Monday, November 19, 2012

Yes, Constitutional Conservatives Need to Change. Into War Paint.

It has been steadily dawning on me this past weekend just how severe is the state of our disunion. Much of it precipitated by the battles of the valiant Allen West in his District 18 race in Florida. Western Journalism's account of the day's activities yesterday is mind blowing.  It is a microcosm of what we are facing as constitutional conservatives in this country and the forces that arrayed against us.   (Be sure to skip to the “How bad is it?” section below if you want to cut to the chase.

In Allen West, you have a true conservative who not only is knowledgeable and articulate on the issues, but who takes away the standard excuses many on "our side" have as to why we don't win. You wanted Rubio for VP (despite the fact he is constitutionally ineligible)? Allen is bad ass, dark skinned brother who grew up deep in the south where (supposedly) racism is on a daily rampage. He doesn't have the lack the articulate "coolness" or maturity decried as missing from Angle and O'Donnell. And, he even voted for the budget ceiling debacle and NDAA proving he isn't a "purist" to the Libertarian-hating elements of the Elephant party.

The Grand Old Plantation

So surely this rising star would be embraced as a Reagan figure by the establishment and TEA forces alike, right?  Yeah - JUST like Reagan, the GOP Establishment tried to undercut and weaken him at ever juncture. In fact the Rubio/Jeb Bush GOP influences in Florida redistricted him in such a way that he would have to battle severely just to stay in office. So much for that "Republicans were the original party of the black man" crap we tried to delude ourselves with. Yes, I'm saying it. The Republican Establishment INTENTIONALLY tried to subvert Allen West because of his race. And his conservatism.  He is a danger to them because he is principled.  And black.  And they know he has the ear of the TEA party.  It took them 10 years to put the Reagan renegades back on the party plantation.  Just look how they treated Gingrich who actually INCREASED the Republican and conservative identity from the Gipper’s and sabotaged a coup_d'état so that they could start enslaving our children to ever increasing debt again. 

Remember Senator Trent Lott’s declaration that they would “co-opt” any TEA candidates and that the American people have BETTER JUDGEMENT than to elect them?  (Maybe those Jesse Helms accusations of racism weren’t so far off after all.)   Our sunless-tanning House Speaker (aka Banana Boat Boehner) tried to finish off the movement saying not only was there no TEA Party caucus in the House (much to the surprise of those in it), but that in 2010 it was a GOP statist movement that swept them back into power.

I’d laugh, but it turns out the TEA candidates didn’t control spending that much better than the elitists.  Were they co-opted?  Or was Boehner right.  Were they never that principled to begin with?

But back to Allen West.  Did you see Republicans running to microphones on election night bringing attention to – and battling against – the 4,000 swing that happened in 35 minutes in the middle of the night?

Nope.  Eventually Reince put out a note of support and the GOP Congressional delegation came to observe, but you don’t hear “boo” from the party make a big stink out of the fact that 893 people were able to vote who weren’t even registered in precinct 93. 

And this has been documented and repeated across the country in such overwhelming testimony that every TRUE conservative and conservative media outlet has embraced it demanded justice, right?  Uh.  Not so much.  As I wrote this weekend, the Erick Erickson’s of the world don’t want to face the prospect (or even look at the data) and would rather be chicken little’s decrying the turnout of the white Republican. 

The Conservative Media

Why should we be surprised when Erickson, FOX and even Limbaugh and Hannity won’t even properly cover a conclusive law enforcement investigation PROVING that Barack Hussein Obama forged MULTPLE official documents to obscure his nationality, his eligibility and even his criminality?  You’ll hear them allude to it or make jokes – hell, FOX even put it on their website – but concerted 24/7 coverage like what they are giving Benghazi?  Nope.

FOX’s Michael Barone amplifies the notion that the TEA Party is a bunch of nuts and weirdoes.  Ann Coulter STILL apologies for Judas Christie and Bill O’Reilly still believes that a birth announcement in a paper suffices for “proof” of citizenship.

Michelle Malkin and David Limbaugh (among others) pushed a constitutionally ineligible candidate whose own constituents (and target demographic) were repulsed at claiming either as a conservative or a man of principle.  Even supposed religiously righteous social conservative media were willing to lie, deceive and mislead.

Yes, even with our media influence better than we had during the Reagan era – we still suck.

Which leads us to…

The State of Conservatives

I posted the link to Ron Paul’s final speech on the PolitiJim Facebook Page and was shocked at the pure hatred and animus for the Libertarian leaning Texas Congressman.  Have we sunk so far that we can’t “give honor to whom honor is due” even if we disagree with those who share a common enemy?  I think Paul and his devotees are historically ignorant of assuming we can survive as a country without preemptive diplomacy and aggressive military strength.  I’m unsure about surrendering the drug war but even their adamant activism has woken me up to how it’s become an excuse for tyranny.  (Today the police have a right to do just about anything against the 4th Amendment by claiming they have a suspicion about drugs.)

