Thursday, December 1, 2011

How Cain Can Come Back In Bialek and White


In watching Herman Cain on Sean Hannity’s  show tonight, I heard something that was new (for me) in this whole saga.  Cain said with a conviction more solid than obsidian:

I am going to clear my name.

I had a growing anger at the possibility that these charges ARE false, and that the Democrats will have succeeded in their plan.  Although I’m not convinced Cain is the strongest candidate, I’ve always thought he was the most dangerous to Obama.  I also realize that if we allow this to happen to Cain – whether we are supporting him for the Presidential nomination or not – we are TEACHING the liberals and mainstream media what works. 

Limbaugh said today he doesn’t think this is coming from Obama because they would wait until the general election.  Rush may usually be right, but not in this scenario.  The Ulstermann “insider” information that Obama was going to ramp up the issue of “race” to get reelected has only grown more credible with the news these past two weeks:

  • Obama has written off the “white” voter
  • Via a speaker at King Street Patriots – the $1 Billion Obama is supposed to raise is primarily aimed at voter fraud, and,
  • African American communities are showing an increase of activity hiring “community organizers”

There is still something funky about the suspected white Presidential assassin with a Jewish tattoo who claimed God told him to kill Obama whose hi-def picture looking at the camera just happened to make it to the state-run media MSNBC about 40 seconds after he was named as a subject.  (Never mind the shooter was using the equivalent of a scattergun 300 yards away but miraculously hit and cracked a bulletproof window without any military training.) But if Obama WAS going to make it White versus Black through a faked “racial” attack or whatever, you couldn’t have Cain running in a general election.  You would HAVE to take him out now.  And just in case that is the case – we conservatives can not allow that to happen.

So PolitiJim’s advice to Herman Cain that will give him a shot at getting back in the race – even if only to be a Vice Presidential Nominee.

Take a Lie Detector Test.  I am all but certain Herman is getting set up.  And certainly polls show most conservatives (lesser conservative women) don’t buy the charges.  But a report today by the AP cites Cain supporters who reiterate what I’ve heard on Twitter.  It’s just a steady drip and it’s not worth the effort.  I beg (on my little birdy knees) to differ.  My contention is that although Cain has other hurdles, the continuous charges are like holes in a garden hose draining not just the focus of his campaign, but the punch and power.  I breathed a sigh of relief with Cain’s conviction to contend for his character.  And he actually doesn’t need to prove every charge from here to resurgency.  He only needs to debunk the two strongest -Bialek and White. 

gingerwhite Cain said he would be willing to take a lie detector test.  The longer he waits to do so – it just seems like MORE “he said.”  I hope an FBI certified (and vetted by conservative intelligence analysts) lie detector test is given which not only would prove that HE was not lying about these two (and it would then put the pressure back on them to do the same), it would inoculate Cain to further “bimbo eruptions.”  His supporters would strengthen their support and any further revelations would quickly be discounted.  It would be affirmed that Cain is who he said he was.

He said tonight that the campaign was vigorously preparing “things he couldn’t talk about” to address these charges once and for all.  With hard proof – not rumor or gossip.  That is good, but had he done this directly after Bialek – he would already be back on topic.  Leading us to action number 2:

Fire your old campaign leadership and hire a top notch crew.  The ads are underwhelming and poorly produced.  The reaction to what is happening dynamically is always not just a step behind, but a half marathon.  The advice has not only been slow, it is has been WRONG.  Go hire the Perry campaign staff.  They are probably looking for a way to be thrown from that bronco.  But do it now.

SpeedLimit999Sign Use 9-9-9 as dessert, not the main entre.  Your economic plan is among the best out there.  Some make the ridiculous argument that the sales tax could be raised (uhhh, like an income or flat tax couldn’t?) but that isn’t even that important to the overall strength which is the reduction of capital gains and business tax, along with the elimination of the IRS.  Don’t be so rigid on the sales tax suggesting two other alternatives (many like jumping completely from just “9-9” to a fair tax like Newt or Perry’s), but people already know that song.

Start attacking Obama’s lack of records and stolen Social Security Number.  Trump didn’t soar to first place in the polls because we all thought he would actually be a good president.  Or because he sells condos to the Chinese (or whatever he said his foreign policy experience was.)  obama-stressed-face It was that someone finally was pointing out the hypocrisy of the chief law enforcement officer blatantly passing off forged papers as real and then laughing at us.  It also would make him stronger as a VP pick to “get in the gutter” and give a great contrast to his Inspirational Story in contrast to Obama’s.  I still can’t figure out why Bachmann or Cain haven’t already been doing this.  The reason it is derided so much by the MSM is BECASUE they know it is effective – like the prohibition at MSNBC to bring up Jeremiah Wright.  Cain is the only one who can effectively do this!

Start announcing a serious transition team.  If you have generals, credible Secretary of State or other cabinet officials who you have been courting – it is time the minute the resurgence happens to start showing America WHO these great leaders are you would have help you to do the job.  You released a wonderful list of foreign policy advisors.  Now is the time to actually put the final nail in the coffin concerning your leadership and don’t wait to announce your cabinet.  Do it now!  The benefit is that your cabinet will multiply your voice and add the depth some have had concerns about.  Even on 9-9-9 sign Laffer up to be Secretary of Treasury.  Then he can start painting the picture of what policies a Cain cabinet would contain.

And one other final note.  Cain of all candidates has the ability to create inspiration as Reagan did.  He needs a “morning in America” phrase to give people that hope.  No one can deliver inspiration like Cain.  And you’ve got an edge the others don’t.  You already escaped a “death” 5 years ago.  You know miracles can happen.



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