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The Xmas-CHRISTmas Controversy + GIFT!


PolitiJim is a “re-gifter” and proud of it.  Not only am I rewrapping another Christmas article below, I’ve gotten permission from LibertyChick to “re-gift” her awesome music to give you a A PolitiJim Christmas Gift for you at bottom of post!

One of my favorite lines comes from the little 8 year old character in SOMETHING TO TALK ABOUT with Julia Roberts and Dennis Quaid.  She’s a precocious little thing and at one point scolds her parents in a mimic of her Grandmother by saying:

I’ve just about had enough of you people.

One of the reasons I did NOT give my life to Christ (as recounted in my little booklet – God Unplugged) is that religious people seemed to have too many rules and no fun.  As I’ve gotten to know Jesus and my Heavenly Father PERSONLY I realize what a lie from the pit of hell that is.  But suffice it to say that while I try to “bear with those weaker in he faith” as best I can, I am likely one of the most irreverent, crazy Christians you will meet.

It wasn’t too long ago someone on Facebook started chastising me for even CELEBRATING Christmas – much less worry about the eternal dangers of how I spelled it.  (The argument was that since Easter and Christmas were originally pagan holidays “Chistianized” by Constantine, we are in fact weakening others faith.  If I get 3 comments or more about this I’ll blog about it later)  But this came across my INBOX this morning that (finally) gives me the proper ammunition to tell those uptight, nosey nose killjoy’s to take their “Xmas” argument and shove it…in a manager.  Great article originally posted at Elijah List:

Who Put the X in Xmas?

Rob HotchkinAs the Christmas holiday is fast approaching, an annual event is beginning to take place. And no, I don't mean the exchange of presents, roasting chestnuts on an open fire, or office parties. I mean the rallying cry of many who say, "Let's keep 'Christ' in 'Christmas!'"

This time of year is a wonderful opportunity to see the whole world rejoicing over how our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ manifested in the earth so all people could be restored to relationship with our Heavenly Father. And just as when the wise men came to focus on the newborn Savior and lavish Him with their attention and gifts, I believe with all my heart thatJesus Christ should be the focus of the Christmas holiday today. I enjoy all the decorations, all the carols, and yes, even all the gifts. But I see each of them simply as an opportunity to celebrate Him who has given the greatest gift of all – our salvation! He is worthy of all worship. Christ is truly the reason for the season!

Having said all that, you may be surprised that I occasionally have abbreviated Christmas by writing "Xmas." Recently I wrote a promo email for our ministry making mention of "Xmas." Some wrote responses to let us know that they did not appreciate the use of the abbreviation "Xmas." In their mind, it took the "Christ" out of "Christmas." I love and appreciate anybody who is willing to stand up for our Jesus, so I was grateful that these folks took the time to share their concerns. You may be one who also feels that the abbreviation "Xmas" is a secular attempt to take "Christ" out of Christmas. But you know what? The term "Xmas" seems to have an origin that is actually all about Christ.

Xmas is All About Christ

The third century Church used the Greek Letters Chi ("X") and Rho ("P") – the first two letters in the Greek speaking of the word "Christ," and sometimes "X" by itself to represent Christ. In religious art of the Renaissance and Medieval periods it was quite common to see these intertwined letters "X" and "P" in paintings of Christ. It is believed that this is the origin of the use of the letter "X" in "Xmas."

Online encyclopedia articles explain more:

The word "Christ" and its compounds, including "Christmas," have been abbreviated in English for at least the past 1,000 years... "Christ" was often written as "XP" or "Xt"... This X and P arose as the uppercase forms of the Greek letters χ and ρ used in ancient abbreviations for Χριστος (Greek for "Christ"), and are still widely seen in many Eastern Orthodox icons depicting Jesus Christ. The labarum, an amalgamation of the two Greek letters, is a symbol often used to represent Christ in Catholic, Protestant, and Orthodox Christian Churches.

The Oxford English Dictionary (OED) and the OED Supplement have cited usages of "X" or "XP" for "Christ" as early as 1485. The terms "Xpian" and "Xtian" have also been used for "Christian." The dictionary further cites usage of "Xtianity" for "Christianity" from 1634. According to Merriam-Webster's Dictionary of English Usage, most of the evidence for these words comes from "educated Englishmen who knew their Greek."

The historical use of "Xmas" then seems to have been to represent and even recognize Christ as the focal point of Christmas – since anyone who would have used the term "Xmas" would have known Greek and known the "X" was for "Christ," not a secular replacement for Him. So the "X" in "Xmas" was not an attempt to take Christ out of "Christmas," but simply another way of honoring and recognizing Him. The challenge, however, comes in these modern days when the term "Xmas" is still used even though not everyone is aware of the Greek roots of the usage of "X, "XP," and "Xt" to represent "Christ."

I love Christ. And I love having Christmas be all about Him – the Savior, King, and Lord of all! I say let's keep "Christ" in "Christmas" – and in "Xmas" – by keeping Him in our hearts and our minds as we share His love, light, and truth with all those around us!

Enjoy celebrating Him to the fullest this holiday season. A Merry "Christmas," "Xmas," and even "XPmas" to you all!

Robert Hotchkin
XP Ministries (Extreme Prophetic Ministries)

About Rob Hotchkin: Rob ministers with Patricia King and Extreme Prophetic. He fervently believes every Christian is a miracle-working explosion of the Kingdom waiting to happen. His preaching, teaching, and ministry inspires Believers to grab hold of their restored relationship with the Father through the finished work of the Cross and walk the earth as Jesus did – destroying every work of darkness everywhere they go! Rob is a passionate lover of Jesus Christ and that passion is truly contagious! He ministers with strong faith, releasing revelation, prophetic decrees, healings, miracles, and the love of God. He is a true carrier of the glory and revival. People have been healed, refreshed, set free, and empowered through his life. He believes for Heaven to impact lives and regions everywhere he goes.

AND NOW – courtesy of PolitiJim & Liberty Chick

15 Instrumental Christmas MP3’s by LibertyChick for you!

Good King Wenceslas – What Child Is This

The First Noel

Winter Wonderland

White Christmas

and 11 others!

(They’re REALLY good!)

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Also – at NOISETRADE you can get 5 Country Christmas songs for FREE just by giving them your email.  (They don’t send you many emails.)  GREAT Country Christmas music here.

In any event PolitiJim wishes you a

Merry Christmas and

a Happy Hanukkah!


For a very long time 'Xmas' was understood, then, some years ago, seems everyone forgot what you have just explained.


Thanks Maggie. I never knew this. I never felt bad using the X having seen depictions of crucifixions alternatives to the "t" - but a big weight lifted of of me reading this.

Jesus ain't religious! lol

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