But as I stated in my FB post debate with readers, Gary Johnson’s votes which ensure Obama’s wins in Ohio and Pennsylvania PROVE divided we fall, without the Paulbot. And whether they like it or not, the GOP needs the social conservatives.  And whether the Santorum-groupies realize it or not, they will NEVER EVER pass another anti-abortion/pro-marriage without marijuana-loving Libertarians putting them into a majority in both houses of Congress AND the White House.  Sarah Palin had that one right.

But as the primaries proved, when we start going BEYOND the central message of fiscal responsibility, getting into contraception discourse, drug war doctrine, illegal immigration policy purity and gay marriage – we lose.  And we lose BIG.

I’m NOT saying that we don’t address these.  They are important.  But while we might not take them to the family barbeque, we’ve got to learn to ALL learn to find a constitutionally conservative candidate who is charismatic enough to EMOTE while being uncompromising on cutting taxes and spending to invigorate our economy.  Reagan got elected ONLY because of two reasons.  He had a BIG economic plan that people were willing to try to escape the Peanut farmer polity, and he was likeable and “safe” to the uneducated independent.   He WASN’T elected because he was prolife.  He wasn’t elected because he wanted to cut government programs.  Those were minor issues to the majority who voted for him.  And we had better start realizing very quickly that we are NOT going to fight effectively unless we find, recruit, volunteer for and elect conservatives who are focused (and disciplined) on the BIG issues.

I volunteered (and crow about) the Ted Cruz victory.  But it is clear that he benefited from demographic politics.  Even the Soros-funded liberal blog Think Progress admitted that Cruz out performed Romney, even while they tried to make the point that the majority voted for the Democrat.

And then we have REAL GOP rank and file, politicians and their surrounding facilitators who still think this is a 1950’s bridge game.  The amazing Ulsterman Report has carried a series from Wall Street and Washington “Insiders” who have been uncanny in disclosing how the REAL world of power and politics work.  They now have a “Republican Insider” that is symptomatic of the squishy and spineless silliness that folds in the face of the Democrats forceful tactics.  Ulsterman posted a new interview and despite obvious Venezuela-style voting fraud, assassinations of Ambassadors, and tyrannical executive orders by a criminally corrupt President this idiot is all caught up in being “civil.”  Here was my comment the post earlier today:
It is interesting that the VERY FIRST issue the Stupid Party insider wanted to discuss was Ulsterman's discourse using "STFU" to the Romney ragging Governors like (unconstitutionally ineligible) Jindal. This is THE problem with the Republican party.  Let's worry how we are PERCEIVED rather than realizing this a g***dam STREET FIGHT for the very survival of our country.

"I won't talk bad about another Republican?"  WTF is that?

I'll tell you what it is.  The sound of generations of our children being forever enslaved to a much more aggressive and uncompromising opponent that want to permanently destroy this country.

These are the guys who SIGNED AN AGREEMENT WITH THE Democrat Party to NEVER try and engage in voter integrity initiatives. (link)
Yes, I understand we don’t have the luxury to build a Franken-Reagan for every race.  And yes, I understand unlike the Democrats, OUR charismatic, intelligent and fearless warriors are either enlisted in the military or ensuring a future for their families and employees in business.  But smart TEA activists like Jamie Radtke, who were totally thwarted by likes of RedState in lieu of GOP Establishment losers like George Macaca, have got to be protected not just by the peons like us, but by those we can embarrass into submission in the conservative media.

It is NOT an understatement to say the American civilization is in danger of permanent incapacitation.

So How Bad Is It?
  • The mainstream conservative media (much less the GOP) STILL won’t raise the alarm bells on how Obama stole this election.  (Mind you, without fighting now we not only lose the 2014 elections where they are emboldened – we might not even have an honest chance to win in 2016.)
  • The GOP Leadership covered up for the Obama Administration.
  • The GOP Leadership cancelled a press conference to expose Obama the week prior to the election, but held it AFTER he was elected.
  • The GOP and conservative media refuse to embrace and expose a LAW ENFORCEMENT investigation proving that the President of the United States forged a birth certificate, a Selective Service record and IS CURRENTLY committing identity fraud.
  • The GOP continually refuses to “go to the mattresses” over OBVIOUS voter fraud that not only sabotages their own candidates, but ends up enslaving the entire country to tyrannical legislation like ObamaCare.
  • Conservative media continues to selectively want to talk about the Constitution, ignoring it where they want it to benefit them (like non-natural born citizens Rubio, Jindal and Santorum and Barack Hussein Obama), but will be shocked when their appointments like the treasonous conservative traitor Justice John Roberts continuously subvert it in their rulings.  Do you realize the Supreme Court has now given Congress the ability to force you to “BUY THINGS” you don’t want?  THAT is the current law of our “free” country.
  • The TSA is authorized to use ANY MEANS necessary to humiliate and detain you although they have NO law enforcement authority and are sitting with millions of rounds of Geneva Convention-illegal hollow point ammunition.
  • The GOP (including Paul Ryan and – unbelievably - Allen West) voted in 2011 to abrogate their responsibility to stop the wanton spending waste and not only raised the debt ceiling, but also cut a deal that could rot our military readiness.  (Not like that’s an issue of course with Iran bombing Israel and al-Queda and Muslim Brotherhood operatives freely crossing into our country.)
  • The Cloward Piven model is full force, doing what the Soviets could not do in the wildest dreams.  Illegals are essentially INVITED to come across the border, and Homeland SECURITY (that's right) has a welcome packet on how to become dependent on government.
Even of these (and the dozens you will undoubtedly post below), the voting problem is by FAR the worse.  It is one thing to have the need to stop bad policy and remove bad politicians.  It is quite another to realize that you don’t even have the POWER to change it through the political process because the system is rigged.

