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The Anti-Occupy Wall Street Handbook


A middle class, middle aged, conservative Christian friend of mine last night texted me asking, “What would you say to your teen if he wanted to go down to Occupy Denver?”  This would not have alarmed me much except this same teen had been acting extremely rebelliously toward his father and had just told his dad he and his friends were “liberals” and were now very interested in Islam. 

For those with this teenagers, neighbors, spouses, co-workers or classmates who have had their brains hi-jacked in favor of this movement, this post can be used to educate yourself and them on fundamental truths of economic law and history to clearly dispel their romantic notions that the OWS movement has ANYTHING to do with actually helping themselves or the poor.  Bookmark this for future as we’ve learned that although OWS is dying out now, it is a precursor for what is really planned next year right before the elections.


Two of the best sources for Occupy Wall Street info is:

BigGovernment, and,

John Nolte at BG summarizes it well:

Occupy is all about greed, self-actualization, and narcissism. The fastest and easiest way to feel superior is to assume the role of a victim … because a victim is always superior to his or her oppressors.  Occupy is also an army the left and Alinksy-style community organizers like Barack Obama have been breeding for decades. The formula is simple: feed enough self-esteem to those who don’t deserve it and you create an entire generation of entitled crybabies desperate to direct the frustration of their unfulfilled lives at whomever.

The idea was to launch Occupy in the hopes it would change the 2012 election conversation and media narrative from Obama’s failed record to ground upon which he might be able to win reelection: income inequality and those evil one-percenters on Wall Street who destroyed the economy.

When Glenn Beck predicted an economic collapse in 2006 and 2007, he was just some recovering alcoholic with air time.  When he spotlighted the Marxist revolutionaries in the Obama administration he was called certifiable.  When he predicted communists marching in the streets last year he was a loon and even after OWS began, he was ridiculed for suggesting violence would break out.  Someone, someday will actually pay attention to the homework he does to come up with these predictions and take him seriously.  What does he predict next?

People being drug out of buildings and shot in the streets. 


Big Government again has exposed emails of the organizers showing how non-spontaneous it is and worse, how they are intentionally orchestrating escalation to violence.

Communists directly admit their involvement and designs to co-opt the movement to obscure truth to their benefit.  And they have direct ties to the Obama campaign.

Proof Occupy Wall Street is an organized movement with ulterior motives.  The evidence for US involvement in international insurrection including OWS starts at the 12 minute point:

The fact is that radicals like Alinksy (who dedicated his book Rules for Radicals to Lucifer), Cloward & Piven and others REQUIRE violent anarchy and class warfare or they can’t take control under the pretense of defending the working poor.

The prime perpetrator who was at the Israel flotilla conflict last year, at the Egyptian uprising and every major outbreak openly tells National Public Radio that America is ripe for communist revolution.  

By your fruits you shall know them.  It is the biggest collection of losers we've seen since Vietnam with 417 crimes being committed from rape to murder31% of attendees are willing to commit violence.

Obama derided the Tea Party, then tried to say OWS was just like it.  Communists, KKK, and radical extremists like law abiding citizens?  Here is a 2 minute video comparison of the two and Glenn Beck’s extensive comparison (and why Obama is trying to tie them together is in the Video History links below).

The Unions were positioned from the beginning to step in and take over as reported here.  Ironically, the rebellious adventurers who think they are “showing the man” by demonstrating, are in fact pawns and “useful idiots” of forces THAT WANT TO FURTHER ENSLAVE THEM.


  • Who started Occupy Wall Street? 
  • Where was the first one?
  • Who is paying for the flyers and NY marketing firm promoting it?
  • Why do Communists, Nazi’s, Pedophiles and Terrorists Support it?
  • Why does a man who made $7 Billion last year and who has profited from destabilizing currencies around the globe, fund OWS groups?

(More from Beck here.)

