Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The 2012 Patriot Pledge


To all fellow patriots, lovers of liberty and of this great Republic,

Let us to rest and ruminate on the battles of this past year and to refocus our resolve for the war ahead.  And let me assure you, 2012 will be a war.  This upcoming year will be a Blue State/Red State political bloodbath, as evidenced from history.  Evil creeps in through the seduction of small rationalizations.  It’s so easy to succumb to just a little less freedom - for a bit more comfort.  It’s the guiding principle of guerilla warfare in the acceptance of a government god.  Just one little tax at a time, each so insignificant to not warrant the enormous effort of resistance of being called an “obstructionist” or “extremist,” until tyranny now reigns over us in a network of Lilliputian laws so great in number they serve as one gigantic iron noose.

This is the crippling condition of the cowards of Congress.  Just one little cigarette more and I’ll quit tomorrow.  But tomorrow never comes despite contracts with America and fiery resolutions spoken with such conviction before they actually obtain the power they so quickly corrupt.  And the longer you wait to cut out the cancer, the more difficult and live threatening it becomes.  If daily vigilance is not used to keep weeds out of the garden, the battle becomes increasingly hopeless as they take root, until you have to dig the entire thing up, add new top soil and start over.

AmericanFlagAnd3CrossLoop_100x75 It is time to prepare and pray.  Prayer to ask God’s grace for this country, and wisdom and strength for what lies ahead.  And preparation for what is about to happen.  We know this about 2012:

  • There will be continued worldwide financial distress and, likely, some form of collapse as world governments and markets have been warning.
  • There will be continued domestic unemployment putting pressure on our nation and our returning men and women returned from war.
  • There will continue to be threats or realizations of major international conflict like Iran’s nuclear threat and the Chinese dragon testing her strength, and a continued effort by the world to diminish or steal the sovereignty of the United States.
  • There will be a continued degradation of basic moral values such as honesty, diligence and humility and a growing population that neither cares to learn them or embrace their value.
  • There will continue to be assaults on our freedoms through unconstitutional means, and a resolve by those in power to avoid justice and loss of power at all costs.
  • The far-left controlled Democrat party re-election efforts will not cease in creating class warfare, race riots and chaos through their political attacks, union crystallized government power and the Occupy movement 2.0.  What we saw this past summer was merely the probing of the Marxist-made scouting movement for their real strategy to create unrest as they have via Arab Spring.
  • The Obama campaign will attempt voter fraud on a scale so breathtaking even intelligent conservatives won’t take foreshadowed signs seriously, as it would seem to be preposterous. 
  • Most importantly, they will try every method to get us to attack and accuse one another while they continue to act outraged at the very vices they themselves are engaged in.

And while it may be tempting to think these forces are too pervasive, too strong, and too entrenched, we must ask, and expect from God, courage and wisdom to regain the liberty which God ordained for this country through the willing sacrifice of blood and fortune of our country’s forbearers.

constitution quill We must resolve a number of issues now, BEFORE we go into battle, so that we are not trying to decide the cost of commitment when our emotions and reason will be swayed.  Prayerfully consider joining me in these resolutions making up your mind now to keep them – no matter what the cost. 

I resolve:

  1. to embrace truth no matter where it leads whether it be in myself, or in situations and scenario’s presented to me.  Most importantly, I will not jump to conclusions until I know all the facts.
  2. to not attack my own troops to cause them harm.  I will instead challenge them to be better, do better and, where necessary, humbly point out incongruencies in their thinking or actions with great grace and humility, realizing that I too am prone to error.
  3. to not disdain those who are weaker in faith or resolve, but try to encourage them to remain in the battle and maintain unity.
  4. russell_crowe_djimon_hounsou_gladiator_001to remember who the real enemy is, and what the end goal is.  We will need every patriotic soul for the battle who is opposed to the theft of freedom whether we agree on the method, timing or vehicle of how to accomplish these goals.  “As One.”
  5. to not become drunk on revenge, disdain or hatred for anyone, including my opponents or oppressors.  First, it would deprive me of seeing clearly.  Secondly, my trust is in God and not man.  Thirdly, when I proceed with difficult actions in a sober mind, I certainly will be more effective and accurate in my mark.
  6. to not give up no matter how lost the battle may seem, giving everything I have to regain constitutional freedoms that will ensure an even better promise than our fathers and grandfathers gave us.  As it has been said, I would rather die gaining freedom for my children, than to live and see them under the burdens we left them.
  7. …to pray for this country, my children  and our leaders now and to come, EVERY day without fail, expecting God to continue to show His Grace, Mercy and Love on America.

Our Goals

We have clear goals that we can agree on, and pray for.

  • To remove every political leader from office who does not fully embrace and fight for a limited, constitutional government.
  • To recruit, support and elect majorities of conservatives in Federal and State congresses, local school boards and cities and constitutional conservatives in every position.  We will encourage and support those who do not just those who hold conservative views, but those who will fight to raze and reform institutional government waste and other tools of tyranny.
  • To demonstrate in our own lives, and not compromise on, honesty, integrity and virtue in the hopes it will drown out the roars of reprobates at every level of our culture.

washington praying We did not gain our initial freedom from English tyranny by our own power, or strength, or even determination.  At one point during the American Revolution, less than 35% of the American people supported the very war they were fighting.  We certainly were no match for the greatest military force on the planet in arms, ships or even the knowledge of war.  But from George Washington to Samuel Adams to Thomas Jefferson and John Jay, our Founding Fathers asked and expected for the mercy and grace of God to accomplish what they SAW was right in God’s word.  I’m reminded of this scripture from Deuteronomy 7:

7The Lord did not set His love upon you and choose you because you were more in number than any other people, for you were the fewest of all people.

8But because the Lord loves you and because He would keep the oath which He had sworn to your fathers, the Lord has brought you out with a mighty hand and redeemed you out of the house of bondage,

I will comment as the first by saying, “As God helps me, I so swear.”  Please join me.


As God Hels me, I so swear. - PolitiJim

And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm Reliance on the Protection of the divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor.

Generic Republican

As God is my witness I commit myself to this pledge and will do within my power to uphold the visions our founding fathers had for this country and will protect her till my last breath!

As it is a privilege to be an American & a protector to the Constitution of these United States of America it is an honor to commit myself to the visions of our founding fathers & preserve her guiding light & Freedoms at any cost!

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