survival for the inevitable conflicts that occur over food and unemployment.  But a gun, stock up food and start connecting OFFLINE with conservative law enforcement and other patriots in your area.  Unfortunately, this may get much worse before it gets better.  But those that are prepared will prevail over those that aren’t.  Gold, Silver and other commodities will be indispensible in the days ahead.


There are so many here it would be overwhelming.  PRAYER is #1, but THESE will make a difference also:

  • COMMIT yourself to serve in SOME local party capacity AT LEAST 10 hours a month.  If you want to run for a local office that’s great.  if you merely want to start influencing your LOCAL party membership structure that could be even MORE effective.  Help raise money and resources for those who COULD challenge corruption at every level.
  • Be a watchdog at the corruption in your own community.  A retired school teacher is on the verge of ending 30+ years of graft here in Houston in by merely filing Freedom of Information Requests, attending board meetings that the public rarely attended (where they got away with their graft and crime) and blogging about it.  HEY!  If our forefathers were willing to DIE for your freedom – the least you could do is give up a night of the boob tube for your children’s freedom.
  • Most of all DREAM BIG.  At encourage one another in the righteousness of our cause and the power of our God.


    Another masterfully written piece by @PolitiJim Must read!

    It will get ugly as Obama stops blaming Bush and starts to blame the Constitution, the Declaration and finally our society itself.

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