Thursday, December 15, 2011

Why Michele Bachmann Can’t Be Nominated


UPDATE 12/15 Post Iowa Debate: Forget for a moment that Bachmann couldn’t answer the question about how to shut down the 9th Circuit and if subpoenaing judges was good or bad.  Forget she falsely claimed Reagan’s “Are You Better Off” slogan was 1980 against Carter (it was 1984 against Mondale). (I stand corrected. See how that works? you are wrong and you admit it. She doesn’t have the integrity to do the same.) She had some decent answers on all but her first foreign policy question.  The fact that she would falsely smear Newt Gingrich’s pro-life record is inexcusable as a Christian and a GOP candidate.  She is a disgrace to this race

My post yesterday declared on some issues Newt is a “functioning alcoholic” so I’m no Newtonian.  But Newt was a 100% Right-To-Life score if take out the way they RTL handled scoring Welfare Reform. Georgia Right To Life TODAY trumpeted Gingrich’s Personhood pledge.  Taking one interview question from George Will and turning it into an accusation that Gingrich (of all people) is FOR partial birth abortion when Gingrich orchestrated a partial birth abortion bill TWICE given to Bill Clinton, proves that she is dishonest.  It would be one thing if she asked him to clarify or that it concerns her that me might not be strong enough.  But she was “shocked” and “outraged” trying to lie about a fellow Republican candidates record.  If you are unfaithful in small things, you will be unfaithful in much. 

For a short period tonight, I as going to blog how Bachmann could regain my favor (which is critical to any candidate in this race of course) by continuing strong, Presidential-like performances.  She helped (I hope and believe) to take Dr. Strangelove Paul out of the race.  But this continued distortion of opponents records and so horribly getting even basic facts right make me wonder now if she’s even qualified to keep her Congressional seat.  I defended her FIERCELY against the very unfair and completely baseless attacks Pawlenty leveled at her – and now she is doing WORSE to Newt than what she complained about from TPaw!

Read on.  This is a bad habit as my original post shows below.

I had such high hopes for Bachmann.  During the genesis of the Tea Party she was one of the very few elected officials who not just supported, but joined the movement.  She was laughed at for forming the Tea Party caucus and initiated Constitutional classes for law makers, and just didn’t care what others thought.

MB heavy makeu Then, unfortunately, after her political stock rose, she started to buy headlines on margin.  She repeated the unsubstantiated claim against Perry’s area of weakness that Gardasil caused mental retardation merely on anecdotal testimony from a debate attendee.

She acted like Cain’s 9-9-9 plan was a deal with (literally) the devil despite conservative heroes like Arthur Laffer supporting it.  In the most recent debate she accused the Former Speaker of SUPPORTING Cap and Trade when in fact, he was called to testify AGAINST directly following the Prophet of Global Warming AlGore.

Do we really trust this woman can make critical decision on National security or the implementation of domestic policy when she is so wildly wrong on her knowledge of basic facts?

Now she has made wild accusations WITHOUT ANY PROOF OR DOCUMENATION that the Gingrich campaign is “buying” Tea Party voters.  And when given a chance to clarify after denying she had proof, she doubled down and said she hears about it all the time.

MBoverdonemakeup Of course, to infer that the heart, soul and backbone of the crusade to ELMINATE crony capitalism and typical Washington politics would TAKE the money is insulting enough. 

And this from the self-declared “leader” of the Tea Party movement whose only real substantial “achievement” to date was to lead thousand to Capitol Hill to protest ObamaCare.

Even non-Cain supporters were incensed that Cain seemed to have been falsely accused without any corroborating support or documentation by the outside.  How much worse is it when it is someone inside our own camp?

I was done with Bachmann at the last debate when she accused Romney (who I am not thrilled with) and Gingrich (with whom I have reservations) of not willing to repeal ObamaCare.  Since both of them cited this priority when they launched their bids, she effectively called a fellow Republican a liar.  Never mind that Gingrich has been working heavily behind the scenes to stop it through his Center for Health whatchamacalit even BEFORE it was even enacted.  Ronald Reagan likely wouldn’t accept jelly beans from her at this point.

With this I join Andrew Breitbart as he talked of his stance on Glenn Beck in saying about Bachmann:  She is dead to me.

And you conservatives complaining about not having a conservative enough front runner?  I thought you believed in the free market.  Including the free market of ideas.  THERE IS A REASON people didn’t jump back to Bachmann with the Cain Crumble.  Instead of complaining about other Tea Party members NOT voting for the most conservative candidate, either give us a choice of someone who A) is competent, B) won’t embarrass our party (Tea or otherwise) or shut the hell up.

That is a rant.  And I believe it is reasonable.


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