Thursday, November 8, 2012

My Answer to A Friend’s America Is A Lost Cause Cry


An acquaintance of mine wrote me this today regarding the Romney loss;


I fear all is lost.

Even if this comes out in the main stream news (which I highly doubt) – it is unlikely to affect the popularity of B.O. by the masses that just want to see a minority succeed and only care about abortion and gay marriage.

Record spending, debt, deficit, food stamps, unemployment, fast and furious – a pending fiscal cliff and an increasing slide toward European type socialism was not enough to move the masses… why should this?


Now Nick had a solution he presented to the Romney campaign that would have evened the playing field on advertising but was continually rebuffed.  It was his first foray into the underbelly of the political whale and it was very discouraging.  But with the mainstream media pushing this idea (for the 1,000 time) that the GOP has to become more like the DemoRats to win – I had this to say:

Don't be too disheartened Nick.

First, independent polls (like this one) show that the vast majority of VOTERS (not just Americans) do believe in limited government.  It's no surprise they don't trust the GOP that ran up 50% of the debt under Bush, and then ran the most liberal candidate in GOP history trying to pass him off as a "conservative." 

Second, there seems to have been massive voter fraud.  No one has an accurate mathematical model of how a guy could equal or advance his percentage of support among Blacks, Latino's and young people when he couldn't get over 1,000 people to come to a rally.  My friend Bob Cooley had predicted voter machine hacking, voter theft and worse - and there were massive reports of those and more.  (We've written extensively about it leading up to the election including incidents where nearly 50% of all NAACP voter registrations were fraudulent or suspect.)  This article here is especially telling and the University of Colorado Boulder - which uses a highly complex analysis of economic, voting registration and parallel indicators and which has NEVER been off by more than 1% on any election going back to 1980, predicted a Romney landslide.  Is it possible this is the first time in 32 years they got it wrong?  Not hardly.  Record turnouts in places like Philly are statistically impossible and were not tracked in a SINGLE legitimate poll anywhere in the country prior to the election.  I'm still trying to compare ethnic votes in swing states and non-swing states although we know for sure that NO PRESIDENT has ever won reelection with unemployment so high.  Does anyone REALLY believe urban communities with 20% unemployment would still vote nearly 100% for the man who keeps them unemployed?

A few of us are trying to find some GOP big wigs to investigate before the electoral college takes place but don't be fooled that the nation has turned into greedy Grecian socialists.  It is much more likely the administration has become vote fraud Venezuelan Marxists.

Third, (as I outlined in the Good News on Romney's Loss) Obama will not pursue any mechanism to save the economy.  Seniors will suddenly notice (this year by the way) their Medicare co-pays go up over $300.  The average American will pay $4,200 MORE in Federal Taxes (and will have higher paycheck deductions) and likely 40% will lose their existing healthcare.  Gas and food costs will continue to rise in REAL terms even before the inevitable Carter-like inflation kicks in from unlimited QE3 and the Euro collapse coming next spring.  Obama can NOT sustain even the fake popularity.  Add into that Benghazi hearings commencing in BOTH House and Senate in two weeks and a GOP controlled house that already has announced continued Fast and Furious action if not impeachment proceedings, it is highly likely that while Obama will cause much serious damage - it actually sets the stage for an even BETTER GOP conservative to step up to the table in 2016, with inevitable House and Senate advances in 2014.  (Assuming we figure the vote fraud thing out of course.  Harry Reid was 5 points behind Sharon Angle in Nevada the DAY BEFORE the election in 2010, but won by 7 points.  An impossibility unless you consider that SEIU is the contractor who couriers and counts ballots from the precincts.)

And finally, there are patriots like you and me who will not accept this no matter what the cost.  The TEA Party conservatives actually won more state and Federal offices than liberals did. (Mark Levin's program 11/7/12). 

God's not done with America yet if we aren't done with Him.




Voter fraud along with voter harvesting is how the dems won.

Another thing, I'm not a conspiracy type person, considering the strangeness of the results versus polling, things seem suspect.

are stories via lame cherry. Unusual, but his claims of how easy it is
to flip votes electronically like it happens in Venezuela is not coincidental. The voting
machines used in several swing states use smartmatic voting machines,
which is owned by two men from Venezuela.

Something stinks in Denmark.

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