The Video History of OWS

GBTV: How OWS Started

GBTV: Unions Fingerprints

An OWS Billionaire?

Tea Party Vs OWS

Why does OWS hate Jews?

Global OWS Control

What we know about OWS in summary:

  • It was a Madison Avenue orchestrated movement.
  • It has been funded by radicals including those intent on enslaving Americans through government control.
  • Organizers have planned to lie about their purpose to eventually introduce violence.
  • There is strong evidence that the Obama campaign is using this to suspend freedoms directly before the election by bunching all “anti-government” protestors together following violence by OWS.

Let’s get to the heart of their argument.


The most understandable defense for CAPITALISM versus SOCIALISM was given by the great (and funny) Milton Friedman on the ultra-liberal Phil Donahue show in 1979.  It is in 5 parts (10 minutes each) but CRITICAL to watch WITH Cooper.  It begins hereA very, very short clip just on Capitalism versus Socialism is here:

Milton Friedman Phil Donahue on Capitalism vs. Socialism

A much less serious but every bit as profound video shows how Occupy Wall Street – who complains that the “1%” are taking advantage of the 99% – actually has it going on within their own movement.  Jon Stewart of the Daily Show exposes it here (it’s hilarious):

The Milton Friedman video series makes a great point when Phil Donahue asks about the inequity that a very few have a lot of wealth and the masses do not.  Friedman makes an EXCELLENT point that in societies and cultures that have tried to “spread the wealth” they replace economic tyrants with political ones who take away even their basic rights.  Capitalism with all it’s flaws provides MORE money, MORE freedom and MORE opportunity than ANY OTHER SOLUTION.

Walter Williams makes the point that the “rich” do benefit disproportionately to the efforts they put in – but the benefits to the “99%” is often overlooked.  Imagine having no personal computers without a Bill Gates or inexpensive cars without Henry Ford.  Thomas Edison profited enormously, but the incandescent lightbulb allowed productivity and safety at a level never dreamed of by the 99%.

The original Pilgrim colony at Jamestown is evidence of this fact. They set out to share all of their production with each other and the pilgrims barely survived the first winter after they landed.  Even after the Indians showed them how to grow corn and adapt to the land, they were constantly battling shortages, lack and social contention.  It wasn’t until William Bradford realized that a socialist model was completely contrary to the teachings of the bible on personal responsibility, that they changed to a capitalist, free market system.  From then on – they prospered.  Bradford wrote:

The experience that we had in this common course and condition tried sundry years...that by taking away property, and bringing community into a common wealth, would make them happy and flourishing -- as if they were wiser than God,'

Truth: Free markets lower costs and increase values for everyone, while government regulation and forced sharing of wealth increases costs and depresses opportunity and prosperity.


Islam?  What does Islam have to do with Occupy Wall Street?  It is interesting that every “Arab Spring” uprising has resulted in MORE radical Islamic forces taking power instead of democracy.  As the first video shows, insurrection is being planned to rip out the totalitarian leaders (or democratic ones) who stand in the way. 

It is also interesting that immediately following Occupy Wall Street, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and other radical Islamists endorsed it!  When you understand that the entire purpose of OWS is to destabilize Western democracies – it makes sense.  This is the same goal of Islam.  Where Muslims have power, force them to submit.  Where they do not have power, lie to them to destabilize them and gain power.

Anyone who doesn’t understand the already serious encroachment of Islam into American society is blind or ignorant.  The word “Islam” and terrorist was deleted from EVERY working manual at the Department of Homeland Security.  And the mainstream media is already complicit to perpetuate this myth for fear of not being “tolerant.”  This particular video takes an ABC 20/20 Muslim puff piece - and gives direct evidence for what Islam is really about  -

Funny (and scary) Truth About Islam in America

A much shorter (8 minute) debunking of 3 common myths about Islam here.

For Reference: My 2 part teaching on the amazing science, archaeology and factual support for the Old and New Testament begins here:


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