Wednesday, November 14, 2012

How to Prove Voting Machine Fraud

There is an enormity of evidence that voting machines across the country did not accurately record votes albeit from poll clerks, poll watchers or actual voters.  A common cry heard from those wanting to simply accept these results is “you’ll never be able to prove it.”

Au contraire, mon frere.

Voting Machine Programmer Testifies
An impounding and analysis of the voting machine in question can reveal if the compiled software deviated from a “pure” version of the software already certified by the State – if not actually pulled from the machine itself.  During the primaries, Alan Vera of True the Vote mentioned on The Patriot Zone blogtalk radio program, that a British computer scientist had pulled software from a voting machine proving vote swapping routines.  This should be done immediately by every swing state (if not every state) in question.

And citizens need to IMMEDIATELY contact their State Representatives to get legislation passed THIS YEAR, to allow a bipartisan panel of computer experts chosen by the citizenry, to view and certify all programs in these machines even if the vendor wants to classify them as “trade secrets.”

Also, as Allen West’s crack team has discovered, there is a WRITTEN record of actual voters by precinct that also can expose lost votes.

Erick Erickson reiterated his belief that the while voter “abnormalities” happened, it didn’t cost Romney the election.  Erickson’s normally a fairly smart guy but – of course – he offers ZERO evidence to back up his claim other than accepting the corrupt voting tallies from the same sources that supposedly got it wrong BEFORE the election.

He doesn’t explain how:

  • Not a SINGLE major poll showed enthusiasm up from 2008 for Obama, and yet he SURPASSED his 2008 demographic percentages.
  • OH, PA, MI, etc, etc, had MULTIPLE polls absolutely correct for STATE candidates – but somehow got the NATIONAL votes incorrect?  Michigan is a prime example where Obama supposedly won, but none of the down ballot initiatives or state wide offices went Democrat.  How is that even possible?
  • Ohio could possibly have been accurate when the Columbus Dispatch reported 1 in 5 voter registrations were bogus, tens of thousands of military ballots were never cast (due to White House shenanigans) or simply never counted, and while pre-election polls showed Romney picking up a few percentage points from African Americans and Hispanics, 100 precincts in Cuyahoga County Ohio voted less than 1% for Romney.

I could go on and on but WND and Obama Voter Fraud have much more extensive lists.  Bob Cooley, who actually PARTICIPATED in Chicago voter fraud and knows the people who got Obama started, had been warning of this for over 3 years.  Speaking at King Street Patriots in 2011 he said four things would happen:
  • Obama would use tax payer and illegal contributions to have a secret fund far in excess of publically disclosed finances.
  • He would buy off precinct captains in key states to stuff the ballot box where needed.
  • They would take unprecedented efforts to expand absentee voter fraud to new heights.
  • They would spend millions to hack the voting machines where needed to throw the election.
How did he know?  It’s what Obama has practiced since heading up Project Vote in Chicago.  (What do you think a community organizer does anyway?  IT STEALS VOTES!  ACORN – Obama’s OTHER employer and BFF - existed to use voter registrations to pad the ballot box.)

So, in addition to mounting a social media and phone assault on the 5 key swing states in question, I need you to do two other things:

  1. Call your STATE Congressman (or Congresswoman, person or whatever) to immediately SEQUESTER all state voting machines to be investigated.
  2. Find your LOCAL County Clerk's tally BY PRECINCT of logged voters (or find a lawyer or file an FOI request) to match against their ACTUAL votes cast in that precinct.

Note LARGE discrepancies and IMMEDIATELY send them to the Secretary of State, True the Vote and your local press.

I’ll say it again. If we let this election cycle’s fraud stand, there is no longer any need to hold elections.

Just look at the shuffle and jive happening in St. Lucie, Florida in Allen West’s recount efforts.  Votes were counted in secret, changed wildly in 25 minutes although West won EVERY OTHER jurisdiction handily, and the Democratic Election Supervisor STOPPED the recount after West gained 535 additional votes from recounting the votes for ONLY the first 3 days of early voting.

Thank God for Allen West who said he can stand losing, but he will not capitulate to corruption.

Neither should we.

Just like they told us to not fight too hard on the Budget Ceiling Debate because they would “handle it in the next general election,” and just like they told us to settle for Romney because he would appeal to moderates – we can not let this go any further.

This is the line.

We will not yield.


I found this link:

Almost 1K ballots found in Broward elections warehouse

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