When Allen West discovered a 13,000% voter turnout in one precinct you would think that would have been the subject of EVERY Sunday news show right?

Whether it is a combination of illegals voting, absentee voting abuse, voting machine hacks and corrupt voting precinct captains and election supervisors – the bottom line is that Castro and Chavez would NEVER win an honest election in their countries.

Forget about whether Fast and Furious will ever be properly prosecuted for a moment.  At this moment, we don’t even have TRUE REPRESENTATION over our own TAXATION.  (That’s kind of catchy.  Might make for a good cry for independence from a tyrannical government.)


PolitiJim never likes to curse the darkness without suggesting a fiery flame or two to dispel it.  So we have two options.

Option 1:  Sit back and “take it” while our largely corrupt GOP representatives continue to compromise with the devil, always waiting for the magical “tomorrow.” We TEA Party types (and sympathizers) merely wait for the next outrageous event to happen, wait for a conservative talk show host to fan our flames – and we strike out to (again) try to find a candidate to save us.

Option 2: We do what we have a God-given responsibility to do and don’t wait for the “perfect storm” of political candidates to do what Sarah Palin did up in Alaska.  We simultaneously declare “war” on the Republican party and refuse to let either our advertising rich conservative media celebrities, or our local GOP establishments, get away with continuing to run the Reagan brand into the ground.

2A: A continual, all out email/phone assault on the power holders in the GOP to start SCREAMING about vote fraud.

2B: We take over a major state (Texas is fine) to finally establish TRUE conservative principles and start ENFORCING the 10th Amendment rights that other states can follow.  No, Rick Perry is not the guy to do that despite his well funded branding.  He’s better than most but he does not have the conservative core to lead the charge as witness his DREAM ACT debate debacle.  I’m not even against secession, but it would be no good with the current corruption in the GOP here. (And it will never happen with Joe Strauss as a the RINO Speaker who appoints more liberals than conservatives to key positions and subverts conservative legislation CONTINUALLY.)

in battle, it is a common technique to “regroup” an re-concentrate your forces so that you aren’t picked off one by one.  Clearly, unless the GOP Congress, Florida Governor Rick Scott and the GOP celebrities like Marco Rubio start not only bringing light to the systemic voting corruption but also start filing lawsuits, offering legislation and refusing to seat Congressmen like Murphy and Franken who have illegitimately won through fraud – our conservative power is too easy to pick off.

I like Texas because we have the right to secede in our charter, we have the right to hold off law enforcement from 4th Amendment incursions and of course, because i wouldn’t have to move.  But it is one of the few states that could be self-supporting if it were to secede.

But a REAL revolution won’t happen without the core of us having geographic proximity to one another against the suspension of freedoms that inevitably will be expanded under the “man who calls himself Obama.”

C’mon down y’all.  We already have started.


Very well written article. You seem to be familiar with the reality of the situation.

In regards to Ron Paul's war/defense stance, he has been keeping something from you. Either intentionally or not, I don't know. But I have never heard him speak of it.

You will never hear him in a speech talking about what happens if America is attacked. Libertarians are 0 or 1 people. Eliminate the threat or don't. What Paul isn't saying is that, yes, he will reduce the size of the military. He would shut down bases all over the world that have no bearing on the protection of the North American continent. But...

If America were attacked in real life- not in government preemption scenarios, the chains of retraint are dropped and we kill everything that walks or crawls in the radius of the threat.

There are no winning of hearts and minds in Libertarian land. There are no saving the innocent. Women Children Dogs Cats Chickens.. It doesn't matter. You attack us. You all die. And we don't need bases all over the planet to do that, do we?

And I'm sorry this has never been made clear by Dr. Paul. Nobody ever seems to ask him, strangely enough. But that is the Libertarian stance, as it has always been. Eliminate the threat permanently. I think Ron Paul's largest blind spot is his understanding of Islam and it's history, but that's a discussion for another time.

I want to move to Texas but I can't get a job down there. Do you know anyone who wants an experienced architectural intern?

But Allen West is FOR NDAA... so what makes you think he's 'conservative'?

He's always said if attacked we'd fight back. It's non interventionism not pacifism, that is the policy.

I don't have the link but I'm told AFTER defending it, he did acquiesce that it was a bad vote. I'm giving him benefit of doubt he relied on a staffer...

I will always wonder how many African American and Hispanic votes Obama would have gotten had he been white?

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